[Walkthrough] My Mystic Romance ~ Under the Red Moon: Rucia

We will no longer be updating the Under the Red Moon walkthroughs.
Myxprint is in the process of writing new posts now that the publisher has changed and the game is now known as Nightmare Harem.

Please refer to Rucia's new walkthrough: Nightmare Harem - Rucia

** Special thanks to Kristen Roland, Haruna, and vampireliona1996 for contributing!

In any of the Under the Red Moon routes, if you select an answer and get a pause and sparkly background after choosing that answer, you chose the correct one. If you don't get the right answer the first time, my suggestion is to click the drop down menu, select "quit," then restart the chapter scene. This is what I do in order to get the correct answer(s).

------------------ [ Chapter 1 ] ------------------
Scene 1
I. Taking a walk?
II. I was lost in thought.
III. I was enjoying the view.

Scene 8
I. I heard you.
II. Pardon me?
III. Answer me first.

Scene 12
I. Apologize again.
II. Blame me.
III. I will make up for it.

Scene 14
I. Want him to say something.
II. Ask if he came to rescue me.
III. Ask if he's still angry.

------------------ [ Chapter 2 ] ------------------
Scene 2
I. Knock.
II. Stay there.
III. Ask Kurt what to do.

Scene 6
I. Yes.
II. No.
III. Remain silent. 

Scene 12
I. Ask if he's tired.
II. Ask if he slept well.
III. Say it's nothing.

Scene 14
I. Defend Lord Rucia.
II. Defend Lord Levi.
III. Call out to Sir Khaim for help.

------------------ [ Chapter 3 ] ------------------
Scene 4
I. Thank you for your concern.
II. What do you mean by worse?
III. It's your responsibility.

Scene 7
I. Ask him.
II. Don't ask him.
III. Ask him indirectly.

Scene 9
I. Start to speak.
II. Remain silent.
III. Wish him to speak.

Scene 12
I. Say Levi is acting strange.
II. Ask what's up with Levi.
III. Ask if he felt anything odd.

Scene 14
I. Was brought into this.
II. Am you servant.
III. Live here too.

------------------ [ Chapter  4] ------------------
Scene 4
I. Try to leave the place.
II. Hurry to Lord Rucia.
III. Try to enter the room.

Scene 6
I. Ask if I could help.
II. Ask if he'd do something.
III. Tell him I don't want to.

Scene 9
I. Tell him that he was wrong.
II. Think harder.
III. Tell him that you understand.

Scene 12
I. Tell him it's not my will.
II. Ask him why he's so calm.
III. Tell him nothing happened.

Scene 15
I. Thankfully receive some.
II. Do not receive.
III. Ask him to choose some for you.

------------------ [ Chapter 5b ] ------------------
Scene 1
I. Yes.
II. You're the one who missed me.
III. Of course not.

Scene 6
I. Say no.
II. Say yes.
III. Ask if it is alright for me to go.

Scene 11
I. May I help you?
II. Did I do something wrong?
III. Do you need Lord Levi?

Scene 13
I. I didn't.
II. Perhaps.
III. He's not you.

Scene 14
I. Thank me for what?
II. You, thanking me?
III. There's no need to thank me.

------------------ [ Chapter 6 ] ------------------
Scene 2
I. Say that I wasn't.
II. Look at Lord Rucia.
III. Say I was happy.

Scene 5
I. I deny it.
II. I thank him.
III. Remain silent.

Scene 10
I. I need to talk to you.
II. Start with a small chat.
III. I need an advice.

Scene 13
I. Report to Lord Rucia.
II. Suspect that it was Lord Levi.
III. Look for Oswald.

------------------ [ Chapter 7 ] ------------------
Scene 7
I. Ask for an explanation.
II. Persuade him.
III. Think silently.

Scene 15
I. I'm alright.
II. Are you alright?
III. Lord Mephi will be alright.

(It is confirmed that there are only to scenes with answer selections in Chapter 7.)

------------------ [ Chapter 8b ] ------------------
Scene 3
I. I was worried.
II. Nothing.
III. I need him for something.

Scene 5
I. Tell him that I can't.
II. Tell him that I can.
III. Can't say anything.

Scene 8
I. If he's in a bad mood.
II. If I did something.
III. Nothing.

Scene 10
I. Enter cheerfully.
II. Just stick to the chores.
III. Ask Krut to do it for you.

Scene 14
I. About the Great Lord?
II. About while you're away?
III. Yes I was.

------------------ [ Chapter 9b ] ------------------
Scene 2
I. I've always been a lady.
II. That is rude.
III. I am trying. 

Scene 7
I. Apologize.
II. Deny it.
III. Explain myself.

Scene 10
I. Get scared.
II. Get excited.
III. Can't believe it's true.

------------------ [ Chapter 10 ] ------------------
Scene 2
I. Try to open the door.
II. Try to scream.
III. Fight back.

Scene 5
I. I'd prefer the demon's territory.
II. How would they welcome me?
III. I am not interested.

Scene 9
I. Anxious.
II. Wonder why?
III. Feel like I've won.

Scene 14
I. I am fine.
II. Nod silently.
III. Tell him to worry about himself.

Crimson Ending: Unknown Requirements
Mystic Ending: Unknown Requirements
Secret Ending: 41/41 Correct 


  1. The first answer is "I was enjoying the view"

  2. Chapter 1 Scene 8
    1. I heard you
    2. Pardon me?
    3. Anwser me first.

  3. Chapter 1 Scene 12
    Apologize again (correct)
    Blame me
    I will make up to it

    Chapter 1 Scene 14
    Want him to say something
    Ask if he came to rescue me
    Ask if he's still angry (correct)

    All of the correct answers have directed me to Chapter 2 B. There is a 2A and a 2B route.

  4. Chapter 2 B Scene 2
    Stay there
    Ask Krut what to do (correct)

    Chapter 2 B Scene 6
    Remain Silent (correct)

  5. Chapter 2 B Scene 12
    Ask if he's tired
    Ask if he slept well (correct)
    Say it's nothing

    Chapter 2 B Scene 14
    Defend Lord Rucia (correct)
    Defend Lord Levi
    Call out to Sir Khaim for help

  6. Chapter 3 Scene 4
    Thank you for your concern (correct)
    What do you mean by worse?
    It's your responsibility

  7. Chapter 3 Scene 7
    Ask him (correct)
    Don't ask him
    Ask him indirectly

    Chapter 3 Scene 9
    Start to speak
    Remain silent (correct)
    Wish him to speak

  8. Chapter 3 Scene 12
    Say Levi is acting strange (correct)
    Ask what's up with Levi
    Ask if he felt anything odd

    Chapter 3 Scene 14
    Was brought into this
    Am your servant (correct)
    Live here too

  9.  Chapter 1

    [1] Taking a walk?
    [2] I was lost in thoughts.
    [3] I was enjoying the view +

    [1] I heard you +
    [2] Pardon me?
    [3] Answer me first.

    [1] Apologize again
    [2] Blame me
    [3] I will make up to it

    [1] Want him to say something
    [2] Ask if he came to rescue me
    [3] Ask if he’s still angry +


     Chapter 2

    [1] Knock
    [2] Stay there
    [3] Ask Kurt what to do +

    [1] Yes
    [2] No
    [3] Remain silent +

    [1] Ask if he’s tired
    [2] Ask if he slept well +
    [3] Say it’s nothing

    [1] Defend Lord Rucia +
    [2] Defend Lord Levi
    [3] Call out to Sir Khaim for help


     Chapter 3

    [1] Thank you for your concern. +
    [2] What do you mean by worse?
    [3] It’s your responsibility.

    [1] Ask him +
    [2] Don’t ask him
    [3] Ask him indirectly

    [1] Start to speak
    [2] Remain silent +
    [3] Wish him to speak

    [1] Say Levi is acting strange +
    [2] Ask what’s up with Levi
    [3] Ask if he felt anything odd

    [1] was brought into this.
    [2] am your servant. +
    [3] live here too.


     Chapter 4

    [1] try to leave the place
    [2] hurry to Lord Rucia +
    [3] try to enter the room

    [1] Ask if I could help
    [2] Ask if he’d do something
    [3] Tell him I don’t want to +

    [1] Tell him that he was wrong +
    [2] Think harder
    [3] Tell him that you understand

    [1] tell him it’s not my will
    [2] ask him why he’s so calm +
    [3] tell him nothing happened

    [1] thankfully receive some
    [2] do not receive
    [3] ask him to choose some for you +


  10. Chapter 5 B Scene 1
    Yes (correct)
    You're the one who missed me
    Of course not

  11. Chapter 5 B Scene 6
    Say no
    Say yes
    Ask if it is alright for me to go (correct)

  12. Chapter 5 B Scene 11
    May I help you? (Correct)
    Did I do something wrong?
    Do you need Lord Levi?

    Scene 13
    I didn't
    Perhaps (correct)
    He's not you

    Scene 14
    Thank me for what? (Correct)
    You, thanking me?
    There's no need to thank me

  13. Chapter 6 Scene 2
    Say that I wasn't
    Look at Lord Rucia (correct)
    Say I was happy

    Chapter 6 Scene 5
    I deny it
    I thank him
    Remain silent (correct)

  14. Chapter 6 Scene 10
    I need to talk to you
    Start with a small chat
    I need an advice (correct)

    Also, my name is spelled wrong in the credits lol, but it's not a big deal at all I promise :) it gets spelled all kinds of ways all the time!

    1. Oh goodness, I get that changed when I edit the page. ^^; That's what happens when you're playing catch up on walkthroughs. xD

  15. Chapter 6 Scene 13
    Report to Lord Rucia (correct)
    Suspect that it was Lord Levi
    Look for Oswald

  16. Chapter 7 Scene 7
    Ask for an explanation
    Persuade him
    Think silently (correct)

  17. Chapter 7 Scene 15
    I'm alright (correct)
    Are you alright?
    Lord Mephi will be alright

    Chapter 8 B Scene 3
    I was worried (correct)
    I need him for something

    1. Were there more selections in Chapter 7? If there were only two in Chapter 7 that's fine, haha, it's just odd compared to the 4-5 selections in each chapter. ^^;
      Also, if there were and you don't have them, don't worry about it. I'll catch them as I go through his route next.

    2. I also thought it was very odd, but there were not any other answers.

    3. That's really strange.... haha, they must have got too caught up in writing Rucia's story to give us something to work for. x3

  18. Chapter 8 B Scene 5
    Tell him that I can't
    Tell him that I want to
    Can't say anything (correct)

    Chapter 8 B Scene 8
    If he's in a bad mood
    If I did something (correct)

    Chapter 8 B Scene 10
    Enter cheerfully
    Just stick to the chores
    Ask Krut to do it for you (correct)

  19. Chapter 8 B Scene 14
    About the Great Lord?
    About while you're away?
    Yes I was (correct)

    Chapter 9 B Scene 2
    I've always been a lady
    That is rude
    I am trying (correct)

  20. Chapter 9 B Scene 7
    Apologize (correct)
    Deny it
    Explain myself

  21. Chapter 9 B Scene 10
    Get scared (correct)
    Get excited
    Can't believe it's true

    We are almost there to completing this first run of the walk through!

    1. Super exciting! Haha, those last answers follow through with my emotions on this walkthrough. x3

      Thank you so much for your help, it's been wonderful!

  22. Chapter 10 Scene 2
    Try to open the door
    Try to scream
    Fight back (correct)

    I actually found the answers for the rest of the story, but I will continue to post as I find out the other choices. I have confirmed the past few answers to make sure they were correct. I will post the rest here and as I find out the choices, post those as well

    10.5 I'd prefer the demon's territory
    10.9 wonder why
    10.14 tell him to worry about himself

  23. Chapter 10 Scene 5
    I'd prefer the demon's territory (correct)
    How would they welcome me?
    I am not interested

  24. Chapter 10 Scene 9
    Wonder why (correct)
    Feel like I've won

  25. Chapter 10 Scene 14
    I am fine
    Nod silently
    Tell him to worry about himself (?)

    *** I tried all three answers, and did not see any sparkles at all for any of them. I finally settled on the "Tell him to worry about himself" answer. I still got the Secret End too.

    We are finally done! Awesome work everyone!!!

    1. I'd assume it is the right answer then, it appears the Secret End requires you to get nearly all, if not all, correct in order to reach it.

      Thank you so, so much for your help! I greatly appreciated it!

  26. The correct answer would be "nod silently". The sparkle will pop up after a few conversation

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Branche,1,Robert Moore,1,Roberto Button,1,Rod,2,Romantic Diary,2,Romantic Rail Trip,1,Rossiyskaya,3,Roy Invidia,1,Rucia,2,Rudolf,1,Rudy,1,Rui Akizuki,1,Ruka Jinguji,1,Rumpel,2,Ryan Gray,1,Ryo Iwase,1,Ryo Kurosaki,1,Ryo Tsuzuki,1,Ryoichi Hirose,2,Ryoji Kaji,1,Ryoma Sakamoto,1,Ryunosuke,1,Ryuzaburo,1,Saeki Takamasa,3,Saeran Choi,2,Saeyoung Choi,2,Saizo Kirigakure,3,Sakomoto,1,Saku Fukazawa,2,Sale,1,Samurai Love Ballad,31,Samurai Night Romance,3,Sanada Yukimura,2,Sanosuke,1,Sarutobi Sasuke,2,Sasuke Sarutobi,1,Satsuki Kitaoji,2,Scarlet Fate+,5,Scheming Socialites,2,Schwarz,1,Sealed with a Kiss,1,Sealed with a Kiss Re,4,Seanwhite,1,Season 1,1,Season 2,45,Sebastian,1,Sebastian Moran,1,Secrets in Spade,2,Secrets of the Tomb,1,Seiji,1,Seiya,1,Sengoku Love,3,Senri Hiiragi,1,Sequel,13,Seraphino,1,Serge,1,Serge x Yayoi,1,Seth Hyde,1,Seven Hotties,15,Several Shades of Sadism,12,Shall We Date?,228,Sherlock Holmes,2,Shi Jin,1,Shigure & Amagi,1,Shinnosuke Tokura,1,Shinsaku Takasugi,1,Shintaro,1,Shion,2,Shiori Kojima,1,Shiroya,1,Shizuka Kira,1,Shizuki Tojo,1,Shotaro Suzumiya,1,Shouta Aoi,1,Shun Nanakubo,2,Shunya Tsukino,1,Shuten-doji,1,Sid,1,Sid Arnault,2,Sidd Rex,1,Sigurd,1,Sigurd Curtis,1,Silvan Glanzschmidt,1,Silvio,1,Simon,1,Singing in a Twilight World with You,3,Sion,1,Sirius Oswald,1,Skeletiano,1,Sleepless Cinderella,10,Snowfallen Secrets,1,Sohma,1,Soichiro Tachibana,2,Soji,1,Soji Okita,1,Soji Shirogane,1,Solomon,1,Soma Kujou,1,Sosuke Suo,1,Sotaro Shiga,3,Sou,1,Souji Kurosawa,1,SpaceOut,3,Spin-offs,13,Spinner of Tales,1,Sports Club BF,3,Steam,1,Stellis,16,Suo,1,Suzuto x Sora,1,Taiga Kirisame,2,Takao Maruyama,3,Takeda Shingen,2,Takeru x Rui,1,Takumi Saiki,1,Takuya Momose,1,Tamaki x Mutsumi,1,Tamamomae,1,Tamao,1,Tatsuki Kanamura,1,Tatsumi x Shiki,1,Tears of Themis,25,Ted,1,Tekikare,3,Terms of Service,1,The Cinderella Contract,19,The Great Fiance Hunt,1,The Heart of Tales,1,The Mystic Land of Tales,2,Theodorous van Gogh,1,Theophilus Arkwright,1,Three Guys That Paint,1,Thumbelina,1,Timo Salminen,1,Tino Maes,1,Toa Kiffel,1,Toga Leed,1,Tokito Tsukina,1,Tokugawa,1,Tom,1,Toma Kira,1,Toru,1,Toshizo Hijikata,1,Tou,1,Toya,1,Toya Kagurazaka,1,Toya Kashi,1,Triangle / Cross,2,Tsubaki,1,Tsubasa Suo,2,Turkiye,3,Ubel,1,Uesugi Kenshin,3,Ukyo,1,Ultimate,6,Uncover the Truth,8,Under the Red Moon,4,Underdogs Inc,9,Unification End,1,Unknown,1,Updating,6,Valentin Blom,1,Valentino Maes,1,Vampire Boyfriend Plus,3,Vampire Love,3,Victor,3,Victor Trieste,1,Vincent Knight,2,Vincent van Gogh,1,VIP,1,Voltage,97,Vyn,1,Wakasa,1,Walkthrough,569,Waltz,2,Wayne Blouse,1,Wesley,1,WH,1,Wicked Wolves,8,Wilfred A. Spencer,1,Willem,1,Willem V. Rembrandt,1,William Moss,1,William Shakespeare,1,Wizardess Heart+,39,Wolf Toxic,7,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,1,Wu Yong,1,Wylder Kelly,1,Xian,1,Yahiro Kyogoku,1,Yamato Kougami,3,Yamato Mitsurugi,1,Yamato Uzuki,1,Yangzi Sun,1,Yaoi,42,Yaoi Ooku: Distorted Love,2,Yayoi,2,Yelisei,2,Yoosung Kim,3,Yoshimasa,1,Yoshitsune of Minamoto,1,Yoshiyuki,1,Yousuke Ina,2,Yuki Kamitani,2,Yukimura Sanada,2,Yukito Hayami,1,Yukiya Reizen,2,Yuma Kuga,1,Yuri,2,Yusei Sasaki,1,Yuta Kajima,2,Yuuya Touno,1,Yuzuki,1,Yuzuki Kitaoji,2,Yves Kloss,1,Zack,1,Zain,1,Zen,3,Zero,1,Zeus Brundle,1,Zion,1,
☆*:.。Blah-Bidy-Blah。.:*☆: [Walkthrough] My Mystic Romance ~ Under the Red Moon: Rucia
[Walkthrough] My Mystic Romance ~ Under the Red Moon: Rucia
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