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[Walkthrough+CG] Shall We Date? Oz+: Solomon

Posted by Jill Rosa

[Walkthrough+CG] Shall We Date? Oz+: Solomon

[Walkthrough] The Cinderella Contract:【Ingrays】Cyril's Sequel

Cyril's Sequel

Invite Code: BumdWj

Posted by Myxprint

[Walkthrough] The Cinderella Contract:【Ingrays】Cyril's Sequel

[Walkthrough] Seven Hotties, All My Husbands: Celis Valentine

Celis Valentine

Invite Code: UVvrZR

*Special Thanks to Zath

[Chapter 1]
[1] Ask honestly. (+5)
[2] It's a little awkward. (+1)

1.05 - Get CG!

[1] Go. (+5)
[2] Don't go. (+1)

[Chapter 2]
[1] He's inviting me out after all.... (+1)
[2] Talk to Celis. (+5)

[1] I can't accept all these gifts. (+1)
[2] It's so lovely. (+5)

Special Scenario (Requires 20+ Affection)

[Chapter 3]
[1] U-umm.... (+5)
[2] It's not big deal. (+1)

Secret Diary ★  After Celis Chapter 03 - 02 ★ 200 Platinum

Dress Up Mission:
Premium Attire: MS1 Celis ★ Shell Decoration Sandals (+Sense 50) ★ 300 Platinum
Normal Attire: MS1 Celis ★ Girly Pink Sandals (+Sense 25) ★ 100 Platinum / 3000 Gold

[1] Stay silent. (+5)
[2] Why.....?

[Chapter 4]
[1] Say his name.
[2] Stare at him. (+5)

Special Scenario (Requires 35+ Affection)

[1] What does that mean? (+1)
[2] I like you dressed as a woman. (+5)

[Chapter 5]
Avatar Trial:
Requires 3000+ Kiss

[1] Deny it.
[2] Acknowledge it. (+5)

[1] I'm worried about you.
[2] Don't push yourself. (+5)

[Chapter 6]
[1] I can't ask him.
[2] Are there others that are important to you? (+5)

Secret Diary ★  After Celis Chapter 06 - 05 ★ 200 Platinum

[1] You're leaving already? (+1)
[2] I'll be looking forward to it. (+5)

[Chapter 7]
Dress Up Mission:
Premium Attire: MS2 Celis ★ Soft Ice Cream (+Sense 60) ★ 400 Platinum
Normal Attire: MS2 Celis ★ Old-fashioned Donut (+Sense 30) ★ 150 Platinum / 5000 Gold

Secret Diary ★  After Celis Chapter 07-01 ★ 200 Platinum

[1] What do you mean?
[2] It's too late... (+5)

[1] Touch Celis. 
[2] Stare at Celis. (+5)

[Chapter 8]
[1] That's not what I meant. (+5)
[2] Stay silent. (+?)

[1] But.... (+5)
[2] Taiga, I...... 

[Chapter 9]
Dress Up Mission:
Premium Attire: MS2 Celis ★ Get CG! ★ Shell Earrings (+Sense 100) ★ 500 Platinum
Normal Attire: MS2 Celis ★ Shiny Hair Band (+Sense 50) ★ 200 Platinum / 8000 Gold

[1] Ask him honestly. (+5)
[2] Hesitate.

Special Scenario (Requires 85+ Affection)

[1] This voice... (+5)
[2] Run away.

[Chapter 10]
[1] Hug Celis. (+5)
[2] Thank him.

Avatar Trial:
Requires 7000+ Kiss

[1] That's..... (+5)
[2] I wonder what that means?

~Harem Route~

[Chapter 11]
[1] Is it all right this way? (+5)
[2] It's so complicated.

Dress Up Mission:
Premium Attire: MS2 Celis Harem ★ Cute Berry Eyes (+Sense 110) ★ 600 Platinum
Normal Attire: MS2 Celis Harem ★ Sexy Makeup Eyes (+Sense 55) ★ 250 Platinum / 12000 Gold

[1] Call him Towa. (+?)
[2] Call him Celis.

[Chapter 12]
Special Scenario (Requires 110+ Affection)

[1] I was. (+?)
[2] I"m nervous.

Avatar Trial:
Requires 12000+ Kiss

[1] I feel a little lonely.
[2] Thank goodness. (+?)

[Harem End]
Dress-up Mission:
-- CGStill [] MS5Harem Celis [] Curly Bunches  +Sense 180 [] 900 Platinum
-- MS5Harem Celis [] ?? +Sense 100 [] 500 Platinum / 20000 Gold

Get: New Contract x1, Rewinding Ring x1, Story Complete Recovery Ticket x1, 1000 Gold x1
(Unlock 7 Day Premium End Gacha)

Premium End: 140+ Love Level
**Must get the rare item in the gacha.

~Pure Love Route~

[Chapter 11]

[1] Something important.....? (+5)

[2] I'm not ready yet.

Dress-up Mission:
Premium: MS4 Celis Pure - Shell Accessory
Normal: MS4 Celis Pure - Denim Short Pants

[1] He may be right. (+5)

[2] He thinks so?

[Chapter 12]

[1] I see. (+5)

[2] That's a shame.

[1] Happily run over to him (+5)

[2] Stop in surprise

[Pure Love End]
Dress-up Mission:
-- CGStill [] MS5Harem Celis [] Pure-See-Through Dress +Sense 180 [] 900 Platinum
-- MS5Harem Celis [] Pure-Whipped Tops +Sense 100 [] 500 Platinum / 20000 Gold

Get: New Contract x1, Rewinding Ring x1, Story Complete Recovery Ticket x1, 1000 Gold x1
(Unlock 7 Day Premium End Gacha)

Premium End: 140+ Love Level

**Must get the rare item in the gacha.

Posted by Myxprint

[Walkthrough] Seven Hotties, All My Husbands: Celis Valentine

[Walkthrough+CG] Shall We Date? Destiny Ninja 2: Yayoi

Posted by Jill Rosa

[Walkthrough+CG] Shall We Date? Destiny Ninja 2: Yayoi

[Walkthrough] Sweet Scandal Returns: Naoya Yamato

Naoya Yamato

Invite Code: sQmL7q

** Special thanks to ? for contributing.

Answers up to 6.01 are confirmed to be correct, any answers after are italicized and marked with (+?). Those are just the answers I chose, so follow at your own discretion there.

[ Chapter 01 :: Meeting Again Was a Hunch of Love? ]
[1] Join. (+5)
[2] Don't join.
[3] Say nothing.

Special Scenario (Requires 5+ Affection)

Secret Memo:
[Yamato] EXTRA 01 - A Gentle Wolf - 90 Platinum

[1] "Huh?" (+5)
[2] "Who?"
[3] "No way."

Avatar Trial:
Premium Attire: [Yamato] Red Bunny Girl Outfit & Bunny Ears (+20 Charm) - 300 Platinum
Normal Attire: Red Pinheels with Fishnet Tights (+10 Charm) - 150 Platinum / 1000 Love Points

[1] "Indcredible!"
[2] "That's beyond imagination."
[3] "Is that true?" (+5)

[ Chapter 02 :: A Fascinating Dealer Experience ]
Special Scenario: Get CG! (Requires 15+ Affection)

[1] "I don't really know."
[2] "You think so?"
[3] "..." (+5)

[1] "Conducting games smoothly." (+5)
[2] "Manual dexterity." (+3)
[3] "Being attractive." (+1)

[1] "Are you making fun of me?"
[2] "What do you mean?" (+5)
[3] "You calling me childish?"

[ Chapter 03 :: A heart & A Shadow Begin To Close In]
[1] "Understood." (+5)
[2] "Please wait."
[3] "But!"

Secret Memo:
[Yamato] EXTRA 02 - Pet Name Of Love - 150 Platinum

[1] "Please stop!" (+5)
[2] "Is it?"
[3] "I misunderstood."

[1] The performance was magnificent. (+5)
[2] No, I...
[3] How do you know each other?

[ Chapter 04 :: A Past Revealed ]
Intimacy Check:
Requires 3500+ Intimacy Points

Special Scenario (Requires 45+ Affection)

[1] I don't believe that. (+5)
[2] Why do you say that....?
[3] You are a kind man.

Avatar Trial:
Premium Attire: [Yamato] Tropical Pareo (+20 Charm) - 300 Platinum
Normal Attire: Tropical Bandana (+10 Charm) - 150 Platinum / 3000 Love Points

[1] I have one request.
[2] I won't forgive you.
[3] I'm not angry. (+5)

[1] I won't force you.
[2] I'd like you to tell me. (+5)
[3] I'll leave it to you.

Special Scenario: Get CG! (Requires 60+ Affection)
Requirements not met, only had 59 AP. Used +1 Gacha points.

[ Chapter 05 :: For Your Sake, Because I Love You ]
Secret Memo:
[Yamato] EXTRA 03 - If This Is the End - 200 Platinum

[1] What will you do?
[2] Please wait.
[3] Mr. Yamato.... (+5)

[1] Discuss recent events. (+5)
[2] Discuss my current obsession.
[3] Discuss a failure of mine.

Special Scenario (Requires 70+ Affection)

Secret Memo:
[Yamato] EXTRA 04 - Using My Arm as a Pillow, Beneath the Starry Sky - 190 Platinum

[1] What a relief. (+5)
[2] You're awful.
[3] Is that all? (+?)

[ Chapter 06 :: If It's For You, I'd Give My Life ]
[1] That's dangerous!
[2] I'll help , too! (+5)
[3] What can I do?

Special Scenario: Get CG! (Requires 80+ Affection)

Intimacy Check:
Requires ?+ Intimacy Points

[1] Believe it'll be alright. (+5)
[2] Worry after all.
[3] What will be will be.

[1] I'm growing numb.
[2] I'm not scared. (+5)
[3] I'm scared.

[ Chapter 07 :: I Love You, But... It's Because I Love You...]
Avatar Trial:
Premium Attire: [Yamato] Modern Casino Room (+20 Charm) - 300 Platinum
Normal Attire: Casino Objet d'art (+10 Charm) - 150 Platinum / 4500 Love Points

[1] Stop him. (+5)
[2] Don't stop him.
[3] Ask if he'll come again.

[1] "Mr. Yamato is a kind person."
[2] "...." (+5)
[3] "Mr. Yamato is my interview subject."

Secret Memo:
[Yamato] EXTRA 05 - An Honest Jealousy - 180 Platinum

[1] I do.
[2] Not at all.
[3] A little. (+5)

[ Chapter 08 :: The Long-awaited Evening]
Intimacy Check:
Requires 11000+ Intimacy Points

[1] Let me think.
[2] Too fast.
[3] No. (+5)

Special Scenario: Get CG! (Requires 110+ Affection)
Requirements not met, only had 107 AP. Used +12 Gacha points.

[1] I haven't....
[2] Don't waste those words....
[3] No, I should. (+5)

[1] Did I?
[2] I didn't say that. (+5)
[3] That's not what I meant.

[ Chapter 09 :: The Brunt of Hatred ]
[1] A reporter from Queen.
[2] Naoya's girlfriend. (+5)
[3] Sorry, I forgot to say.

[1] "I didn't mean to."
[2] "Alright..." (+5)
[3] "I won't."

Avatar Trial:
Premium Attire: [Yamato] Ice Blue - I-Line Long Skirt (+20 Charm) - 300 Platinum
Normal Attire: Ice Blue - Lace Top (+10 Charm) - 150 Platinum / 5000 Love Points

[1] "Where?"
[2] "Please wait."
[3] "Sorry about earlier." (+5)

Special Scenario (Requires 135+ Affection)

[ Chapter 10 :: Wanting to Believe.... You ]
[1] "Did something happen?"
[2] "Of course!" (+5)
[3] "Huh...?"

Secret Memo:
[Yamato] EXTRA 07 - Developing a Body that Pleases His - 220 Platinum

[1] "Yeah...?"
[2] "Of course."
[3] "Sorry." (+5)

Intimacy Check:
Requires 16000+ Intimacy Points

[1] Summon up my courage, and verify the rumors. (+5)
[2] Wait for him to tell me.
[3] Don't know what to do.

[ Chapter 11 :: What It Is To Love ]
Secret Memo:
[Yamato] EXTRA 08 - An "I'm Sorry" Kiss - 200 Platinum

[1] "A little..."
[2] "I'm alright."
[3] "No." (+5)

Avatar Trial:
Premium Attire: [Yamato] Bob Cut - Bronze Hair (+20 Charm) - 300 Platinum
Normal Attire: Flower Chain Necklace (+10 Charm) - 150 Platinum / 6000 Love Points


Special Scenario: Get CG! (Requires 155+ Affection)

[1] Call his name.
[2] Go to him.
[3] Wait. (+5)

[1] "You came to the right place." (+5)
[2] "You're early."
[3] "Sorry!"


Normal End: 40 - 60 Affection Points
Good End: 160+ Affection Points

Get: All Scenario Ticket x1, Switch Route Ticket x1, Reset Ticket x1, 500 Love Points x1, [Naoya] Extra Key x1

Happy End: 200+ Affection Points, 2000+ Intimacy points
& Unlock Premium Gacha (3 day time limit)
** Must get the rare item in the gacha, in order to finish happy end.

Posted by Myxprint

[Walkthrough] Sweet Scandal Returns: Naoya Yamato

[Walkthrough] Gossip Girl PARTY: Kyle Hughes

Posted by Jill Rosa

[Walkthrough] Gossip Girl PARTY: Kyle Hughes

[Walkthrough] Mystic Messenger - Deep Story, Casual Route (Updating)

If you have unlocked the Deep Story routes by using 80 hourglasses then you can continue on with Jumin Han and 707's routes.
Okay, the way this walkthrough works is a bit different than our usual setup. Since there are several days and multiple chats, we are using scrollboxes to organize the walkthrough. Simply find the day you are on, then scroll within that day's scrollbox to find the correct chat (they are labeled by time/chat title) and the answers should be marked if they offer hearts to any of the characters or do not offer them at all. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Day 1 Chats

08:00 - Jumin's Lonely Morning

Includes: Jumin Han, ZEN, MC (you)

You haven't left for work yet? (no hearts)
Hello. (no hearts)
↪ these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Hello.]
What were you doing, Zen?
But Jumin, don't you have to go to work? [Jumin]
I'm sleepy.

Now that the sun has risen, my body and mind ache in loneliness. (no hearts)
↪ these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Now that the sun...]
I'm lonely... I'm painfully lonely.
Jumin's kinda scary ;;
Jumin's a born businessman. [Jumin]

I was just bored lol (no hearts)
↪ these options only show up if you choose the above answer [I was just...]
Wow! So pretty. [Jumin]
Oh. A cat.

It's better to treat people like actual human beings than to be so strict. [Zen]
Isn't it natural to just work as much as you get paid? [Jumin]

Well... Labor management relations is always a complicated issue. (no hearts)
↪ these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Well...]
Cats are a bit scary.
I tend to like them. (no hearts)
↪ these options only show up if you choose the above answer [I tend...]
I prefer cats. [Jumin]
I prefer dogs.

I'm pretty sure it's tears of joy +_+ [Jumin]
Can we change the subject?

Good bye, lovely Zen ^^ [Zen]
Good bye. (no hearts)

13:00 - Jumin's Curiosity
Includes: Jumin Han, MC (you)
You haven't left for work yet? (no hearts)
How do you do, Mr. Han?
Hello, Jumin. [Jumin]
Whassup mista trustfundkid

Why? (no hearts)
Is that a threat?

Is the job hard? (no hearts)
Don't worry. I'll do a good job.
It's too hard. Help me, lovely Jumin,

So all I have to do is be good at picking randomly?
I'll try my best. (no hearts)

I'd like to do something meaningful. [Jumin]
I'm not interested.
I'd like to do it with you, Jumin.

Good bye. (no hearts.
See ya~

15:00 - Zen Reminisces About The Old
Includes: Zen, MC (you)
You haven't left for work yet? (no hearts)
Zen, Hi~ [Zen]
Today's weather was nice.
Are you okay? [Zen]

Did you have fun at your reheaarsal? (no hearts)
↪ these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Did you...]
I'm tone deaf.
I bet I can sing better.
I'd like to hear it too. (no hearts)

I feel a bit of pressure. (no hearts)
The party was that big? (no hearts)

Fame? (no hearts)

I already ate. (no hearts)
I'm hungry.... (no hearts)

Receive a call from Yoosung:
Not Really.
You're the one with the blond hair, right? (no hearts)

I was a bit upset.
I'd be suspicious if I were them myself. (no hearts)

16:00 - Who hates to work?

Includes: 707, MC (you)

Whoot whoot~! (no hearts)
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Whoot...]
          I'm here babe. [707]
Hello, 707. (no hearts)
Whoah~! Who's this guy?!

Because you like me? [707]
Lack of caffeine.
Because I joined the organization?
Because you don't have a cat. (no hearts)

Do you have feelings for Rika?
Maybe she is really still alive? [707]
Any possibility that 'Unknown' is 'Rika'?

She's beautiful. (no hearts)
My looks are better.

Cross dressing!? (no hearts)
Why did you have to show it now;; [707]

Okay. [707]
I can protect myself.

Thank you for telling me all these things. [707]
Good bye, 707.

18:00 - Yoosung's Hope For The New

Includes: Yoosung, MC (you)

What are you doing at this hour? (no hearts)
Hello, Yoosung. (no hearts)

Are you good at games? [Yoosung]
What do you want to know? (no hearts)

What do I have to do? (no hearts)
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [What do...]
          You just do whatever I say.
           I feel quite a bit of pressure. (no hearts)
           I'll do my best ^^ [Yoosung]

Don't look foward to it too much.
I hope I can be of help. [Yoosung]

Thank you. [Yoosung]
I'll do what I can. (no hearts)

Good luck. [Yoosung]
Don't get too into playing games. (no hearts)

Receive a call from Jumin Han:
How does my voice sound?

Ju-min-Han. Like this? (no hearts)

Are you with someone right now?
What are you doing right now? (no hearts)

You talk as if your cat's a person. (no hearts)
You miss me?

Do you have a girlfriend?
How old are you? (no hearts)

Are you the oldest in RFA?

It was fun hearing your voice. (no hearts)
I-I-I do!

18:00 - Concerns of Two Men

Includes: Zen, Jumin Han, MC (you)

Hello, Jumin. [Jumin]
Zen, you're on. [Zen]

Is it good that I'm here with you guys? (no hearts)
Why? (no hearts)
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Why?]
          What is you worth, Jumin? [Jumin]
           Why do I have to prove my worth to anyone?

Do I have no choice?
I first intend to try my best. [Zen & Jumin]

If I try my best, then everything will be good. [Jumin]
I'm not sure yet... I'll just do it for now I guess.

Go ahead, Zen. [Zen]
Tell you cat hello, Jumin. [Jumin]

19:00 - Discussion About the Party

Includes: Jaehee Kang, Jumin Han, MC (you)

It's a beautiful evening. [Jumin]
I have a lot on my mind after today.
Did everyone eat?

Take out is not good for you... [Jaehee]
Did something happen? (no hearts)
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Did something...]
          Why would Jaehee be against it. (no hearts)
          Is is bad to be against it?

I see that you two are pretty close. (no hearts)

I plan to do my best. [Jumin]
Don't expect too much.

I don't think that's within business hour; [Jaehee]
What's going on with you two? (no hearts)

Bye, Mr. Han. (no hearts)
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Bye, Mr Han.]
          Yes. [Jaehee]
Good bye. [Jumin]

21:00 - Zen's Expectation

Includes: Zen, MC (you)

Zen, you're not sleeping yet? [Zen]

I tend to. [Zen]

I'm a bit lost.
I'm excited for all the things to come. (no hearts)
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [I'm excited...]
          What do you mean? (no heart)
           That's good haha
I am a bit curious to see what will happen. (no hearts)

What do you want to do when you meet me? (no hearts)
Is V that important? (no hearts)

Why doesn't V come here often? (no hearts)
Is V his name? (no hearts)

I'll go to bed soon. [Zen]
I'm going to rage all night.

Receive a call from Zen:
Uhm... the apartment...

What kind of person is Yoosung?

What kind of person is Seven?

And Jaehee?

And Jumin... ?

What kind of person do you think you are, Zen?

22:00 - Excited Yoosung

Includes: Yoosung, MC (you)

Yoosung, what are you up to? [Yoosung]
Whachu doin?

Are you love sick? [Yoosung]
Aren't you expecting too much from me?
Why don't you trying exercising for a bit and then go to sleep? (no hearts)
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Why don't..]
          Aww yeah~ Eye candy lol
          Not really interested; (no hearts)
          I don't exercise either.

Did you like Rika? (no hearts)
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Did you..]
          All this talk about Rika is making me uncomfortable. (no hearts)
          I see.
Am I similar with Rika? (no hearts)
I feel a bit strange.

I'm going to do whatever I want.
I'll do what I can.
I plan to do my very best. [Yoosung]

We'll see.
I won't. [Yoosung]

Be careful^^ [Yoosung]
Good bye.

23:00 - Jaehee's Favor

Includes: Jaehee Kang, MC (you)

Jaehee, you're still awake. [Jaehee]
I'm sleepy...

I'll think about it.
Could you please explain again what I have to do?
I plan to try my best. [Jaehee]

What kind of person is Jaehee? [Jaehee]
I am curious of 707. [707]
I'm curious of Jumin. [Jumin]
I'm curious of Zen. [Zen]
I am curious of Yoosung. [Yoosung]

You're fun too. [Jaehee]
I won't avoid you haha.

Sleep tight. (no hearts)
Good night! (no hearts)
Good bye~

Day 2 Chats

00:00 - We are having a party again!

Includes: Yoosung, 707, MC (you)
' Seven, what are you doing up? [707]
Yoosung, waht are you doing staying up? [Yoosung]

I agree, lol. I feel like you're playing games too much. (no hearts)
I don't think it's bad to spend a lot of time doing what you like. [Yoosung]

Have you heard anything about the party date? (no hearts)

Girlfriend? lol
110-000-110 & 111-000-111 [707]

I love twisted love. OH YEAH. [707]
I'll be careful. Thanks, Yoosung.

Thank you so much again for greeting me with enthusiasm ^^
Seven, just let me know if there's anything I can do~ [707]

I see a huge contradiction in your messages, but have fun;; (no hearts)
Talk with me a bit longer~

thx thx [707]
What the hell's wrong with the options?;;

Okay, haha. Don't strain yourself. [707]
Good bye.

02:00 - Expressing Emotion

Includes: Jumin Han, MC (you)
Hello, Jumin.
Hello meow. [Jumin]

Emotions don't last forever... I'm worried that everyone's excitement will just turn into disappointment because of me. [Jumin]
What's wrong about getting excited? lol

I do. (no hearts)
I tend to avoid them.
Kind of.

I guess it must be hard for her since you're busy with her.
You must really cherish her. Is there are particular reason? [Jumin]

You want to use Jaehee as a model?
That sounds like a good idea... It'll be so cute! [Jumin]

Of course. [Jumin]

Isn't there any organization relate to puppies?
Wow, an organization that protects street cats? That's a good idea! [Jumin + GET EMAIL]

I'm sure it must be tough to say bye to Elizabeth 3rd. Cheer up^^ [Jumin]
Hope today's a good day for you!

Unlock Visual Novel Mode after finishing this chat....

06:00 - Cat BusinessIncludes: ZEN, Jaehee Kang, MC (you)

Did you sleep well, Jaehee? [Jaehee]

    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Did you...]
          I pulled an all-nighter.
          Didn't sleep so well... (no hearts)
          I slept like a rock lolol
          Slept okay~
Good morning, Zen! [Zen]

You don't like cat related protects? [Jaehee]
Don't you think it will be fun? [Jumin]

It's good for Jumin to have fun at work. He just has to pay his workers properly. [Jumin]

Two years ago?
Did something happen at the party? (no hearts)

Just wear a mask next time. [Jumin]
I agree! Your face must be protected no matter what, Zen! [Jaehee]

Good luck, Jaehee! I'll be hoping for that too! [Jaehee]
To be honest... I actually want to see her. [Jumin]

Hmm... I'm not really sure.
I think that's a good idea. More and more people are allergic these days. Tell him to contact me. [Zen + EMAIL]

It's awkward for me too. (no hearts)
Let's get to know each other, Jaehee~ [Jaehee]
Just mind your own business, Jaehee.

I'm getting sleepy again.
Good bye.
Good luck today! [Jaehee]

Wow. You have meetings with directors? So cool! [Zen]
Good bye. (no hearts)

09:00 - Answer Me!

Includes: 707, MC (you)
a;ejag;ifjdklv!! [707]
What's going on? Are you okay?

What's up meow? Over. [707]
Nothing happened, right?

Why do you ask? (no hearts)
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Why do...]
          You're still doing Fa background check on me?;;
           I've led a honest life so far. [Zen]
None lol If I had to say, it would just be this weird situation happening right now. [707]

Don't do a background check on me without asking;;
Thanks, Seven ^^ [707]

Don't you have any photos of you? (no hearts)
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Don't you...]
          I just asked because you didn't seem like the type to take selfies lol
          Show me more! I want to know! [707]
A photo? (no hearts)
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [What do...]
          Don't look for it. It's disgusting.
          +_+ Search search search! [707]
Hmm. If I see the photos on the CCTV, I understand why he wouldn't want that;; [Jumin]
Just adopt one! [707]

Your maid is very fierce;; [707]
You have a maid? You must be well-off.

So awesome!!
You're very extravagant;;; Sports cars plus a maid. [707]

I can't really sympathize with that;; (no hearts)
Good!! Two birds with one stone! [707]

Stop messing around and get back to work.
Kneel!! Meow! [707]

Don't go T_T [707]
Good bye. (no hearts)

Receive a call from Zen:
I tend to take some time in getting closer to people. (no hearts)
I'm fine. I'm super outgoing.

;; I like dating people younger than me.
You know, I'm actually older than you. (no hearts)
Omg! You're amazing Zenny!

I'm just a student.
I just work in an office... (no hearts)
I just stay at home.

Beer sounds awesome right now. (no hearts)
I don't really drink.

I think you like alcohol too much.
I hope I'm more of a heavyweight than you. (no hearts)

11:00 - Rich People

Includes: Yoosung, Jaehee Kang, Jumin Han, MC (you)
Jumin, did you have lunch? [Jumin]
Jaehee, did you have lunch? [Jaehee]
Yoosung, did you have lunch? [Yoosung]

Well...! I should get some steak and wine now! [Jumin]
The side dishes don't look so good.
I'm sure it's a nutritionally balanced meal.

Well, that would basically be like having a mom. [Jaehee]
Yoosung... Cheer up. Money's nothing compared to a good heart! [Yoosung]

Hmm. Your wage is higher than most other companies. Jumin's company's a pretty good work place ^^ [Jumin]
Cheer up, Jaehee!! [Jaehee]

I trust Seven about that. [707]
Am I really safe?

You really trust V then... [Jumin]
I'm a bit nervous to be honest, since I don't know V at all.

So Seven works for RFA and as a hacker too. [707]
Classified information? (no hearts)

I'm sure it's not good to just hide everything.
Perhaps they are being careful to make sure everyone is safe? (no hearts)

I thought Seven was always the secretive type? [707]
Mary Vanderwood 3rd? (no hearts)

So no one knows where Luciel works?
I'm not interested either. (no hearts)
I'm worried he's working on some dangerous things. [707]

Jumin, you're so considerate! [Jumin]
Oooh. Just like a movie lol

So cool to see Jumin be the rich man he is! [Jumin]
Jaehee, it must be so hard to do this job. [Jaehee]

I don't think you can just open up banks like you do with shops.;; [Jaehee]
I guess businessmen really do think differently. [Jumin]

I thnk it's a good idea! Tell them to contact me. [Jaehee + EMAIL]
I'm not really interested.

It was fun talking to you, Yoosung. Bye! [Yoosung]

Yup! Good luck, Jumin! [Jumin]
Jaehee, talk to you later! [Jaehee]

14:00 - How's my life?

Includes: 707, MC (you)
I'm sleepy....
Heya Seven. [707]

I don't want to know.
Wow, I want to know! How? [707]

That's investment? (no hearts)
You feel happy just by watching your cars? (no hearts)

Guess you really love cars >.< [707]
That's it? (no hearts)
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [That's it?]
          Gotcha yo. [707]
          -_- (no hearts)

Wow so cute! Seven's cute! [707]
....Is she really a maid?
Ms. Vanderwood is very beautiful.

Always be careful meow [707]
I guess you have that many enemies then;;;

Feelings getting hurt...? Why do you have to worry about that? (no hearts)
Aight. Just let me know what you feel safe telling me. [707]

You must be starving T_T Go get something to eat. [707]
Hope you eat a proper meal and not potato chips; (no hearts)

Receive a call from Jumin:
Did you eat? (no hearts)
Don't hang up yet!

How bout romance movies?
You don't like science fiction? (no hearts)

Input complete. (no hearts)
I'm only going to eat one meal a day to lose weight.

15:00 - Bickering

Includes: Jaehee Kang, Zen, MC (you), Jumin Han
Zen~ How is your day so far? [Zen]
Jaehee, how's work? [Jaehee]

I'm so jealous that you get to work with Jumin, Jaehee lol [Jumin]
Do you think Ms. Vanderwood is important to Seven? [707]

Now I know your taste lolololololol
lolololol. This is so good lol (no hearts)

Hi, Jumin. [Jumin]
It's Jumin Han!!! The handsome man in a suit!!!

It took me awhile to find it too. [Jumin]
You didn't know? [Zen]

It's good to be honest, but I think Jaehee will be upset if you say it right in front of her...
Jumin, you must really like this chat room. [Jumin]

Yeah... [Jaehee]
If everyone just respects each other's privacy, I don't think there will be any problem. [Jumin]
Then I guess Jaehee can just leave.

Why is she avoiding talking with Jumin? [Jumin]
I didn't even get to say good bye...;;

Jumin, you were never in Jaehee's shoes, so I don't think you can understand this.
I don't think Jumin will treat anyone emotionally, so I don't think she has to be that careful around him. ^^; [Jumin]

Really? Then that's a bit unfair. [Jumin]
If you just keep a closer look... I think you'd know why. [Zen]

Uhm... Do you guys want a moment? Should I leave? [Zen]
Why don't you two peacefully call a truce on each other...? [Jumin]

lololololol Jumin's so funny. [Jumin]
He didn't even give me a chance to say good bye.... [Zen]

I'm not hurt at all. Jumin says funny things, haha. [Jumin]
Thank you for caring. [Zen]

OMGOMG Make sure you send me a selfie!! [Zen]
Have a good work out~! (no hearts)

18:00 - Tsk Tsk

Includes: Yoosung, MC (you)
Hello. (no hearts)
Yoosung, I missed you! [Yoosung]

I was a bit caught off guard... But thanks for worrying. [Yoosung]
It was a bit funny to watch actually, haha. [Jumin]

Apparently, that's what statistics say. I guess you know women pretty well. [Yoosung]
Women, creatures of empathy? I think that's a bit sexist. (no hearts)
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Women...]
          Be careful from now on.
          I'm just kidding ^^ Women have a different brain structure from men, so they tend to be better at empathizing.

Cheer up. You still have hope! [Yoosung]
You've never had a girlfriend before? (no hearts)
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Women...]
          Wow! You're the popular guy! [Yoosung]
           Did you reject those love letters?

To be honest, I can't believe that you've never had a girlfriend before. [Yoosung]
lol. And you haven't joined it yet?

Don't feel like it;
I'll consider it! Tell them to reach me~ [Yoosung + EMAIL]

I'll eat with you in spirit! Yum yum. [Yoosung]
Good bye. (no hearts)

19:00 - Be Honest!

Includes: 707, MC (you)
Cheer up Seven O Seven! Sevenny! Sevv! Lovely Seven! [707]
When you die?

Jumin, hello. [Jumin]
Someone's here. [707]

Nah. We were just joking around. [707]
lol He totally caught you. [Jumin]

I think your question has to be more specific. [Jumin]
Evading the question?

No... No way! [707]
Please don't ask such private questions;; [Jumin]

I really think it's rude to ask something like that. And he doesen't have to answer it. [Jumin]
So you are forever-alone, or not? [707]
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [So you...]
          But what's wrong with being a forever-alone?
          I'm only curious, haha. (no hearts)

I don't think he's gay. [Jumin]
I am an open-minded person, so feel free to come out. I appreciate all types of people. [707]

I'm still having fun lol [707]
I am actually sleepy. (no hearts)

But Seven, have you ever had a girlfriend before? [707 +alt]
He ran away. [707]

What?! Married?
Yeah right. (no hearts)

Laterz. (no hearts)
Don't go T_T [707]

22:00 - Romance Expert

Includes: Zen, MC (you)
Wow Zen, I missed ya. [Zen]

I think Jumin can't be gay too.
Well I guess Jumin has his own aura. [Jumin]

You smell like a man, lovely Zen! [Zen]
Hmm. I think Jumin has a more sophisticated world of his own, so I'm not sure if he'll need your advice. [Jumin]

Motorcycle gangs?
You're not proud of it, are you? (no hearts)
But you were always considerate towards women... So cool! [Zen]

I don't really like lamb kebabs...
Lamb kebab? [Zen]

He really did clean up his hands?
I think it's a good idea. Tell him to email me^^ [Zen + EMAIL]

I should take a shower too! (no hearts)
Oh...Shower...>_< [Zen]

23:00 - Jumin.... Are you....

Includes: Jaehee Kang, Yoosung, MC (you)
OMG! Jaehee! Zen was in a motorcycle gang! [Zen]
Jaehee, Yoosung! Hi! (no hearts)
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Jaehee...]
          Zen was in a motorcycle gang. [Jaehee]
          Yoosung, you were never in a motorcycle gang, right?

I don't think he is. [Jumin]
I'm not interested either lol [Jaehee]

I think it'll be hard since he's so unapproachable.
I think you're jumping to conclusions. [Jumin]

Still, he's so charismatic to make them sign contracts. I feel like dating won't be so hard for him.
I think Jumin will open up once he finds someone he likes. [Jumin]

They really live in a different world, lol. The relationships of rich people~
So that's the case.... [Jumin]

Are you sure?
Sound? (no hearts)

You hear something?
It'd be nice to have Seven here right now. [707]

Don't spend too much time on the game.... [Jaehee]
Good bye.... Oh, the one who seeks to be a hero. [Yoosung]

He just left.
Since we're alone here, I want to ask you something. Is Jumin.... the heir? [Jumin]

Does Seven date woman? [707]
Do you really think Jumin has no chance of finding someone he loves? [Jumin]

That damn cat;
So he really cares for animals. [Jumin]

Good bye.
Thanks, Jaehee. Bye. [Jaehee]

Day 3 Chats

0:00 - Stop Playing Game....

Includes: Yoosung, MC (you)
Hello. (no hearts)
Did something happen? [Yoosung]

Lovely Zen! You're here >_< Yay! [Zen]
Zen, hello. (no hearts)

What about LOLOL? Are they doing server mainteniance or something? [Yoosung]
Stop playing that game. [Zen]

I guess all the employees at the game company are working late... It must be hard for them. [Zen]
Game are meant to be played at night! [Yoosung]

Why don't you use this time to study instead of complaining? (no hearts)
Cheer up! It will be over soon! [Yoosung]

Why are you trying to save them so much? (no hearts)
Wow! I wanna try some!
It's not good for your skin to eat chips at this hours. Not good for your stomach too. [Zen]

How about you Zen? Do you eat properly? [Zen]
I heard that a lot of guys living alone love to cook~ [Yoosung]

I find short guys attractive too^^ [Yoosung]
Are you bragging that you're tall right now? (no hearts)
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Are you...]
          I do >_< [Zen]
          No, not really....

I guess you shouldn't bet the one to nag, Zen, haha. (no hearts)
So jealous of Zen. [Zen]

>_< What does it mean to be an adult, lovely Zen? >_< [Zen]
Uhm;;Please don't say things like that. (no hearts)

Yoosung, do you exercise?
Zen, what kind of exercise do you like to do? [Zen]

lolol Take after Zen! [Zen]
Don't be so harsh on Yoosung~ He'll take care of himself, haha. [Yoosung]

I understand. We have to battle through each day as if it's our last. [Yoosung]
You just sound like you're making excuses. [Zen]

lololol So cute! [Jumin]

Zen, you're so cute! OMG! [Zen]
Th cat's cute! [Jumin]

I just thought you were bragging about yourself;; [Yoosung]
Why don't you try listening to Zen's advice? [Zen]

You don't have anything to do tomorrow? You should go to bed. (no hearts)
Good luck! Those who wait will be rewarded! [Yoosung]

Won't V take care of everything? You said he's the leader. (no hearts)
I feel a bit frustrated too; [Yoosung]

Well I think everyone's just being too nice and getting comfortable. [Yoosung]
Is V trustworthy? (no hearts)

Hmm... Let's try not to get so heated up. [Zen]
Do you two not get along very well? [Yoosung]

lolol You're very persistent. [Yoosung]
I like men who work out. [Zen]

OMG! I luv this >_<
;;; Is this really a poster for a musical? [Jaehee]

Uhm;; wth [Yoosung]
The beauty that appalls mathematicians! [Zen]

Oh! Good idea! lol
lololol But that poster is kind of gay lolol [Yoosung]

Good night! (no hearts)
Do you have anything more to improve? You want to challenge god? [Zen]

ERMAHGERD Save Zen's photo! Save and save again just in case! [Jaehee]
lol. I think Zen's narcissim is getting out of control. [Yoosung]

You really sound like a game addict lol (no hearts)
Try signing in lol [Yoosung]

Good luck with it! [Yoosung]
Don't play it too much and go to sleep! (no hearts)

You haven't left for work yet? (no hearts)
Hello.  (no hearts)
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Hello.]
          What were you doing, Zen?
          But Jumin, don't you have to go to work? [Jumin]
          I'm sleepy.
Now that the sun has risen, my body and mind ache in loneliness. (no hearts)
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Now that the sun...]
          I'm lonely... I'm painfully lonely.
          Jumin's kinda scary ;;
          Jumin's a born businessman. [Jumin]
I was just bored lol (no hearts)
     ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [I was just...]
           Wow! So pretty. [Jumin]           Oh. A cat.           omfg...
It's better to treat people like actual human beings than to be so strict. [Zen]
Isn't it natural to just work as much as you get paid? [Jumin]

Well... Labor management relations is always a complicated issue. (no hearts)
     ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Well...]
           Cats are a bit scary.
           I tend to like them. (no hearts)
                 ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [I tend...]
                       I prefer cats. [Jumin]
                       I prefer dogs.
I'm pretty sure it's tears of joy +_+ [Jumin]
Can we change the subject?

Good bye, lovely Zen ^^ [Zen]
Good bye. (no hearts)

02:00 - Zorro Poster

Includes: Jaehee Kang, Jumin Han MC (you)
Hi, Jaehee! How about you? [Jaehee]
Jaehee, what are you still doing up? (no hearts)

Did you see that poster? It's kind of gay;; (heartbreak - ?)
OMGOMG >0< Zen Zen Zen!! My lovely Zen! [Zen]
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [OMGOMG..]
          The photooooo!!! [Jaehee]
           I think I'm falling in love with Zen, for real.

Huh? I thought LOL's the game Yoosung's in love with? [Yoosung]
Wow. Do you have one? I want one too T_T (Jaehee)

I mean, no one can beat Zen.
I think Jumin's logged in right now. No? (Jumin)

It is a bit promiscuous ^^;; (Jumin)
I'd love to see it in person +_+ Will there be more shows?

That's a good idea! (Jumin + EMAIL)
Nah. Pass.

Lunch with the company chairman! It must be a super fancy lunch, hahaha!
What an elegant schedule. (Jumin)

I think Jumin's a bit flustered. (Jumin)

I think cat businesses will be really fun to work on. (Jumin)
So sorry Jaehee T_T (Jaehee)

New girlfriend....? Is Mr. Han single?
How short they last....? (Jumin)

OMG >_< It's still so cute! (Jumin)

Put on a face mask if you're going to meet your father. You have to look nice, haha. Isn't he your best asset?
Jumin, sleep tight! ^^ (Jumin)

Did something happen between Jumin and his father? (Jumin)
I guess you never get any breaks, Jaehee.

Good night.
Me too! Sleep tight! (Jaehee)

.7:00 - Stayed Overnight T_T

Includes: 707, MC (you)
Say it in one line plz.
Are you ok? [707]

Feel like people trust others less and less these day T_T Such a cruel world!! [707]
I suppose your nasty skills have been acknowledged.

I want to hear V's voice.
Seems like you two talk often. He must really trust you. [707]

I just wanna hang out with you too! Life is hard T_T
Thanks for saying that, but everyone's waiting for the party, so we can't let them down, haha. [707]

But don't you already know everything about me? (no hearts)
I think you are, uhm, a bit unique;; And sometimes I don't get everything you say....

Why compare it to those? lol I'm a human.
Oooh so cool! lol You're so on point. [707]

I wanna have Honey Buddha Chips and Doctor Pepper for breakfast too! lol [707]
Those are really bad for you.

You have boxes of potato chips?;; Dude;; Why do you live like that?
Really? Wow, so jelly! [707]

You're going to bed now?
Sleep tight ^^ [707]

09:00 - Love Records of RFA

Includes: Jaehee Kang, MC (you)
Hi, Jaehee! ^^ Did you get to work okay? [Jaehee]
Hiya! >_< Wachu up to?

You have to eat properly too. If you just stuff your stomach with whatever because you're busy, it won't be good. [Jaehee]
Hope Seven's health doesn't get any worse.... T_T [707]

Don't you have to follow him everywhere if you are his assistant? (no hearts)
Oh~ Congrats ^^ [Jaehee]

Does he not get along with his father? [Jumin]
The conservative father vs. the liberal son type of thing?

Having to organize them into a list?;; I feel like that would be so irritating.
Although Jumin always looks put together, maybe it's hard for him too... [Jumin]

I probably would have felt the same way in his shoes. [Jumin]
Jumin should just relax and enjoy it. lol Time to partayyy!

...Your love life will blossom one day! Cheer up! [Jaehee]
Haha...;; Oops, sorry lol. I won't laugh lol

And?? [Jaehee]
Moon Fortune was the name? lololololol

lolol Well, that was obvious.
Oh no T_T I'm sorry. [Jaehee]

I think it's a good idea. [Jaehee + EMAIL]
Nah. Not interested lol

Hearing you say that is making me really sad. [Jaehee]
Just eat whatever and finish the work you have left. lol

12:00 - Lunch

Includes: 707, MC (you), Jumin Han
Secret. lol
Seven ^^ Good to see you! I had a light lunch. [707]

It must be uncomfortable for him. Will he be okay? [Jumin]
lololol Slice Honey Buddha Chips with me one day. [707

Jumin, how did the lunch go? [Jumin]
Give Jumin Honey Buddha Chips!!! [707]

...Was it good? [Jumin]
What is this? lolololol A brick? lolol [707]

Why don't you get lessons from V? (no hearts)
lololol Such a gap moe (no hearts)

Shut up you rich dudes!
Your cars didn't seem to be economical. [Jumin]
Master Seven! [707]

But can you chat with us when you're having lunch with your father? [Jumin]
Just like you cherishing your babies, Seven? lololol [707]

You should munch down on that delicious steak!!! [707]
You must be very uncomfortable right now. [Jumin]

I have it on all the time.
No I do not. I do not have the time to watch television. [Jaehee]
Only what I like. (no hearts)

I don't know.
I know! My love Grandpa RamG! (no hearts)

...haha. [Jumin]
Jumin, it's not funny. Please stop. [Jumin]

Gosh~ I want to eat a perfectly grilled steak too. (no hearts)
The photo wasn't great but I don't think Jumin can be perfect at everything. [Jumin]

I'm not interested in chefs.
Let's invite him to the party!! [Jumin + EMAIL]

You mean "Melanie" steak.
lololololol Melanin. [707]

You're going to get stupid if you eat that too much. (no hearts)
Never get sick of those chips lol But it's not good to eat chips all the time~ [707]

Seven just made that up lololol [Jumin]
There's also the Law of Melt and Chew. [707]
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [There's also...]
          Melt it and then chew it. lol [707]
          Come to think of it, it feels like a joke I shouldn't make. Just ignore it.

What's Mr. Han doing? (no hearts)
Wouldn't it be polite to turn your phone off now? [Jumin]

You don't think.... No way... [707]
Just because he's his son, it doesn't mean they have to be alike. [Jumin]

Stop teasing him! I really don't think Jumin is ^^;; [Jumin]
If you aren't, say so clearly +_+ [707]

Bye bye to your money source.... [707]
Teasing him is all good and all that, but it was a bit sensitive topic;; [Jumin]

Just live a regular life. You're not a child. [707 HEARTBREAK]
Seven, what if you pass out living like that I'd be so sad T_T [707]

Good night then. Dream about me. [707]

13:00 - Honey Buddha Chip

Includes: Yoosung, Jahee Kang, MC (you)
Hiya, Yoosung. [Yoosung]
Hi, Jaehee~ [Jaehee]

Isn't kind of cute though, that Jumin takes really bad photos...? [Jumin]

I wish he'd take care of himself... I guess he gets stressed out a lot. [707]
Isn't there somthing fishy about Seven?

Yeah;; How can he have boxes of it?;;; [Zen]
What is? [Jaehee]

Maybe he's a regular at his local convenience store. (no hearts)
I want to know too!!! [Yoosung]

I don't know why anyone would bother to create an image like that. [Jaehee]

It's kind of pathetic. I mean it's just potato chips. [Jaehee]
I want one too +_+

Guess he's close to the cashier? lol
Maybe he hack somewhere to get it? [707]

lolol Save one for me too~ [Yoosung]
It's not good for you. ^^;; (no hearts)

Hmm. I think that's just a prejudice. [Yoosung]
Well, I think that's just because Yoosung's a loser. lol

I'm sure Jumin has his own struggles. [Jumin]
Nothing will change just by being jealous.

Jelly seconded.
Let's all keep our courtesy. ^^ [Jaehee]

Isn't it a bit unfair to draw the linke like that just because he was born in a different environment...? [Jumin]
Of course, I'm sure of it.

Have fun ^^ [Yoosung]
Just go.

Talk to you later. Bye bye! [Yoosung]
But aren't you going to school? [Jumin]

I can't believe that I'm talking about the Director of one of the largest companies in this country.
Jumin's life feels a bit complicated. (no hearts)

Good bye.
You'll be okay, Jaehee! [Jaehee]

15:00 - Their Life

Includes: Zen, MC (you), Jumin Han
No T_T (no hearts)
Of course~^^ (no hearts)

Why can't they just resemble your looks;; tsk tsk [Zen]
I guess men who live by themselves chan't help it... (no hearts)

Jumin, hello! [Jumin]
Ya. That's the one they should try to copy. [Zen]

Jumin, do you eat properly? [Jumin]
Rich people are so different;;

Yeah. No wonder he's so comfortable with his father.
What do you mean? [Jumin]

Am I the only one who thinks that's just an excuse?
I guess Jumin has his own reasons. [Jumin]

Can't believe that. lol
I guess he's a good father. [Jumin]

What's that? [Jumin]
OMG, a diamond? (no hearts)

It was really kind of him. [Jumin]
Can I have one? Hahaha...

It's on a totally different scale... but it's nice that you give gifts to each other. [Jumin]
I'd feel like I'd always be nervous about losing a pen like that.;;

Jumin, aren't you being too square? lol [Zen]
I may sound a bit uptight, but you have be careful of comparing women to objects. [Jumin]

;;;; You're kidding?
Oh~ New information! Jumin knows everything. [Jumin]

Not really interested.
Let's do that lol [Jumin + EMAIL]

I'm sure he has other issues. No one's life is that simple. [Jumin]
So jealous~ I want to have the sweet life and have everything I want too.

Maybe you should be careful to bring it up since it's a sensitive topic? [Jumin]

I think Jumin's a bit too square. lol
...Really? Well, sorry to hear that. [Zen]

Good bye.
Go and rest! Don't get too stressed out, Jumin. [Jumin]

I feel like Jumin will have his own problems just like everyone else. [Jumin]
Are you jealous too?

You're so awesome, Zen... I can almost feel your passion. [Zen]
But don't you think Jumin's passionate about his work too? [Jumin]

Good bye. (no hearts)
Good bye, Zen~ Good luck today! I really hope to see you on stage some day. [Zen]

17:00 - Tell me, Seven!

Includes: 707, Yoosung, MC (you)
Seven~ Calm down. [707]
Yoosung... It's okay, I'll take care of you.

It must have been tough T_T [707]
Still, be thankful that you have a place to work.

Tsk tsk. Not everyone can do that, you know. [707]
I'm a bit curious too.

Let's sell her autographs and make money!! [707]
Are you a fan of Glam Choi? (no hearts)

Tom... Such a familiar name. I feel like there's at least on Tom in every neighborhood. [707]
Who's Tom? Is he your friend?

I think you'll have a better chance of find her contacts by hacking lol (no hearts)
...Wouldn't that be a bit rude? [Jumin]

I'm just keeping my faith in V. [707]
I'm a bit nervous too.

Yoosung, let's just wait a bit more~ (no hearts)
I'm a bit worried too. Everyone's getting really excited about it. What if it just doesn't happen? [Yoosung]

Yoosung, first calm down~ (no hearts)
Yoosung, I appreciate you thinking of me. [Yoosung]

I'd prefer it to be relatively small as well.
I'm sure V and everyone else will take care of it. [707]

What, Yoosung... Is that what this was about? [707]
Haha. Don't worry, I understand.

I hope we don't have to wait too long, though.
I agree. [707]

You were nice and Santa brought it to you? [707]
I want to know too.

Just hurry and tell us, haha.
A story leads to another story and that leads to another.... [707]

It must be an emergency!! Everyone evacuate! [707]

I really can't get ahold of Seven. (no hearts)
Ya... He just ran off. [Yoosung]

Okay... Don't worry. The party will happen for sure. (no hearts)
I was getting worried to be honest, so thanks for telling me.

Okay. Don't strain yourself~ [Yoosung]
It's not good to spend so much time playing games. [Jaehee]

18:00 - Mission WHoney BuddhaWIncludes: Zen, 707, MC (you)

Well, I'm craving your pheromone more than dinner, Zen.
I did. How about you, Seven? [707]

Zen, how about you? [Jaehee]
Have you been exploited before? [707]

I want to know! God Seven! [707]
I'm not curious either.

Yoosung... He should be here!;;
Black market? That's horrible! [707]

The... the silhouette! A criminal! [707]
Could you please give us a warning? You surprised me.

Anyway! [707]
lol [Zen]

I see some contradiction there.
God Seven, defender of justice!! [707]

So... What did you do?
T_T .. I should go wipe my tears. [707]

.....;;I just feel like you're doing whatever to get more money?
More money!! Hell yes!! [707]

Talking about racing reminds me of when Zen was in a motorcycle gang.
OMG So awesome~! You're so great, Seven! [707]

lololol Not really convincing?
So cool! [707]

Don't cover the whole chat room;; [Zen]
Eeeekeeekkeekkk! (no hearts)

No... You didn't steal the whole thing, did you? (no hearts)
Wow. How? [707]

I don't think it was right that you were paid with chips instead of actual money.
Good for you!! You didn't get a dime for it but at least you got Honey Buddha Chips!!! [707]

I'll pass;;
Oooh stock market genius! That's a good idea. [707 + EMAIL]

I'm jealous of your food, Zen... It's gonna feel your pheromone...
Bye, Zen. (no hearts)

You're not going to microwave the chips, are you? (no hearts)
Are you going to get something warm?(no hearts)

...Eat all the junk you want.
Take care of your health~ I'll be sad if you get sick T_T [707]

Enjoy it! And take care of yourself~ [707]
Good bye.

20:00 - About The Party

Includes: V, MC (you), Jumin Han
Hey hey.
Hello, V! (no hearts)

Jumin, good that you're here^^ [Jumin]

I'm sure he'll take care of it. Seven seems to be working hard too. [707]
If you just tell us everything, Yoosung won't have to worry anymore.

You only talk to Seven. [707]
You guys seem very close [Jumin]

I don't feel pressured at all. Everyone's been nice, especially Jumin.[Jumin]
To be honest, it's hard for me to get used to everything.
To be honest, I love talking to Seven! [707]

You must know each other's famillies too. (no hearts)
I'd love to get close to you one day just like V is, Jumin. [Jumin]

Women are all the same. (no hearts)
I think it's okay to be interested. Maybe she might be a good person. [Jumin]

Yeah. Jumin's just different from birth.
Please don't draw the line like that. [Jumin]

Please set it asap for everyone. I think Yoosung's having a hard time. [Yoosung]
Thank you for caring about the party! I'll work hard too. (no hearts)

I think it's a good idea. Let's invite him! [EMAIL]
Hmm... I'm not sure.

It was fun talking to you. Good bye ^^ (no hearts)
Don't forget to set the date. Yoosung and I are waiting desperately! [Yoosung]

I feel like you two haven't seen each other for awhile.... [Jumin]
You don't meet with V often?

Yes. I'm glad I got to see a new side of you today. I'll be able to sleep well tonight. [Jumin]
Okay. Good night.

22:00 - Something In Common

Includes: 707, MC (you)
Uhm....;; You're so cheesy....
Hey hey hey! [707]
Hello. It's a nice evening today.

I thought you two talk regularly? (no hearts)
You'll get the chance to talk with him! (no hearts)

I hope the date gets set soon. [707]
Yoosung did make a bit of a fuss. (no hearts)

No. T_T [707]
I do. (no hearts)
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [I do.]
          Just normal. lol We sort of know everything about each other as if we're each other's diaries.
          I do... but we're not close anymore. (no hearts)

Should I start nagging you like a childhood friend, Seven? lol [707]
I'm jealous of V... I'd like to get more comfortable with Jumin too. [Jumin]

You don't have any childhood friends? [707]
Yeah right. I don't think so.

Yes. Maybe that person is already nearby you/// [707]
Ms. Mary Vanderwood?

Stop messing around lol (no hearts)
What's wrong? Emergency? [707]

Yup! Start taking care of yourself from now on~! I'd like to take care of you myself. lol
Well, you must face the consequences of your actions. [707]

I guess you two are close? lol [707]
I don't know who she is, but she must have a lot of time.

Just go lol (no hearts)
T_T Don't go T_T [707]

Day 4 Chats

0:00 - Stay Healthy!

Includes: Yoosung, MC (you)
Did you read what Seven said? [707]
Hi, Yoosung ^^ [Yoosung]

I think he just wanted to mess with you lol [707]
He might be lying.

He should just sell them.... It's bad to eat chips all day like he's doing. (no hearts)
Wow! You're smart, Yoosung. He can get rich by selling it. lol [Yoosung]

Are you showing off that you were a hermit? [HEARTBREAK Yoosung]
It's kind of convincing! [Yoosung]

I want it all. [Yoosung]
;;;;;;You know really well;; (no hearts)

Stop eating chips, you two;;
Oh, good deal!
lololololol I don't think you can compare the two. Nothing beats Honey Buddha. [707]

Anyways, V was here. [Yoosung]
Stop thinking about the chips so much and help with the party.

Dude, why did you even go to college?

Uhm... Don't really feel like it.
He is!! Let's invite him! [EMAIL]

I'm just gonna stay up a bit more ^^ Have fun! [Yoosung]
I'm gonna go to bed now. Bye.

Visual Novel Mode can be viewed after this chat!

2:00 - Real master

Includes: 707, MC (you)
Huh? Seven! You're still up? [707]
Hiya... I think he's way too addicted to games.

Wow! You mus tbe ranked #1 or something! [707]
...Here's one more gaming addict!

What in the world am I doing here...? (no hearts)
If Yoosung's #2, then he must be pretty good!

So awesome meow! I want her too meow! [707]
You must have no worries since you have so much money.

Have fun! Rule the LOLOL world! [707]
Good night.

8:00 - Gossip article

Includes: Zen, Jaehee Kang, MC (you)
Morning, Zen ^^ [Zen]
Good morning, Jaehee. [Jaehee]

Both of them must be hermits. It'd be nice if they went outside for a bit. [Jaehee]
Think LOLOL is making people crazy everywhere.

Jaehee, did you go to work?
Oh, right. Did Jumin leave for work? [Jumin]

Oh~ Nice! Feel like his family lives on a different planet.
Jumin's so cute looking at his smartphone, haha. [Jumin]

Zen, you read articles like this?
It must be trouble for you... ^^;;
I don't think Jumin will be happy about this... I'm worried. [Jumin]

I don't think you should be so suspicious;;
Well, since it is the chairman of a huge corporate, I guess that's possible. [Jaehee]

I don't think that's for Jumin's assistant to do, though.
Jumin's so lucky to have such a capable assistant. [Jaehee]

I want to be Jumin's assistant too...
I want Seven to be my butler.
If you're jealous Zen, get a manager! [Zen]

Hmm. That's true. Shouldn't he be banned from having an outsider in his home? [Jaehee]
What do you mean? (no hearts)

I feel like you fall for Seven's jokes a lot T_T [Zen]
Seven's good at messing around with people? [707]

When do you go to work, Jaehee? [Jaehee]
What are you going to do today, Zen?

I haven't yet, but I'm getting kind of hungry. (no hearts)
Yes, I did. How about you two? (no hearts)

You should focus on your work instead of this messenger lol. Hurry.
Please get something to eat at work. [Jaehee]

Pray so that I can have a good day today! [Zen]
Jaehee must be really busy with work.... [Jaehee]

Is gender important? I'm so jealous T_T [Zen]
Don't think too much of it. (no hearts)

Good luck! I'll look forward to good news! [Zen]
Good bye.

11:00 - Unknown fact

Includes: Yoosung, Jumin Han, MC (you)
Hiya Yoosung. [Yoosung]
Jumin! Hello. [Jumin]

Still, it's still a shock for him to reveal it so suddenly.
Go add him as a friend. Hurry lol [707]
Yup ^^ [Jumin]

Is it like having your secret revealed? [Yoosung]
My Seven is really just good at anything ^^ [707]

Yoosung, you have to try harder!
Oh! That's actually a pretty good guess. [Jumin]

lolololol Jumin's funny. [Jumin]
...I feel like I'll need that.

Yoosung, aren't you going to school?
Did you go to work, Jumin? [Jumin]

A maid... Guess he lives in a different world than I do.
I think Zen just wants to know whether she's actually a woman or not. [Jumin]

That's a bit cold, Jumin T_T [Yoosung]
Why? [Zen]

It's too bad that you have to feel that way... [Jumin]
Still, you should at least know who she is...

Well, a maid and a corporate heir aren't exactly on the same class. lol (no hearts)
Jumin, don't you get lonely if you only meet people for work? (no hearts)
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Jumin...]
          I understand that Elizabeth 3rd is important to you, but I think it'll be nice if you get to know others too. [Jumin]
          You're really unique, Jumin. (no hearts)

Nothing you can do about it. They were different from birth.
Everyone is special. [Jumin]

At times, ignorance is bliss.
Jumin, do you know anything about Seven? [707]

Yeah, I thought the name Luciel was a bit too cartoonish.
How many names do you think he hames? [707]

Yoosung, are you a member of the RFA or not? lol
Prayers on her payday... lololol [Jaehee]

I doubt it lol
I think he does? [Jumin]

Yoosung, have you thought about getting a religion?
Is there are reason why? [Yoosung]

What was Rika's religion. (no hearts)
But why did V convert? (no hearts)

Not really interested.
Maybe something sophisticated? Like Sophisticated Choi? lol [707]
It might be something really tacky, like Dweezil Choi. (no hearts)

Gaming is the best way to do that!
You're not going to school? (no hearts)

Okay~ [EMAIL]
I don't really think it's a good idea ^^;;

Yoosung! Stop thinking about LOLOL and have a good time at school.
Elizabeth 3rd will be lonely if you go. Have a good trip. [Jumin]

lolololol Jumin's pretty cute. [Jumin]
Don't you think the name Elizabeth 3rd's pretty lame?

Hurry. (no hearts)
Bye, Yoosung~ Make sure you don't skip lunch! [Yoosung]

13:00 - Religion

Includes: 707, Jaehee Kang, MC (you)
Hungry!!! Hunkie!!!! Hunchy!!! [707]
Dude. Stop.

It's disgusting;; [Jaehee]
I want to lick it. [707]

You don't seem right at the moment...
Well, who cares if it tastes good? [707]

Just don't even expect it~ He really seems like a strange person. [Jaehee]
God Seven!! God Seven!! [707]

lololololol sin7 cos7 tan7 [707]
Are you really religious?

Nice, Jaehee! [Jaehee]
I was going to ask you through mass codes when we're alone. [707]
    ↪  these options only show up if you choose the above answer [I was...]
          Seven awesome! [707]

Seven, it's not polite to ask a woman that. [Jaehee]
You've been messing around the whole time.;; Of course she's mad. [Jaehee]

Jaehee... So sorry that you have so much work. Cheer up. [Jaehee]
Why doesn't he just leave his cat with Seven? [707]

Maybe Seven has his own way of loving... ^^ [707]
You still haven't reported him? [Jaehee]

Ooh, I'm looking forward to it. lol What kind of project is it? [Jumin]
It must be so tough for you... Well, I guess it's all for the company T_T

Don't bother Jaehee so much T_T She's stressed enough already. [Jaehee]
Seven, you should give him ideas! [707]

I guess Seven can empathize since he has a job too? T_T [707]
I'll pray so that you can get some rest soon. [Jaehee]

That's such a cool car! Jaehee, did you like it? [707]
Don't show off in front of Jaehee.;; [Jaehee]

-_- seconded [Jaehee]
God bless you! [707]

But you're always with God inside your heart? [707]
I don't think you're sincere.

I can't! I want to stay here with you, Seven! [707]
Laterz~ Jaehee, see you later. [Jaehee]

Let's not invite a cat.
I think it's okay. The cat's cute. [707 + EMAIL]

You're amazing.... I hope you don't get any more work. [Jaehee]
Bye, Jaehee~ (no hearts)

You must really like them. [707]
Stop thinkg of harassing the cat;; She's not even yours.

Good luck, meow! [707]

15:00 - Zen's imagination
Includes: Zen, MC (you)
Yup. It's me.
Hey Zen~ ^^ [Zen]

That's unfortunate. A new role would have been better.
It's because you're so good looking...

You were on a subway? That's modest! [Zen]
Stop taking selfies;;

Good idea! [Zen + EMAIL]
Don't really feel like it.

I guess you don't really care.
I'm more curious about Seven's real name. He keeps hiding it and I want to find out. lol [707]

Yeah. He always jokes around but he might have a sad story he's hiding. [707]
Why do you have bad memories with your family?

Seven must have his own story~ [707]
Nah~ No way that can happen for real. lolol

Yeah, and he's still really young. [707]
I like people like you who make others happy, more than those who make a lot of money.

You're really consistent with it~ Good luck! [Zen]
Good bye.

17:00 - Hacker is dangerous
Includes: 707, MC (you)
707! [707]
What's up with the cuteness?

Don't even think of posting it if you don't have Zen's looks.
You're more of the mysterious types, so you can't post selfies as often. lol [707]

Should I cut your hair? lol I want to. [707]
You do wash your hair, right?

You made that up right?
lololol So no one press for answers meow! [707]

...So you're a cockroach?
Don't pierce through my heart! >_< [707]

Seven... You're too popular T_T [707]
What the hell did you do?;;

Are you going to get back at them? +_+ [707]
...You're not running away? Guess you've never been in danger before.

Sounds fun lolol [707]
No. It sounds dangerous.

Zen, getting all the spotlight in the world! It'll be so cool!
What a lovely way to put it. [707]

Cheer up, Seven! [707]
Good bye.

18:00 - Yoosung's life mission
Includes: Yoosung, Jaehee Kang, MC (you)
He'll be fine ^^ We're talking about Seven here. [707 & Yoosung]
Jaehee, hello!
Yoosung, typo ^^;

Run like the wind! [Yoosung]

Just care about school first;; [Jaehee]
That's a good way to think~ Good luck!

Yoosung! You're so cute!!!
That looks very different from Zen's selfie. [Jaehee]

That's reality, boy. [Jaehee]
I think Yoosung is charming in his own way.

Jaehee's right. lol [Jaehee]
Wow, you joined a club like that? Yoosung, you're so cute~

Yoosung, Jaehee was just thinking of what's good for you. You were too harsh. [Heartbrak - Yoosung]
He might actually be right here. lol

I don't think there's anything to take from that group;; No. [EMAIL]

When do you go home...?
I'm so jealous that you get to work with Jumin. lol

I could have taken Elizabeth. lol (no hearts)
It must have been tough... So much fur;;;

Please say hello to Elizabeth for me! [Jaehee]
Cheer up, Jaehee~!

I think it'll creep me out if all he thinks about is me.
The best man for a woman? [Yoosung]

I hope you stop at one round.
Good luck! Until the day you rule the LOLOL world~! [Yoosung]

20:00 - Been to the grape farm
Includes: 707, Jumin Han, MC (you)
I missed you Scven! >_< [707]
Huh? Isn't Jumin here too? [Jumin]

Maybe they gave it to you since you're such an elite? lol [707]
Maybe because you're just not good at it? Be efficient like Jaehee.

Hiya! (no hearts)
Welcome. (no hearts)

Did you reunite with Elizabeth the 3rd? It must have been so hard to stay away! [Jumin]
How was your business trip?

But why did you go to the farm? [Jumin]
I wanna take a photo of Jumin picking grapes. lolol [707]

Yeah. I don't really like pretense shots.
People can do it for fun lol It's fun to be dramatic. [707]

Wow! Just looking at it makes me feel better.
lolololol I should get my farm hat on! lol [707]

Seven... Don't say that T_T [Jumin]
Yes, women who love to climb mountains and stay close to nature! [707]

I don't drink alcohol. (no hearts)
Then I'm going to faint with excitement. For wine, I prefer the French kind that's at least 30 years old. lol (no hearts)
Just give it to Elizabeth~

I think it'll be nice if you can develop a wine Elizabeth the 3rd can drink.
I want to see Elly too. [707]

Jumin~ I hope it helps your company. [Jumin]
I suddenly feel really sorry to Jaehee.

Since a genius hacker is aiming for Elizabeth, you'll have to implement tight security. lol (no hearts)
You must really like cats too, Seven. [707]

Maybe you can just tell Seven how he should play with your cat? [Jumin]
Just wait, Seven. Calm down! [707]

I don't like drunk people. I don't think we should invite them.
I agree! [EMAIL]

It's Elizabeth the 3rd.
Seven~ Good luck! [707]

I'm sure Seven means well though ^^; I think;; [707]
Elizabeth must be such a happy cat to have such a great protector.

I think Seven will get through it though. lol Bye~ [707]
Yay! Good luck!

21:00 - Good cat business

Includes: Jumin Han, MC (you)
...Guess Jaehee has more work now.
Hello, Jumin! Wine that cats can drink! Such a great idea![Jumin]

OMG so cute >_<!!! [Jumin]
Ugh! Don't suddenly post pictures like that.

But will it produce profit? [Jumin]
I think this project is getting way too big?;;

Hey, Zen.
For Elizabeth the 3rd! ^^ [Jumin]

I guess you really love cats Jumin~ You even took it to the party. [Jumin]
What happened then?

Yeah;; All this talk about cats is kind of tiring now.
Why~ It's fun! lol [Jumin]

I'm for cats! [Jumin]
I'm against it. You do talk too much about cats, Jumin.

OMG! So cute! lololol [Jumin]

Can't you two just be nice to each other?
Jumin, please be a bit more considerate of Zen...

She's his pet. So what if he's a bit obsessed? [Jumin]
I think your narcissism is also not normal. I mean, God's mistake...?
Zen, please calm down... Getting angry is bad for your looks.

Jumin... are you okay? [Jumin]
So cold;;; Cheer up, Zen!

Okay! I hope the project comes to fruition! [Jumin]

Elizabeth seems so dear to Jumin. I don' think he can help himself... [Jumin]
There is definitely a problem...;;

Bye! Put a photo of Elizabeth the 3rd on the running machine so you can get used to cats! [Jumin]
Good luck with working out again! ^^

23:00 - Party date

Includes: 707, MC (you)
You played LOLOL?
Hey, Seven! Working till late? T_T [707]

Why are you comparing them to animals?;;
Nice comparison lolol [707]

I think Zen and Jaehee will be against it;
The screen sensor will have to work with cat paws. [707]

Amazing timing, V.
Wow... Seven, are you a wizard? [707]

Finally. I almost died waiting...
Wow...! When is it? (no hearts)

It's too soon;;;
Can we get everything ready in a week? Yoosung will get worried again. [Yoosung]

But still...
I'm sure you made the best decision, V.

Seven's been helping me a lot! [707]
Everyone's been helping a lot.

Thank you for thinking of everyone. (no hearts)
Am I safe, though?

I think you're the more important once since you decide everything.
Seven and Jumin? Why? [707]

I'm having fun and enjoying myself! I'm glad for this opportunity~ [707]
I'm a bit nervous but I'll have to try my best.

You put in a bug detector because you were bored? Wow! So fun... [707]
Hmm... You're not worried about anything, are you? Seven, I'm safe, right?

Okay~ See you then.
You're not breaking your promise, right? Yoosung and I will be watching!

Yup. Everyone has to do their jobs!
Yes, we should ^^ I think everything will be fine with you here! [707]

Yup lolol. I'll listen and go to bed. [707]
lol. You're lying.

Visual Novel Mode can be viewed after this chat!

From here the game branches out. Either you will be lead towards Jumin's route or 707's route; there is also the possibility of getting one of the bad endings here too.

From this point on the game will either branch towards 707 or Jumin's route:
707 - Day 5
Jumin - Day 5

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