[Walkthrough] Be My Princess PARTY: Wilfred A. Spencer

Wilfred A. Spencer

Invite Code: 09033306

To obtain at least a Rank B for Wilfred

[Part 1: My First Job... A Royal Ball?!]
[1] Allow him to show you around
→ [2] Politely decline

[1] Don't I know you from...
→ [2] That crest on your jacket...

Black Ribbon Headband (Charm +10) - 500Cruz

Get: CG

[Part 2: A Miracle for Me?!]
→ [1] Your gown is beautiful.
[2] It's nothing...

→ [1] Red wine
[2] White wine

Mission: 100 Royal Factor

[Part 3: Sneaking Out from the Party]
[1] Go after Prince Glenn
→ [2] Stay with Prince Roberto

[1] Thank you very much
→ [2] I'll be fine on my own

[Part 4: An Unexpected Visitor]
→ [1] Thank you again for before
[2] Why did you come back?

[1] Agree with Monsieur Pierre
→ [2] Give your honest opinion

Brown Bag & Scarf (Charm +10) - 1000Cruz

[Sweet Route: The Opportunity has Arrived]
→ [1] A spread about Joshua
[2] A spread about Glenn

[1] I have been a bit stressed...
→ [2]: I'm really fine

Get: CG

[Part 5: The Pure White Envelope]
→ [1] Why are you here, Prince Joshua?
[2] I'm afraid this area is for staff only...

[1] Continue listening to them
→ [2] Leave the conversation

Get: Letter


Beginning Rank: B Final Rank: S

[Episode 1: The Prince's Lover!?]
Show him the letter
Get something for yourself

Get: Letter

[Episode 2: Our Secret Promise]
That’s impossible!
The classic watch

Mission: 3000 Royal Factor

Get: Letter, Increase Mate +1

[Episode 3: A Secret Plan]
If you insist…
Talk about your student days

Get: Letter

[Episode 4: Invitation to the Royal Ball]
Talk about the weather

Sweet Route: Casual Polka-Dot Dress Set - 3Gem
Normal Route: Strappy Pin-Heel Shoes - 1Gem/ 2000Cruz

[Sweet Route: Secret Date]
No selection

Get: Letter, CG

[Episode 5: Claude's Challenge]
I am totally fine!
Hurriedly get up

Get: Letter

[Episode 6: Prince Wilfred's Scandal!?]
Take a moment to think

[Episode 7: The Broken Promise]
The dresses...?
Question him

Mission: 24000 Royal Factor

Get: Letter

[Episode 8: Royal Discord] 
The dark tie
No, not now

Sweet Route: Maxi Dress & Royal Hat Set - 6Gem
Normal Route: Royal Hat - 3Gem/ 6000Cruz

[Sweet Route: An Evening at the Beach]
No Selection

Get: Letter, CG, Increase Mate +1

[Episode 9: Wilfred's Weakness]
Do you hate them?
Say that you need to talk

[Episode 10: Melancholic Tiara]
The horn button
Take out some candy

Mission: 43000 Royal Factor

Get: Letter

[Episode 11: The One I Love]
I love him…
I'm fine.

Get: Increase Mate +1

[Episode 12: Wilfred's Resolution]
Run after him
That would be fine…

Sweet Route: Stylish Date Outfit - 10Gem
Normal Route: Pink Ribbon Clutch - 6Gem/ 12000Cruz

[Sweet Route: Final Memories]
No Selection

Get: Letter x2, CG

[Episode 13: Under the Slide]
Go see a movie.
A sweet story

[Episode 14: The King's Command]
Ask for help
Not like this

Secret Happy End: 100 Chemistry, 72000 Royal Factor
Happy End: 100 Chemistry, 72000 Royal Factor
Normal End: Default Ending

[Episode 15: From a Contract to True Love]
(Secret Happy End)
No Selections

Secret Happy Ending:
Letter, CG, Princess Outfit (Philip), Chateau Philip

Happy Ending:
Letter, CG

[Epilogue: The Oath of a Princess]
No Selections

Get: Letter, CG


                                                                                       Keith Alford Walkthrough →

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