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[Walkthrough+CG] Shall We Date? Oz+: Norton

Posted by Jill Rosa

[Walkthrough+CG] Shall We Date? Oz+: Norton

[Walkthrough] Rental Boyfriends: Etsuya Tomihara

Etsuya Tomihara

Posted by Myxprint

[Walkthrough] Rental Boyfriends: Etsuya Tomihara

[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? Destiny Ninja 2: Akira Season 2

Akira: Wants to be loved? Then come to me!
The secret of Yoshimasa gets revealed in Akira's story.
It's crucial in order to understand the plot of the second season.

Posted by Jill Rosa

[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? Destiny Ninja 2: Akira Season 2

[Event] Mystic Messenger - 2016 Christmas Special (Updating)

12.21.2016 Update: Cheritz just released a statement saying the DLC will for purchase and playing even after Christmas.

To unlock the Christmas Special 2016 routes, it will cost you 100 Hourglasses.

Event Information:
"Mystic Messenger Christmas DLC :: C&R fund raising event"

- 2 days of chat / text messages / phone calls
- 8 Endings
Endings: Zen (good end), Jaehee (good end), Jumin (good end), Seven (good end), Yoosung (good end), Unknown/Saeran, Solo/MC Route, and [not sure, lol].
- Full Voiced
- Special Ringtones
- 25 new images
- 3 new BGMs

Okay, the way this walkthrough works is a bit different than our usual setup. Since there are several days and multiple chats, we are using scrollboxes to organize the walkthrough. Simply find the day you are on, then scroll within that day's scrollbox to find the correct chat (they are labeled by time/chat title) and the answers should be marked if they offer hearts to any of the characters or do not offer them at all. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Day 1 - Christmas Eve

0:01 - Christmas Eve

Includes: Yoosung, Zen, MC (you)
Hello Zen [Zen]
Yoosung, you're not sleeping? [Yoosung]

Don't be sad. You know I'm here for you! [Yoosung + Alt]
What's wrong, Zen? [Zen]

[Alt Selection]
Gyah of course~ [Yoosung]
Nah, actually I lied, I have something to do

Because of practice you seem so busy.... T_T [Zen]
Do they do fund-raising events in the RFA too? [Yoosung]

Sounds like you are going to work hard, Jaehee. [Jaehee + Zen]
Is Jumin also preparing it together with us? [Jumin]

It's okay you can keep yourself a little busy. [Zen]
Good luck, Yoosung! [Yoosung]

Formal dress? [Yoosung]
Native Norweigian attire? (no hearts)

Is this not the goal of the C&R publicity? [JUMIN BREAK]
Jumin couldn't do anything about it too right? [Jumin]

You can't come even on the day? [Zen]
Good luck, Yoosung. [Yoosung]

Don't work so hard, Zen. [Zen]
Good-bye, honey~

Are you not going to play the game? [YOOSUNG BREAK]
Sweet dreams, Yoosung. [Yoosung]

Visual Novel can be viewed after this chat!

Receive a call from 707:

3:03 - Overloaded Jaehee

Includes: Jaehee, Jumin, MC (you)
Welcome, Jaehee. [Jaehee]
Assistant Kang. You came right on time. (no hearts)

Good work today, Jaehee. [Jaehee]
You seem to have a lot of work. (no hearts)

Yoosung really seemed to have worked so hard!! [Yoosung]
I hope everything will work out smoothly. [Jaehee]

After the event is over, let's go and watch Zen's concert~ [Zen + Jaehee]
Awww Jaehee TT TT TT There, there TT TT (no hearts)

Is it not "Tender Lion"? [Jaehee]
I think it's like the "Law of the Wolf and Lamb". (no hearts)

Tada! Mr. Jumin Han is here! (no hearts)
Hello, Jumin. [Jumin]

Could it be with a girl...? (no hearts)
Is it not something related to the event? [Jumin]

Please try not to be late, so taht Jaehee wouldn't worry. [Jaehee]
You are very good at pushing and pulling. [Jumin]

Good-bye. (no hearts)
Have a good meeting Mr. Han. [Jumin]

You know I'm here! [Jaehee]
707? (no hearts)

I'm thinking of leaving too. (no hearts)
I'll stay a bit longer before going to sleep. (no hearts)
I'll see you off then go to bed. [Jaehee]

6:48 - 707 on Eve

Includes: 707, MC (you)
Pelase help me, Justice Warrior 7☆0☆7!! [707 + Alt]
Are you sure you're not hallucinating? (no hearts)

[Alt Selection]
I hope to have a lover on Christmas Day (no hearts)
I want to play without worry on Christmas Day

What are you doing today, Seven? [707]
Hero, Jaehee and Yoosung look busy so will they be okay? [Jaehee & Yoosung]

Welcome, V. (no hearts)
Oh... what a handsome and popular photographer!! (no hearts, lol)

May I go as too? (no hearts)
So, you are coming too? (no hearts)

Why?! (no hearts)
You were involved in a kind of contract with C&R...? [JUMIN BREAK]

V.... you're a very mysterious person. (no hearts)
Are you coming, Seven? (no hearts)

See you tomorrow~ <-- (only one selection here)

I'm strong so I'll protect you with my whole body. (no hearts)
Is there no solution like 707? lol [707]

Whoosh (*Disappears*) {no hearts}
Good-bye! (no hearts)

9:17- V's Participation

Includes: Yoosung, Jaehee, MC (you)
Is the event planning going well? (no hearts)
V just dropped by... (no hearts)

Obviously he has to come because he is the President, isn't he? [Yoosung]
He seems handsome. I really want to see him in person. (no hearts)

Maybe to give Jumin's company a better image? [JUMIN BREAK]
Maybe it'll complicate things if use the RFA name. (no hearts)

I think it's better to wait and see. We don't know how people think. (no hearts)
If everyone's on the same page as Yoosung, then that means there is a problem... [Yoosung]

I agree with Yoosung. He keeps hiding things and it makes me suspect him more.
I want to think that it was unavoidable.... [Jaehee]

Okay. I trust Jumin so I will trust V too. [Jeahee]
Something does seem weird. I can understand why Yoosung feels upset. [Yoosung]

Let's carry on Rika's will!! The heart behind is more important than the name. [Yoosung]
You're holding on thanks to Jaehee. [Jaehee]

What happened to Rika was a shame, but you need to focus on the present so the event will be a success. [Yoosung]
Jaehee, you didn't attend the event 4 years ago? [Jaehee]

Did a spaceship pass by? [707]
Did something show up? [Yoosung]

You worked hard today... even though Christmas Eve... [Jaehee + Yoosung]
I feel bad when I think of Yoosung having to work so hard.

Even though it's sad that we couldn't call it RFA, if it's you, I'm sure you can overcome it. [Yoosung]
Yoosung, aren't you busy too? Shouldn't you get going? (no hearts)

I will look forward to it. Bye bye. (no hearts)
Please feel free to do so. So then good-b... (no hearts)

Who May P/U After Chat: Zen & Jumin

11:24 - 707 on Eve

Includes: Jumin, 707, MC (you)
Excuse me... (no hearts)
I'm here, Mr. Han. [Jumin]

I want to ride in Driver Kim's car too. [Jumin]
Welcome, Seven~ [707]

Because it's Jumin's own business, I won't ask. [Jumin]
It seems to be correct haha

On a day like this, Jumin somehow will spend time with Elizabeth 3rd. [Jumin]
Seven... you really do miss Elly?! [707]

The mechanical theory emerges when denying... [707]
There is no one in the world whose heart is made of steel. [Jumin]

I want to romantically spend it with someone I love. [Zen]
I want to be with someone who is trustworthy. [Jumin]
I want to watch movies at home non-stop. [Jaehee]
I want to go out and do something meaningful more than just meeting someone. [Yoosung]
I have a bad memory with Christmas so I’ll pass. [707]

It'll be find to learn the art of doppleganger [707]
That's what Jumin said.... (no hearts)

Is this an important day for Seven? (no hearts)
I don’t really care about today… it just feels exactly the same. [707]

I will leave now too^^ (no hearts)
I should buy something to eat too. [707]

Who May P/U After Chat: Jaehee, Zen, & Yoosung
Visual Novel can be viewed after this chat!

Receive a call from Jaehee:

13:42 - Jealous ZEN

Includes: Zen, Jumin, MC (you)
Gasp, the Christmas couple movie that will come out! [Zen]
Zen’s expression is so funny hahaha

It really is a tragedy… I want to embrace you [Zen]
It sounds like you’re saying lines from a play. (no hearts)

Gah! So then what more can I do? [Zen]
Yes yes… (no hearts)

Let’s promise to love each other forever that will never go away. [Zen]
Jumin, welcome! [Jumin]

Zen… was it like that? (no hearts)
I fall in love for your line making skills! I am your fan number 1 from now on. [Zen]

I wish I can ignore it but… I like romance movies. [Zen]
White Day and Pepero Day are also made for commercialization. [Jumin]

That’s kind of random… [Zen]
Trust… That’s important. More so when you spend a long time together. [Jumin]

I think Zen knows how to be a real loyal man. [Zen]
I think Jumin would keep a long-lasting trust. (no hearts)

Why are you asking that kind of question? (no hearts)
No, I wouldn’t do that. (no hearts)

Telling him that is not an ultimate solution. [Jumin]
That’s so sad… is that person doing well now? [Zen]

Those are such hard words on Christmas… [Zen]
There is some reason to what Jumin is saying. [Jumin]

Is this another world? My mind is blown away… (no hearts)
Hahaha! Jumin was right~! Your sense of humor, seriously… (no hearts)

Please don’t make Jaehee work to hard on Christmas….. [Jaehee]
Jumin, first calm down and it would be better if we talk about this later. [Jumin]

Maybe something bad happened at the meeting earlier. [??? {white heart}]
Don’t think about it. Talking with Jumin can make Christmas feel really dull. [Zen + JUMIN BREAK]

She’s even busy on Christmas Eve… Good luck and stay strong. [Zen]
Yes, go on ahead.

16:15 - Dreams for Christmas

Includes: Yoosung, MC (you)
Yoosung, is it going along well? (no hearts)
Me too ^^ I’ll wait for you on Messenger.

I’m jealous of the couples going to go see this movie T_T [Yoosung]
Yes, but I don’t really like things like that haha (no hearts)

Seven haha~ It looks like you are in a good mood. [707]
Seven, I got Yoosung.

Even though there’s no one who likes being alone… there of course could be exceptions. [707]
I’m also curious! Please tell me if you have like a Christmas dream hehe (no hearts)

… (no hearts)
Activation, Seven Wiki!! [707]

Because cats want to jump and touch the decorations! [707]
No [Yoosung]

Oh yeah!! <-- (only one selection here)

The tree is going to look pretty…. [707]
So that means you won’t be coming to the event…. If Yoosung goes to help would be good T_T [Yoosung]

I feel at ease knowing that Seven is protecting me. [707]
I’m not that dangerous, right? (no hearts)

If there is even a 1% chance of a security threat <-- (only one selection here)

Every person has a different way of having fun haha [707]
Seven is not like that. (no hearts)

Please think carefully about coming… [Yoosung]
Only Seven’s heart could get through to Yoosung. [707]

Me? <-- (only one selection here)

Who knows….. it’s a bit interesting. [Yoosung]
Seven could also have his own circumstances~ [707]

Seven, he must have a story that he can’t tell. [707]
And also be as sociable as Yoosung. [Yoosung]

Jaehee….. hang in there. [Jaehee]
Jumin could also have his own complicated situation too? [Jumin]

Hurry and go on ahead. It was an enjoyable chat ^^ [Yoosung]
Yes, go on ahead. (no hearts)

Receive a call from Zen:

Who May P/U After Chat: Zen, Jaehee, Jumin, 707, & Yoosung

18:06 - Cold Jumin

Includes: Jumin, Jaehee, MC (you)
Hello. (no hearts)
I wish I could see it too. [Jumin]

I will spend it feeling a bit lonely. (no hearts)
I am having a good time. (no hearts)
I’ll just spend it like any normal day. (no hearts)

Like how other people are? [Jumin]
You seem to have a lot of free time… Jaehee seemed to be busy. [Jaehee]

Jumin heard of V’s request and knows about what happened. For the RFA’s sake, you wil be lending the name, right? [Jumin]
It hurts me to see Yoosung be disappointed… [Yoosung]

Jaehee! [Jaehee]
Jumin, are you… do you possibly have superpowers? [Jumin]

That’s a beautiful cat photo. [Jumin]
hahaha your face is blurry. (no hearts)

Ha ha… this is really….. (no hearts)
That’s a smart way to encourage people to attend freely. (no hearts)

Jaehee, hang in there… [Jaehee]
It would be safer if you think two or three steps ahead. [Jumin]

Jumin, you will be attending tomorrow, right? (no hearts + ALT)
Even if something did happen with you and V… you won’t tell us. [Jumin]

[Alt Selection]:
Like I thought, something happened between you two? Was it something bad? (no hearts)
Did you two... get into a fight? (no hearts)

Just try and come clean with whatever it is. (no hearts)
Jumin….. I think it would be good if you rest for a bit. [Jumin]

Jumin… something must be bothering you. I wish there was something I can do. [Jumin]
You're going to give her more work on Christmas night? Please be more considerate of Jaehee... [Jaehee]

Is it just me.... or are you trying to run away?? (no hearts)
Hurry up and go. It was nice talking to you. (no hearts)

You will earn a lot of money… take comfort in that. (no hearts)
There, there….. [Jaehee]

Don’t drink that and cheer up! Don’t you know that if you drink too much of that it’s bad for your health? [Jaehee]
hahaha Yoosung is really so cute. [Yoosung]

It must be tiring to work until tomorrow… but know that I’m here cheering for you. After you’re done, please have a good rest. [Jaehee]
Good luck on your work.

Who May P/U After Chat: 707 & Yoosung

19:18 - Can't Rest On Christmas

Includes: 707, Zen, MC (you)
I miss Zen. [Zen]
707 is here!! Open up the gates!! [707]

What should I do it my blood pressure gets higher? Dr. 707! [707]
Jaehee is also going to work after the event is over. Isn’t Jumin being a bit too much? T_T It’s Christmas!! [Zen]

If someone like Jumin were my boss…. I honestly think it could be a bit romantic. [Jumin]
If it were me, I would not be able to handle it T_T I don’t like one-sided love nor one-sided authority. [Zen]

It’s bad to fight. I want peace!! I respect everybody’s preferences!! (no hearts)
Zen… do you really hate it when I call you Master? [Zen]

Even if I send hearts, you would still hate it? [Zen]
Let’s stop now~ (no hearts)

Yes. (no hearts)
What do you have to say? (no hearts)

I wanted to be together with Seven but… because of work… Sad {Name}. [707]
I wanted to spend a nice warm christmas with Zen T_T sniff sniff [Zen]

I don’t want to do what anyone else is doing… [707]
I hope that you can be what way with me… ♥ [Zen + ALT]

[Alt Selection]:
Apart from that, this that,…. or this…. ♥
Me to… I want to hold onto Zen’s hand and stroll around the streets. (no hearts)

Because of the seven gods~ [707]
Zen, even at the end I’ll warm you up, hoo~ ♥ [Zen]

It’s so cute! I feel so much brighter^^ [707]
Zen, close your eyes! [Zen]

Giving and receiving these messages with 707 makes me quite happy. [707]
I want to go on a date with Zen… [Zen]

Running away;;;; this should be okay, right? (no hearts)
Be careful to not get caught (no hearts)

I hope you run to your heart’s content and start to feel good…! [707]
Merry Christmas Eve! (no hearts)

But you look like you lack some energy… I don’t know what could be the reason for it. [707]
That was unexpected… I’m really getting lonely now.. T_T [Zen + get HG]

Zen, every time you get tired at practice, just think of me to get strength! You can do it! You know I’m cheering for you right? [Zen]
Yes, go on ahead~

20:53 - Preparation

Includes: Jumin, Yoosung, MC (you)
I was waiting for Yoosung~! How is the show going no? [Yoosung]
Hello. (no hearts)

Say honestly that you want to play games lol
Jaehee would feel so proud too. [Jaehee]

Welcome, Jumin. [Jumin]
Wehlciome, Jyuming (no hearts)

Oh man…. go run away! (no hearts)
If Yoosung enters the company, you would help Jaehee right? [Jaehee]
Just only think about it as a good experience ^^

Yoosung, I have made my decisions now… [Jumin]
This is really unconvincing….

Yoosung, I think the content of what we do is more important than the name. If Rika was here, what would she do now? [Yoosung]
Yoosung, try and respect what V did. He is indeed the person that Rika chose. [Jumin]

I see that you have been drinking alone, Jumin. I hope you have a good evening. [Jumin]
If you’re free I hope you could help Yoosung and Jaehee… (no hearts)

Just like Seven I want to stay at home too… (no hearts)
Yes, it would be better for me to go early and help Yoosung. [Yoosung]

I know what you mean. Hurry up and go to bed. (no hearts)
I will go to sleep soon too. Good night, Yoosung. [Yoosung]

Receive a call from Jumin:

23:01 - Christmas Soon!

Includes: Jaehee, 707, MC (you)
Did you just discover a rabbit?! [707]
There is less than one hour left of Christmas… Jaehee, you’re not still working, right? [Jaehee]

Before it turns into crystal power let’s quickly go home ha ha [707]
Jaehee, were you alright at work today? Did you have any problems? (no hearts)

It’s so sad that I couldn’t help Jaehee… [Jaehee]
It’s a bit of hair discrimination but it would be cute to put an ornament in your hair!!! [707]

If I can get there early, I’ll try to do as much as possible! [Jaehee]
I want to see Seven… But I can understand why he would want to be alone haha [707]

;… (no hearts)
Go and become a star, Fairy 707! [707]

Thank you.
Rest well and good luck tomorrow! [Jaehee]

Seven, you should go home now! Before it gets too late. [707]
I’m a bit sady that Seven didn’t come… (no hearts)

Day 2 - Christmas Day

0:01 - Ungrateful Christmas

Includes: Zen, 707, MC (you)
I was preparing to go to sleep soon. (no hearts)
I am having a hard time going to sleep because of you. [Zen]

Does that mean you have to practice all over again? That’s too much. [Zen]
What bad luck… You would not be able to come to the event today. (no hearts)

Zen’s mental breakdown T_T no…. [Zen]
Hi, Seven [707]

Seven, it’s more glad to see you at night, heh. [707 + get hourglass]
Merry Christmas to you both! (no hearts)
Weren’t you busy? I wanted to talk with Zen privately… [Zen]

Zen, is there any way I can skip today’s practice T_T (no hearts)
I am here for you :) [Zen]

I hope the replaced roles have more lines and actions. (no hearts)
That’s what I am saying. I hope they consider actors more with care. [Zen]

I want to see the nude scene… ehem. (no hearts)
Practice hard tomorrow since I dealt with your whining. (no hearts)
It’s Christmas… I feel bad to see Zen working. [Zen + alt]

[Alt Selection]
I am ready to spend today with joy! (no hearts)
I think it’s gonna be a lonely Christmas.. It feels like
I think it’s gonna be an ordinary Christmas

Sleep soon and good luck tomorrow (no hearts)
Don’t feel lonely. I will stay with you together in spirit! Go in. [Zen]

2:24 - Christmas's Duty

Includes: Jaehee, MC (you)
Jaehee… I can’t sleep~! Let’s chat. (no hearts)
Jaehee, you are here! (no hearts)

Zen your nude scene +_+ (no hearts)
Jaehee, I feel bad as things are not going well, but you cheer for me so much
Don’t you have to worry more about Jaehee’s work? [Jaehee]

Yes, but I actually feel worse for Zen who is working… T_T [Jaehee]
RFA is tied up at work… I should at least enjoy Christmas
You will do a great job. Because you have been doing well so far! [Zen]

Ah, you mean you feel like you have to do something special? [Jaehee]
It’s important to spend Christmas celebrating. (no hearts)

With a belief that today’s work will pay off in the end. Cheers! [Jaehee]
I don’t know. Sometimes a luck is more important than diligence…? It depends on luck. (no hearts)

Go to sleep. I’ll go to bed soon. Bye! (no hearts)
Good night! I think I’ll be up for a little more.
I am also going to sleep soon… I came to chat with Jaehee [Jaehee]

Receive a call from: Jaehee
Who May P/U After Chat: Jumin & 707

5:50 - Yoosung's X-Mas Memory

Includes: Yoosung, MC (you)
Hello (no hearts)
Merry Christmas Yoosung [Yoosung]
Heya? I am a carnivorous Santa who will eat you :) (no hearts, lol)

If your skin is good, yup you don’t need to worry (no hearts)
Uh oh… No! Don’t used that T_T I should get new ones from now [Yoosung]

What kind of memories do you have of Christmas, Yoosung? [Yoosung]
I don’t feel like that….. (no hearts)

You have the same experience as I do….
That’s completely different from my youth! (no hearts)
It’s a happy family. (no hearts)

Haha that’s cute… (no hearts)
I am proud of you, Yoosung! It’ll be a great success, cheers! [Yoosung]
Yes, cheer up a little more for everyone. (no hearts)

Honestly Rika’s story is too boring to hear T_T (no hearts)
What’s more important than your name is your will. (no hearts)
I don’t like it if you only talk about Rika… I am also cheering for you~

Seven wouldn’t come, right? (no hearts)
It would be nice if Jumin can go a bit early to help Jaehee… [Jaehee]
Donation is a good thing to do.

Bye~ (no hearts)
Gone with the Yoosung★ (no hearts)

Receive a call from : Jumin
Who May P/U After Chat: Yoosung

8:43 - Yoosung and C&R

Includes: Jaehee, Jumin, MC (you)
Poor Yoosung… Shall I text him to run away… (no hearts)
If we use Yoosung well, it will definitly be a help to C&R

I started it a bit special. I am excited! (no hearts)
It was a more depressing day than usual…
Just as usual. (no hearts)

Jumin, are you feeling okay after drinking yesterday? [Jumin + ALT]
People who are going to work today would have a hard time T_T You too, Jaehee… [Jaehee]

[Alt Selection]:
I don't have much plans. (no hearts)
Yes I do!

Are you talking about V..? You guys really had something (no hearts)
Hmm… Instead of beating around the bush, how about telling him directly? (no hearts)

Jaehee, there’s no problem with the order right? [Jumin]
Yes! Is the event going well? (no hearts)

Jumin is going to take care of it. No worried, Jaehee. [Jumin]
How come you are not getting in touch wth your family? People worry about you. (no hearts)

Wouldn’t releasing stress be first for Jumin. Work can come after, one by one :) [Jumin + ALT]
Aren’t you giving a Christmas gift to Jaehee? [Jaehee]

[Alt Selection]:
Cats are the best. [Jumin]
Reading is the best.

Yes Jumin~ You’ve replaced the cellphone already! [Jumin]
You can call the President with that smartphone :) Work too. [Jaehee]

Go in. (no hearts)
Jaehee… Cheers for the event! [Jaehee]

Since V is coming… I think it’s better to go. [Jumin]
Go and work now~ [Jaehee]

I trust things will work out well… Talk soon. (no hearts)
Yes, please do so. (no hearts)

Receive a call from : Zen

10:32 - Not Everyone Is Happy

Includes: Yoosung, 707, MC (you)
Hooray (no hearts)
Hello. 707 (no hearts)

Are you spending Christmas well? (no hearts)
Seven God’s gloominess is being felt. [707]

You should spend it happily today! Making others not feel so envious! (no hearts)
Not all these days are like that for me… [707]

So many people live in this world it’s unavoidable. (no hearts)
I hope Seven is not included there… then my heart would ache… [707]

So Seven, are you sad not being able to work? [707 + get hourglass]
Coming in like gone with Yoosung! Are you getting a good meal? [Yoosung]

Yes I have (no hearts)
I haven’t eaten yet.

It seems you need more cat foor for the cats…. [707 + get hourglass]
Just be a great donating Santa for me today. [Yoosung]

It’s nice for him to come but Seven would also have his business~ [707]
Yoosung, I’ll go too. [Yoosung]

Seven would do on his own yes [707]
Come on then [Yoosung]

Yes, see you again. (no hearts)
Are you going back? (no hearts)

It’s obvious to be sketchy. The game’s title is… (no hearts)
Yes.. It would be nice if he comes even it’s he’s late… (no hearts)

Even Seven doesn’t come, Rika is going to be there in spirit… Cheering for you, Yoosung.
Yes but we should care about their different circumstances. (no hearts)
I understand that, I will try to go for sure! (no hearts)

Yes, I hope you have to good event :) [Yoosung]
I don’t know if I’ll go or not bye bye (no hearts)

Receive a call from : Yoosung
Who May P/U After Chat: Zen, Jaehee, & 707

13:06 - Depressing Day

Includes: Jumin, Zen, MC (you)
Yes, just stay calm today
I want to see the bad guy face of Zen! [Zen]

Come to our place too!! [Zen]
Jumin has his own issues… [Jumin]
Jaehee seems so tired… T_T [Jaehee]

But that’s only possible in your dream (no hearts)
… if that’s so then spend it with me! My heart that is fully open for you Zen!! (no hearts)

Imagination can always happen (no hearts)
That… is a dream come true really. I wish that happens, today. [Zen]

Come in, Jumin! [Jumin]
Cheer up Zen! Even when you are working hard, my heart will be burning for you! [Zen]

Acting is the highest level of activity where you us both brain and body! [Zen]
Jumin, have you organized you thoughts well? [Jumin]

I’ll be thankful if you help well with Jaehee’s work, Jumin. [Jaehee]
Jumin would be doing his best. [Jumin]
Yes. (no hearts)

This is a pretty serious joke. [Zen]
Ahahahahaha Jumin, you are funny! [Jumin]

Although I am disconnected from Jumin, my heart is with Zen. [Zen]
You two seem to have completely different personalities, ha
I heard that C&R is making a great contribution to our GDP growth! [Jumin]

You just came to chill out. [Jumin]
which mean you are playing around. (no hearts)

Thank you for greeting me, Jumin :) [Jumin]
No worried my heart is with you, Zen… [Zen]

Jumin, I’ll be cheering for you! [Jumin]
Zen, I will be cheering for you! [Zen]

If you encounter a different chat a 16:07 called "Thank You" please proceed to Jumin's game branch.
The "Thank You" chat is the beginning of Jumin's Xmas route. If you encounter "All Because of {MC Name}" then
proceed to the chat walkthrough directly below.

16:07 - All Because of {MC Name}

Includes: Jaehee, 707, MC (you)
Wow, Seven! It’s such an honor to see you! (no hearts)
Zen and Jumin… Don’t they look like an excellent pair? (no hearts)

Wow!!! I announce Seven as the hacker of the year with the most released cat videos! (no hearts)
Would the event go well? (no hearts)

I am concerned about Jaehee. I hope I can talk to her…. [Jaehee]
Oh, C&R stock has gone up…? Maybe I should buy some. (no hearts)
Yes, I’m worried that Yoosung’s going to get hurt. [Yoosung]

Yes…. it’s all about circumstances! Some people could be on another planet! [707]
I’ll make sure to visit, Jaehee! [Jaehee]

Honey Buddha limited edition 2 is being released for the new year! [707]
Jumin the slacker is taking care of Jaehee’s work, is that true? [Jaehee]

Are you going to fix mine too?! [707]
I think he will fix and hack at the same time. [Jaehee]

It seems the donation drive gathering power form the universe [707]
Right, Jaehee! [Jaehee]
Jumin, you seem to be very talented…. [Jumin]

Cheer up~! Don’t work too hard! [Jaehee]
See you soon~ (no hearts)

Yes, and if you can come to the event. [Jaehee & Yoosung]
I’ll muster all my cheers for you! Seven, cheer up today! [707]

Didn’t you fee a bit liberated while talking with me? Goodbye! Seven. [707]
I should be thankful that you have work. You should go now Seven! (no hearts)

Okay! At the end of Day 2 Chat All Because of {MC Name} your game will branch on into one of the five available routes: Zen, Jaehee, Jumin, 707, or Yoosung. Depending on the choices you made will depend on which character route you will continue on - haha, but most of us MysMe lovers know this.
If you wish to help contribute towards any specific character route, please feel free to do so. While I am going to do my best to have all the walkthroughs up in the next couple days (posted 12/19/2016 @09:55PM CST).

Game Branch :: Zen

18:10 - Sad ZEN

Includes: Jaehee, Zen, MC (you)
I’m here~! (no hearts) Zenny! [Zen]

I want to see you… Are you just going to rehearse the whole day?
Zen, how is the show going? [Zen]

I’m sad too that I can’t be with you… (no hearts)
It hurts me that you’re having such a hard time.. [Zen]

Don’t be lonely. We’re together in spirit. [Zen]
Zen… I’ve been thinking of you all day too.

I know you’ll be a top star one day. This too shall pass… Cheer up!
Don’t hold back and just say it. We have to protect our own rights. [Zen]
No on wants to feel like they’re bossed around on Christmas T_T

Zen… Just run out of there!
Zen… please don’t be so stressed, okay? [Zen]

Think of me. That will cheer you up.
Try talking it out! I’m cheering for you. [Zen]

I thought this would be such a happy Christmas. It hurts to see this… (no hearts)
It’s Zen… I’m sure he will pick himself up soon. [Zen]

I’m going to rest for a bit.
I should get read to head out soon. [Jaehee]

19:23 - Zen Looks Sad

Includes: 707, Yoosung, MC (you)
I hope Zen feels better by now… [Zen]
Heya Yoosung. [Yoosung]

You are right, God Seven. [707]
I wish there was something I could do to make Zen feel better… [Zen]

Zen just worked hard to become happy… And in that process, he just became addicted to his work… [Zen]
;;;If it was that bac to be compared to your gaming addiction…

I wish I could still make Zen happy! (no hearts)
Have you ever experienced that, Seven?

A boulder that may be worn down, but still beautiful like a statue…. [Zen]
What a nice analogy!

You must have read a lot of books to have such a rich vocabulary.
I miss Zen’s narcissism… [Zen]
Well, I’m glad to see you so perky, Seven, when Zen is feeling so low.

I have Zen too lol
If I could, I just want to run to Zen and heal his wounds. [Zen]

I! LOVE! Zen! (no hearts)
…I’m sure we’ll get to know how we feel about each other soon.

I plan to go around 9 just like V said. (no hearts)
I’m gonna go whenever I want to~

Cutest boy in the universe, God Seven. lol [707]
Zen’s number one for everything. [Zen]
Yoosung’s number one when it comes to cuteness. [Yoosung]

You never know for next year, so cheer up! Bye.
Cheer up, bro. (no hearts)

You’re not coming today, are you Seven? [707]
Don’t be too harsh on him lolol

Yup, I hope you survive the waves…
Merry Christmas! (no hearts)

Game Branch

21:00 - Wait For Me

Includes: Zen, MC (you)
Still thanks to you ending things early, I got to see you!
You’ll be more out of breath spending time with me, so it’s fine. [Zen]

It’s a secret…. Guess. [Zen]

I’m waiting for you, Prince Zen.
On our way back from the event…. just the two of us on some quiet street… [Zen]

You know what you have to do to wake up a sleeping beauty, right?
Then I’ll stroke you and calm you down. (no hearts)

I want to know what kind of beast you are! I want to see it. (no hearts)
How can I let you then? Tell me with your own mouth~♥

Do something! Something big!
Do what…? (no hearts)

Game Branch :: Jaehee

18:10 - Machine Or Human

Includes: Zen, Jumin, MC (you)
Did you hear anything from Jaehee? [Jaehee]
Hello, Jumin. [Jumin]

And Jaehee will have the same workload… I’m woried.
PLease let Jaehee go home T_T (no heart)

Hello, Zen! [Zen]

I want to stay by Jaehee’s side and take care of her… [Jaehee]
Zen, calm down. I’m sure you feel that way beause you are under a lot of pressure too.

Zen;;; I think you’re getting too worked up.
Uhm… I can feel Zen’s passion from here. (no hearts)

I’ll comfort Jaehee… Zen, I think you’re taking this too personally;;
It’s amazing how well she’s enduring all this… It must be so hard. [Jaehee & Zen]

I’m glad that I seem that way ^^
I feel her struggles as if they’re my own. I want to help her. [Jaehee]

So you’re saying ht Jaehee has a future in C&R? She’s very important to me… so I’m concerned! [Jaehee]
Uhm… that’s an interesting way of sayng thanks, but I’ll take it.

Zen, it was nice talking to you. [Zen]
Good bye!

Okay, I’ll wait.
Why do you have to do it thoruhg Seven…? (no hearts)

What’s up with you? haha
Okay, I will! (no hearts)

Visual Novel can be viewed after this chat!

Receive a call from: Jaehee

19:23 - Envy You Of Two

Includes: 707, Yoosung, MC (you)
Heya Seven.
Congrats, Yoosung! We’re almost there. [Yoosung]

;;; Are you stalking me?
ARe you constantly watching me? (no hearts)

I was so happy to see Jaehee too, haha.
Seeing Jaehee in person make my heart race! [Jaehee]

Your LOLOL guild members
RFA (no hearts)

You might find your match if you wait?
You might find your match if you forget gender boundaries? (no hearts)

Cheer up, we’re here for you. (no hearts)
Yoosung T_T

Seven, that sounded so lonely T_T Let’s have hope!
I hope you find someone too, Seven. (no hearts)

Merry Christmas… (no hearts)

21:00 - Jaehee Back To The Company

Includes: Jumin, Jaehee, MC (you)
Did you get to the office?
I wanted to be with you till the end… I’m sad. [Jaehee]

I miss you… [Jaehee]
I can’t believe you have to work after all that… Lets not do this next year!

Bad boss! Free Jaehee!
Jumin… you got here late. (no hearts)

He’s the perfect person to replace Jaehee. (no hearts)

The UFO is shooting out rainbow lasers!!!
Please no more cat projects… (no hearts)

Cheer up, Jaehee… (no hearts)
Christmas is gone, but the world is still the same T_T

Maybe something about you? [Jaehee]
Maybe something about cats? [Jumin]

Just finish everything and sleep at home!
Yes, please get some rest… [Jaehee]

Game Branch :: Jumin

16:07 - Thank You

Includes: Jumin, MC (you)
Welcome Jumin! Did everything go alright? [Jumin]
Hello! Are you helping out Jaehee well?

I'm glad to hear it went well~!
Wow that was close. I am glad you sorted it out well, Jumin! [Jumin]

Not that you want to make a precious memory with me?
I want to go aned see Jumin. [Jumin]

I'll get ready now! Give me your address. (no hearts)
I feel so excited to see you. You are going to to come, right Jumin? (no hearts)

Come on in, Yoosung~ <-- (only one selection here)

Congratulations, Yoosung! [Yoosung]
Great job everyone~! (no hearts)

I want to join the company to see Jumin... but that's a bit wrong right? [Jumin]
It looks like Yoosung is getting a bit nervous :) I think we still need some time. [Yoosung]

I didn't do something grand, I just replied to messages that's all.
I am glad that I helped... :) [Jumin]

I hear that I am always fun to hang out with. (no hearts)
Elizabeth 3rd is a happy and delightful person. [Yoosung]
Kind and easy-going person, it is. (no hearts)
You can check it out yourself. (no hearts)
Don't expect too much~ [Jumin]

That's me! [Jumin]
Elizabeth 3rd?

You have everything!
You'll have everything if you get me! (no hearts)

Am I going to see Jumin in Christmas? [Jumin]
Yoosung left.....

Jumin, you are my Mr. Right.... (no hearts)
I am just following a strategy
Because I like you.

You know what matters is the present, right? Everything changes.
I hope you have great new, Jumin [Jumin]

See you at the event! <-- (only one selection here)

Who May P/U After Chat: Jumin

18:10 - Worried About Mr. Han

Includes: Jaehee, Zen, MC (you) <-- the chat lies, saying "Jumin" instead of "Jaehee" haha
Jaehee, did you hear anything from Jumin? [Jaehee]

He is in a position where has to make several difficult decisions. [Jumin]
I guess he still has thoughts to sort out over V. (no hearts)

I think he's beocme more emotional because of me. (no hearts)
He could be. He's a person too. [Jumin]

Hello~ <-- (only one selection here)

I think Jaehee does a really good job of taking care of Jumin.
I can't help but worry about him~ [Jumin]

I can't help taht Jumin is my type of guy. [Jumin]
I'm sure you'll find someone someday! [Zen]

Jaehee will go see it if you practice hard~ [Jaehee]
What is the title of the show you are rehearsing? [Zen]

Are you coming, Zen? [Zen]
Yes. You should come too~

Take care~
See you there ^^ [Jaehee]

I hope you succeed! [Zen]
You're going to be a rebel? (no hearts)

19:23 - Precious Friend

Includes: V, Jumin, MC (you)
Oh... I think Jumin has something to say to you. [Jumin]
V... Hello!

Shouldn't you pay off that debt by letting us know what's been going on?
Aren't they amazing? (no hearts)

Zen? [Zen]

Uhm... I'm not sure if I completely understand what you mean.
Jumin! (no hearts)

I hope you come to make things up with V... (no hearts)
I thought you were coming to see me...?

I think you should prove that you haven't changed with your actions...
Please be more considerate of your friend, V... [Jumin]

You two used to exchange letter...! It's amazing that you have all those memories. (no hearts)
I'd like to exchange letters with you too, Jumin.

Can't you share with us... what your choices mean? [Jumin]
I can't really understand what you mean, but it seems quite serious.

You seem very complicated, V, but I hope everything works out.
Are you making up with V? (no hearts)

How is V's handwriting? <-- (only one selection here)

It's horrible actually, lol
I think it looks pretty cute~ (no hearts)
It's very unique.

Letters with flowers on them... That's romanctic! (no hearts)
I suppose even those stationaries have memories of Rika.

He left in a hurry.... <-- (only one selection here)

I'm glad to hear that. <-- (only one selection here)

I didn't really do anything. (no hearts)
Then be nicer to me~

Okay, Jumin. See you at the event. <-- (only one selection here)

Visual Novel can be viewed after this chat!

Receive a call from: Jumin

21:00 - The Value of Ubiquity

Includes: Jumin, MC (you)
Jumin, I’ve been waiting for you. [Jumin]
Hello, Jumin.

Yup, I used the app Buber. (no hearts)
Thanks for worrying. (no hearts)

You’re talking about V. [Jumin]
It’s necessary to be wide enough to acknowledge change. (no hearts)

Did you feel like you were left alone?
It must have been so hard on you. [Jumin]

The present is always most important, like this moment when we are talking.
I want my feelings for you to last forever. [Jumin]
That’s sad to hear.

You have all the members of the RFA with you still.
I’ll stay by your side and be your strength. [Jumin]

Game Branch :: Yoosung

18:10 - You're My Christmas Gift

Includes: Zen, Yoosung, MC (you)
Of course! Yoosung’s been working so hard. [Yoosung]
Omg are you doubting Yoosung right now?

+_+ [Yoosung]
Aww, you’re embarrassing me, Zen…

Dont’ be jealous, Zen~ Be happy for us! [Yoosung]
Don’t be like that to my Yoosung ^^*

I’m sad that I can’t go help T_T
Hnng! I wanted to praise Yoosung~! [Yoosung]

Just wait a bit more~ I’ll be there soon. [Yoosung]
I want to meet you so badly.

Yoosung is a gift for me too. (no hearts)
I can’t wait till I open up my present… my Yoosung… hehe [Yoosung]

Don’t hurry too much~ I don’t want you to get hurt. See you soon ^^
How cute ^^ See you soon. (no hearts)

Visual Novel can be viewed after this chat!

Receive a call from: Yoosung

19:23 - Chemistry

Includes: Jaehee, Jumin, MC (you)
Hello, Jumin. I can almost hear your voice saying that.
Am I Yoosung’s mentor? [Yoosung]

Yoosung will decide on his future on his own. [Yoosung]
Hi Jaehee! Everything’s going well on our side? [Jaehee]

How much is the salary?
;;; (no hearts)

There are things you can’t buy with money~
You cannot systematize love. [Yoosung]

You an Elizabeth the 3rd are attracted to each other. It’s the same thing.
Whenever I see Yoosung, I feel my whole day light up. (no hearts)

Where can I go see Yoosung? [Yoosung]
Jaehee! Run away! [Jaehee]

Cheer up, Jaehee… [Jaehee]
Let’s start wrapping things up! (no hearts)


Includes: Yoosung, MC (you)
Christmas is almost gone…
I’ll go find you. Don’t worry! (no hearts)

You’re the one who put the most effort into this. I’m proud of you. [Yoosung]
You were such an adult today.

It’s a Christmas you’ll never forget. [Yoosung]
Actually doing some work is very gratifying.

Are you gonna keep talking about Rika…? You’re with me! [Yoosung]
Maybe that’s something for V to figure out?

Everyday with you will feel like Christmas to me. [Yoosung]
Thank you for gifting me such a wonderful Christmas, Yoosung.

Be responsible for me! (no hearts)
You’re so cute Yoosung lolol

I’ll be waiting. (no hearts)
Okay… Come.

Game Branch :: 707 / Luciel

18:10 - Resting Now!

Includes: 707, Yoosung, MC (you)
Heya Yoosung! [Yoosung]
It’s Seven~~ [707]

Give me a ho~~ too. lolol [707]
Yoosung Kim has melted. +1 point. [Yoosung]

Take a breather with me… Take a breather and take a head spinner!
I guess you’re still busy. You know that you have my full support, right? >.O [707]

I’m sorry sorry sorry too…x100
While Seven defends the Eath, please defend the event, Yoosung! [707]

Yoosung Kim (lv. 13) will most likely do well in any given task. [Yoosung]
Yoosung Kim (lv. 13) still doesn’t know what suffering is. (no hearts)

Seven, activate your Yandere mode!! (no hearts)
Seven, active your nice guy mode!!

I don’t remember saying I’ll go lol
I’m preparing for a trip to the moon with Seven? [707]

Yoosung, tell me some of your Christmas stories. [Yoosung]
And the one who kicks off to the tangent is 707070707 [707]

So what if it isn’t? Anything Seven has to say is super entertaining lol [707]
Dd you see penguins at the South Pole?

I assume the penguins taught you the mating dance? [707]
That’s like a blockbuster movie…

Should I go instead of Seven? I can’t be sure, but…
That’s up to him~ Let’s not force it onto him and accept his decisions. [707]

Well, I don’t know. Everyone has their own stories.
^^ (no hearts)

Merry Christmas! (no hearts)
Good luck!

Receive a call from: IT'S A SURPRISE!

19:23 - 707 and Xmas

Includes: Jaehee, Zen, MC (you)
Did you hear anything for Seven? [707]
Hello~ How is the event going?

I guess this was a work-filled Christmas for you this year… [Zen]
I hope you finish work soon and spend the rest of the day with Zen’s DVD! Have hope!

I want to see all of Zen’s performances on DVD with you, Jaehee. haha [Jaehee]
I want to study Seven’s space ship this Christmas… [707]

Seven doesn’t seem to like Christmas that much from what I can tell.
I think Seven’s heart… has traveed far out into space for Christmas. [707]

Maybe he’ll be a bit different this Christmass?
Probably to see me? [707]

I wonder what kind of person would suit you, Zen. lol
I want to be Seven’s light… I always felt that he needs light. [707]

I’m thinking about whether I should go! (no hearts)
Cheer up Zen T_T [Zen]

Cheer up till the end! (no hearts)

He’s smart.
The side that he hides beneath his wide smile. [707]
How quirky he is!

Not yet. Good luck with practice. (no hearts)
Yup! I did. Don’t worry :)

Receive a call from : 707

21:00 - From The Outer Space

Includes: 707, MC (you)
No human, but an alien is here.
Me! Someone who wants to see Seven! Me! [707]

The icon of hope and dreams! You mean Santa Claus?
I don’t really like Santa. [707]

Naughty children want presents too.
Not everyone cen get a gift from Santa.
Santa didn’t give oyu a present? That’s harsh T_T (no hearts)

What is it? (no hearts)
What secret?
Thank you.

Just as I’ve felt your sincerity, I’m sure the Seven on earth felt it too. [707]
When I meet the Seven on Earth, I’ll tell him.

Game Branch :: Unknown / Saeran

0:00 - Title

Includes: MC (you)
Option 1
Option 2

Receive a call from ??:
Who May P/U After Chat: 707 & Yoosung

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[Event] Mystic Messenger - 2016 Christmas Special (Updating)

[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? Ninja Shadow: Kagura

Posted by Zen ri

[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? Ninja Shadow: Kagura

[Walkthrough] My Sweet Proposal: Todo Masaya Season 2

Todo Masaya

Invite Code: SKWpPg

Posted by Zen ri

[Walkthrough] My Sweet Proposal: Todo Masaya Season 2

[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? Guard Me, Sherlock!: John H. Watson Season 2

John H. Watson

Posted by Zen ri

[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? Guard Me, Sherlock!: John H. Watson Season 2

[Walkthrough+CG] Vampire Boyfriend: Tamaki x Mutsumi

Tamaki x Mutsumi

Invite Code: yRhLyH

Posted by Zen ri

[Walkthrough+CG] Vampire Boyfriend: Tamaki x Mutsumi

[Walkthrough+CG] Vampire Boyfriend: Kiyosumi x Rin

Kiyosumi x Rin

Invite Code: yRhLyH

Posted by Zen ri

[Walkthrough+CG] Vampire Boyfriend: Kiyosumi x Rin

Vampire Boyfriend ~How to Seduce your Mysterious Boyfriend~

Available Now!!

Invite Code: yRhLyH

【Game Available】


Vampire brothers who have moved to a new city.
The one they met there is an irreplaceable “bait”…!?

The younger brother who hates his ”bait”.
The older brother who falls in love with his “bait”. But he has a story…?

【Game introduction】
Vampire Boyfriend is a game where you use scenario tickets to continue the story. Depending on your choices, your love with your boyfriend will transform! If you increase his affection, you’ll get scenarios with beautiful still illustrations! And enjoy even more exciting stories! You can design your own cute and fashionable avatar and welcome a happy end with your boyfriend!
Download is free! Basic free is play too so you can enjoy a boys love with any
man you wish!

◆Route introduction
Kiyosumi×Rin version 
⇒Mean sacrifice x Childish vampire
The one who’s supposed to be eaten is eating, a dangerous BL.
For those who want to enjoy a fun and bright BL!

Tamaki×Mutsumi version
⇒Jealous vampire x Tsundere priest
An intense route between two enemy races



Posted by Zen ri

Vampire Boyfriend ~How to Seduce your Mysterious Boyfriend~

[Walkthrough] Midnight Cinderella: Robert Branche (Updating)

Robert Branche

Player ID: aWbKwG1S

Posted by Myxprint

[Walkthrough] Midnight Cinderella: Robert Branche (Updating)

[Walkthrough] Seven Hotties, All My Husbands: Gaia Ijuin (Updating)

Gaia Ijuin

Invite Code: UVvrZR

[Chapter 1]
[1] T-thank you...
[2] I'm not that pretty... (+5)

[1] A mysterious man that's not easy to get close to. (+5)
[2] Someone that's cunning and hard to pinpoint.

1.09 - Get CG!

[Chapter 2]
[1] I really don't remember anything.
[2] You're the worst. (+5)

[1] Are you disappointed in me?
[2] That's exactly right. (+5)

[Chapter 3]
[1] I see..... (+5)
[2] You're kind to flowers.

Dress Up Mission:
MS1 Gaia [] Pink Ribbon Heels - +Sense50 [] 300 Platinum
MS1 Gaia [] Sunset Sandals - +Sense25 [] 100 Platinum / 3000 Gold

Special Scenario (Requires 25+ Affection)

[1] Thank you. (+5)
[2] Don't tease me like that.

[Chapter 4]

Secret Diary ★  After Celis Chapter 03-10 ★ 200 Platinum

[1] Don't call me that. (+5)
[2] Let me go.

[1] I'm more worried about you... (+5)
[2] I'm fine.

[Chapter 5]
Socialite Mission:
Require 3000+ Kiss

[1] It's a beautiful name... (+5)
[2] It suits you...

Special Scenario (Requires 45+ Affection)

[1] .........Right.
[2] You're close...... (+5)

[Chapter 6]
[1] Geez! (+5)
[2] There's no way I'd tell you.

Dress Up Mission:
MS1 Gaia [] Pink Polka-dot Umbrella - +Sense60 [] 400 Platinum
MS1 Gaia [] Ruby Bag - +Sense30 [] 150 Platinum / 5000 Gold

[1] Of course I am. (+5)
[2] Have you really learned your lesson?

[Chapter 7]
[1] Thank you. (+5)
[2] You too, Gaia......

[1] We just met this morning..
[2] I'm fine.... how about you? (+5)

[Chapter 8]
[1] I was looking at the flowers.
[2] I just thought you looked wonderful.... (+5)

Dress Up Mission:
- CG Still [] MS1 Gaia [] Red Ribbon Earrings - +Sense100 [] 500 Platinum
MS1 Gaia [] Refreshing Straw Hat - +Sense50 [] 200 Platinum / 8000 Gold

[1] Can he say something like that?
[2] He has confidence. (+5)

[Chapter 9]
[1] In a way, yes.... (+5)
[2] That's not it.

Special Scenario (Requires 85+ Affection)

[1] I'll see you later.
[2] Good luck out there. (+5)

[Chapter 10]
[1] What do you mean?
[2] You always do what you want... (+5)

Avatar Trial:
Requires 7000+ Kiss

[1] Gaia.....
[2] ............. (+5)

~Harem Route~

[Chapter 11]

Dress Up Mission:
Premium Attire: MS2 Gaia Harem ★ Item (+Sense 110) ★ 600 Platinum
Normal Attire: MS2 Gaia Harem ★ Item (+Sense 55) ★ 250 Platinum / 12000 Gold


[Chapter 12]

Avatar Trial:
Requires 12000+ Kiss


[Harem End]
Dress-up Mission:
-- CGStill [] MS5Harem Gaia [] Item  +Sense 180 [] 900 Platinum
-- MS5Harem Gaia [] Item +Sense 100 [] 500 Platinum / 20000 Gold

Get: New Contract x1, Rewinding Ring x1, Story Complete Recovery Ticket x1, 1000 Gold x1
(Unlock 7 Day Premium End Gacha)

Premium End: 140+ Love Level
**Must get the rare item in the gacha.

~Pure Love Route~

[Chapter 11]
[1] That's true....
[2] Do your best.

Dress-up Mission:
-- MS5Pure Gaia [] Pink Flower Headband +Sense 110 [] 600 Platinum
-- MS5Pure Gaia [] Sentimental Brown Eyes +Sense 55 [] 250 Platinum / 12000 Gold

Special Scenario (Requires 105+ Affection)

[1] A proposal?
[2] I'll do my best too.

Secret Diary ★  After Osuke's Pure Love Chapter 11 - 10 ★ 200 Platinum

[Chapter 12]
[1] What's it about?
[2] Is it good or bad?

Secret Diary ★  After Osuke's Pure Love Chapter 12 - 03 ★ 200 Platinum
** Please note, there is a glitch. The secret diary is labelled "Soichiro Pure Love Chapter 12 - 03"

Avatar Trial:
Requires 12000+ Kiss

[1] Is there anything else I can do to help you?
[2] Let's not rush too much.

[Pure Love End]
Dress-up Mission:
-- CGStill [] MS5Pure Gaia [] ??  +Sense 180 [] 900 Platinum
-- MS5Pure Gaia [] ?? +Sense 100 [] 500 Platinum / 20000 Gold

Get: New Contract x1, Rewinding Ring x1, Story Complete Recovery Ticket x1, 1000 Gold x1
(Unlock 7 Day Premium End Gacha)

Premium End: 140+ Love Level

**Must get the rare item in the gacha.

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[Walkthrough] Seven Hotties, All My Husbands: Gaia Ijuin (Updating)

[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? Lost Alice: Luke Estheim

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[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? Lost Alice: Luke Estheim

[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? Lost Alice: Joker Braze

Joker Braze

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[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? Lost Alice: Joker Braze

[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? Lost Alice: Kyle Knock

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[Walkthrough] Shall We Date? Lost Alice: Kyle Knock

Shall We Date? Lost Alice: Destined Lovers in Wonderland

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Shall We Date? Lost Alice: Destined Lovers in Wonderland