[Walkthrough+CG] Beloved Nightmare: Soma Kujou (Updating)

Soma Kujou

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Please be aware that there is no guarantees that the choices marked are the right answers. 
Follow at your own point's risk. Unless marked as (+5)  each choices points are debatable.

*Special Thanks to Tircolas Flow, Emma, Yaiza Renteria, レーン & Sara Lourenço for contributing.

Ryo Iwase (Special Thanks to Emma)
Chapter 4
[1] "What kind of rules?"
[2] "...I really can name prices?"
[3] I shut up and listen to what he has to say. (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 12
[1] Do not move anything in this room. (Affection has gone up)
[2] Do not question it.
[3] You must do a hula dance.

Chapter 17
[1] I call him by his real name.
[2] I walk up to him quietly. (Affection has gone up)
[3] I inform him of his bullshit name.

Chapter 19
[1] and tried to sweep away his arms but couldn't so
[2] I tried to tell him that he was (Affection has gone up)
[3] squeezing me too hard (+0)

Chapter 21
Special Scenario (Affection ??+)

Chapter 26
[1] a lie just came outta my mouth.
[2] The tea just spilled (Affection has gone up)
[3] "Satan did it."he said

Chapter 32
[1] Yes. It's my favorite dish. (+0)
[2] Is that right? (Affection has gone up)
[3] It's a little different from yesterday though. (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 34

Avatar Mission
Furisode (Charm +0) - 100 Platinum / 1000 Love

Chapter 36

[1] Get angry.
[2] Resist him. (+0)
[3] Become shy. (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 37

Special Scenario: Get CG! (Affection ??+)

Chapter 42
[1] I told her how I really felt. (Affection has gone up)
[2] I couldn't answer her right away.
[3] I want to listen to her about the next guy.

Chapter 45
[1] Are you talking about money?
[2] Are you talking about your family? (Affection has gone up)
[3] I don't agree with that.

Chapter 50
Skill Mission:
Require ??+ Skill Points

Chapter 52
[1] He was handsome, don't ya think?
[2] He was pretty scary, huh? (Affection has gone up)
[3] Could that have been my ex?

Chapter 57
[1] ...I wanted to get some water (Affection has gone up)
[2] ...sorry
[3] ...I just wanted to see Kujou-san's face

Chapter 58
[1] He kind of looks the kind to not have friends...
[2] You're friends?!
[3] So you guys hung out a lot? (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 63
Avatar Mission:
Azuki Ice Cream Charm (Charm +0) - 200 Platinum/ 3000 Love

Chapter 65
Special Scenario: Get CG! (Affection ??+)

Chapter 66
[1] ...he's my employer
[2] I'm not going to tell you! (Affection has gone up)
[3] He's my...important person (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 72
[1] It's for work
[2] Because I want to be by your side
[3] ...

Chapter 73
Avatar Mission:
Broom and Dustpan (Charm +0) - 500 Platinum/ 8000 Love

Chapter 75

[1] Apologized (Affection has gone up)
[2] Covered it up
[3] Boast that I know everything

Chapter 79
[1] Please believe me... (Affection has gone up)
[2] I would never do anything to hurt you
[3] I have never lied to you

Chapter 87

[1] You're going to stop writing erotic novels?
[2] Was that...your editor? (Affection has gone up)
[3] That looked like trouble...

Chapter 90
[1] Unbutton my top (Affection has gone up)
[2] Unfasten my skirt
[3] Rip everything off

Chapter 94
Skill Mission:
Require ??+ Skill Points

Chapter 95
[1] It's surprisingly complex... (Affection has gone up)
[2] Can I help for work?
[3] Are you attracted?

Chapter 97

Special Scenario (Affection ??+)

Chapter 100
[1] Get angry (Affection has gone up)
[2] Be seductive
[3] Pick a fight

Chapter 105
[1] Good morning! (Affection has gone up)
[2] Are you feeling alright?
[3] Morning, darling!

Chapter 111
[1] It's tomorrow, apparently
[2] ...maintenance?
[3] I don't know (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 114
[1] Wait!
[2] I have a messaged for you (Affection has gone up)
[3] I-I like you!

Chapter 121
[1] ...he's not my boyfriend
[2] ...we didn't fight (Affection has gone up)
[3] ...yeah, that jerk!!

Chapter 124
Skill Mission:
Require 8000+ Skill Points

Chapter 126
[1] I'm not going anywhere! (Affection has gone up)
[2] Where are we going?
[3] We didn't make any promises

Chapter 131
[1] Shall we have dinner? (Affection has gone up)
[2] Should we order some pizza?
[3] I have a new recipe to try out today!

Chapter 135
Special Scenario (Affection ??+)

Chapter 136

[1] Try to bust the door open
[2] Scold Kujou-san
[3] Try to find another way out (Affection has gone up)

Chapter 138
[1] We have no choice (Affection has gone up)
[2] I don't want it unless it's Kujou-san
[3] How are we going to get it?

Chapter 140
Special Scenario (Affection ??+)

Chapter 150
Skill Mission:
Require ??+ Skill Points

Chapter 151
[1] You're good at telling stories too
[2] Thank you so much (Affection has gone up)
[3] My upbringing is equally amazing

Chapter 154
[1] You're the one who's stupid
[2] Keep quiet
[3] Aren't you jealous? (Affection has gone up)

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