[Event] Romantic Diary: Pure Love: Date

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Sorry it's so messy e.e I'm trying to figure out a way to format these random events

Main Story Walkthrough

I honestly just think these events pop up randomly but let me know if choosing the locations I listed triggers them instead.

*Keep in mind that the affection added from answers might be different from what I have listed. Maybe how much affection is added depends on how his mood is?


Luca's gifts:

Strawberry Pudding: +48 Affection
Coconut Custard: +48 Affection
Caramel Custard: +23 Affection
Elven Tree Seed: +10 Affection
Souffle: +6 Affection
Colorful Parrot: +5 Affection
Elven Sword: +5 Affection
Food Reception Ticket: +3 Affection
Sport wristband: +2 Affection

Best Date Spots:

Forest Park ➺ Store ➺ Restaurant: : +41 Affection

Cafe Date?

Well, ok.
I have something urgent to talk to Luca.
You're right. (+5 Mood, +22 Affection)

Come back soon. (+5 Mood, +22 Affection)
Go on with your chores. (+0 Mood, +11 Affection)
Don't be in such a hurry.

Are you hungry?
Let me cook two eggs for you. (+5 Mood, +22 Affection)
You should have a good rest now.

Don't be shy.
I'd like to make desserts to you.
I've a gift for you. (+5 Mood, +22 Affection)

Get: Sweet Kitchen CG (I got this after getting this event 3 times)


I'm a little tired
I can still with you
Don't you want to sit down with me for a while (+0 Mood, +10 Affection)


Store Date?

No, I did nothing! (+0 Mood, +22 Affection)
It depends on Yusetta's gift. (+0 Mood, +14 Affection)
Really? I knew it!


From Luca's Invitation

Let's meet up today. I'll wait for you in a coffee shop.
Hot please.
I'll go with you. (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
I wait for you here. (-3 Mood, +0 Affection)

Then, let's go. (-3 Mood, +0 Affection)
We can go and see. (+0 Mood, +24 Affection)
It seems very interesting. (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)

We'd better go ahead to the next scenery spot.
Maybe I slept late yesterday. (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)

You still remember... (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
I think too much
You should said it earlier.

I've found a nice beverage shop. Go with me!
Please stay with me if I'm afraid. (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
Luca is a man!
Ok, ok, I understand!

 Don't you want to sit down with me for a while?
I can still with you. (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
I'm a little tired.

I'm good.
I still want to hang out with Luca. (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
You don't want to stay with me?

Please keep hold of my hand! (-3 Mood, +0 Affection)
Luca can hold me.
Shy girls will hold you.

Let's... spend this Christmas together!
How about playing with us? (+0 Mood, +12 Affection)
Let's play together!
That's sympathetic~

How about treating Elvin to some snacks!
Treat him to dinner. (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
Well, I'll treat you back.

Elvin is too honest.
Luca also wants to join.
Let's decide it! (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)

Let's go together.
Merry Christmas! (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
Let's go and enjoy the meal!

Come out! I...I have a gift for you.
Aoi can help us. (+0 Mood, +12 Affection)
Aoi and I are lovers.
Let's find Aoi for help! (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)

Luca came to help me. (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
I have a good relationship with Luca. (-3 Mood, +0 Affection)
Luca is my friend~ (+0 Mood, +12 Affection)

Others except couples can also make it.
It's ok with me and Luca. (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
Luca can make it.

We are not lovers. (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
We don't have that kind of relationship.
We're just friends.

Hurry up or I'll go now
I'm touched. Thank you! (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
It would be  better if Luca is honest to me
It's difficult, but I'll try my best to catch up with Yusetta.

I can play on my own and you wait for me here.
In fact, I think we should go to another place. I'm afraid of it. (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
You don't need to play it.

I won't fall down. Don't worry!
I know you care about me.
Gentle Luca is attractive. (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)

I'll come back later.
It's happy to fight in water.
You can often smile like this. (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)

I'm free today. Let's hang out!
I eat less.
Well, one half for each of us. (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
You just don't want me to eat.

One half! (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
I said it was delicious!

Take it
I want you to wear the same has as me (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
I buy it for you.

I still want to swim!
I want you to come with me! (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
It is so beautiful here.


Theme Park Date

Ok, ok I understand. (-3 Mood, +0 Affection)
Please stay with me if I'm afraid.
Luca is a man!


Theater ➺ Marketplace ➺ Cafe Date

I really want to see this. (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
Anyway, look at this!
Let's watch it together!

both 'Love Bracelet'...
Let's go to see! (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
Take me there quickly!

I was very moved today!
I think Luca knows about girl. (+0 Mood, +12 Affection)
I really want that bracelet.

I wasn't in the background. (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
I see...
What are you talking about?


People have different preferences. (+0 Mood, +30 Affection)
What do you think?
Logically, I should...
Rotating Coffee Cup
Ferris Wheel (+0 Mood, +30 Affection)
Roller Coaster

It's not a big deal. Let's go into the church.
I seldom go to church. Please let me look at it.
Come on. Please come with me. (+0 Mood, +14 Affection)


Restaurant Date

Do you need to do it now?
Can I do it when I finish my meal?
Its clean now.  (+0 Mood, +31 Affection)


Luca Brainstorms

❥Which of the following is not the description of the British Clothing Style?
A. Originated from the Victorian era.
B. The stand-collar design is one of its important features. (+0 Mood, +25 Affection)
C. Comfortable and Casual. (+0 Mood, +18 Affection)
D. Simple cuts and Slim (+0 Mood, +24 Affection)

❥Which is the origin of opera?
A. Roman Music Drama
B. Greek Drama.
C. Stage Play. (+0 Mood, +24 Affection)
D. Choir.

❥According to horoscopes, people of which star sign are more likely to have OCD?
A. Sagittarius
B. Pisces
C. Libra
D. Virgo (+24 Affection)

❥Which of the following is not proper etiquette while drinking coffee?
A. Cannot use the coffee spoon to drink coffee. (+0 Mood, +24 Affection)
B. Coffee cup's handle.
C. Use the coffee socceer to hold the coffee cup.
D. Dessert

Luca's favorite coffee?
Caramel Macchiato (+0 Mood, +24 Affection)

❥Which of the following divination methods is invented by a Gypsy?
A. Poker Card
B. Tarot Card
C. Astrology
D. Crystal Ball (+0 Mood, +24 Affection)

❥Well, how do say it?
People have different preferences. (+30 Affection)
What do you think?
Logically, I should......

❥Do you know the embalmatic meaning of lavender?
A. Wait for love (+0 Mood)
B. Long for love
C. Face love
D. Protect love

❥Which of the following is not good for your health?
A. Beans
B. Fruits
C. Vegetables
D. Barbecue  (+21 Affection)

❥Do you know when lavender blooms?
A. June-September
B. April-May
C. June- August (+0 Mood, +24 Affection)
D. July-September


Special Event Questions

❥A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Where does this sentence come from?
A. Ramayana
B. Tao Te Ching ✓ (+2 Originality)
C. Homer's Epic
D. Bible

❥If you want to have a boyfriend, which type would you choose?
A. Ebullient.
B. Cold outside but passionate inside (+5 Intelligence)
C. Quiet and reserved
D. Mature and steady



Yogurt Pudding: +50 Affection
Violin: +5 Affection
Crystal Statue: +4 Affection
Soft Cushion: +2 Affection

Dating Spots: (Please let me know if you've found a better spot)
Restaurant ➺ Library ➺ Amusement Park: +35 Affection

From Invitation

Could you come with me today?
I also want to go to the library. (+0 Mood, +10 Affection)
It won't happen this next time.
I will see what you will do. (+5 Mood, +20 Affection)

Walking around
Sightseeing (+5 Mood, +20 Affection)

We need in a hurry.
Only if we can sit together! (+5 Mood, +20 Affection)
Hurry up!

I feel like I'm a little...
It's nice of you. (+0 Mood, +11 Affection)
Elvin... (+5 Mood, +20 Affection)



Yogurt Pudding: + 43 Affection
Coconut Custard: +42 Affection
Strawberry Pudding: +40 Affection
Souffle: +6 Affection

Dating Spots: (Please let me know if you've found a better spot)
Library ➺ Theater ➺ Cafe: +34 Affection

From Reinhard's Invitation

Don't be Late

Fresh style dress first me! (+5 Mood, +28 Affection)
Sexy style dress fits me.
Noble style dress fits me!

I'll leave it to you.
You don't have to do that.
Thank you very much! (+5 Mood, +30 Affection)

That's embarrassing! (+5 Mood, +20 Affection)
Thank you. (+0 Mood, +15 Affection)
Please teach me!

It's very embarrassing. (+0 Mood, +11 Affection)
Whoops, I'm so sorry...  (-3 Mood, +0 Affection)
Sorry, I screwed it up.(+5 Mood, +?? Affection)


Store Date?

I can help you.
I support you, prince.
I will go with you. (+0 Mood, +11 Affection)


  1. There is one that says:
    Coconut mustard
    Strawberry pudding
    Almond cookie

    Its NOT coconut mustard, so which one is it?

    1. Sorry, we haven't come across that question since these events are all random so we honestly just don't know. I'll update if I ever come across that.

    2. It's Almond cookie I think since I pressed strawberry cookie I got +0

  2. There is another one at the thene park where Luca is scared. It says:
    Ok,ok I understand
    Please stay with ne if im afraid
    Luca is a man!

    -3 mood ,affection +0 on Ok,ok I understand, so dont pick that one.

    1. If you answer
      * Please stay with me if i'm afraid +5 mood +20 affection

  3. At the cooffy plase there is one that says:
    I'm a little tired

    I can still with you

    Dont you want to sit down with me for a while, mood +0, affection +10

  4. Thank you for helping out girls ^^

  5. can you do a walkthrouh for otouto scramble it would help alot! c:

    1. I've actually been playing that but I haven't released it since I seriously have no idea if the answers I've chosen are 'right' or not. If you want, I could post the answers I've chosen but I doubt it would help you very much ^^;;

  6. If you answer: it depends on Yusetta's gift, at the Store date you will get: mood+0 , affection+ 14

  7. Luca's favourite coffee
    Caramel Macchiato (+0 mood +23 affection)

  8. Luca Brainstorm (Cafe)
    Q:Which of the following is not proper etiquette while drinking coffee?
    - Cannot use the coffee spoon to drink coffee (Mood +0, Affection 22+)
    - Coffee cup's handle
    - Use the coffee soccer to hold the coffee cup
    - Dessert

  9. Thought you might like to know that giving Luca an Elven Tree Seed raises his affection by 10. Also, I think giving him a parrot thing (I forget the proper name) raises his affection by 6.

    For Elvin, giving him a sports wristband is +2. Can't quite remember the other ones.

  10. Do you know the emblamatic meaning of lavendel?
    A.Wait for love (Mood +0)
    B.Long for love
    C.Face love
    D. Protect love

  11. Does anyone know best date spot for Elvin? Thanks ❤️

  12. Hehe, we do look like a couple in a way (+5 mood +5 affection)
    You misunderstood ne. He's not my boyfriend...
    Even if he brings me lunch, it doesn't mean we are a couple

    1. Elvin
      You misunderstood me. He's not my boyfriend... (+5 +2)

  13. Which of the following is not good for your health?
    A. Beans
    B. Fruits
    C. Vegetables
    D. Barbecue (affection +21)

  14. Does anyone know where the Dream forest is ? I need fine lace and transparent yarn to move to the next level but there is no option to go there . It only says the materials are available at the Dream Forest

    1. Haha I had the same problem too until my sister pointed out where it was. Go to story mode then look up where you see your money and energy. Below your jewels there's 2 buttons forest and reward. Just click on forest.

    2. Thanks so much ^.^ now I can advance haha

  15. you want to have a boyfriend,w which type would you choose?
    A. Ebullient.
    B. Cold outside but passionate inside (+5 Intelligence)
    C. Quiet and reserved
    D. Mature and steady

  16. Library→Amusement park→Beach ?

    I'm touched. Thank you!(+5 mood +24 affection)
    It would be better if Luca is honest to me.
    It's difficult, but I'll try my best to catch up with Yusetta.

    I can play on my own and you wait for me here.
    In fact, I think we should go to another place. I'm afraid of it.(+5 mood +24 affection)
    You don't need to play it.

    I won't fall down. Don't worry!
    I know you care about me.
    Gentle Luca is attractive.(+5 mood +24 affection)

    I'll come back later.
    It's happy to fight in water.
    You can often smile like this.(+5 mood +24 affection)

  17. How do you unlock the other special events like the Sweet Kitchen CG for Luca?

    1. You have to answer special date (cafe date) correctly... Author has explained it, just scroll up. ☺ every events has different requirement, you can see the requirement in CG luca, click the lock button.

  18. How do you unlock the other special events like the Sweet Kitchen CG for Luca?

    1. I think you need to have level 2 affection with Luca and then somehow trigger the event I labeled Cafe Date

  19. How do you get eggs and flour? Where is this mystic store they keep saying its at?

    1. Eggs and flower can be acquired from regular dressing missions. Just fly to the location rather than buying to mystic shop.

  20. There is a question when you're going on a date in park
    He's asking about when will the lavender grow?
    The answer is June - August (O Mood + 24 Affection)

  21. Dear girls, how to change Luca to Butler mode? Or make progress on it? Mine seems no progress 😢😭

    1. I think you have to collect Luca Butler puzzle pieces. I think you can get from Date -> Love Wheel.

    2. By complete the heartbeat diary achievement

    3. Thanks a lot, I got a little progress 😊😚

  22. In I found a coffee place go with me.
    Last selection point
    Shy girls will hold onto Luca +5 mood +24 affection

  23. Elvin's Brainstorm:

    Do you know what the original form of air gun is?

    Rifle (mood: 0, affection: 21)

  24. Lets spend this christmas together
    lets play with us mood-3 affection+0
    Thats sympatetic mood+5 affection+24

    1. Also get a cute Xmas CG from doing all of the "correct" responses

  25. Do you know how to make a perfect belly besides sit-ups? (Omg who comes up with these seriously =_=;;)
    A. Bench press
    B. Pull ups
    C. Deep squat
    D. Plank (oops not this one)

  26. What wish do you make? (at fountain)

    I wish I can find all the time shards soon (affection + 30)

  27. Elvin Question:
    When did the word Movie appear?

    1829 (+0 Mood, +20 Affection)

  28. Restaurant date:

    Do I need to do it now? (+0 Mood, +14 Affection)
    Can I do it when I finish the meal? [I'm guessing this is the right one, then?]
    It's clean now. (+0 Mood, +31 Affection)

    Luca's mood for me is at 100, so maybe none of them will add mood for me. :|

    1. it's clean now is definitely the right answer... i went with the second option and it was +0 mood and +0 affection ;______;

  29. Elvin's Church Date:

    Let me buy a sunny doll for you.
    Let me make a sunny doll for you (mood: 0, affection: 27)
    You can buy it yourself.

  30. There are some clothes you can only got from sky tower. What is sky tower?

  31. Gift Elvin yogurt pudding to gain 50 affection

  32. Update to Restaurant Date!!!
    Can I do it when ai finish the meal? (+0 Mood, +0 Affection) DON'T CHOOSE THIS ONE

  33. I found a better date spot for Elvin, Restaurant ---> Library ---> Amusement Park will give you +35 Affection

  34. Luca Brainstorm:

    "Do you know when lavender blooms?"
    +June-August (+0** Mood, +24 Affection)

    *not sure if May is the other month
    **im not that sure if it's like that because I have 100 Mood on the thingy for him, so.. yeah >u>

  35. Elvin
    Meet up date
    -I will see what you will do +5mood +24affection

  36. Luca meet up (crashed halfway through) ヽ(`Д´)ノ
    -OK no problem
    -is there any reward if I help you?
    - umm Luca I really want go help them +0mood 12 affection

    This one is difficult to map out isn't it?

    1. I'm pretty sure you're good since I think it's only that one question anyway. And yea, ikr? I'm kinda lost on how to map it out e.e especially since the events are all chance. It looks like a mess but it's better than nothing

    2. Ok no problem +0 mood +14 affection

      I think the correct one is

      Is there any reward if I help you

    3. "Is there any reward if I help you" gives you 0 mood & 0 affection. I just did this one and chose that answer... :'(

    4. Oops sorry tircolas, I thought it was the answer 😯

    5. No worries! I knew I was taking a risk, since no one else had confirmed it. In any case, the important part is that we know which is the "right answer." :)

  37. Some guy needs formal clothing for the summer. What material should he make it out of? (Something like that)

    Silk (+0 Mood, +24 Affection)

    1. Cotton (+0 mood, +29 affection)

  38. There's this one question and it's asking
    What wish do you make?
    I wish I can go home soon
    I wish we can find all the time shards soon
    I wish I can make a lot of money
    Which one do I choose?

    1. I choose "I wish we can find all the time shards soon" and got a +35 affection, +0 mood

  39. Elvin Brainstorm:

    Which of the following is not a speech?

    Summative speech
    Argumentative Speech
    Conference report (+0 Mood, +20 Affection)
    Comprehensive speech

  40. Luca's Invitation
    "It's nice today... Could you take a walk with me?"

    Dress-up: Lady-like

    1. Forgot first question >< something about why are you in a bad mood?:
    Am I? (+0 Mood, +11 Affection)

    2. Talking about camping:
    We should also pay attention to these when going on a trip
    Did you meet danger on the snow mountain? (-3 Mood, +0 Affection)
    What happened before?

    3. Asking if Luca is hungry:
    I brought some snacks
    Didn't expect you were hungry
    I'll cook for you (+5 Mood, +22 Affection)

    4. Dangerous suspension bridge:
    We cannot reach the top of the mountain if we don't go across
    Let me think about it (-3 Mood, +0 Affection)
    We'd better go across

    I'm bad at making chioces ;_;

    1. No.2
      what happened before? (0 mood 15 affection)
      So i think the answer is we should pay attention...

      No. 4
      We cannot reach the top if we don't go across
      (0 mood 15 affection)

      So I guess the right answer is
      We'd better go across

      Thanks for your help I got 24 affection for choosing no 3

      We need the correct answer for no 1 I guess... 😅

    2. The answer to


      No, I'm good(+5 mood, +26 affection)

    3. Also you get the warmth in winter CG ^^

  41. Luca question
    Do you know when wu zentian accented to the throne?
    (It crashed before I finished googling :( I was going to pick 60, as wiki said I should :p )

    1. Yes it was still there when I reloaded for a change. And 60 is correct. +5 mood but 0 affection

  42. Also what is costume study? Can some one please help? :/

    1. Have you tried to click the "require" button? It will tell you the clothes spesification. And then you can search the clothes by click "search" button and choose the right categories. It's on the left.

  43. hello ! please help me ! in the 2nd city in one of the minigames ask me for some matcha muffins it says that i will get them when i pass the chappter 1 , but i dont know which is the chapter 1 . i need to unlock 45 stars in that chapter . to get them.

    1. Go to "Story", and at the bottom left corner click on "City" (beside "Prayer Gate". Click on the first City/Chapter. :)

    2. It took me a couple of days too. I passed chapter 1, the first city, with 50 stars and it didn't unlock. You gotta find the acheviment for it and collect the reward on it for it to unlock I think. I had to d that. Looked for 24 hours once I needed Matcha Muffins and it wouldn't unlock. It unlocked this morning for me.

  44. Luca's Invitation
    "It's nice today... Could you take a walk with me?"

    Dress-up: Lady-like

    1. Forgot first question >< something about why are you in a bad mood?:
    Am I? (+0 Mood, +11 Affection)
    No, I'm good (+5 Mood, +22 Affection)
    You must be wrong

    2. Talking about camping:
    We should also pay attention to these when going on a trip (+5 Mood, +22 Affection)
    Did you meet danger on the snow mountain? (-3 Mood, +0 Affection)
    What happened before?

    3. Asking if Luca is hungry:
    I brought some snacks
    Didn't expect you were hungry
    I'll cook for you (+5 Mood, +22 Affection)

    4. Dangerous suspension bridge:
    We cannot reach the top of the mountain if we don't go across (+0 Mood, +11 Affection)
    Let me think about it (-3 Mood, +0 Affection)
    We'd better go across

  45. Luca meet up (summer)
    -this is the only way +0 mood +15 affection
    -I'll rely on myself
    -there are no air conditioners

    -remind you of bad memories?
    -let's get something to eat +5 mood+29affection
    -Luca is stubborn

    If you agree with me
    If you change your mind +0 mood +15 affection
    If you weren't so stubborn

    Than eat it
    Only eat one
    Just eat a few +0 mood +15 affection

    1. I encountered this also
      I'll rely on myself (+5 mood)
      Lets get something to eat (+5 mood)
      If you agree with me (+5 mood)
      Just eat one (+5 mood)

    2. Aaargh I tried to find these answers... but I took a lot of time and it crashed 😢 If only I read carefully

    3. I try to answer only eat one, but it always crash... I thought there's an error. Because the game said, "this option doesn't exist".

      If you have the same problem, just click back and continue the special date. And answer, "then eat it"

      I got 5 mood, 24 affection, and CG intimate.

  46. I had one happen today that I didn't see you have listed. It was on the Forest Park date and they found a fountain and went to make a wish.

    Luca said:

    "What wish did you make?"

    I wish I can go home.

    I wish we can find all of the time shards soon. (+0 Mood, +31 affection)

    I wish I can make a lot of money.

  47. Date event - Brainstorm (LUCA)
    select a lucky bracelet that suits his star sign for him:
    - Gem Bracelet (Mood 0 - Affection +29)
    - Jade Bracalet
    - Agate Bracelet
    - Sandalwood Bracelet

  48. Not sure if anyone needs this information, but here are some Brainstorms for Aoi:

    Brainstorm 1
    I want to test you! Do you know what the flower language of daisies is?
    A. Wait for love
    B. Silent love
    C. Pure beauty
    D. Sincere unchanging love (Mood +0, Affection +20)

    Brainstorm 2
    Which has the lowest calories?
    A. Rice (Mood +0, Affection +18)
    B. Steamed bread
    C. Noodles
    D. Fried dough sticks

    Brainstorm 3
    Do you know what you cannot eat with vinegar at the same time?
    A. Pumpkins (Mood +0, Affection +18)
    B. Beans
    C. Ginger
    D. Preserved eggs

    French Toast (Affection +13)
    Strawberry Pudding (Affection +5)

    Beach ➺ Amusement park ➺ Coffee Shop gave me the most affection (+28 Affection), but there are probably better date spots than that.

  49. I got aN invite from Luca, something like "Let go...." Then something else. I forgot. But he said "you better not eat cold food."

    - Well, one half for each of us. (+5 mood, +25 affection)

    - You just don't want me to eat.

    - Got it.

    1. Oh, it came with more! Yay! They go on to a resturant, eating Snow Ice Cream and get brain freezes. Luca says "I like it's taste."

      - One half! (+5 mood, + 27 affection)

      - Foodie

      - I said it was delicious!

      After, they go to the seaside and buy straw hats. We say "Take it."

      - Take it

      - I buy it for you.

      - I want you to wear the same hat as me. (+5 mood, +27 affection)

      Then go on to the beach and talk about the difference. We say "Yes. I love the wide range. I'll often come here."

      - I still want to swim.

      - It is so beautiful here.

      - I want you to come with me. (+5 mood, +27 affection)

      End of date. I have no clue if I just picked all the right ones or what. O.o; but I started with a 50 mood, now 78. And affection was.... U wanna say just over 50% and is now 83%. I did the Forest to Park, to resturant many times in a row. I also have 4 hrs of a dating Luca boost too that gives me a 25% affection boost.

  50. Event with Elvin (library) :
    * I will see what you will do +5 mood + 26 affection

  51. If you give Luca a matcha muffin his affection goes up by +20

  52. Do any of you know how to get the confession picture

  53. The last 2 questions on Luca brainstorm zen ri are mixed up :)

    1. At the moment you have
      >which of the following is not good for your health?
      A. Beans
      B. April-May
      C. June- August (+0 Mood, +24 Affection)
      D. July-September

      ❥Do you know when lavender blooms?
      A. June-September
      B. Fruits
      C. Vegetables
      D. Barbecue (+21 Affection)

      But it should be
      hich of the following is not good for your health?
      A. Beans
      B. Fruits
      C. Vegetables
      D. Barbecue (+21 Affection)

      ❥Do you know when lavender blooms?
      A. June-September
      B. April-May
      C. June- August (+0 Mood, +24 Affection)
      D. July-September

    2. Oooh haha no wonder I didn't get what you mean. Jillrosa updates this page and not me. I'm more towards doing the main route, but I'll fix the mix up thanks for letting us know.

  54. Does anyone have the answer for special date with Reinhart? And the right date spot with Reinhart?

    1. I don't have his special dates but so far jillrosa and I found out that library > theater > cafe gives him around 30ish points. Not sure if its his best date spots but thats the highest we've ever gone with him.

    2. Ah so jelly you have unlocked him already :p

    3. Beginer's luck I guess 😆. But I never tried to date with Reinhart or making any progress with him.

      Maybe because I've fallen in love to Luca... 😍 (yay, tsundere) I never got bored to unbutton his shirt 😈

  55. It's not I really want to see it. (Got 0 mood and less affection)
    It's let's watch it.

  56. At some date with Luca...
    "I wish I'll come back home..." +0 mood +14 affection

    But I think that the one with shards will be the best :x

  57. Theater, Cafe, Amusement park
    Luca: I hope the protagonist can survive

    It's hard to say
    He will be fine
    I wish so. Mood +0 Affection up: 13+

    1. When I selected "He will be fine" I got Mood +0 Affection up: +23

  58. Hi~ Does anyone know what clothes i need to pass Vibrant Swimsuit in Summer that is on Dream Forest? And where i can find those clothes.
    Please and Thankyou

  59. Hi, I like this game.
    Please add me : 669787892

  60. In the Luca Theatre date above says

    I really want to see this. (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
    Anyway, look at this!
    Let's watch it together!

    But I got 0mood and +12 affection for the same choice :/

  61. Date with Elvin, at amusement park.. take you to GHOST HOUSE..


    as long as you are with me,i will go. mood : 0 affection: +25

    i am not afraid of that!

    ok,let's go!

  62. Hello everyone, I am new to this game but I like it very much. If you can answer these questions it would be great, I really appreciate your help!
    1. Between some missions there are little bears icon and when I click on it, it says " this quest is not unlock", how do I unlock it?
    2. Some clothes in the Sky Whisper collection for example, it says "not available", does it mean that the clothes are not yet to be released?
    Thank you very much!

    1. Hi, Ly! I can answer the first one: just continue doing the stages and you'll eventually unlock those side quests. You can tell that they're unlocked because the bear icons will jump up and down.

  63. For Elvin, at the library I believe, the first question was something like:
    you - have you heard of the ...

    The Eleven Record (+0 Mood, +12 Affection)
    The Goddess' Dream
    Something else

    1. Pretty sure the other one is something like "The Revelation of Amar" or some such. I can't remember if that was the right answer or not. :(

      On a different date with Elvin (maybe theater):
      Don't take it off, I have to take a photo for you.
      Elvin, you look pretty in women's wear. >> affection +28
      Elvin, you are so beautiful.

    2. The Revelation of Amar > 0 mood, +27 affection

  64. Elvin, it's I will see what you do.

  65. Hi Tircolas! I have finished some of them and received some rewards, they are fun, thank you for your help!!

  66. "I really want to see this. "(+5 Mood, +24 Affection) from theatre date is not the best answer! Me and my friend got 0 mood and 16 affection :/
    "I was very moved" in next dialogue gives +5 mood and +34 affection ♡

    Also I have something new :
    'Why are you still in a bad mood?' - "No, I'm good." +5 mood +34 affection

    'I have experienced it before. It was impressive.' - "We should also pay attention to this when we're going on a trip." +5 mood +34 affection

    'Almost.' - "I'll cook for you!" +5 mood +34 affection

    'This suspension bridge seem dangerous.' - "We can not reach the top of the mountain if we don't go across." +0 mood +16 affection

  67. I found out that when Luca asks you out for Christmas-Let's... spend this Christmas together! You have to pick
    That's sympathetic~ For the first option and then follow the rest that is given on this page to get a special picture!

    1. thank you, I'll try that our next time :)

  68. Luca: Park, church, restaurant 54+ affection

    1. This amount of affection is due to the affection boost that is going on. I don't believe that church is one of his best date spots since it is mentioned that Luca hates church.

  69. Reinhard date path store Theatre Library +46affection

    1. The 46+ affection is due to the event that's going on with affection boost. His date route is still library, theater & cafe = 48 + affection

  70. Reinhard gifts
    Almond cookie + 12
    Strawberry pudding +40

  71. While I was doing art classes I got special event with Reispalt o-O

    'Maybe you will feel ashamed.'
    - "You think too much." and I got + 5 charm (I think 5, pretty sure something around it)

  72. ʍıςς վσυkαıJune 17, 2016 at 3:10 PM

    I get higher affection for these, but I make sure his mood is ALWAYS 100.

  73. Theathre ➡Marketplace ➡ Cafe date (Luca)


    I really want to see this. (0 mood +17 affection)
    (Maybe the right answer is "let's watch it togehter")

    3rd question
    I was very moved today (5+ mood, +34 affection) highest score

  74. Thanks for updating! :)

    For Luca

    Please keep hold of my hand!
    Luca can hold me.(O mood +18 affection)
    Shy girls will hold you.

    1. The highest score should be "shy girl will hold you"

  75. For the "Warmth in Winter" CG:

    Invitation from Luca: It's nice today...Could you talk a walk with me?

    Am I? (+0 mood, +17 affection)
    You must be wrong (-3 mood, 0 affection)
    I'm good. (+5 mood +24 affection)

    What happened before? (+0 mood, +17 affection)
    Did you meet danger on the snow mountain? (-3 mood, +0 affection)
    We should also pay attention to the these when going on a trip. (+5 mood, +24 affection)

    I brought some snacks (+0 mood, +17 affection)
    Didn't expect you were hungry. (-3 mood, +0 affection)
    I'll cook for you (+5 mood, +24 affecion)

    We cannot reach the top of the mountains if we don't go across (+0 mood, +17 affection)
    Let me think about it. (-3 mood, +0 affection)
    We'd better go across (+ 5 mood, +24 affection)

    Received "Warmth in Winter" CG if selected all the right choices.
    I got this CG after a few tries orz

  76. Luca brainstorm
    Which of the following types of woods smell Nice?
    A. Oak Wood
    B. Sandalwood (+0 mood +24 affection)
    C. Cedarwood
    D. Leach wood

  77. Katy event brainstorm
    What is the breathing rate for running?
    A.3 steps inhale 3 steps exhale
    B.2 steps inhale 2 steps exhale
    C.3 steps inhale 2 steps exhale(not this one)
    D.4 steps inhale 4 steps exhale

  78. Luca brainstorm
    Which is not right about bear habits?
    A. They like eating ants (not this)
    B. They are individual animals
    C. They don't settle down in a same place
    D. They are predators
    i adjusted the question and the answers (their meanings are the same but the words may not)

    1. The answer is D ,predators :)

  79. Elvin

    "I miss you. Could you go out?"

    It's ok. You'll get used to it. (-3 mood +0 affection)
    Let's go to the divination house! (+5 mood +26 affection)

    I feel like it is not reliable
    Let's go to the cafe (+5 mood +36 affection)
    Though it is strange, this is the only way

    Have more (-3 mood +0 affection)
    Is only the coffee good
    It's really good (+0 mood +18 affection)

    You laugh at me again (+0 mood +18 affection)
    It's boring! (-3 mood, +0 affection)
    I'll use all your money!


    From the message:
    Don't worry! It is a psychological illness. It can't be cured easily. (+0 mood +0 affection)
    You will be fine.
    I will help you overcome it. Don't worry.


    A better dating spot

    +37 affection

  80. Does anyone know how to unlock Reinhard? ^.^

    1. Pretty sure you have to unlock him. He costs like 86 or 68 of those Love thingys. You have to unlock Aoi as well.

      The Love Wheel thingy that you can spin everyday gives you the Love thingys you need, but you only get 1 a day, sometimes more if you're lucky with the wheel or with dating, etc. If you check out the shop there, it'll sometimes display Aoi or Reinhard--the shop's inventory changes.

    2. You can buy the charcter on love shop, or test your luck on love wheel. I got reinhard from love wheel. But I think it won't be that easy to get Aoi and Neil.

    3. Ughh I have only 18..68 is too far away! >.< hope got lucky at love wheel!!

      Also do I really need to buy/unlock Aoi first to unlock Reinhard? Ahh.. so not fair :(

      Thank you !! :) for replies..

  81. Hello everyone! Does anyone know how to earn more JP ( Journey Point), I am having only one JP and I dont even know how I got it. I want to get more to exchange some clothes, thank you!

    1. To earn JP, there's a book in your room called "daily". Click and complete 9 quest, you will rewarded 1 JP. Other ways to earn JP: achievement and time event (a new week)

  82. Luca invite

    "Um.... if you have time, come to Yusseta's studio"

    (Cute clothes) +5 mood, +12 affection for what I did

    Reispalt: No matter what, help me entertain these guests first so that I can have time to help you.

    • Well ok.
    • You're right
    • I have something urgent to talk to Luca. (-3 mood, +0 Affection  [I knew I picked wrong! xP])

    Luca: I have to go. Please help me keep this store if you have time.

    • Don't be in such a hurry
    • Go on with your chores
    • Come back soon (+5 mood, +24 Affection)

    Yusseta: I'm a little hungry. I want to eat eggs!

    • You should have a good rest now.
    • Are you very hungry?
    • Let me cook two eggs for you. (+5 mood, +24 Affection)

    Us: Do you like desserts?
    Luca: Why?

    • Don't be shy.
    • I'd like to make desserts for you. (+0 mood, +12 Affection)
    • I've a gift for you.

    1. For the clothing I used the Dream Flower set and got +8 mood (sorry can't remember the Affection)

      First selection answer:

      You're right (+5 mood, +24 Affection)

      Last selection

      I've a gift for you (+5 mood, +24 Affection)

      I got the Sweet Kitchen CG after having this a few times.

    2. Awesome thanks! I got +5? Mood and +12 Affection for "well, okay" in the first one.

  83. how do i get confession scene

  84. I can't remember which date this was but:

    Luca needs a white coat.
    The Brown coat is a good choice. (Mood +5, Affection +22)
    The Blue coat is a good choice.

    On another note, I think we really need a forum for certain date attire too ><;; Did anyone get a perfect 5 stars for 3.3 Art Gallery & 3.7 Twilight Port? I keep getting 4 stars because I'd get 5+ * on one category but 4* on the other category that's required. How did you girls coordinate your outfits? -Riyumi

    1. The moderator of the Romantic Diary Facebook group has a walkthrough for those: http://lucakuma.tumblr.com/tags

      Here's the group link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/214419748944482/

    2. Wow very nice info tircolas, anyway what's you invite number?

    3. My in-game ID# is 387226.

      My invite # is... 162051844

      And thank you, Kaze Chan! But most of my info is from the Facebook group, so I can't take the credit!

  85. Just sharing
    Reinhart special date: Store ➡ Forest ➡ Divination House

    Leisure style
    ▫Girls are born to like shopping (+5 mood, 20 affection)
    ▫I still want to buy.
    ▫We're late. They're sold out.

    ▫Common people don't have much money.
    ▫I should let him know how to spend money!
    ▫This only way that I can help you is to confiscate your money. ( +5 mood, +22 affection)

    ▫Haha, you think quick.
    ▫It's good that you can understand. (0 mood +11 affection)
    ▫Is it hard to understand?

    ▫above my career.
    ▫about my fortune. (-3 mood, 0 affection)
    ▫above love

    1. · Haha, you think quick. (+5 mood, 20 affection)
      · About love (+5 mood, 20 affection)
      I don't remember if it was 20, 22 or 25 but the affection was at least something with 20

  86. Elvin: amusement park date
    - Elvin, we don't need to pay for it. > affection +14
    - It's mine! Let's ride it for free!
    - I can't break a rule. I have to pay for it.

    Elvin: cafe date
    - I will help you overcome it. Don't worry! >> affection +40 (but this was during affection+ event, so maybe more like +20 or something?)
    - Don't worry! It's a psychological illness. It can't be cured easily.
    - You will be fine.

    1. Elvin: brainstorm (is this the right place to put it? x.x)
      Do you know what the original form of the air gun is?
      a) rifle >> +24 affection
      b) spear
      c) slingshot
      d) tympany

  87. Anyone know how to open the secret diaries that can be purchased/given from the love shop/love wheel? I own some but I can't find it anywhere in my inventory to open

  88. Is it only me or did the game broke down after last update? O.O"

    1. Huh... Mine's just fine. :o What's wrong with yours?

      Is it the Chinese thingy? If that's it, go to the Manage Account on the login screeny and click on the Chinese, then cancel, then the English one and try logging in again?

  89. Reinhard:

    Yogurt Pudding(+43 affection)

  90. Luca brainstorm during teather date. .

    What is origin of opera?

    Greek drama
    Roman music drama
    Stage play

    Answer Roman music drama ( +0 mood +22 affection)

  91. Please HELP! How do I get to mystic shop? I can't find it

    1. The mystic shop randomly appears and disappears. It always notifies you whenever it appears though.

  92. Reinhard:

    Kathy said that your birthday is coming soon.

    Reinhard, can I trouble you to help me thank her~
    She is so nice (mood 0, affection +12)
    Will you give me a gift too?

  93. You're very strange today! You're dating me, but you keep talking about Lucas.

    What do you want to do?
    Don't you like Lucas?
    Did Lucas confess to you? (mood 0, affection +12)

    I think "Lucas" here is referring to Luca, but the translation on the whole scene is even worse than usual so it's hard to tell.

    1. Oops, forgot to add this is for Reinhard!

  94. More events from Elvin!

    It's nice of you. Your coat makes me really warm +5+26
    Aren't you cold?
    You're really nice

    I won't get hurt as long as you accompany me +5+26
    Elvin, you hurt me!
    Elvin, you're not afraid of girls now

    Sorry. I ignored your feelings. -3+0
    Haha, it's easy to win +0+13
    I was quick. Give me five (really?)

    Love, constellation, and learning +0+18
    It's not convenient to tell you now -3+0
    It was all about you

    I also want to give you something (I believe this was the better one)
    Thank you

    This is a punishment for you +5+26
    Just a joke. Calm down.
    Haha, you're tricked!

    I lost my balance +0+13
    I'm sorry. I touched you again.
    What a profound lesson.

    I promise I won't happen again +5+26
    I'm sorry that let you worry about me.

    And this is triggered from dating Yusetta at the theater I believe -

    Hmph! I'm not lying!
    Yusetta, you look at me carefully! +0+25
    Have you learned mind-reading?

  95. please add me 630416430

  96. For Luca's gifts, Antique Jade adds +5 or +6, I forgot which

  97. Reinhard:

    It seems that she is very upset too.

    You seem to be upset with the same thing
    Do you mean the engagement between you? (mood 0, affection +12)
    Isn't it upsetting?

  98. Luca:
    Theater ➺ Marketplace ➺ Cafe Date
    I was very moved today! (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
    I think Luca knows about girl.
    I really want that bracelet.

  99. Elvin: Ghost House

    As long as you are with me, i will go...
    Ok lets go! (0 mood +14 Affection)
    I am not afraid of that!

  100. Elvin Special event

    you should make the decision.
    I can't make decisions.
    Well, Ok. (0 mood, +30 Affection)

  101. Brainstorm (special event)

    How did ancient people divine?

    A.Observe palmprints and fingerprints
    B.Pray to the god
    C.Watch schell cracks (artistic +10)

  102. Elvin

    Because i am different than other girls. (+0 mood +0 affection)
    Because i look like a boy.
    Because we are friends.

  103. From Luca's invitation :

    I've found a nice beverage shop. Go with me!

    Please keep hold of my hand! (-3 Mood, +0 Affection)
    Luca can hold me. (+0 Mood, +12 Affection)
    Shy girls will hold you.

  104. Hello, I just recently got Yusetta and posted some date info on the wrong page so here I go again...
    -Aren't I wrong ?
    -You are!
    -Both of us are jealous. (Mood +0 Affection +25)
    -We're good friends. (Mood +0 Affection +25)
    -It has nothing to do with us.
    -We don't quarrel with each other.
    -Yusetta, you look at me carefully! (Mood +0 Affection +25)
    -Humph! I'm not lying!
    -Have you learned mind-reading ?

    Here is what I have up'till now. I'll keep posting in the replies when I have more info and you are welcomed to add at any time :)

  105. ________
    -You and Luca...
    -A three person date is good.
    -I didn't expect that! (Mood +0 Affection +0

  106. There is a date where Reinhard invites you out to the mall. These are all the correct answers!


    -I still want to buy
    -We're late. They are sold out.
    -Girls are born to like shopping (+5 mood +22 affection)

    -The only way I can help you is to confiscate your money (+5 mood +22 affection)
    -I should let him know how to spend money!
    -Common people don't have much money

    -Is it hard to understand?
    -It's good that you can understand
    -Haha, you think quick (+5 mood +22 affection)

    -Above my career
    -About fortune!
    -About love (+5 mood +22 affection)

  107. Elvin gifts:

    French toast +28
    Coconut custard +50

    Luca gift:

    French toast +22

  108. Event with Elvin~

    *after giving him bottle of water" Thank you, (name)!
    - You're welcome! +0 mood +15 affection

    There was only this one question tho :/

  109. I've found a nice beverage shop. Go with me!
    Please stay with me if I'm afraid. (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
    Luca is a man!
    Ok, ok, I understand!

    Don't you want to sit down with me for a while?
    I can still with you. (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
    I'm a little tired.

    I'm good.
    I still want to hang out with Luca. (+5 Mood, +24 Affection)
    You don't want to stay with me?

    Please keep hold of my hand! (-3 Mood, +0 Affection)
    Luca can hold me.(+0 Mood, +13 Affection)
    Shy girls will hold you.

  110. with Luca on a date, cafe>beach>amusement park,
    I got quest to choose drink:
    caramel macchiato (+0 mood, +0 affection)
    fruit tea
    I choose wrong :(

  111. With Luca on date divinition house>store>theather

    Speaking of date,I should bring Luca sone food...what should I take?

    Honey cake --- mood 0 affection +28
    Matcha muffin
    Yogurt pudding

  112. Working at cafe // special event with Elvin.. he stayed late during studying & he needs coffee..

    Which type of coffee most useful?

    Costarica coffee
    Expresso .. 0 mood +10 affection // spirit +3

  113. Elvin // gift

    Fresh milk +5 affection

  114. Working cafe // special event

    Which type of milk not suitable For latte art?

    Low lactose milk
    Semi - skimmed milk
    Whole milk
    Skimmed milk -- +5 Int

  115. does anyone know what is "sky tower" or where it is? :/

  116. It's a feature that hasn't been released yet :)

    1. Thank you Sarah! :)
      Sometimes the game is too confusing! *sighs*

      Do u also know how to obtain 5 star at dream forest for "ice crystal girl" ? No matter what I try i always end up 3 star..need inspiration book >.<

  117. Finally I got Reinhard!! :)

    Elf tale +1 affection
    Cosmetic box +2 affection
    Snuff bottle +4 affection
    Souffle +6

  118. Elvin invitation

    Street style

    1. The rest is on you 0 mood +12 affection
    Elvin is dilatory too
    Me too -- believe this is better option?

    2.I see 0 mood +12
    Ur meal is getting cold
    Take me

    3.Let's see the carefully selected performance
    Let's go
    Let's go quickly +5 mood +24 affection

    4.The god of forest will help us to decide mood 0 affection +12
    It cannot be decided by me
    I don't know

    Opps maybe if I picked all true answers a moment will be shared? Hmmm..

    1. 1. Me too (+5 mood +22 affection)

      2. Take me (+5 mood +22 affection)

      4. It cannot be decided by me (+5 mood +22 affection)

      In the end you get +16 Int from Elvin

  119. Yusetta special event:

    You are sad because you are hungry.
    So you are really in bad mood?
    I never thought that my cooking could be a cure (0 mood, 23+ Affection)


  120. Please keep hold of my hand! (-3 Mood, +0 Affection)

    Luca can hold me.(0 mood, +11 affection)

    Shy girls will hold you

  121. The Reinhard date information is wrong. Got me in trouble. "It's embarrassing" is the worst response, not the best

  122. Don't get late for the date this afternoon. -Luca

    (Cute style, I used the Singer Idol outfit set, got +8 mood and +12 affection)

    "A princess in pajamas lying on the floor?"

    • I'll rely on myself
    • This is the only way (+0 mood, +12 affection)
    • There are no air conditioners!

    "At least there is I that feeling is boring." (What is with these translations half the time?!)

    • Remind you of bad memories? (+0 mood, +12 affection)
    • Luca is stubborn [yes he is]
    • Lets get something to eat. <--- probably correct since they eat next

    "Isn't it mine?"

    • If you change your mind
    • If you weren't so stubborn
    • if you agreed with me (+5 mood, +24 Affection)

    "I don't  care. It won't be toxic."

    • Only eat one!
    • Then eat it!
    • Just eat a few! (+0 mood, +12 affection)

  123. Brainstorm question
    What is the right diet way?
    A. Vitamin C cannot be eaten in the summer
    B. White sugar cannot dispel the affects of alcohol
    C. Persimmons cannot be eaten after eating crabs
    D. Soybean milk cant be drubk in the morning

    Help i cant find the answer anywhere

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Love to the Top,3,Blissful Fete,1,Blissfully Yours,1,Blood Domination,5,Book 2,3,Botan,1,Broken Clock,2,Byron Wagner,2,Caesar Raphael,1,Cai Liyue,1,Cain Langridge X Ikumi Stark,1,Carlo Mazza,1,Carter Harris,1,Casual Route,1,Celina,1,Celis Valentine,1,Cerberus,1,Cerim,1,Cheritz,6,Cherry Petals and Fortunes,1,Chester x Allis,1,Chevalier Michel,1,Chezem,1,Chiaki Kira,2,Chigaya x Natsume,1,Chihaya Koda,1,Chihaya x Takamine,1,Chisa Fukumura,1,Chou no Doku,1,Chris Armstrong,1,Chronus,1,Chronus Carlyle,1,Ciagram,3,Cinderella,1,Cinderella Phenomenon,6,Cinderella TV,4,Cindo,1,Claude,2,Clive Felix,1,Clive Lagrene,1,CloudNovel,1,Cody Gray,1,Contract Marriage +,2,Cornelius Cruz,1,Court of Darkness,16,Crowlie,1,Cybird,64,Cyril,3,D-techno,2,Daikichi Hirose,1,Dangerous Fellows,1,Darius Rosenberg,1,Date Masamune,3,Date Shigezane,1,Dead or Love,4,Dean,1,Dean F Irving,1,Dean Price,1,Dear Devere,1,DeareaD Inc,4,Deep Story,2,Destined to Love,1,Destiny Ninja,10,Destiny Ninja 2,16,Developer Terms,1,Dia Akedia,1,Dicesuki,5,DigiSky,3,Dino Bardi,1,DLC,1,Earl,1,Eden of Ikemen,5,Edgar Bright,2,Eduard,1,Edward Hyde,1,Edward Leviancois,1,Egypshka,1,Eight Sweets,1,Eiji Sengoku,3,Element Tree,2,Elias Goldstein,2,Elvin,1,Email Inbox,1,EMIQ,5,Emulate Thrill,2,En,1,Enojo,1,Enya,1,Ephemeral Dreams Eternal Love,1,Eric Etienne Charles x Kazusa Cleves,1,Estel,1,Eternal Ending,1,Ethan,2,Eugene,1,Eugene Wainwright,1,Event,21,Ever After,7,favary,3,Favary Inc,2,Fenn Luxure,2,Fenrir,3,Fenrir Godspeed,1,Feral Boyfriend,4,Ferris,1,First Lady Diaries,5,First Love Story,1,Flanelia,3,Flirt Time,3,Florin Arden,1,Fluffy Fuzzy Time,2,Forbidden Love,1,Frederick Grey,1,Fritz,2,Fujibayashi Sakuya,1,Furutsugu Akishino,1,Fuyukiku,1,Gaia Ijuin,2,Gekka Kamitani,1,Genius Inc,1,Genshin,4,Genshin Impact,5,Gentoka,1,Genya Fujibayashi,1,George Lestrade,1,Gilbert Rance,1,Giles Christophe,2,Gin Shinonome,1,Gingetsu x Kasumi,1,Glenn J. Casiraghi,1,Glenn Qing,1,Goemon Ishikawa,1,Goyo,1,Gray,1,Grayson Hotz,1,Gretel,1,Griffon,1,Grimm,1,Guard Me Sherlock!,14,Guardian Deity,3,Guo Liyao,1,Guy,1,Guy Avari,1,Guy Kurihara,1,Hades,1,Hajime,1,Haku,1,Halcyon Cafe,1,Hanayome,6,Hansel,1,Hanzo Hattori,1,Harr Silver,1,Harry,1,Haruichi Mamiya,3,Haruka Utsunomiya,1,Haruma Fujisaki,1,Haruomi,1,Haruto Kagurazaka,1,Hattori Hanzo,2,Hattori Hanzo Kazemasa,1,Hayato,1,Hayato Natsukawa,1,Hayato Sumeragi,1,Hayato Takano,1,Heartmann,1,Henrik K,1,Henry Jekyll,1,Hibiki Shiina,1,Hideyoshi Toyotomi,2,High School Otome,1,Hiiragi x Kikyo,1,Hijikata,1,Hikage,1,Hikobane,1,Hino Youta,1,Hiro,1,His Feelings,1,Hisanori Sato,1,Hisoka Hagakure,1,Honkai,6,Honkai Impact,10,Honkai Impact 3rd,11,Honkai: Star Rail,1,Hotaka,1,Hotaru Kirigakure,1,Hoyovers,1,HoYoverse,10,Hugo Peers,1,Hyosuke,1,Hyuga,1,Hyun Ryu,3,Ibuki,1,Ibuki Mitsumine,1,Ibuki Yurino,1,Ichika,1,Ichiro Sakaki,1,Idea Factory,1,Ieyasu Tokugawa,3,Ike Barnes,1,Ikemen Prince,5,Ikemen Revolution,15,Ikemen Sengoku,17,Ikemen Series,25,Ikemen Vampire,11,Illegal Romance,1,Ingrays,3,Interspace Co,1,Iori Kitami,1,iOS,3,Ira,1,Isaac,1,Isaac Newton,1,Isami Kondo,1,Isekai Darling,1,Isle of Colde,1,Isuka,2,It's Our Secret,1,Itaru Yuikawa,3,Itsuki Kanamura,1,Ivan,1,Ivan Carles,1,Ivy Attwood,1,Izayoi x Uzuki,1,J.J.,1,Jack of Hearts,1,Jack of Spades,1,Jack Stillman,1,Jacob Taylor,1,Jaehee Kang,3,James Moriarty,2,Jared,1,Jasper Lane,2,Jean,1,Jean d'Arc,1,Jeremy Cassel,1,Ji Cangming,1,Jihyun Kim,3,Joe Yazawa,1,Joel Crawford,2,John H. Watson,2,Joker,1,Joker Braze,1,Jonah,1,Jonas Klukas,1,Joshua,3,Joshua Lieben,1,Jumin Han,3,Jun,1,Kaede x Yuzuki,1,Kagura,1,Kaido Haruma,1,Kaito,2,Kakizaki Kageie,1,Kaname Todo,1,Kaname Yomoda,1,Kanata Andoh,1,Kanata Ichijima,1,Kanetsugu Naoe,1,Kaoru Kozuka,2,Kaoru Kuryu,1,Karma,2,Kasuga,1,Kasumi,1,Katakura Kojuro,1,Katy133,1,Kazuha x Yuugiri,1,Kazuki Kurashima,1,Kazumi Kagami,3,Kei Hasegawa,1,Kei x Zakuro,1,Keima Katagiri,1,Keisuke Shijo,1,Keisuke Udo,2,Keita Sakurai,1,Keith Alford,1,Keith Elliot,1,Kennyo,1,Kento Miyoshi,1,Khaim,1,Kichou,1,Kikyo,1,Kila,1,King of Hearts,1,King of Spades,1,Kinshiro,1,Kite,1,Kiyohiro Amemiya,1,Kiyosumi x Rin,1,Klaus Goldstein,3,Knight,1,Kodonomae,1,Kohei Kusunoki,1,Kojuro Katakura,1,Kotaro Fuma,1,Kotaro Kamiyama,2,Kou,1,Kunihiko Aikawa,2,Kunihiro,1,Kunio Muroi,1,Kurama Tengu,1,Kuso-no-Mikoto,1,Kusuniki Nozomi,1,Kyle,2,Kyle Ash,1,Kyle Knock,1,Kyoichiro Narukami,1,Kyoko Kuramochi,1,Laetisum Warrior,1,Lambert,1,Lance,1,Lancelot Kingsley,1,Lars,1,Lawrence,1,Leo,1,Leo Crawford,2,Leo x Satsuki,1,Leon,1,Leon Dompteur,2,Leon Poker,1,Leonardo,1,Leonardo da Vinci,1,Leonhardt,1,Leslie,1,Levi,1,Lex Caraballo,1,Li Jun,1,Liar!,13,Liars Route,4,Licht,1,Light,1,Lin Chong,1,Lionel Saito,1,Lloyd Grandier,2,Loki Genetta,1,Lost Alice,22,Lost Island +,4,Lotte's Forest,4,Lou,1,Louis Farinelli,1,Louis Howard,2,Love Complex,4,Love in a Lost World,5,Love Never Dies,4,Love Pandemonium,3,Love Tangle,16,Love365,3,Lovely Inc,3,Lovers Route,5,Luca,3,Luca Orlem,1,Luciel Choi,3,Lucious Duller,1,Lucydreams,1,Lugar,2,Luka Clemence,1,Luke,1,Luke Estheim,1,Lumiere Rousseau,1,Lust in Terror Manor,3,Lynt Akedia,1,Mad Hatter,1,Maeda Keiji,1,Maeda Toshiie,1,Magic Sword +,3,Makoto,2,Manica,1,Mardin,1,Marius,2,MARS RED,2,MARSRED,2,Masaki Igami,1,Masamune Date,4,Mashiro,1,Maxim Morozoff,1,Maximilian Warrior,1,May Akutsu,1,Maynard,2,Mei Kira,1,Mei Tarantino,1,Mel Glover,1,Melchiorre,1,Midnight Cinderella,18,Midori Kyoizumi,1,Miguel Hernandez,1,miHoyo,31,Mikah Hudson,1,Mike,1,Minami Kira,2,Minoru Yokoyama,1,Mio Takanashi,1,Mirai Kageyama,1,Mistress Contract,1,Mitsuhide Akechi,2,Mitsunari Ishida,3,Mitsuru,1,Miyabi,1,Mizuki,1,Modern Cinderella,10,Mokoto Takatoohara,2,Mononoke Kiss +,5,Moses Jackson,1,Motona,1,Moving Forward In Life & Love!,1,Munenori Yagyu,1,Musashi Miyamoto,1,My Alice Romance,3,My Boss is Too Hot and Wild!,3,My Fairy Tales +,5,My Forged Wedding,18,My Love For You Is Evermore,3,My Mystic Romance,3,My Samurai Romance,2,My Superstar Boyfriend,3,My Sweet Prince +,7,Mycroft Holmes,1,Mystery at the Movie Club,2,Mystic Messenger,8,Nagi,1,Nagi Arisugawa,1,Nagit,1,Naoki Hozumi,1,Naoki Kokonoe,1,Naoto Fuyuno,1,Napoleon Bonaparte,1,Narumi x Mizuho,1,Natsume,1,Neil Mirror,1,News,50,Nexus Code,3,Nezu Jinpachi,1,NGames,1,Nick,1,Nico Meier,2,Nicolas,1,Niflheim+,8,Nightmare Harem,1,Ninja Assassin+,9,Ninja Love +,9,Ninja Shadow,38,Nino,2,Nobunaga Oda,5,Nobuyuki Sanada,1,Noel Aijima,1,Nokto Klein,2,Nolan Zarek Jr.,1,Noritsune,1,Norton,1,Nox Noir,1,Ntt Solmare,199,NXX,8,Oboro,1,Ocean,1,Oda Nobunaga,4,Office Deception,2,Oga Baselt x Yury Beltot,1,Okita,1,Okko,3,Oliver Cowell,1,Oliver Knight,1,Oman,1,Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale,7,Oriental Bride of the Emperor,4,Orkan,1,Orlando,1,Oruteo Landorus,1,Otome,7,Otome Games,41,Otome Romance,99,Outlander Fantastic Princess,1,Owen Chester,1,Oz+,7,Pablo Sanchez,1,Paid,12,Pale Ghost,1,PARTY,64,Patrick Hughes,1,Paul Morgan,1,Philippe,1,Princess of the Moon,6,Psychixx,1,Pure Love,2,Qelsum,1,quads,1,quads Official,1,Queen of Hearts,1,Queen of Spades,1,Raffle,1,Raizo,1,Rami Zaza,1,Ran,1,Randy March,2,Rapunzel,1,Ray,1,Ray Blackwell,2,Rayvis Harneit,1,Red Huber,1,Rei Shindo,1,Reina Miyata,1,Reinhard,1,Ren,1,Ren Kosaka,1,Ren Nishimura,1,Ren Shibasaki,2,Rennoshin,1,Reverse Tale of Genji,1,Review,2,Revisiting Youth,2,Rex,1,Rika Kim,2,Rindoh,1,Rintaro Murayama,1,Rio Voleri,2,Ripple Effect Stories,1,Ritsu,1,Ritsu Igarashi,1,Ritsuka & Kazehaya,1,Robert Branche,1,Robert Moore,1,Roberto Button,1,Rod,2,Romantic Diary,2,Romantic Rail Trip,1,Rossiyskaya,3,Roy Invidia,1,Rucia,2,Rudolf,1,Rudy,1,Rui Akizuki,1,Ruka Jinguji,1,Rumpel,2,Ryan Gray,1,Ryo Iwase,1,Ryo Kurosaki,1,Ryo Tsuzuki,1,Ryoichi Hirose,2,Ryoji Kaji,1,Ryoma Sakamoto,1,Ryunosuke,1,Ryuzaburo,1,Saeki Takamasa,3,Saeran Choi,2,Saeyoung Choi,2,Saizo Kirigakure,3,Sakomoto,1,Saku Fukazawa,2,Sale,1,Samurai Love Ballad,31,Samurai Night Romance,3,Sanada Yukimura,2,Sanosuke,1,Sarutobi Sasuke,2,Sasuke Sarutobi,1,Satsuki Kitaoji,2,Scarlet Fate+,5,Scheming Socialites,2,Schwarz,1,Sealed with a Kiss,1,Sealed with a Kiss Re,4,Seanwhite,1,Season 1,1,Season 2,45,Sebastian,1,Sebastian Moran,1,Secrets in Spade,2,Secrets of the Tomb,1,Seiji,1,Seiya,1,Sengoku Love,3,Senri Hiiragi,1,Sequel,13,Seraphino,1,Serge,1,Serge x Yayoi,1,Seth Hyde,1,Seven Hotties,15,Several Shades of Sadism,12,Shall We Date?,228,Sherlock Holmes,2,Shi Jin,1,Shigure & Amagi,1,Shinnosuke Tokura,1,Shinsaku Takasugi,1,Shintaro,1,Shion,2,Shiori Kojima,1,Shiroya,1,Shizuka Kira,1,Shizuki Tojo,1,Shotaro Suzumiya,1,Shouta Aoi,1,Shun Nanakubo,2,Shunya Tsukino,1,Shuten-doji,1,Sid,1,Sid Arnault,2,Sidd Rex,1,Sigurd,1,Sigurd Curtis,1,Silvan Glanzschmidt,1,Silvio,1,Simon,1,Singing in a Twilight World with You,3,Sion,1,Sirius Oswald,1,Skeletiano,1,Sleepless Cinderella,10,Snowfallen Secrets,1,Sohma,1,Soichiro Tachibana,2,Soji,1,Soji Okita,1,Soji Shirogane,1,Solomon,1,Soma Kujou,1,Sosuke Suo,1,Sotaro Shiga,3,Sou,1,Souji Kurosawa,1,SpaceOut,3,Spin-offs,13,Spinner of Tales,1,Sports Club BF,3,Steam,1,Stellis,16,Suo,1,Suzuto x Sora,1,Taiga Kirisame,2,Takao Maruyama,3,Takeda Shingen,2,Takeru x Rui,1,Takumi Saiki,1,Takuya Momose,1,Tamaki x Mutsumi,1,Tamamomae,1,Tamao,1,Tatsuki Kanamura,1,Tatsumi x Shiki,1,Tears of Themis,25,Ted,1,Tekikare,3,Terms of Service,1,The Cinderella Contract,19,The Great Fiance Hunt,1,The Heart of Tales,1,The Mystic Land of Tales,2,Theodorous van Gogh,1,Theophilus Arkwright,1,Three Guys That Paint,1,Thumbelina,1,Timo Salminen,1,Tino Maes,1,Toa Kiffel,1,Toga Leed,1,Tokito Tsukina,1,Tokugawa,1,Tom,1,Toma Kira,1,Toru,1,Toshizo Hijikata,1,Tou,1,Toya,1,Toya Kagurazaka,1,Toya Kashi,1,Triangle / Cross,2,Tsubaki,1,Tsubasa Suo,2,Turkiye,3,Ubel,1,Uesugi Kenshin,3,Ukyo,1,Ultimate,6,Uncover the Truth,8,Under the Red Moon,4,Underdogs Inc,9,Unification End,1,Unknown,1,Updating,6,Valentin Blom,1,Valentino Maes,1,Vampire Boyfriend Plus,3,Vampire Love,3,Victor,3,Victor Trieste,1,Vincent Knight,2,Vincent van Gogh,1,VIP,1,Voltage,97,Vyn,1,Wakasa,1,Walkthrough,569,Waltz,2,Wayne Blouse,1,Wesley,1,WH,1,Wicked Wolves,8,Wilfred A. Spencer,1,Willem,1,Willem V. Rembrandt,1,William Moss,1,William Shakespeare,1,Wizardess Heart+,39,Wolf Toxic,7,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,1,Wu Yong,1,Wylder Kelly,1,Xian,1,Yahiro Kyogoku,1,Yamato Kougami,3,Yamato Mitsurugi,1,Yamato Uzuki,1,Yangzi Sun,1,Yaoi,42,Yaoi Ooku: Distorted Love,2,Yayoi,2,Yelisei,2,Yoosung Kim,3,Yoshimasa,1,Yoshitsune of Minamoto,1,Yoshiyuki,1,Yousuke Ina,2,Yuki Kamitani,2,Yukimura Sanada,2,Yukito Hayami,1,Yukiya Reizen,2,Yuma Kuga,1,Yuri,2,Yusei Sasaki,1,Yuta Kajima,2,Yuuya Touno,1,Yuzuki,1,Yuzuki Kitaoji,2,Yves Kloss,1,Zack,1,Zain,1,Zen,3,Zero,1,Zeus Brundle,1,Zion,1,
☆*:.。Blah-Bidy-Blah。.:*☆: [Event] Romantic Diary: Pure Love: Date
[Event] Romantic Diary: Pure Love: Date
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