[Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding PARTY: Akito Kakiuchi Season 2

"I never want to let you go..."
Akito's back from New York, and you're enjoying your marital bliss But then a mystery man walks in, and...?!

Episode 1: Sequel to the Dream

A: "Aki!" (+10 Chemistry)
B: Be stunned into silence.

A: "I don't know."
B: "I...I didn't mean to." (+10 Chemistry)

Next Time...
It's your last night with Akito in New York, so you go to a farewell party with his coworkers.
"Wait, do you think we're together just because we were childhood friends?"
Akito opens up to you on the way home...?

Episode 2: Not Because We're Old Friends

A: "You meanie!"
B: "Give it back!" (+10 Chemistry)

A: "I don't remember." (+10 Chemistry)
B: Stay quiet.

❤ Next Time... 
"You're invited to the dinner meeting!"
You're suddenly on the arrangement team!? You have nothing to wear, but then Akito calls.
"I'll just bring you a dress."
Akito to the rescue!

Mission Start
❤Normal Route❤ Sapphire Drop Earrings - 300 Coin or 4000 Mari
❤Sweet Route❤ Proper Dinner Outfit - 500 Coin
First Special Story: A Stern Warning!

Episode 3: Unexpected Reunion

A: "What?"
B: "Are you upset?" (+10 Chemistry)

A: "Beer."
B: "What's their specialty?" (+10 Chemistry)

Episode 4: A Side of Aki I Don't Know

A: "Are you sure?"
B: "I'm glad you can come." (+10 Chemistry)

A: "Are we getting a taxi?" (+10 Chemistry)
B: "What about the others?"

Mission Start
Require 20000+ Wife Points

Episode 5: Secret Kiss Mark

A: "Of course that's not true."
B: "I want a little alone-time..." (+10 Chemistry)

A: Greet him casually.
B: Greet him formally. (+10 Chemistry)

Episode 6: Sweet Disinfection

A: "Glad you like it." (+10 Chemistry)
B: "Do you think so?"

A: "Sorry. Did I scare you?
B: "Hi!" (+10 Chemistry)

Mission Start
❤Normal Route❤ Baby Pink Bag - 500 Coin or 9000 Mari
❤Sweet Route❤ Out for a Walk Outfit - 750 Coin

Episode 7: Hubby's Secret

A: "I feel bad letting you go do that."
B: "Do you mean it?" (+10 Chemistry)

A: "Can I ask you a question?" (+10 Chemistry)
B: "No, something happened to you."

Episode 8: Lover's Quarrel

A: "What's that supposed to mean?"
B: "What do you mean?" (+10 Chemistry)

A: Stop running and check it. (+10 Chemistry)
B: Ignore it for now.

Mission Start
Require 25000+ Wife Points

Episode 9: The Impossible Girl

A: "Aki?" (+10 Chemistry)
B: "Are you mad at me?"

A: "Thanks." (+10 Chemistry)
B: "Sorry..."

Super Happy End: 240 Chemistry
Happy End: 200 Chemistry
Normal End: Default

Episode 10: White Clover Ring

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