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Welcome to Blah-bidy-blah a blog for "Free" otome games walkthrough.


A little bit of an introduction...

Hiya, I'm not so great with introduction so here's a quick summary of me - I am a Filipino who is an anime lover, fanfiction junkie, video game addict, old-ish k-pop fanatic & otome game crazy!!

Hey, I'm a weird college student and can come across as blunt or rude. I'm constantly reading fan fiction so if you find any good ones, let me know.

Heya! I'm Myxprint, Myx, or Shelby - whichever you wish. I work full time as a cat groomer, working towards my master certification. A huge deal of my spare time is spent on Otomes, artwork, [web] coding, or writing. If you ever have any questions, suggestions, or requests on games, walkthroughs, or randomness, just let me know and I'll see what I can do!
You can also contact me on twitter @Myxprint. I am incredibly active over there, so it may be the quickest way to get a hold of me right now.


If you guys got any questions, suggestions or special request don't hesitate to ask~
I promise we don't bite...

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Any help is much appreciated~
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