[Walkthrough] The Cinderella Contract: If Isuka

If Isuka

"You're the first person..." 
"I've ever had the desire to touch. "

The person had helped you at the airport was Isuka dressed as Asena ! 
What is reason why he continues to play Asena--??

How to advance
- Go on reading the scenarios.
- Break through the Love trials such as avatar mission and elegance mission.
- You can choose which to read, "Normal Ending" or "Good Ending" after you have broken through the avater mission.

*When you do the Time-limited love lesson, you would be able to get 10pt for [Suite room Gacha] every time you get excellent.
*Sometimes you might be able to earn lots of points as a consecutive excellent bonus.
*You would have to use scenario tickets to read the scenarios of this event.
*You can buy [After Scenario] at [My page] after you have finished reading [Good Ending]. Please note that you would not be able to buy it if you push scenario reset button.

How to return to Main route
Menu > Change Route You return to Main route

Original Source Here

Invite Code: JTwykv

**Because of 3.14, in order to reach the Good End you must spin the gacha suite for the last 5 reputation points needed.
*Special Thanks to Dolly Doll for contributing.

[Chapter 1]

[1] Grab his arm.
[2] Walk next to him. (+5)
[3] Follow behind him. (+3)

[1] I want to know. (+5)
[2] What are you hiding?
[3] I need to figure out whether or not you're Asena.

Premium Route:
Special Scenario:Get CG! (Isuka Reputation 10+)

Extra Scenario:
If Isuka ★ Extra Scenario "Slip" - 200 Platinum

[1] The name card could be fake.  (+5)
[2] I'll trust you. (+1)
[3] I'll have my company do a background check.

[Chapter 2]

Elegance Trial:
Requires 1200+ Elegance

Extra Scenario:
If Isuka ★ Extra Scenario "Sea" - 200 Platinum

[1] I'm surprised.
[2] I belived in you.
[3] I'm curious about your relationship. (+5)

[1] I'd need to meet Prince Hassim, first.
[2] Yes.
[3] He is Asena's enemy. (+5)

Premium Route
Special Scenario (Isuka's Reputation 25+)

[1] Nice meeting you. (+1)
[2] I'll do my best.
[3] I think I can do well. (+5)

Avatar Trial:
Premium Route: IF Isuka ★ Yellow-Green Eye (Charm +25) - 300 Platinum
Normal Route: IF Isuka ★ White Heel (Charm +10) -100 Platinum/ 500 Feminine

[Chapter 3]

Extra Scenario
IF Isuka ★Extra Scenario "A Trace" - 200 Platinum

[1] I need to greet Asena first.
[2] Okay!
[3] Is something wrong? (+5)

[1] You're that way too, Isuka (+1)
[2] You're different than him, Isuka. (+5)
[3] Asena is impressive.

Premium Route:
Special Scenario (Isuka's Reputation 40+)

[1] I don't want that. (+0)
[2] I don't mind if it's compensation. "No message."
[3] I want to hear his true feelings. "No message."
(^ Up to you guys what to pick.)

[Chapter 4]

[1] Of course! (+5)
[2] Is it alright if I go?
[3] I'm a little scared.

Elegance Trial:
Require 5000+ Elegance

[1] Were you awake?
[2] What would happened? (+5)
[3] Did you just wake up?

[1] Does nothing cross your mind?
[2] Will something new begin? (+5)
[3] I wonder if something will happen... (+1)

Avatar Trial
Premium Route: IF Isuka ★ Fluffy Carl (Charm +45) - 500 Platinum
Normal Route: IF Isuka ★ Blue Rose Headband (Charm +20) - 150 Platinum/ 2500 Feminine

Normal End: Default Ending
Good End: 60+ Reputation points

Get: Aroma Therapy x1, 1500 Feminine, If Isuka ★ Colorful Dress (Charm +70)

Good End
Extra Scenario
IF Isuka ★ After End Scenario - 200 Platinum


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