Vampire Boyfriend ~How to Seduce your Mysterious Boyfriend~

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【Game Available】


Vampire brothers who have moved to a new city.
The one they met there is an irreplaceable “bait”…!?

The younger brother who hates his ”bait”.
The older brother who falls in love with his “bait”. But he has a story…?

【Game introduction】
Vampire Boyfriend is a game where you use scenario tickets to continue the story. Depending on your choices, your love with your boyfriend will transform! If you increase his affection, you’ll get scenarios with beautiful still illustrations! And enjoy even more exciting stories! You can design your own cute and fashionable avatar and welcome a happy end with your boyfriend!
Download is free! Basic free is play too so you can enjoy a boys love with any
man you wish!

◆Route introduction
Kiyosumi×Rin version 
⇒Mean sacrifice x Childish vampire
The one who’s supposed to be eaten is eating, a dangerous BL.
For those who want to enjoy a fun and bright BL!

Tamaki×Mutsumi version
⇒Jealous vampire x Tsundere priest
An intense route between two enemy races



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