[Walkthrough] Be My Princess PARTY: Zain


Invite Code: 09033306
*Special Thanks to Usula for contributing.

[Episode 1: At the Elegant Nobel Michel]

Mission: 3000 Royal Factor

Get: Letter

[Episode 2: The Head Steward and the Runaway]
Ask Zain to stay over as well.
Ask him why.

Sweet Route: First Party Outfit - 4Gem
Normal Route: Black Heart Clutch - 2Gem/ 4000Cruz

[Sweet Route: The Secret Get Away]
No selection

Get: Letter, CG

[Episode 3: A Midnight Date]
Ask him to teach me.
Ask Zain to take you.

Mission: 24000 Royal Factor

Get: Letter

[Episode 4: Skeletons in the Closet...?]
Go for it.
"Let's have a picnic!"

Get: Letter

[Episode 5: Banished Memories]
Deny it.
Press your palm to his.

Get: Letter

[Episode 6: The Farewell Kiss]
"Let's come back again soon."

Mission: 43000 Royal Factor

Get: Letter

[Episode 7: Tread Lightly at Parties?]
Turn him down.
Shake my head.

Sweet Route: Picnic Outfit - 8Gem
Normal Route: Straw Hat - 5Gem/ 10000Cruz

[Sweet Route: The Promised Picnic]
No selection

Get: Letter, CG

[Episode 8: The Second Kiss is Mine]
Not with things like this.
Start to leave.

[Episode 9: A Game to Close to Lose]
"Show me something that means something to you."
"Take these and go!"

Secret Happy End: 70 Chemistry, 72000 Royal Factor
Happy End: 70 Chemistry, 72000 Royal Factor
Normal End: Default Ending

[Episode 10: The Butler's Proposal]
(Secret Happy End)
No Selections

Secret Happy Ending:
Letter, CG, Princess Outfit (Nobel Michel)

Happy Ending:
Letter, CG

[Epilogue: The Kiss of Happiness, Yours Forever]
No Selections

Get: Letter, CG


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