[Walkthrough] Romantic Diary: Pure Love [Dropped]

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*Be aware that point may vary and will not always go with what I have here.
Also, answers move around so don't just look at the number and choose your answer.

**Special Thank to Taamee Yizihara, Mariza Safitri, Shu, Kristi Young & to the anonymous people for contributing.

Date Help

1-3: Luca's Friend

Ok, I see. (Luca +12)
Luca is so shy.
But Luca looks very happy

1-7: Luca's Taste

Does Luca like desert?
If you like it, I will make it for you. (Luca +12)
Desert? I really like that

1-11: Yusetta and Morx

Will Luca do the same thing?
Having the same dream, it sounds good. (Luca +15)
It looks like they are competitors.

✧❈✦ - Secret Side Quest
Opera House - 12-1: Brainstorm
A. Using different flour ✓ (Diamond +20)
B. Different sugars
C. Different oven temperature
D. Adding eggs or not

✧❈✦ - Secret Side Quest
Nao's Clinic - 3-2: Brainstorm
A. Mushroom ✗
B. Quail ✗
C. Pear
D. Date

2-4: Seaside Boy

It is like my mom's hug (Elvin +12)
The sea wind is strong and cold.
It gives me a warm feeling. (Elvin +16)

2-8: Concern for Elvin

Don't worry. I am your friend. (Elvin +13)
I still can't believe that you fear girls.
We will solve your problem. (Elvin +15)

✧❈✦ - Secret Side Quest
Aquarium - 9-2: Brainstorm
A. Bear likes to eat ants.
B. Bears are act alone.
C. Bear are predators. ✓ (Elven Sword x2)
D. Bears don't settle down in the same place.

✧❈✦ - Secret Side Quest
CC Bar - 11-1: Brainstorm
A. Imported Wine
B. Fine Wine ✗
C. Famous Wine ✗
D. Fruit Wine

11-3: Brainstorm
A. Barbecue
B. Japanese Cuisine ✗
C. Pie ✗
D. Kimchi

2-12: Worries

I will consider about it. (Luca +9)
Luca, you think too much.
Ok, I will try my best. (Luca +15)

✧❈✦ - Secret Side Quest
Parliament - 2-1: Brainstorm
A. England
B. South Korea
C. Russia
D. Spain ✓ (Vitality x12)

11-3: Brainstorm
A. Barbecue
B. Japanese Cuisine ✗
C. Pie ✗
D. Kimchi

3-4: Taste of Art

I would recommend conceptual art! (Luca +13)
I would recommend classical oil painting! (Luca +12)
I would recommend abstract painting! (Luca +9)

3-9: Speak Some More

I don't know what to say.
Try to be more optimistic! (Reinhard +14)
You won't make any friends like that.

✧❈✦ - Secret Side Quest
Rainbow Bridge - 11-2: Brainstorm
A. India
B. Gypsy
C. Brazil ✓ (Gold x500)
D. China

3-12: Speak Some More

No, it's beautiful. (Reinhard +14)
Yes, it does look weird!
No comments. It's up to you.

4-3: Hot Spring? Hot Spring!

To be rich or be poor is destined. We don't need to compare the...
I don't think it matters. It is your heart that matters. (Aoi +15)
I have no idea.

4-7: Pretty Girl!

You are cute.
Someone like Aoi.
I think you are cute. (Aoi +15)

4-12: Wait

Of course!
Sure, I will come back. (Aoi +10)
If there is a chance, we will meet again.

5-2: Earnestly Hope of the Future

On a tree? (+20)
Do you live in a tree? (Luca +10)
Living on a tree, no it is impossible.

5-7: Dryad

Luca is cute, too. (Luca +18)
Luca is not bad.
Luca you can do this.

5-9: Luca's Persistence

Time will tell. (Luca +18)
Forget it.
Let's talk about that later.

6-4: Designer's Interest

I have no confidence.
You, too. (Yusetta +17)
Thanks for your compliment.

6-11: Concealment

I am good.
Don't make that kind of joke!
That's because of you! (Yusetta +17)

6-15: Inspiration Source

It seems the snow isn't good enough for you.
I don't understand.
So magical! (Yusetta +5)

6-21: What Eyes Saw

It looks like no one can get close to you.
Yes, you look handsome. (Yusetta +14)
Not only that.

7-3: Legend of the Magpie Bridge

It varies with different individuals. (Neil +15)
Distance makes the hearts grow fonder. (Neil +5)
Of course, it's a sad story.

7-9: Ways of Life

You just want to cover up your mistake.
Does that embody kindness and wisdom? (Neil +10)
That makes sense.

7-16: Neil and Dryad

They have their own things to do.
Of course, I support Neil. (Neil +10)
We can't say that.

7-20: The Past

Wasn't Neil cute when he was little.
I don't know anything. (Neil +10)
Teaching though lively activities is also very important. (Neil +15)

8-3: The Child Blessed by God

I forgot.
I am just testing you. (Luca +18)
I don't know.

8-9: Child's Nature

I come from the future.
I will ask you the same question when you grow up.~ (Luca +12)
You will when your grow up.~ (Luca +18)

8-15: Lucas and the Wheel of Time

There is a bond between you and the Wheel of Time.
Luca, you must protect the Wheel of Time. (Luca +18)
The Wheel of Time of time is fragile...

8-22: Debate

No, we still have hope. (Luca +18)
That isn't right!
How can you blame Teala?

9-3: Confident Youngman

I don't know why I sense a crisis.
You are so reliable. (Elvin +18)
We better go now.

9-10: Power and Prestige

Kathy, you should just be yourself! (Kathy +5)
Today, let just be an ordinary girl!
I admire you, Kathy!

9-16: Boy and Women's Clothing

They are expecting it
You are not funny
I am looking forward to it (Elvin +18)

9-21: Two Sisters

It's because I want you to be the younger sister
I just want to be the older sister (Kathy +5)
It's because I want to protect you (Kathy +15)

10-3: Prepared

You are very confident (Reinhard +6)
That's fine then (Reinhard +15)
I am just a little worried

10-9: Handsome Uniform

It is good to me-- this might better option?
Well compared with Reinhard (Luca +6)
It's up to you

10-16: Taste Food

I trust Reinhardt! (Reinhard +19)
What are you talking about?
It should be okay.

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