My Superstar Boyfriend

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【Game Available】


"A new BL game from the popular company Otomedou that has attracted over 200,000 BL fans!!
Debuting as an idol duo with a senior upon the CEO’s instructions!
You finally fulfilled your dream, but the idol lifestyle is so stimulating...?! It’s a dramatic story with an arrogant idol, cool, gentlemanly manager and fresh, young actor!

About the Game
My Superstar Boyfriend is a novel-type game that allows you to use scenario tickets to continue reading the story. Your relationship with the handsome characters in the story will change according to the choices you make! Increase your Affection levels and receive stunning stills or exclusive scenarios! Enjoy heart-pounding stories! Put on stylish and cute avatars, and welcome a happy ending with your boyfriend!
Free download! Basic play is free as well and you can enjoy your handsome boy’s world with any of the characters!

About the Characters
- Hibiki Tanashi *Defaul name/changeable
Protagonist. An idol trainee, who was put into 
An idol unit with his senior to debut.
Positive and relaxed. But also gets hot-headed quickly.

- Kanata Ichijima *Character you can conquer
Arrogant x Idol
Idol senior to the protagonist. Used to work solo but
Put into a idol unit with the protagonist.
Foul-mouthed and arrogant but caring.

- Ritsu Igarashi *Character you can conquer
Cool-headed x Manager
Works at the company and becomes the manager of the protagonist’s and Ichijima’s unit.
Cool and gets work done.

- Ibuki Yurino *Character you can conquer
Cheeky x Actor
Up-and-coming actor from a rival company.
Had a huge break and is appearing in multiple dramas and variety shows.
Acquaintances with Ichijima and Igarashi.

- Kazuki Imari
President of the Company



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