[Walkthrough] Contract Marriage +: Body Swap Event

Body Swap Event

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*Special Thanks to novi lestari for contributing.

Scenario 08
Elegance Trial:
Require 500+ Elegance

[1] I know it's hard. (Fuyuta)
[2] You guys should cooperate. (Toma Saji)
[3] You can do it, Natsuki (Natsuki Saji)

Scenario 12
Elegance Trial:
Require 1900+ Elegance

Scenario 13

[1] Toma will scold you. (Toma Saji)
[2] you don't look like Natsuki (Natsuki Saji)
[3] Umm... (Fuyuta)

Scenario 18
Elegance Trial:
Require 3000+ Elegance

Scenario 19
[1] I think so too. (Natsuki Saji)
[2] Being nervous won't help. (Fuyuta) 
[3] It's fine, as long as Toma says. (Toma Saji)

Scenario 23

Elegance Trial:
Require 3950+ Elegance

Scenario 24
[1] I started to feel nervous too. (Fuyuta)
[2] Give me some advice
. (Toma Saji)
[3] Natsuki didn't have a choice (Natsuki Saji)

Scenario 26
[1] I won't do anything (Natsuki Saji)
[2] What can I do... (Toma Saji)
[3] I'll think about it that time.

Scenario 27

Elegance Trial:
Require 6500+ Elegance

Scenario 30
Special Scenario:
Natsuki Good End (+4 points)
Fuyuta Good End (+25 points)
Toma Good End (+30 points)
Normal End (Fuyuta +0 points)

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