[Walkthrough] Mystic Messenger: 707 - Deep Story

Hello hello~ I only recently just started playing Mystic Messenger and got obsessed (super late I know). And only just noticed that we're missing the actual routes so I'm going to try and fill in what we're missing.

As Myxprint has said: "Since there are several days and multiple chats, we are using scrollboxes to organize the walkthrough. Simply find the day you are on, then scroll within that day's scrollbox to find the correct chat (they are labeled by time/chat title) and the answers should be marked if they offer hearts to any of the characters or do not offer them at all."

This walkthrough isn't a rigid one so you can choose answers other than the ones I've picked. Try to get at least 10(?) guests since that's one of the requirements for 707's good end. Click here for the emails answers.
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5th Day

00:00 - Strange Alarm

Yoosung★, MC (you)

No I haven't.
Heya Yoosung... I did see some weird messages! (no hearts)

I'll leave him a word for you ^^ [707]
It must be a bug... Seven's not as good as he says he is.

You're very quick. lol [Yoosung]
Yoosung, turn off that computer and go to bed.

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode - 707 ♦︎

01:00 - Messenger Bug!

Jaehee Kang, MC (you)

Jaehee, didn't you see any weird messages in the chatroom? (no hearts)
Jaehee, why are you still up?

I hope it's not anything serious... [Jaehee]
I don't feel so good about it. (no hearts)

You mean about the cat business? [Jaehee]
You mean what he said about marrying me at a space station? (no hearts)

The timing...
The criminal is here.
Seven!! Run for your life!! [707]

Stop joking around...
It seems he cannot speak human. [707]

Don't increase the font size like that;;;
God Seven, where are you? Please save the world from all the bugs!! [707]

Are you ignoring what Jaehee said?
Everyone, move over!! [707]

Hacker?? But you're the hacker. [707]
Could you get straight to the point?

Don't tell me... that alarm and messages were sent by a hacker? [707]
How did you let this happen...?

Don't tell me someone's reading all our messages T_T [707]
I can't trust this app then;

It's because of a hacker that I joined this group;;; I'm getting nervous;
Do you think... the person has something to do with "Unknown"? [707]

I can't tell how serious this situation is because you're so blasé about it.
Yup. Let's not be depressed and try to have a positive outlook on solving this. [707]

I thought she's a maid?
Show them what team play is all about!! [707]

I... will have Seven's blessing!! [707]
I think I'm the one in the most danger right now...

Don't come.
Yay!!! God Seven!! [707]

That's not enough.
I feel that you spend too much time with Ms. Vanderwood, Seven. T_T [707]

I'll be waiting for you✩ (no hearts)

Think he's just as careless as always.
I'm a bit doubtful myself T_T I guess she's not just any other maid. [707]

Good bye.
Go ahead!! [Jaehee]

08:00 - What you two have in...

ZEN, Jumin Han, MC (you)

Anyways.... Jumn ^^;; Good morning [Jumin]
Did you both have breakfast?
Zen... Good morning.

I like having Zen talk to me ^^;
God Seven...! I miss him... I guess he's busy with work right? >.< [707]

No way... (no hearts)
You two must have been very tired.

I'm not fine; I hope this gets taken care of asap.
I trust God Seven will protect me. lol [707]

Ms. Vanderwood... I wonder who she is, [707]
Isn't Seven sort of incompetent if he's been hacked twice though...?;;;

I guess Seven's not very social?
Why not? So what if he has a friend. [707]

If you have a thing for maids, then just say so. [707]
Zen... No way... It's not that, right?
I hate womanizers ^0^

She'll protect him meow~??
Please send over God Seven to me. [707]
I'd like to protect you Zen.

They seem nice. Since everyone has headaches! [EMAIL]
Don't feel like it.

Have some mercy on Zen ^^;;
Good bye~ Good luck on the meeting~! [Jumin]

Run away. {no hearts)
I'd like to protect you T_T

Hurry up and get ready.
Perhaps because your looks are timeless? [Zen] ??? recheck

Receive a text from Zen:
I hope Seven talks about himself more!
Seven's an easy guy. [707]

10:00 - 2.35 seconds

Jaehee Kang, MC (you), 707

Did you get to the office fine?
Is Jumin at his meeting? [Jumin]

You did that on purpose...;;; [Jumin]
Wow! I'm sure that has nothing to do with the cat project... You just want to be prepared for the fluctuating oil prices?

Could you please just get straight to the point?
8h;aw4ietej [707]

I guess you're still caught up with the agency T_T Cheer up! [707]
Can't you just do one thing at a time? You should quit one;

I knew it! I felt as if you were looking at me every 2.35 seconds!!! [707]
Are you a stalker or something?;;

It'd be so great if you could come! [707]
Don't come.

Aren't you ignoring what Jaehee said?;;
I love all robots♡ [707]

OMG~! SO KEWT~!! [707]
This thing is supposed to protect me?

Why did you create something so dangerous?;;
Spitting fire balls of love... Cupids fire!!! [707]

God Seven, you're way cuter ^^ [707]
I don't look like that.

Yes mte
It does help! If only it didn't spit fire, I would have wanted one! [707]

Then just take a walk~! You should clear your head. [707]
Nothing you can do about not being able to concentrate.

I'll be waiting for you! Cheer up! [707]
Next time, come back after you've fixed everything.

I love genius people! [707]
He should be tracing the hacker if he has time for that;;

Hurry and go! I hope he doesn't mention anything related to cats!
I will! You be careful too, Jaehee! (no hearts)

12:00 - Men with black suits

Yoosung★, MC (you)

Yoosung~ Did my ickle Yoosung baby have his lunch? (no hearts)
Did you get to school safe?

That's quite scary! (no hearts)

Yoosung... Your last name is Kim? I never knew lol
OMG~ So cool! [Yoosung]

So jealous... No one came to me because of security reasons... T_T... I wish at least Seven could come. [707]
Ugh, you're so bougie lol

Little boy, you dream of such nonsense.
You're getting ahead of yourself. lol
People will think you're a movie star or something +_+ [Yoosung]

What do you mean it's cute?;; It's practically a weapon.
I would want one if only it didn't spit fire lolol Seven is so cute! [707]

He'd work so well if only I could go to his house!! [707]
I think he's just ADHD.

Enjoy it while you can lololol (no hearts)
Have fun in class!

14:00 - Distract your attention

Jumin Han, Jaehee Kang, MC (you)

You did well too, Jaehee!
So the meeting went well? Congratulations! [Jumin]

What a shame... I really looked forward to the new cat project ^^ [Jumin]
Oil prices are effecting the currency too... The global economy is always hard to figure out.

Peter Petrol
Oil Prince. [Jaehee]
Arabica Trevor

Mr. Luciel is always open to financial cooperation. [707]
Jumin, you're a genius.

Jaehee, aren't you being too obvious? lololol [Jumin]
There's not much tim left!!

Hurry and write that email. [Jaehee]
Good bye.

Jaehee is very smart... No, perhaps she is just desperate to live a proper life. [Jaehee]
I want to work at your company too! Climbing up that promotion ladder~!

Ys, take your time ^^ For Jaehee.
You're leaving tomorrow, right? Hope you get ready without much trouble! [Jumin]

Receive a text from Jaehee:
Seven loves cats too! (no hearts) ??? recheck
Elizabeth 3rd in two words?

16:00 - Jumin....!!

ZEN, MC (you)

Zen~ Is the body guard with you? (no hearts)

Why are you being so mean to our Jumin? T_T [Jumin]
Did something happen?

Who is that man... I'm scared T_T
Wow! They look so reliable! [Jumin]

I just laughed a bit too lololol
I wish I could bring Seven goldfish-shaped bread since h's working so hard... [707]
You can't joke about thinks like that T_T

Oh, right! Did the meeting go well? [Zen] ??? recheck
What kind of thoughts?

Sounds fantastic!
I don't really think it's a good idea.

Maybe they're spreading around social media?
Maybe there's a Tripter bot that spreads your photo nonstop? lol [707]

Try thinking it out while jogging. Bye.
I would love to see how you sweat while running. [Zen]

18:00 - It's been bugging me

Yoosung★, MC (you), 707

How was school?
You must be very tired, haha. [Yoosung]

It's God Seven's doing. God Seven!! Please enlighten us with your presence! [707]
I know ^^; Zen must have been really flustered.
I think Jumin did that on purpose. lolol He's actually pretty funny.

It's okay... haha. But what were you talking about? [707]
Please don't send ridiculous texts.

Stop caring about me and just focus on work.
Then come see me~! [707]

To be honest... I want one ^^ [707]
Hey. What if I get burned?

What matters is the intention~! I would love for you to give it to me. [707]
Yeah. Don't waste your time on something like that now.

Stop spamming;;;
Seven... You don't...!? [707]

I think taking action is more important than listening to a boy who's never dated girls before. I'm ready! [707]
Why would you read weird books like that?;;

Stop being ridiculous and just focus on work.
Creating itself with the blessing of God Seven... This is almost a myth. [707]

This isn't the time for that.
Romantic... That sounds nice! I want to experience what that's like~★ [707]

Just throw away useless crap. It'll just get in the way.
Don't!! Someday you'll use it for something!! [707]

You do a lot of things...
The Tripter bot?? (no hearts)

You've been doing something good for Zen~! [707]
That's nice of you... but you did get his permission, right?

Like... the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing! [707]
So you've been hiding it on purpose.

Haha, the fact that Zen exists does make the world a better place. [HEARTBREAK - 707]
Right you are~! [707]

Seven.... [707]
Seven, weren't you working?

He's always weird.
I feel like he's trying to avoid talking about his feelings. [707]

I hope that's the case, haha.
Uhm, I wouldn't really feel comfortable about that. [707]

Aren't you gaming too much...?
Have fun being a social outcast! [Yoosung]

19:00 - Seven's true feelings

Jaehee Kang, MC (you), ZEN

Hey Jaehee~ Did you get off work? [Jaehee]

Isn't Yoosung gaming too much?
Hi! [Zen]

I think Seven is so talented at everything lol [707]
Jaehee, you didn't know about the bot?
Didn't he go over the line doing something like that without your permission?...

I think he said something similar yesterday. (no hearts)
I knew he had a hidden agenda.

Anyways, shouldn't he be appreciated since it ultimately helped Zen? [707]
I think Seven being a bit odd.

But Seven denied that he has feelings for me... [707]
I still think he just has ADHD.
I'm sorry that I'm so attractive... T_T

Maybe he needs time?
He seems to be quite contradictory. [707]

Go and rest~! It must have been a rough day.
Have a good time with the body guards~ (no hearts)

But you were busy! [Jaehee]
And I thought you were the know-it-all fan!?

Hope you find that bot!
Don't work too hard and rest up~ [Jaehee]

21:00 - Bus Driver, Yoosung

Yoosung★, MC (you), Jumin Han

Did you get a job as the bus driver?
Hello, Jumin ^^

Yoosung... Aren't you too addicted to games?
It's a game, but I suppose it's a proper society of its own. (no hearts)

Yoosung, you seem pleased about the deal lolol
What do you think Seven is doing right now? [707]
I thought you were just volunteering lolol But you were paid for it.

He said something similar yesterday, and I could understand it... if you consider Seven's career. [707]
Anything that is "vicarious" can't be good, since it's too dependent.

I feel bad that Seven's job has so many restrictions... [707]
But isn't it all pointless because I'm not the one enjoying the result?

Really!? You?? Study?! [Yoosung]
Sounds like a normal day of a high school freshmen.

What's up with you, haha? [Jumin]
Well, there's no need to waste your precious energy on me;;

I don't think it's anything important.
Maybe he wants to do something for you? [Jumin]

But shouldn't you still try to maintain a regular lifestyle?
Enjoy it while you can. lol [Yoosung]
I'm jealous.

Don't game too much though ^^
So cool... For better fame and glory!!! [Yoosung]

23:00 - Perhaps my head is broken

707, MC (you)

Are you looking at me...?
God Seven!! How's work going!? [707]

You shouldn't have made that robot then;;
Don't feel too much pressure. You can always do it tomorrow! [707]

Yeah... I guess Yoosung's more normal. [707]
How is he different?

God Seven... Don't be weak!! 7[07]
Did you run away from home?

Why~? I want to know more about you, Seven. [707]
I hope you didn't try to rhyme just now? ^^ ++ (no hearts)
↪︎↳ Yeah, you should be sorry;;;
Don't think that way... You can't be funny all the time. [707]
I'm not that interested so don't worry.

Do you really believe in God?
Hmm... [707]

I guess your world must be complicated. I'm not really interested though.
Why are you  being so sad...? Seven, you can have anything you want! [707]

Yeah, I can't really understand you Seven.
Just let everything go... Be yourself.  [707]

Let's go to the moon together someday, haha. [707]
There's not enough oxygen on the moon.

Yeah, you should really pull yourself together.
That damn hacker!! [707]

Yeah! I guess you'll feel better if they come? [EMAIL]
Hackers...? Let's not invite them.

Thank you... I can feel God Seven's good graces protecting me ^^ [707]
Yeah. Good luck keeping an eye out.

If it gets too tough, just think of me and feel better! [707]
Bye, Seven.

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode ♦︎

6th Day

01:00 - Mysterious email

Jaehee Kang, MC (you)

Jaehee, good evening.
Did you find the Tripter bot that Seven made? [707]

I have dibs on Seven so watch out...!! [707]
Is something up?

I don't feel good about it... (no hearts)

I think you should talk to the cyber police.
Yes... I don't feel good about it. You should ask Seven. [707]

I don't think Seven is really helpful to anyone right now.
I'm kind of worried about Seven. He doesn't seem very well. [707]

I don't really think we should worry.
I'll try talking to him... [707]

If you have any photos, share them with me! Good night!
Good bye. (no hearts)

Receive text from Jaehee:
Seven can use it! [707]
I admit Zen's handsome lol

03:00 - I got it too!?

ZEN, MC (you)

Hello, Zen... What about the email?
I missed u lovely Zen ♡ (no hearts)

I think Seven would say that it's just a spam message.
I wish my hubby would check the messenger asap! [707]

He never makes sense anyways. I don't think there's anything to worry about.
I'm quite worried... [707]

Shouldn't we avoid him if he has a dangerous job?
I think so too... [707]

I wish nothing like that ever happens to Seven. [707]
Zen, I think you watch too many movies;;

I'm sure he's a suspicious and twisted man.
I do think that none of us know much about Seven.. I want to know more about him. [707]

Why does he need to live so complicatedly?
Just thinking about it makes me sad... [707]

I'm not really interested in dating; [707]
Why are we suddenly talking about relationship? haha
I want to be in a relationship! I'm desperate! I need the universe to help me!!!

Time for some night time snacks! [Zen]
Just starve. Look at the time;;

I want to dream about Seven. [707]
I will!!

08:00 - I'm recovered!

707, MC (you)

Are you feeling better now?^^ [707]
What Zen said last night... He was really considerate.

No need to be sorry...
I wish God Sven would cheer up soon!! [707]

Ooh!! Seven you look so handsome! [707]
Hi Jumin
What a douche.

Don't mind it.
Next-to-be Chairman's Gap Moe has increased by 2. [707]

I don't know what it is, but it sounds difficult...
Wow! I'm amazed at your knowledge! [jumin]

Seven, are you gap moe? [707]
Jumin, you're quite cute.

I don't know anything about it.
I did. [707]
I didn't receive it.

Trace it fast.
But... Seven, don't you have enough work already? [707]

Jumin, can't you jsut get my address and send me body guards?
Good thinking ^^ [707]

I knew you were just words.
T_T... You just said you're ready to sacrifice yourself... You're not coming to save me? [707]

Alright... go. [707]
Good bye.

When are you leaving?
Yes, I'm glad he seems to have cheered up. [707]

Good! Oil is an important energy source! [EMAIL]

You really do understand cats! [Jumin]
A cat wouldn't know things like that...lol

Yes, but if you are too close, it's easier to hurt one another.
You're right. I think Yoosung also needs some help from his family...

Be careful~! Have a good flight. [Jumin]
Good bye.

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode - 707 ♦︎

10:00 - Spotlighted life isn't bad at all

Yoosung★, MC (you)

Yo yo, wassup!! LOLOL warrior! [Yoosung]

I always starve.
Yes, I did. [Yoosung]

Stop being such a douche.
So jealous~ You must feel like a celebrity, haha. [Yoosung]

Just ditch it! Hey, enjoy your life.
Aren't you spending too much time gaming? I'm a bit worried. [Yoosung]

Maybe he's calling the game addiction prevention center? (no hearts)
Maybe he's calling your professor?
Maybe lololol

Oh, right. Yoosung, you didn't receive any strange emails? (no hearts)

Omg... Bahoo lololol So old-school;;; (no hearts)
Yoosung, you're so cute. lolol

Hmm... I don't think they'll make good guests.
Let's do that! [EMAIL]

It's not good to be so obsessed with games...
Make a suggestion to the company lolol [Yoosung]

13:00 - Jaehee enjoying freedom

Jaehee Kang, ZEN, MC (you)

Hello, Jaehee.
Heya Zen.

I had lunch too. (no hearts)
Not yet~

You should still do your work.
lololololol Congratulations, Jaehee. [Jaehee]

Didn't you say you saw Zen's DVD again last night? I'd like to hear your thoughts.
I want Elizabeth to live with Jumin forever. [Jumin]

I think it's just a spam email that everyone received.
It feels more suspicious since that whole hacker thing just happened a couple days ago... [Jaehee]

I miss Jumin.... When do you think he'll start the cat project?
I miss Seven... I wanna joke around. [707]

You must still have a lot of work, but I'm happy to see you more relaxed today. Good luck! [Jaehee]
Good bye!

He'll grow out of it~ haha
I think it's a bit serious... Don't you think he needs help? [Zen]

I pay respects to your diligence, Zen. [Zen]

Bye, lovely Zen! [Zen]
Okay... Good bye.

14:00 - JUMIN!!!!!! T_T

Yoosung★, MC (you)

What's going on?
Humin Han!!! I wanna shout his name too lololol [707]
H's still older than you. Shouldn't you be a bit more respectful?

Wow! You get to see your mom! Good for you ^^ [Jumin]
What did Jumin tell your mom?

lolololol There's a group called that?
Oh! They seem like a nice group. Can we invite them to the party? [EMAIL]

Cheer up, Yoosung... Once you get through these hard times, LOLOL heaven will be waiting for you.
I don't think Jumin will listed. He's in a plane. ^^ [Jumin]

lolol Finally cleaning your room. Bye~! [Jumin]
Good bye...T_T

16:00 - The sender of the email

707, ZEN, MC (you)

Heya God Seven [707]
Hello Zen. I hope the day finds you well.

Jumin... What in the world did he do?;;
I'm not really interested in Yoosung.
I can't believe Mrs. Kim is going to go see him! I'm getting more nervous lol [707]

He was simply worried. Yoosung did have a horrible lifestyle these days.
Hahaha, well whatever happens, I'm having fun ^^ I want some popcorn. [707]
I do think he was nosy to have called his mother without getting his permission first.

Let's not be too harsh on him haha
I don't get your life either, Seven;; [707]

Wow you managed to find it so fast! You're such a genius God Seven! 707]
It's just spam right?

So you mean the hacker sent us that email!? [707]
What does that mean?;;

How are you going to make sure I'm safe?
Please let us know what you know, Seven. [707]

Seven, aren't you without a bodyguard too? Are you okay? [707]
So I'm still the one in most danger.

Let's go out for some fresh air together once this ends ^^ [707]
You might become antisocial like that...

Yes, that's the least you could do.
Won't it be too dangerous? [707]

It sounds dangerous, so you should plan everything out and go by yourself.
Zen, you can go with him! Two men will be better than one.
I'll go with you!! You can't go there alone! [707]

You know you have to plan everything, right? Don't make any mistakes.
Don't strain yourself, Seven... Bye. [707]

I think so too. Everything will work out if we work together... [707]
If it's going to be dangerous, he should just go there alone;

I wish he'd just tell me everything... I'm worried about him too. [707]
Okay, go clear your head.

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode - 707 ♦︎

17:00 - Unexpected fact

Jaehee Kang, MC (you)

Jaehee... Hello!
I think this is good for him. lol [Jumin]

Don't you think he seduced her with his smooth words?
Probably exactly what's going on? haha [707]

Yup. You have to keep your job, haha.
Why not!? Try it. I want to watch and eat popcorn. (no hearts)

I'm worried about my safety.
I'm more worried about Seven. I think he wants to take care of everything by himself... [707]
Yes... I'm shocked that someone is after us.

Yes, please let Jumin know of the gravity of the situation. [Jaehee]
Alright. Good Bye.

19:00 - Family Reunion

Yoosung★, MC (you)

Did your mother get there? [Yoosung]
Don't cry, my baby...
Just be a man.

What? Omg, I need to bring my popcorn. [Yoosung]
I'm sure Jumin had good intentions.

B-but think of it positively... You get to live a better lifestyle now. [Jumin]
I guess you didn't...

Wouldn't it be better for me to go...? It could be dangerous.
lololol That's how much you want to escape. [Yoosung]

She'll just stay for a couple of days ^^;; Moms always carry around a lot of stuff. [Yoosung]
A month...?

OMG lololol So cute lololol I wanna be your stepmother. (no hearts)
Cinderella Yoosung lolol

...Just do your best studying.
I pray that you can escape...! [Yoosung]

21:00 - It was for Yoosung

Jumin Han, MC (you)

I'm not worried.... What happened with you calling Mrs. Kim?
Mr. Han, how is your five star hotel? [Jumin]

I don't think it's the time for you to talk about that right now, Jumin. (no hearts)
Heya Zen...

I can imagine you looking at the beautiful desert with Elizabeth in your arms and drinking wine. [Jumin]
Why the hell did you call Yoosung's mom?

Hmm... I think Jumin is right. Independence and parents... It makes sense! [Jumin]
The two don't go together at all haha

Not all families have tight bonds.
I admit that your intentions are good, Jumin! [Jumin]

Oh! Good idea! [Jumin]
I can almost hear Jaehhe yelling at us to change the subject.

Haha, he won't get it. Let's just stop here.
I think you should talk to Yoosung soon, Jumin~ [Jumin]

Jumin, do you know anything about that?

If it's the sam group... then they really are after the information. [707]
Jumin, you're way better than Seven.

You don't think Seven is secretly talking to him, do you? [707]
It really is. He has to know about this asap...

H hurt his eyes?
I'm jealous that he gets to travel. (no hearts)

I guess V has his own doctor...
Then why don't we invite him to the party? [EMAIL]

Wow! Have fun. [Jumin]
Are you there for work or for pleasure?

Since no one can be cooler than Zen ^^ [Zen]
Yup, a bit;;

Censorship pleas! Photos of you that are overly handsome are bad for my health! >_< [Zen] Hurry and check, haha. Don't worry too much though. I'm sure they are all nice photos. ♦︎ Visual Novel Mode - 707 ♦︎

22:00 - Actually I...

707, MC (you)

Finally, you're here.
Yes! Seven, I was waiting for you~ [707]

I'm fine. I'm sure you have no choice. Did you talk to V yet...? [707]
What if something happens?

You're trying hard. There's no way that the members will be harmed. Don't worry. [707]
Of course it should be like that.

Something bad? I hope that never happens.
I trust nothing bad will happen... but I want to know what you do. [707]

I supposed I should keep my distance from you then.
That's... that's so sad. We can even be friends? [707]

Seven, think about yourself too, not just me. The more dangerous things are let's stop being so sad. [707]
I would never have joined if I knew things would be like this...

Please just take care of it.
I don't regret getting to know you, Seven! Even if you do dangerous things! [707]

What are you talking about? Of course you have to take care of the hacker first!
Seven... you're talking about the agency, right? Are you really okay... working there [707]

Okay, don't worry. I'll be fine.
Won't it be too late once I realize something strange is going on? [707]

Don't feel so much pressure, and just take care of everything one by one! Be careful, Seven. Thank you for protecting me [707]
Just go and work.

7th Day

01:00 - Seven is depressed...?

Jaehee Kang, Yoosung★, MC (you)

Wassup Yoosung ma homie
Hello, Jaehee. [Jaehee]

Maybe he just got super sentimental or somethinng;;
Yes... I feel really sad. [Jaehee]

Nah~ He must be joking.
If that's really the case, shouldn't we go rescue him? [707]

Was he usually bat at his work?
Perhaps that's why he was so crestfallen and described it that way. [707]

Why don't we bring him Honey Buddha Chips?
Let's just let him take care of it himself.
Lt's get him some fried chicken. [Yoosung]

I just think he needs more sugar in his body.
Oh... [707]

I do think he is overly worried about me. [707]
He should be worried;; I'm in danger right now;;

What do you think he meant by that? [707]
Maybe he did something super bad without us knowing;;

You're not playing games right now, right? lolol Good boy. [Jaehee]
Secretly go game when your mom goes to bed lolol

You could try to stop yourself when your mother's there with you;; (no hearts)
I show respect because of your passion.

lolololololol Make soap! So I can give them to Seven. [707]
Sleep tight like a good boy~

He'll get better in the morning I guess.
He seems to have lost his confidence. I hope he gets it back soon. [707]

If he has a dangerous job, I'd like to stop him.... [707]
It's a bit suspicious. You don't think it'll harm us, right?

You'r right! You should go to bed. [Jaehee]
Good night.

02:00 - Tripter Bot

ZEN, MC (you)

Zen, what were you doing so late at night? ^^ [Zen]

You're really puffy;;;
No, the photo is dazzling. [Zen]

So it really exists?
Did you find it? [Zen]

Yeah, good job ^^ Our proud God Seven! [707]
Isn't this against privacy laws?

He's a genius. What can't he do? lol [707]
I think it's just kind of useless...

Give something back if you're so thankful lolol [707]
Look through all the photos. Make sure nothing weird's on there.

I think Jumin will give better advice.
Good idea! [Zen]

I agree with that. [Zen]
What's wrong with being alone? I like it.

Why do you keep tying us together?; [707]
Yeah... I want Seven to just honestly express his feelings for me...!

Oh!!! That trip will give me a heart attack!! I hope Seven cheers up and posts it soon. [Zen & 707]

You can...no... you can't...yes...no....
No smoking! It's bad for your skin and your lungs. [Zen]

Right now.
I'm going to do something before I go to bed ^^ [Zen]

09:00 - Sentimental morning

707, MC (you)

Hello, Seven... Are you okay? [707]

Jumin! How's the middle east? [Jumin]

Seven... is everything you said last night true? [707]
Bring me some wine when you come back.

Well, if it's nothing serious then okay.
Something bad? Tell us. [707]

What's that?
Oh! I know what that is lolol [707 & Zen]

My safety is under threat right now! It's not the time to get all sentimental!
...I want Seven to live a long life. [707]\

Ya. Gimme gimme. [707]
You can see the desert from your room...? Jealous.

So pretty.... [Jumin]
What floor are you at?;;

Yes... Let's make a spaceship so that we can go to the moon some day. [707]
I prefer reality.

Le's go somewhere together, Seven ^^ [707]
I don;t think this is the time for you to be thinking about holidays.

I think you have too much work, Seven. Is there any way we can help you? [707]
Can't you postpone the work for the agency?

Why is V so hard to reach?
Seven, you're too dependent on V. [707]

Jumin! Give some advice to Seven~
HB Chips are good but it'll ruin your health~! [707]

Who in the world is keeping you from focusing? T_T
You can't focus because of me lol [707]

I think Zen will be more helpful, Seven~
Jumin, you're the man. [Jumin]

I don't know. I'm not very interested.
Good! Let's invite him. [EMAIL]

Oh... I understand the beauty of water. [707]
Take care~

Is it Ms. Vanderwood? [707]
Is it because your room is dirty?;;

Huh? You can't be here if she's with you? [707]
Go. And good luck!

10:00 - We are moving!

Yoosung★, MC (you)

Hello, Yoosung~
How are you doing with your mom? ^^ [Yoosung]

Jahe, how is work going? (no hearts)
Hey, Jaehee.

I am nervoud, but there's nothing I can do.
I'm fine. Seven's protecting me ^^ [707]

Whyare you sleepy?
You didn't play games all night, did you? lolol (no hearts)

I think Yoosung's passion should be respected.
I agree with Jaehee... [Jaehee]

Hello, my rainbow unicorn. [Zen]

Shouldn't Yoosung be free?
I agree. [Zen]

You can't move because of Jumin? Are you cursed or something...? [Jumin]
Are you okay?

Uhm... I need help too.
I'm disappointed that my unicorn smokes cigarettes. [Zen]
Life is short.

I mean, it's Seven's maid. Of course she's strange too. [707]
Maybe she smokes too?

To be honest, I don't like that he told Seven to just get rid of his emotions. [707]
I think Jumin is cool.
Jaehee's being honest;;

I can control my emotions however I want lol
I can't get rid of my emotions. [Zen]

Hmm... I just hate cigarette smoke... I'll pass.
Yeah, it's a good cause! Let's invite them. [EMAIL]

Okay, don't worry. Hope the meeting goes well. [Zen]
Good bye.

Who cares? It's all fine as long as the work is done.
He might have a problem controlling his emotions. But isn't the fact that he's in a difficult situation what's really getting to him? [707]

It would have been good if you slept early lolol [Yoosung]
You can't be a celebrity in real life. I guess why not be one in LOLOL?

Don't fall asleep.
Bye, celebrity boy. [Yoosung]

Yes, I think Seven did a very good job. [707]
Yeah. It was a bit embarassing to look at though.

I think that's likely lol [Jumin]
I hope that doesn't happen....

Good bye... Good luck! ^^
Good bye.

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode ♦︎

12:00 - New business idea

Jumin Han, MC (you)

Not yet.
I did ^^ [Jumin]
I don't have enough money to get lunch

In the desert? ;;; (no hearts)
Oh! That's genius!

You're good at golf? Nice shot, Mr. Director~ (no hearts)
You want to build golf courses on desert too?

I think they'll be a bit boring to invite to the party...
Good! Let's invite them. (no hearts)

Good bye.
Win the game ^^ [Jumin]

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode - 707 ♦︎

13:00 - Do not move

707, MC (you)

Yes? Why? Is something wrong? [707]
Gahh! Why are your texts so big?

What??? [707]
I told you I'm safe.

You're coming here? [707]

What the hell is this!?
Seven, wait! (no hearts)

14:00 - Unbelievable!

Yoosung★, MC (you), 707

I don't know... It sounds really urgent...
There's no way I can know since he didn't explain anything... I'll just have to stay here. [707]

I said I don't know.
I'm not sure , but I can tell he's super conscious of Ms. Vanderwood being there. [707]

Seven! What were you talking about before? Please explain.
Tell me why I can't leave this place, Seven.  [707]

I'm getting nervous...
Seven's coming here right now? [707]

Yeah. What is he thinking?;;
I think he doesn't have any other choice right now. I should just listen to him and wait. [707]

Is he famous? Can I have his contact information? [EMAIL]
Will he really help though...?;;

I'm fine. Hurry, Yoosung! [Yoosung]
Okay, go.

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode - 707 ♦︎

16:00 - What is the special security

707, MC (you), Jaehee Kang

Seven! Are you on your way? (no hearts)

No... I'm fine ^^ [707]
No. This isn't just a mishap, is it?

Jaehee... Hi~!
What the hell is the special security system!? [707]

This is really nerve-racking... but I'm a bit happy that he's coming to protect me. [707]
Will this be solved by Seven coming here?;;

I do feel that too... but I hope he doesn't get hurt trying to hurry.
Yes, isn't it suspicious? [707]

Okay, please let him know what's going on, Jaehee! [Jaehee]
Good bye.

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode ♦︎

17:00 - What Yoosung and Jumin...

Yoosung★, MC (you)

Yoosung, do you think Seven is safe right now? I'm worried. [707]
Is your tongue okay?

Jumin! The special security system... did you get the chance to talk to V about it? [707]
Jumin... you're back.

I feel like you really would be able to, so I don't want to say anything;;; [Jumin]
Hmm... V is so irresponsible

I want to know too. Jumin, do you know anything?
Wouldn't it probably be a system that protects the apartment? (no hearts)

Aaargh!! My head is so jumbled right now.
then someone must have hacked in to take our guest information... [707]

Oh my god... But nothing says that I'll be safe when Seven gets here;;
So that's why Seven is hurrying to see me... [707]

I feel bad that your schedule's messed up now... Anyways, be careful... [Jumin]
Come here asap and do something.

Wasn't it Jumin who called your mother~? [Yoosung]
You feel bad that he's leaving?

Good bye...
Have fun peeling onions... Adios. [Yoosung]

The game branches here

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode ♦︎

(Look at where the announcement is coming from.) (no hearts)
(Ignores the announcement.)

The hacker...!? (no hearts)

Is that place really paradise? (no hearts)
What are you talking about? I'm not going anywhere!

Are you sure... that I will be happy? [707]
I'm not going anywhere!! Seven!! Help me!!

Seven!!!! Save me!!!! [707]

Seven, do you know him? [707]
Seven! What's going on? Tell me!

Seven!!!! I love you!!! [707]
Let me go!!

(Bite the man's arm) (no hearts) ??? recheck

I'm scared... Seven, hug me.
Seven... are you okay? [707]

Can't you stay for the night?
That man... how do you know him? [707]

Why should I? I think everyone has the right to know!
Alright. I'll trust you, Seven. [707]

20:00 - The system is back on

707, MC (you), Zen

Seven, I've been dying to know what you've been doing. Tell me~~
Isn't it fun being here when we're in the same apartment? [707]

Seven, but what about your work for the agency? Can you be here? [707]
I'm so happy that you're here. We can be like newly-weds!

I feel so safe with Seven here.. I feel like I have a husband. [707]
I'm fine, thanks to Seven. [707]

Seven, how long do you plan to stay here? [707]
Seven, can't you just stay here and protect me?

I have no worries now though. Because my hubby♥︎ is right beside me. (no hearts)
I think it was one person who did everything... [707]

...Yes, I can't talk about it now, but I think it's someone else. [707]
Huh? But Seven... you told him... that Rika...

Oh! That's a good idea. Seven, this can all be over without you doing anything ^^
I don't think that's a good idea... [707]

24/7...! Just stay right beside me.
I trust Seven ^^ He'll protect me. [707]

Thank you for everything, Seven ^^ [707]
Honey, I filled the hot tub for you~

>_< Now you noticed?
Yes... Why? [707]

If something happens, then the more reason not to tell you anything~ [707]
Nothing like that will happen ^^;;; I trust Seven.

Haha, nothing will happen, so don't worry and go.[ Zen]
Good bye, Zen.

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode - 707 ♦︎

Come here~! Let's stay right by each other's side and eat.
I'm not uncomfortable at all. Just make yourself at home. [707]

I like it. Just live here!
Still, you're more reliable than a CCTV. [707]

The agency... are you really okay with them? Are you being chased? [707]
Did you do something wrong concerning the agency?

Well, you're here anyways so we might as well get close! Come here~!
But... you'll be uncomfortable in that corner. [707]

Oh come on~ Don't be shy~
Don't you have anything you want to tell me... about your brother? [707]

Are you really going to be like this to me? [707]
Seven... you're not like how you are in the chatroom.

22:00 - The only hope

Jaehee Kang, MC (you)

I'm fine. Don't worry about me now.
Yes... I'm fine thanks to Seven. [707]

The hacker let us meet. We are fate~ haha
I do feel safe with Seven here. [707]

No need to worry ^^ I feel safe with Seven here too. [707]
Anyways, how's work going, Jaehee?

Why? you should respect Jumin's opinion!
You know what to do... [Jaehee]

Good bye.
Thanks for worrying Jaehee. You cheer up too. [Jaehee]

8th Day

01:00 - What is V doing?

Zen, MC (you), Jaehee Kang

Don't worry ^^;; Seven's on our side.
He kept glancing at my pajamas earlier, do you think something's up? [707]

I was just having a lovely chat with Zen ^^ [Zen]
Did Jumin return safely?

I can't wait for the desert golf project ^^ [Jumin]
I think Jumin would still care...

We would have been in in big trouble if it weren't for Seven. [707]
I wish we could reach V right now...

Let's wait for him to reach us. [Jaehee]
I think V is being too irresponsible.

Jaehee, it's late so please be careful and good luck!
Please take good care of Jumin. [Jumin]

I'm sure that if V knew what was happening, he would have taken care of it.
Yeah. I'm impressed that Jumin decided to just come straight back... [Jumin]

He seems a bit busy, but he's nice. [707]
I am a bit disappointed that all he's doing is work.

I'll be careful. Thanks for worrying, Zen. [Zen]
Good bye.

03:00 - Jumin's suggestion

Jumin Han, MC (you)

Welcome home!!! [Jumin]

I think we should discuss that issue with Seven. [707]
That's a good idea!
I don't care since all I need is Seven.

What is Elizabeth doing? [707]
But first, aren't you tired from the trip?

But why don't you see any women, Jumin? (no hearts)
I guess you meet your father often.

Poor Yoosung...
That is a very nice idea. [Jumin]

Right now. After talking with you, I feel like I'll finally be able to sleep ^^ [Jumin]
I plan to stay up a bit more.

Yes, I'm still underage.
I'm of age. (no hearts)

Receive a text from Jumin:
So trustworthy! [Jumin]
Hmm... I'm just going to follow Seven.

08:00 - Good time with mom

Yoosung★, MC (you)

God... He really doesn't understand how you feel T_T
Yoosung, I hope you're having fun with your mom ^^ [Jumin]

To eat noodles?
To make kimchi? [Yoosung]

Hello, Zen~ [Zen]
↪︎lololol Don't worry. I'm doing fine with Seven. [707]
Yes... unfortunately.
I'm glad to see Yoosung having a good time with his mother ^^ (no hearts)
↪︎I'm just joking, haha.
Yup. [Yoosung]

Give me some of the kimchi when you're finished, haha. [Zen]
Good luck... T_T

Rules are meant to be broken...
Still Yoosung, you have a better daily routine now ^^; [Jumin]
Yoosung, we'll have to take revenge on Jumin...

I agree with Zen. lol [Zen]
Stop teasing Yoosung~! Jumin did wrong this time...

Do you want to come here and clean? [Yoosung]
I like staying here in Seven's arms by myself.
Hmm... Seven is very busy with work, and I have to keep the secrecy. [707]

So what if something is going on? ^^ [707]
Trust me~ [Zen]

Yoosung... it'll all be over soon. Have hope!!! [Yoosung]
Save a batch for me ^^ (no hearts)

I wish Yoosung would be more manly.
He pretends he hates it, but it's nice to see him go along with it. [Jumin]
He's kind of my taste lol [Yoosung]

Maybe there's an alarm and the police will come?
I feel like there's a bomb here... [707]

I'm just going to read so that I don't bother Seven. [707]
I have plans. A date with Seven! [707]

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode ♦︎

09:00 - The truth of the special security system

Jumin Han, MC (you)

What is?
Hello, Jumin.

I see how much effort Jaehee put in ^^;
Oh! Can we invite that association to our party? [EMAIL]

Seven, how is work going? [707]
Hey honey.

I think it'll be good to follow Jumin's idea.
What do you think, Seven? [707]

I'll believe in you, Seven. [707]
Seven, let's go play once everything is safe~

Me in danger because of you...? Don't even say that. [707]
I hope only Seven protects me...

I don't know... Can you reveal the secret? [707]
What? No way~

... (no hearts)
Hahaha, that's funny Seven.

...I trust Seven will  find a way to solve all this. [707]
I want to leave T_T

I think I have to go. Let me talk over this with Seven. [707]
Were you close with Rika?

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode - 707 ♦︎

He must have thought we're a newly wed. Well, we practically are since we're living together thanks to your...
How do you think your brother broke through the glass? [707]

I'm not scared at all with you here! [707]
I want to live happily ever after here with you and the bomb~

Being in danger is thrilling and exciting! Let's have fun together.
If it weren't for you, I would have been kidnapped then. But thanks to you, I'm fine. [707]

Sven, why the headphones? Are you avoiding me? [707]
Honey~ Look at this~

11:00 - I cannot believe Rika did that

Yoosung★, MC (you)

? Yoosung, is something happening? [Yoosung]
Yes, of course.

I never thought Rika would be someone to request a bomb.... [Yoosung]
This is all becaus of Rika;;

There must be a reason...? (no hearts)
V went too far with this...

I don't know about that... But Seven will let us know what we need to know. [707]
They might be hiding something more dangerous than the bomb~! OMG >.< Cheer up, Yoosung. You won't get lucky with a sad face! [Yoosung] Have fun with your mom.... ♦︎ Visual Novel Mode ♦︎

13:00 - Two different reaction

Jumin Han, MC (you), Jaehee Kang, ZEN

I guess he doesn't know you're calling since he's so focused on work;; That boy. I'll tell him that you called.
Hello, Jumin. I think Seven's busy. [707]

Are you talking about Yoosung?
What good thing? (no hearts)

Did he bring his girlfriend? [Jumin]
Why are you suddenly talking about your father...?

Jahee! Hello...
You'll have to find a good cause that suits such a magnificent pen ^^ [Jumin]

Save me T_T
It is quite... unrealistic. [Zen]
Hello, Zen.

That won't happen since Seven's here. [707]
T_T I'm so scared, Zen...

Stay calm, Zen. [Jumin]
They were both really mean T_T
I'm sure they had their own reasons...

I want to leave right now T_T
Then what about the party? [707]

I think so too, since Seven is very thoughtful. [707]
Will Seven come with me if I move? I don't want to go alone~!

Thank you for worrying. I'm able to get through thanks to all of you.
I wouldn't have been fine if Seven weren't here. At least that's good. [707]

Good bye.
Zen... be careful. [Zen]

I can't stop thinking that RFA is hiding more than the bomb. [Jaehee]
Jumin, you seem to trust Rika. Were yo two close?

Well, I started so I should stick with it till the end~!
Yes, I want to trust Seven. [707]

Yes? [Jumin]

Good bye.
Thank you for all your efforts... [Jaehee]

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode - 707 ♦︎

15:00 - What I can do

707, MC (you)

I came here because I wanted to talk to you in the messenger. How is work going? [707]
I wanted to talk with my honey~

I did since I have no choice but to.
Yes. (no hearts)

If you're sorry then be nicer to me.
I'm fine. I'm sure it's harder for you since everything's on your shoulders. [707]

I don't know very well... but I'm sure Rika didn't have bad intentions.
Rika seems to have a good reputations. I can't believe she's the one behind all this. (no hearts)

It hasn't really sunk in, haha.
You're with me. [707]

I'm actually glad that we can be together thanks to that, haha.
This isn't your fault. No one knew this was going to happen. (no hearts) ???

Seven, are you really okay... after all that's happened? You don't have anything you want to say to me? [707]
Seven, you're the best hacker in the world. Aren't you supposed to be good at everything.

Oh! Finally, we get to go for a drive to the hacker's headquarters, haha.
Will you take me there? [707]

I hope you get in touch with him soon. [707]
...About the hacker?

I'm really fine, Seven. [707]
Aight. I'll accept your apology so relax and chill brah~

Can't you stop saying sorry and do something fun?
You did nothing wrong, Seven. You kept the secret as V told you and did your best... [707]

I'll still be here even if everyone's disappointed. lol I got your back.
I'm sure RFA isn't disappointed with you. Everyone is just worried. [707]

Okay, go ahead ^^ [707]

17:00 - The secrets that Seven has been keeping

Yoosung★, MC (you), ZEN

I don't think this situation is Seven's fault. [707]
Hello, Yoosung!

Hello, Zen.
Zen, do you feel better? [Zen]

That's a good idea. Did you read what Seven said? [707]
I think Seven has a bad habit of not dating girls...

I guess I am in a bit of an unrealistic situation right now, haha.
Seven didn't put me in danger on purpose... So I'd like to be understanding. [707]

I wish there weren't any secrets from the first place...
If Seven is hiding something, I'd like to know. [707]

I'm actually thinking of leaving the organization.
I feel how sincere Seven is in trying to help me, so I want to trust him rather than get angry. [707]

Seven doesn't seem to be complaining against V... Why do you think that is? [707]
I honestly can't tell what V does.

Yoosung, you're all grown up now.
I'm sure that Seven is feeling a lot of pressure even if he pretends not to be. [707]

It must have been tough for your mom...
You're free! Congrats! [Zen]

Bye lol Be a good son.
Okay~ Take good care of her~ [Yoosung]

It's nice to see him like that.
It's all thanks to Jumin lol [Jumin]

Alright, I will ^^
Pleas pray that things will go well for us... [707]

I wish he'd open up his lover for me~
I think he'll open his heart someday ^^ [707]

Okay, go eat a meal fit for a king! [Zen]
Bye, Zen ^^

Visual Novel Mode - 707

Seven~ Ae you really okay not eating anything? [707]
Honey, look at me~~

(Reaches hand to look at the book Seven brought.)

Huh? What is this...? Do I put it in the computer...? [707]
Seven~ Come here! I found a treasure~

I just want to get close to you... Is that wrong?
Let's just be friends. What's so complicated? [707]

You're not even giving me a chance to become close to you...? I feel hurt... [707]
Can't you spend some time with me after work?

19:00 - Inefficient way

Jaehee Kang, MC (you)

Seven's not playing with m T_T He doesn't want me to pay him any attention.
Seven is working hard as usual. [707]

You're absolutely right!! [Jaehee]
Do you think so?

Jaehee, don't despair! He'll be back in touch! Soon! [Jaehee]
Do you think he'll come back before the party...?

Will there ever come a day when our Jaehee can fangirl all she wants, whenever she wants!? [Jaehee]
It means that he trusts you, so be positive ^^; Of course I'm sure it's tough...

Should we invite them to the party? [EMAIL]
You don't think the phone's plugged out?

Good bye.
Hang in there ^^;; Accio phone call! [Jaehee]

21:00 - I miss my mom

Yoosung★, MC (you)

I know... Did your mother go back home?
Who knows? He might call~ (no hearts)

But you're free now~
I guess you already miss your mom... [Yoosung]

Your mom must think about you alot.
Stop gaming all the time and call her time to time. (no hearts)

Yoosung, you've grown up. lol
You can be a better son from now on~ [Yoosung]

Oh, that's nice~ Let's invite them. [EMAIL]
Game related again...? I'll pass.

Haha, okay. Yoosung, you're so cute.
Yup! Let's do that. Let's trust Seven. [707]

Thank you. Bye, Yoosung. [Yoosung]
Yup, don't cry because your mom's not with you anymore and good night.

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode - Jaehee Kang ♦︎

23:00 - Is that what you have to say?

V, MC (you), 707

V! What's going on!? Why are you coming so late?
You're too late...

Seven! V's finally here.
Ask V everything you wanted to ask! [707]

Did you hear about the special security system. (no hearts)

Did you give him a broken phone?
So the phone was bugged? [707]

...What do you think Seven? [707]
Hmm... I want to move to somewhere else with Seven right now.

OMG~ Alright lolol
Are you doubting Seven? [707]

V, I think you made a mistake talking about the letters. [707]
The letters might really be there.

V... You're being suspicious. Are you nervous that Seven is here? [707]
Seven!! Why don't you calm down and listen to V?

V, you really don't know about Saeran? [707]
Maybe you shouldn't drive V towards the wall?

He must have really bad service...
...Do you think he really lost service? [707]

Then trust me~! ^^ Cheer up~
Seven... are you okay? [707]

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode - 707 ♦︎

Look at me meow~
That robot... you made it then. [707]

Meowy, let's stay quiet for now~ [707]
Oh~! Meowy, wanna dance? Dance dance!

The cat is so cute.
Things didn't see m to go well with V... Are you okay? [707]

Why don't you open the drawers? [707]
I don't really know about V but I trust him~ Can't we all just be friends?

Seven... is there really nothing I can do to help? [707]
Let's sleep in the same bed today. That will heal you.

I feel like there might really be love letters in there.
I can't help but think that there's something in there about Saeran. [707]

Why are you deciding my future...? [707]
Why don't we leave RFA and live happily together?

You're being too one sided. Then what do I do about my feelings for you? [707]
Then... can I cheat on you?

Seven, I know that you're worried about me...! So don't avoid me, please? [707]
It's scary when you yell...

9th Day

01:00 - Shaking faith

Jaehee Kang, MC (you), Yoosung★

I think this is really difficult for him.
Jaehee... Isn't V and Seven's conversation a bit shocking...? [Jaehee]

You barely missed V...
Yoosung, did you read what Seven said about not trusting V anymore? (no hearts)

I'm sure there's a secret he wants to keep hidden. Don't you think he should open the drawer? [Yoosung]
I don't want to know T_T

Still, we didn't hear his explanation yet, so we shouldn't just assume that he did all bad...
But I am certain that V hurt Seven. [707]

Calm down. It might be difficult to be objective here because you have personal feelings towards him, Yoosung. [HEARTBREAK - Yoosung]
Jaehee.... aren't you takingV's side too much here?

...I'm sure Seven doesn't want RFA to split up. [707]
I'm going to be on Seven's side too!

Try to rest and calm down a bit for now, Yoosung. [Yoosung]
I will. Good bye.

But... what gets me more is that V was really flustered to hear the name Saeran. [707]
I just want to be in a lovey dovey relationship with Seven, but that's so hard with everything going on...

It's late, so go and get some rest. [Jaehee]
I'm going to stop thinking and just get some rest.

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode - 707 ♦︎

02:00 - Confession

707, MC (you)

It's getting late... Don't you feel a bit closer to me?
I was thinking about what you said to me earlier.. [707]

Shouldn't you explain to the RFA members about Saeran now? [707]
I'll do whatever you tell me to do. Aren't I a good girl?

So V was your savior at the time. [707]
So he broke his promise?

Still, thanks to that we were able to be together, so we were lucky~
I remember... how you looked when you found out about it. [707]

Now I can understand why you can't trust V. [707]
V was totally wrong~ Right?

Huh? I thought the party was gonna be fun T_T
I'm sure that Saeran is first now... [707]

It'd be nice if we just all make up... Can't we just live a happy happy life?
Okay, I think that is the best option for you. [707]

I can't sleep... I think I will be able to if you sing me a lullaby though.
I will. Don't work too hard and please take a break. [707]

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode - 707 ♦︎

07:00 - Brother of Seven?

ZEN, MC (you)

Good morning~
Zen... I'm sure the last conversation is difficult to take in;; [Zen]

Hey Jumin.
I'm sure you're shocked at Seven's story too... [Jumin]

It's shocking that V basically abandoned Saeran.
What do you think his family history is to have parted with his twin brother? [707]

Yeah... I would feels so betrayed. [707]
Maybe V has his own reasons? ^^;;

I think we'll solve this issue by researching about the hacker's organization rather than family. [707]
Family is a universal cure!

...Excuse me?;;
Yeah. I worked hard for it. The party must go on! [Jumin]

You're right, but still;;;;
Yeah... that'll be better than sitting around doing nothing. [Jumin]

Do you think that'll mean anything to RFA now? [707]
It'll be better to have the party if I think about that.

Good luck... [Jumin]

Yeah. He looks a bit like a party psychopath.
True, but I can't imagine a Jumin who talks nicely haha [Jumin]

Whoah~ Calm down lovely Zen~ [Zen]
Go and calm yourself down again ^^;;

Good bye.
Be careful~ [Zen]

10:00 - It has nothing to do with you

707, MC (you), Yoosung★

Hi... How's work going? [707]
Omg~ I feel excited staying in the same chat room~♥

Yoosung, you understand how Seven feels, right? [707]
Hello, Yoosung.

Still, don't you think there will be something he can help with?
Yoosung... shouldn't we leave it to Seven as dangerous as it is? [707]

Come~ The more the better~
I don't think that's a good idea... [707]

Seven. are you serious? (no hearts)
If Seven leaves, do I have to leave?

You're not going to forget me too, are you?
Why did you suddenly decide that...? [707]

I feel tricked now...
That's too harsh... [707]

Wow... Seven, you're so cold.
So my feelings mean nothing to you, Seven...? [707]

Seven, don't Yoosung anymore. [Yoosung]

Yoosung... are you okay?
I'm so disappointed in Seven. [707]

The game branches here

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode - 707 ♦︎

I think it's broken... Can I fix it?
You broke it! Why did you do it... Can we fix it? [707]

Why are you protecting me if you're going to leave soon...? You can just leave right now.
I'm sure you're just upset over Yoosung~ cheer up~!

Then if I keep being in danger, will you stay with me? [707]
I can protect myself so don't worry~ I'm pretty strong.

Romance is more fun when there are more obstacles! Don't you think?
I just want to be with you, because I like you! [707]

Then please let me understand the person in front of me...!

I like the Seven that's in front of my eyes. Regardless of how complicated your life is, I want to know. [707]
I've been through the hacker and the bomb. I'm not afraid of your kind of life.

There is no reason. I just like you. That's how I feel...! [707]
The dangerous Seven is actually my type.

I'm okay with that... I don't regret my feelings towards you. [707]
Let's think about that later. Right now, let's just have fun.

There's no way I'll regret being with the person I like. [707]
I just want to focus on how I feel right now, my feelings towards you.

First, take some time and think about accepting me. [707]
Accept me. Shouldn't you at least acknowledge my efforts?

Then I'll wait.

11:00 - He did not mean that

ZEN, Jaehee Kang, MC (you)

Hello both...
I feel bad that Seven and Yoosung fought. (no hearts)

That's true... but I think things are very complicated for Seven right now.
I think so. He seems to be very angry at V.

I can't say that's a lie, but I also think that the cheerful Seven we knew is real too.
Well, people keep on changing.

He worked harder than any of us for the RFA... [707]
He was then but now... I don't know.

I'll try my best. [707]
Hmm... I don't know if it will work.

I won't take it personally.
It's okay. My feelings towards Seven are strong. [707]

Everything will work out fine when you are this worried. [Jaehee]
You seem quite attached to Seven, Jaehee.

My way as always...
We worked hard for the party. It'd be a shame to put it all to waste~ [Jumin]

Good luck, Jaehee! Please do everything you can for the party! [Jaehee]
Cheer up, Jaehee.

Calm down, Zen. Why don't you try reading your script? [Zen]
Get some sleep. Naps are the best.

13:00 - Keep it cool

Jumin Han, MC (you)

Thanks for worrying. I'm fine. I'm only worried about Seven. [Jumin]
I'm worried about Yoosung.

It's his decision to make so we have to respect that. [707]
That's true... but I'm sure it was difficult for Seven to control his emotions in that situation.

I don't really want to think about the party in this situation.
Well... Okay, tell him to send me an email. [EMAIL]

Good bye.
Thank you for everything. Please take god care of the party, Jumin. [Jumin]

15:00 - Jaehee's consolation

Jaehee Kang, MC (you)

He's just working like a robot.
He just keeps on working. He's not saying anything but I think he's sorting out his emotions. [707]

Even if we do have the party, Seven won't be there, right? [Jaehee]
Yeah... Jumin's very strange.

Perhaps that might have created a misunderstanding.
You know that it's not your fault that Seven is acting that way. [Jaehee]

Don't worry about it too much and just do what you can for now.
I'm sure he will appreciate you feeling that way.

Okay! Seven will change. I'll do my best. [707]
Good luck.

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode - 707 ♦︎

Seven, what are you doing right now? [707]
It's so messy with all the party laid out like that.

Can't you fix it while talking tot me? I want to talk to you. [707]
What are you thinking?

I was just being honest because I like you, Seven. [707]
I know dangerous men better. Don't worry.

I genuinely like you Seven. I don't say this to others. [707]
I'll decide what I do.

When did you last see Saeran? (no hearts)
Then... tell me about the hacker, your brother...

You two look so similar. [707]
You're way more good looking.

How did you learn hacking when you grew up like that? [707]
I honestly can't believe that you grew up in such a household.

So you shouldn't have trusted anyone.
I feel so bad that you had to go through all that... [707]

What's wrong about saying what you want to say?
They say that talking about things make you feel better. Thanks for talking to me. [707]

Of course. [707]
For now.

17:00 - Sorry, Yoosung

707, MC (you), Yoosung★

That's a very sudden change ^^; [707]

The 2nd round?
An apology? (no hearts)

Hello ^^
Yoosung;; Nice timing! [707]

Seven... sincerely apologize! [707]
Yoosung, how are you feeling?

Yup. Yoosung is completely right.
Seven is a robot apparently. [707]

Do you miss your mom...? [707]

Congrats, Seven. [707]
We should do a campaign on "thinking before talking."

I won't stop you... but will it work out?
I'll support you, Seven! ^^ [707]

I don't think I did anything...
I'm so glad you feel that way~! [707]

Seven, let me know if there's anything I can do to help. [707]
Okay, talk to me when you get bored.

I'm really glad that you two made up. [Yoosung]
You can never predict how a person would feel.

Kimchi and ramen? [Yoosung]
I should go eat something too. I'm hungry.

19:00 - What a relief

ZEN, Jumin Han, MC (you)

Jumin~ You're not going awol on us, are you?
It's really nice, isn't it Zen? [Zen]

You gave Seven advice earlier. lol [Zen]
Yeah... Why would you say that all of a sudden?

Wow ^^ [Jumin]

I wish anyone would suggest some guests~~ [Jumin]
I don't think the party's really important right now.

That sounds like a nice organization! Tell them to reach me~ [EMAIL]
Hmm... we can't really prove that they have a conscience so pass~

The party has to happen if RFA wants to continue. [Jumin]
I think Jumin's a very strange person. lolol

Oh... That's a nice way to put it! [Zen]
It's very hard becoming an adult. Did you go through something difficult, Zen?

I'll look forward to your outfit! [Zen]
You be careful too!

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode - 707 ♦︎

Do I need to be ready...? (no hearts)
Yes, break it with a hammer!

The logo... from that email... (no hearts)
I think I've seen it before...

Rika and V... Do you think both of them were involved? (no hearts)
Do you think Rika was a part of Mint Eye?

We'll have to go together , Seven!
Should I go too? [707]

21:00 - Mint Eye and Rika

707, Jaehee Kang, MC (you)

Oh! Then can I say something embarrassing here? lolol [707]
Maybe someone will come?

We were gonna play by ourselves~ lolol (no hearts)
Jaehee, hello~ ^^

Oh... Jaehee, you'd better prepare yourself.
You're going to mention what you discovered earlier, right? [707]

I couldn't believe it when I first saw it. [707]
The source of all those spam emails.

Shouldn't we ask V?
We don't know... We can only assume that Rika had a secret. [707]

I'm scared, but I decided to go with him. T_T
I will. [707]

Seven's already thought enough about this. Please trust him when he says it's time to act. [707]
That's a good idea too.

I'm glad to hear you say that, Seven. [707]
You do?

Alright. Jaehee, I'll get going, too~
We're off! (no hearts)

23:00 - I can't sleep

Yoosung★, MC (you), Jumin Han

Yoosung... [Yoosung]
The materials in Rika's drawer... It's very shocking isn't it?

Hello, Jumin.
I'm shocked too. It must be more so for you. [Yoosung]

Rika meant a lot to Yoosung... [Yoosung]
But... it was RIka who requested for the bomb, and the materials were found in her apartment...

I don't know... But even so, it looks as if she was a crucial part in building that organization. (no hearts)

If you're that nervous, try gaming.
Calm yourself down first... we don't know what went on yet. [Yoosung]

That's a good idea...!
Yes, that'll be better than this. Go ahead. (no hearts)

You don't think Rika betrayed the RFA, do you?
I'm sure you're very surprised too, Jumin. [Jumin]

Feel better, Jumin. [Jumin]
I'd like a glass of wine too.

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode - 707 ♦︎

Seven, are you okay? [707]
Did you have a nightmare?

10th Day

01:00 - Everything I believed...

ZEN, MC (you)

Zen, you can't sleep either, right? [Zen]
I can't sleep...

We do know for sure that V lied about that drawer.
I honestly don't know about Rika, but I'm worried about Yoosung. He seems really shocked. [Yoosung]

I don't think Seven will be able to sleep tonight either. [707]
I feel so complicated too. I had no idea that RFA had so many secrets.

Perhaps ignorance is bliss for dark secrets.
I will. Don't worry too much and try to get some rest. [Zen]

04:00 - Betrayal

Yoosung★, MC (you), 707

Yoosung... You can't sleep, right? [Yoosung]
God... I'm so worried that everyone seems so shocked.

I don't know a lot about her.. but I think that's possible. [Yoosung]
Is there no way that Rika was secretly planning something.

Yes... He's checking every corner. [707]
Hmm... I think he's doing something.

I couldn't fall asleep either thinking about what was in Rika's drawer. [707]
I couldn't fall asleep because you were rummaging through every corner of the apartment.

ME... Mint Eye? [707]
Perhaps it was quality time for herself?

Then... Mint Eye may have been exploiting Saeran too... [707]
You don't think that V found Mint Eye, do you? haha

I'll be with you until the truth is revealed, Seven. [707]
We might not be able to do anything if he's been brainwashed.

Aren't you putting too much pressure on Seven?
When will we leave for Mint Eye? [707]

Please take good care of the party even if we're not there, Yoosung.
We'll have to miss the party, but we'll definitely find the truth. [707]

Several people are involved already. Should we just tell everyone?
I'll trust your decision, Seven. [707]

Okay, make sure to grab your jacket so you're not cold ^^ [707]
I'll start getting ready too.

Thank you. I'll go get ready now. ^^ [Yoosung]
I doubt prayers work... but thank you anyways.

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode - 707 ♦︎

I can go anywhere if you're there with me. That won't change. [707]
For now, following you will be my safest option.

What am I supposed to do with this?
Wow! The robot cat! You... fixed it? [707]

Yes, let's go find the truth and come back safe. [707]
I don't want to leave my future up to a God tat might not even exist. Can't we just focus more on reality?

Yes, let's go together! [707]
I'm a bit scared, but please do your best.

08:00 - We miss you guys

Jaehee Kang, Jumin Han, MC (you)

Yes, we're on our way. [Jaehee]
Jumin, is work going well?

Jaegee, you gave to worry about RFA, your boss... it must be difficult. [Jaehee]
Jumin, you didn't sleep very well last night.

Jaehee, did you watch Zen's DVD last night because you couldn't sleep? [Jaehee]
Please don't fangirl in a situation like this. Seven and I are risking our lives right now.

How long was it on average? [Jumin]

Do you think the length has to do with the owner's affection levels? (no hearts)
Yes, let's go back to that, Jumin.

Nothing will come out of being scared. I have to be calm.
I'm not, since I'm with someone I trust. [707]

Haha, just please take care of it.
Jumin, why are you so obsessed with the party? [Jaehee]

Good luck, Jaehee. [Jaehee]
I guess I won't have to worry about the party now ^^

Thank you... We won't be able to attend, but please take good care of it. [Jumin]
I'll just be thinking about care of this and coming back safe.

Seven promised that he'd protect me. Don't worry! [707]
Okay, thank you. Good luck!

Let Elizabeth go instead of me. (no hearts)
Do you want to me is that it? ^^

What is it?
Yea, go ahead. [Jumin]

I'll let him know. [Jumin]
I'll tell him if I get the chance.

I don't know when that will be but alright.
Okay, good bye. (no hearts)

10:00 - I can't get over this

Yoosung★, MC (you)

Not yet. I'm worried he's speeding right now. [707]
We're still on the road. It's far...

Well... I think we saw flying squirrels that looked like desert cats lol [Zen]
...Is this the time for jokes?

Still, you should be a good student;
Yes, you might still be in shock. Rest up. [Yoosung]

I'm sorry I can't go. Please take care of the party for me. ^^ [Zen]
I should be the one to do it... Shame.

Well... we'll have to see the results.
That day will come... Trust us. [707]

Call your mother. You might feel better once you talk to her.
I understand that you're nervous, but please have more faith in Seven. [707]

Cheer up~! [Yoosung]

Lead the way and have everyone cheer up Zen! [Zen]
Don't just worry and do something that's helpful.

Alright Zen, good luck. [Zen]
Okay, I will.

Visual Novel Mode - 707

It was a bit uncomfortable.
I'm fine. Are we here? [707]

I won't...! Let's do this and go back home! [707]
Okay, we'll just have to hope for the best

12:00 - Please remember

707, MC (you)

Yeah, I guess everyone's busy because of the party.
We've arrived~ [707]

I hope this isn't our last photo.
We look like a cute couple. [707]

it might all be game over of we meet Saeran or run into security...
I don't think we'll run into any enemies if we just follow your plan. [707]

Don't think that. We'll come back safe! [707]
I feel more scared hearing you say that...

Is there a reason you want to tell me here?
Yes, please let everyone know here. [707]

Lt's talk after we're finished with this. Let's get going.
Of course. [707]

The game branches here

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode - 707 ♦︎

The compurter looks really nice...
Do you think Saeran hacked into our hacked system here? [707]

It's no use wondering about it now.
First... if Saeran really used this computer, we'd better start transferring the materials. [707]

Seven, are you transferring the information already? You're so fast. [707]
It looks like you've done this before.Hmm...

Saeran...? [707]

Seven, shouldn't we run?
Wha are you going to do with us!? [707]

Seven, did you do something wrong to Saeran?
Saeran... still please listen. Nothing will change just by you listening. [707]

Saeran, I'm sure there's a misunderstanding. Please listen to what Seven has to say. [707]
I'll be the judge of that.

And last time when he saw you... that's when he realized that V didn't keep his promise. [707]
Believe what you want to believe. It's up to you.

Whatever happened, Seven was wrong to leave.
Saeran, what really happened? [707]

Who should I believe..?
Savior? [707]

(Inserts floppy disc into the computer.) [707]
Seven, just show it to him.

I think the door's locked!
Seven... should we run after him? [707]

13:00 - Calm down

Jumin Han, MC (you), 707

Did he take it? (no hearts)

I guess he's not picking up on purpose. (no hearts)

Jumin... Seven and I are locked in right now. [707]
Jumin, we might need some help. We're locked in.

Please explain the situation to Jumin.
How longer do you think it'll take? (no hearts)

We will! Don't lose faith. [707]
My life is on the line, pull yourself together.

Haven't we already made a fuss? ;; (no hearts)
Won't someone else come attack us?

If you've calmed down, go back to work. Move move!
You can do it, Seven..! [707]

Everything will be fine, Jumin. I'll get going too. [Jumin]
Only fate will know. I'll get going.

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode ♦︎

15:00 - We are on our way

ZEN, MC (you), Yoosung★, 707

Is RFA doing okay? (no hearts)
Yes... we had a moment to spare.

Not yet. We're still locked in.
We're safe. We are still locked in. [Yoosung]

Seven will be here soon. [707]
I don't know. He seems busy.

Yes! [707]
It's more important to get out of here first.

Shouldn't we go somewhere safer?
We can't leave until we find Saeran and the truth. [707]

Wish us luck.
We'll be in touch again! [Yoosung]

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode ♦︎

17:00 - Don't worry about the party

Jaehee Kang, Jumin Han, MC (you)

We're currently leaving the building through blind spots.
No, Seven just stopped for a moment to find the way out so I came in here. (no hearts)

Did you guys hear from V yet? (no hearts)
V's coming to the party, right?

Tell me if you hear anything from V. I'll get going.
I should go back to Seven now. Cheer up bot of you! (no hearts)

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode - 707 ♦︎

I think we missed Saeran... [707]
We were late because you hesitated in the middle.

Someone must have driven off quickly.. It's not Saeran's car, is it? [707]
First let's get out of here.

V? (no hearts)

What is that about? (no hearts)
V, you're blind? You don't seem that way.

Can we believe him?
Seven! Have you ever lent anyone your car? [707]

I thought Vanderwood was your maid?
How the hell does the agency operate? (no hearts)

20:00 - Goodbye greetings

V, MC (you)

*No Choices*

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode ♦︎

21:00 - Disappintment

Yoosung★, MC (you), ZEN, Jaehee Kang, Jumin

Yes, but first, did you read what V said?
Yes... we're moving to a safe location. [Yoosung]

He met us. We didn't even tell him the address but he showed up. (no hearts)

Jaehee... We met V here. I'm so shocked. (no hearts)

I supposed he has too many secrets to do that. (no hearts)

Jumin... (no hearts)

Jaehee. I think something's wrong with Jumin. Shouldn't you give him a call?
Maybe he was too shocked and just left;; (no hearts)

I think Seven is just shocked. (no hearts)
Although we don't know the truth yet.

It's not very manly... but go ahead.
That's a good idea. You guys can comfort each other. [Yoosung]

Okay, I will. Everyone try to calm down. The party's tomorrow.
Don't worry about us and Yoosung! Hurry to Zen's house. [Yoosung]

I'm jsut worried that Seven seems really hurt. [707]
V just told us to trust him without giving us any evidence.

I should get going too. I should at least try to comfort Seven. [707]
I'll have to watch over Seven so that he doesn't does off.

23:00 - Our plan

707, MC (you)

Seven, aren't you tired of driving?
we're the only one here... (no hearts)

Yes, I think my heart is still racing. (no hearts)
I'm sure that V's our enemy.

You were working on your computer earlier. What were you doing? (no hearts)
But how did you find this cabin?

I feel bad for Saeran. [707]
What do you think Vanderwood plans to do with Saeran?

I think it'll be safe to be with you until Mint Eye is no longer a threat.
I'll be with you until the end. [707]

...Is it... (no hearts)

Yes... I won't be able to attend, but I hope it goes well. (no hearts)
Since I can't go... I was forgetting about it.

I'll be hoping for everything to work out. (no hearts)
Okay, I hope the party goes well tomorrow... we'll end the day here!

♦︎ Visual Novel Mode ♦︎

Final Day

08:00 Make a place for them to...

ZEN, Jaehee Kang, MC (you), Yoosung★, Jumin Han

*No Choices*

12:00 Party Start

Good End



10 of Hearts,1,2nd Anniversary,1,7 of Hearts,1,707,3,A Faeries Dream,1,A Love Poem to Skadi,1,A Male Harem for Xmas,1,A Wizardry Enchantment,3,A World With(out) You,1,Abracadabra,92,Accela Inc.,2,Ace of Hearts,1,Ace Spade,1,Act 2,6,Akaseka,3,Akechi Mitsuhide,1,Akedia,2,Akifusa Oki,1,Akira,1,Akira Hatakeyama,1,Akito Kakiuchi,2,Akito Kurosaki,1,Albert,3,Albert Burckhardt,1,Aldo Bardi,1,Alexey Morozoff,1,Alfonse,1,Alitia,3,All My Husbands,14,Allen Blood,1,Alph,1,Alvah,1,Alyn Crawford,2,Amasawa Kaito,1,Amnesia: Memories,1,Andrea,1,Andrea Lee,1,Android,2,Angelo de Ponte,1,Anniversary,5,Another Prince,2,Aoi,1,April Fool's Event,1,Arata Ichinose,1,Arithmetic,77,Arnest Warrior,1,Artem,1,Arthur Conan Doyle,1,Arthur Langley,1,Asagi,3,Asato x Mao,1,Asena,2,Asuka,1,Ayame,1,Ayato Kamishiro,2,Ayu,2,Azusa Kurono,3,Azusa Kuze,1,Bakumatsu Shinsengumi,3,Barnard,1,Be My Princess,7,Beauty and Her Prince,1,Beloved Nightmare,3,Benkei Musashibo,1,beta test,1,Beyond the Hot Spring Wall,1,BL,44,Blaze! Love to the Top,3,Blissful Fete,1,Blissfully Yours,1,Blood Domination,5,Book 2,3,Botan,1,Broken Clock,2,Byron Wagner,2,Caesar Raphael,1,Cai Liyue,1,Cain Langridge X Ikumi Stark,1,Carlo Mazza,1,Carter Harris,1,Casual Route,1,Celina,1,Celis Valentine,1,Cerberus,1,Cerim,1,Cheritz,6,Cherry Petals and Fortunes,1,Chester x Allis,1,Chevalier Michel,1,Chezem,1,Chiaki Kira,2,Chigaya x Natsume,1,Chihaya Koda,1,Chihaya x Takamine,1,Chisa Fukumura,1,Chou no Doku,1,Chris Armstrong,1,Chronus,1,Chronus Carlyle,1,Ciagram,3,Cinderella,1,Cinderella Phenomenon,6,Cinderella TV,4,Cindo,1,Claude,2,Clive Felix,1,Clive Lagrene,1,CloudNovel,1,Cody Gray,1,Contract Marriage +,2,Cornelius Cruz,1,Court of Darkness,16,Crowlie,1,Cybird,64,Cyril,3,D-techno,2,Daikichi Hirose,1,Dangerous Fellows,1,Darius Rosenberg,1,Date Masamune,3,Date Shigezane,1,Dead or Love,4,Dean,1,Dean F Irving,1,Dean Price,1,Dear Devere,1,DeareaD Inc,4,Deep Story,2,Destined to Love,1,Destiny Ninja,10,Destiny Ninja 2,16,Developer Terms,1,Dia Akedia,1,Dicesuki,5,DigiSky,3,Dino Bardi,1,DLC,1,Earl,1,Eden of Ikemen,5,Edgar Bright,2,Eduard,1,Edward Hyde,1,Edward Leviancois,1,Egypshka,1,Eight Sweets,1,Eiji Sengoku,3,Element Tree,2,Elias Goldstein,2,Elvin,1,Email Inbox,1,EMIQ,5,Emulate Thrill,2,En,1,Enojo,1,Enya,1,Ephemeral Dreams Eternal Love,1,Eric Etienne Charles x Kazusa Cleves,1,Estel,1,Eternal Ending,1,Ethan,2,Eugene,1,Eugene Wainwright,1,Event,21,Ever After,7,favary,3,Favary Inc,2,Fenn Luxure,2,Fenrir,3,Fenrir Godspeed,1,Feral Boyfriend,4,Ferris,1,First Lady Diaries,5,First Love Story,1,Flanelia,3,Flirt Time,3,Florin Arden,1,Fluffy Fuzzy Time,2,Forbidden Love,1,Frederick Grey,1,Fritz,2,Fujibayashi Sakuya,1,Furutsugu Akishino,1,Fuyukiku,1,Gaia Ijuin,2,Gekka Kamitani,1,Genius Inc,1,Genshin,4,Genshin Impact,5,Gentoka,1,Genya Fujibayashi,1,George Lestrade,1,Gilbert Rance,1,Giles Christophe,2,Gin Shinonome,1,Gingetsu x Kasumi,1,Glenn J. Casiraghi,1,Glenn Qing,1,Goemon Ishikawa,1,Goyo,1,Gray,1,Grayson Hotz,1,Gretel,1,Griffon,1,Grimm,1,Guard Me Sherlock!,14,Guardian Deity,3,Guo Liyao,1,Guy,1,Guy Avari,1,Guy Kurihara,1,Hades,1,Hajime,1,Haku,1,Halcyon Cafe,1,Hanayome,6,Hansel,1,Hanzo Hattori,1,Harr Silver,1,Harry,1,Haruichi Mamiya,3,Haruka Utsunomiya,1,Haruma Fujisaki,1,Haruomi,1,Haruto Kagurazaka,1,Hattori Hanzo,2,Hattori Hanzo Kazemasa,1,Hayato,1,Hayato Natsukawa,1,Hayato Sumeragi,1,Hayato Takano,1,Heartmann,1,Henrik K,1,Henry Jekyll,1,Hibiki Shiina,1,Hideyoshi Toyotomi,2,High School Otome,1,Hiiragi x Kikyo,1,Hijikata,1,Hikage,1,Hikobane,1,Hino Youta,1,Hiro,1,His Feelings,1,Hisanori Sato,1,Hisoka Hagakure,1,Honkai,6,Honkai Impact,10,Honkai Impact 3rd,11,Honkai: Star Rail,1,Hotaka,1,Hotaru Kirigakure,1,Hoyovers,1,HoYoverse,10,Hugo Peers,1,Hyosuke,1,Hyuga,1,Hyun Ryu,3,Ibuki,1,Ibuki Mitsumine,1,Ibuki Yurino,1,Ichika,1,Ichiro Sakaki,1,Idea Factory,1,Ieyasu Tokugawa,3,Ike Barnes,1,Ikemen Prince,5,Ikemen Revolution,15,Ikemen Sengoku,17,Ikemen Series,25,Ikemen Vampire,11,Illegal Romance,1,Ingrays,3,Interspace Co,1,Iori Kitami,1,iOS,3,Ira,1,Isaac,1,Isaac Newton,1,Isami Kondo,1,Isekai Darling,1,Isle of Colde,1,Isuka,2,It's Our Secret,1,Itaru Yuikawa,3,Itsuki Kanamura,1,Ivan,1,Ivan Carles,1,Ivy Attwood,1,Izayoi x Uzuki,1,J.J.,1,Jack of Hearts,1,Jack of Spades,1,Jack Stillman,1,Jacob Taylor,1,Jaehee Kang,3,James Moriarty,2,Jared,1,Jasper Lane,2,Jean,1,Jean d'Arc,1,Jeremy Cassel,1,Ji Cangming,1,Jihyun Kim,3,Joe Yazawa,1,Joel Crawford,2,John H. Watson,2,Joker,1,Joker Braze,1,Jonah,1,Jonas Klukas,1,Joshua,3,Joshua Lieben,1,Jumin Han,3,Jun,1,Kaede x Yuzuki,1,Kagura,1,Kaido Haruma,1,Kaito,2,Kakizaki Kageie,1,Kaname Todo,1,Kaname Yomoda,1,Kanata Andoh,1,Kanata Ichijima,1,Kanetsugu Naoe,1,Kaoru Kozuka,2,Kaoru Kuryu,1,Karma,2,Kasuga,1,Kasumi,1,Katakura Kojuro,1,Katy133,1,Kazuha x Yuugiri,1,Kazuki Kurashima,1,Kazumi Kagami,3,Kei Hasegawa,1,Kei x Zakuro,1,Keima Katagiri,1,Keisuke Shijo,1,Keisuke Udo,2,Keita Sakurai,1,Keith Alford,1,Keith Elliot,1,Kennyo,1,Kento Miyoshi,1,Khaim,1,Kichou,1,Kikyo,1,Kila,1,King of Hearts,1,King of Spades,1,Kinshiro,1,Kite,1,Kiyohiro Amemiya,1,Kiyosumi x Rin,1,Klaus Goldstein,3,Knight,1,Kodonomae,1,Kohei Kusunoki,1,Kojuro Katakura,1,Kotaro Fuma,1,Kotaro Kamiyama,2,Kou,1,Kunihiko Aikawa,2,Kunihiro,1,Kunio Muroi,1,Kurama Tengu,1,Kuso-no-Mikoto,1,Kusuniki Nozomi,1,Kyle,2,Kyle Ash,1,Kyle Knock,1,Kyoichiro Narukami,1,Kyoko Kuramochi,1,Laetisum Warrior,1,Lambert,1,Lance,1,Lancelot Kingsley,1,Lars,1,Lawrence,1,Leo,1,Leo Crawford,2,Leo x Satsuki,1,Leon,1,Leon Dompteur,2,Leon Poker,1,Leonardo,1,Leonardo da Vinci,1,Leonhardt,1,Leslie,1,Levi,1,Lex Caraballo,1,Li Jun,1,Liar!,13,Liars Route,4,Licht,1,Light,1,Lin Chong,1,Lionel Saito,1,Lloyd Grandier,2,Loki Genetta,1,Lost Alice,22,Lost Island +,4,Lotte's Forest,4,Lou,1,Louis Farinelli,1,Louis Howard,2,Love Complex,4,Love in a Lost World,5,Love Never Dies,4,Love Pandemonium,3,Love Tangle,16,Love365,3,Lovely Inc,3,Lovers Route,5,Luca,3,Luca Orlem,1,Luciel Choi,3,Lucious Duller,1,Lucydreams,1,Lugar,2,Luka Clemence,1,Luke,1,Luke Estheim,1,Lumiere Rousseau,1,Lust in Terror Manor,3,Lynt Akedia,1,Mad Hatter,1,Maeda Keiji,1,Maeda Toshiie,1,Magic Sword +,3,Makoto,2,Manica,1,Mardin,1,Marius,2,MARS RED,2,MARSRED,2,Masaki Igami,1,Masamune Date,4,Mashiro,1,Maxim Morozoff,1,Maximilian Warrior,1,May Akutsu,1,Maynard,2,Mei Kira,1,Mei Tarantino,1,Mel Glover,1,Melchiorre,1,Midnight Cinderella,18,Midori Kyoizumi,1,Miguel Hernandez,1,miHoyo,31,Mikah Hudson,1,Mike,1,Minami Kira,2,Minoru Yokoyama,1,Mio Takanashi,1,Mirai Kageyama,1,Mistress Contract,1,Mitsuhide Akechi,2,Mitsunari Ishida,3,Mitsuru,1,Miyabi,1,Mizuki,1,Modern Cinderella,10,Mokoto Takatoohara,2,Mononoke Kiss +,5,Moses Jackson,1,Motona,1,Moving Forward In Life & Love!,1,Munenori Yagyu,1,Musashi Miyamoto,1,My Alice Romance,3,My Boss is Too Hot and Wild!,3,My Fairy Tales +,5,My Forged Wedding,18,My Love For You Is Evermore,3,My Mystic Romance,3,My Samurai Romance,2,My Superstar Boyfriend,3,My Sweet Prince +,7,Mycroft Holmes,1,Mystery at the Movie Club,2,Mystic Messenger,8,Nagi,1,Nagi Arisugawa,1,Nagit,1,Naoki Hozumi,1,Naoki Kokonoe,1,Naoto Fuyuno,1,Napoleon Bonaparte,1,Narumi x Mizuho,1,Natsume,1,Neil Mirror,1,News,50,Nexus Code,3,Nezu Jinpachi,1,NGames,1,Nick,1,Nico Meier,2,Nicolas,1,Niflheim+,8,Nightmare Harem,1,Ninja Assassin+,9,Ninja Love +,9,Ninja Shadow,38,Nino,2,Nobunaga Oda,5,Nobuyuki Sanada,1,Noel Aijima,1,Nokto Klein,2,Nolan Zarek Jr.,1,Noritsune,1,Norton,1,Nox Noir,1,Ntt Solmare,199,NXX,8,Oboro,1,Ocean,1,Oda Nobunaga,4,Office Deception,2,Oga Baselt x Yury Beltot,1,Okita,1,Okko,3,Oliver Cowell,1,Oliver Knight,1,Oman,1,Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale,7,Oriental Bride of the Emperor,4,Orkan,1,Orlando,1,Oruteo Landorus,1,Otome,7,Otome Games,41,Otome Romance,99,Outlander Fantastic Princess,1,Owen Chester,1,Oz+,7,Pablo Sanchez,1,Paid,12,Pale Ghost,1,PARTY,64,Patrick Hughes,1,Paul Morgan,1,Philippe,1,Princess of the Moon,6,Psychixx,1,Pure Love,2,Qelsum,1,quads,1,quads Official,1,Queen of Hearts,1,Queen of Spades,1,Raffle,1,Raizo,1,Rami Zaza,1,Ran,1,Randy March,2,Rapunzel,1,Ray,1,Ray Blackwell,2,Rayvis Harneit,1,Red Huber,1,Rei Shindo,1,Reina Miyata,1,Reinhard,1,Ren,1,Ren Kosaka,1,Ren Nishimura,1,Ren Shibasaki,2,Rennoshin,1,Reverse Tale of Genji,1,Review,2,Revisiting Youth,2,Rex,1,Rika Kim,2,Rindoh,1,Rintaro Murayama,1,Rio Voleri,2,Ripple Effect Stories,1,Ritsu,1,Ritsu Igarashi,1,Ritsuka & Kazehaya,1,Robert Branche,1,Robert Moore,1,Roberto Button,1,Rod,2,Romantic Diary,2,Romantic Rail Trip,1,Rossiyskaya,3,Roy Invidia,1,Rucia,2,Rudolf,1,Rudy,1,Rui Akizuki,1,Ruka Jinguji,1,Rumpel,2,Ryan Gray,1,Ryo Iwase,1,Ryo Kurosaki,1,Ryo Tsuzuki,1,Ryoichi Hirose,2,Ryoji Kaji,1,Ryoma Sakamoto,1,Ryunosuke,1,Ryuzaburo,1,Saeki Takamasa,3,Saeran Choi,2,Saeyoung Choi,2,Saizo Kirigakure,3,Sakomoto,1,Saku Fukazawa,2,Sale,1,Samurai Love Ballad,31,Samurai Night Romance,3,Sanada Yukimura,2,Sanosuke,1,Sarutobi Sasuke,2,Sasuke Sarutobi,1,Satsuki Kitaoji,2,Scarlet Fate+,5,Scheming Socialites,2,Schwarz,1,Sealed with a Kiss,1,Sealed with a Kiss Re,4,Seanwhite,1,Season 1,1,Season 2,45,Sebastian,1,Sebastian Moran,1,Secrets in Spade,2,Secrets of the Tomb,1,Seiji,1,Seiya,1,Sengoku Love,3,Senri Hiiragi,1,Sequel,13,Seraphino,1,Serge,1,Serge x Yayoi,1,Seth Hyde,1,Seven Hotties,15,Several Shades of Sadism,12,Shall We Date?,228,Sherlock Holmes,2,Shi Jin,1,Shigure & Amagi,1,Shinnosuke Tokura,1,Shinsaku Takasugi,1,Shintaro,1,Shion,2,Shiori Kojima,1,Shiroya,1,Shizuka Kira,1,Shizuki Tojo,1,Shotaro Suzumiya,1,Shouta Aoi,1,Shun Nanakubo,2,Shunya Tsukino,1,Shuten-doji,1,Sid,1,Sid Arnault,2,Sidd Rex,1,Sigurd,1,Sigurd Curtis,1,Silvan Glanzschmidt,1,Silvio,1,Simon,1,Singing in a Twilight World with You,3,Sion,1,Sirius Oswald,1,Skeletiano,1,Sleepless Cinderella,10,Snowfallen Secrets,1,Sohma,1,Soichiro Tachibana,2,Soji,1,Soji Okita,1,Soji Shirogane,1,Solomon,1,Soma Kujou,1,Sosuke Suo,1,Sotaro Shiga,3,Sou,1,Souji Kurosawa,1,SpaceOut,3,Spin-offs,13,Spinner of Tales,1,Sports Club BF,3,Steam,1,Stellis,16,Suo,1,Suzuto x Sora,1,Taiga Kirisame,2,Takao Maruyama,3,Takeda Shingen,2,Takeru x Rui,1,Takumi Saiki,1,Takuya Momose,1,Tamaki x Mutsumi,1,Tamamomae,1,Tamao,1,Tatsuki Kanamura,1,Tatsumi x Shiki,1,Tears of Themis,25,Ted,1,Tekikare,3,Terms of Service,1,The Cinderella Contract,19,The Great Fiance Hunt,1,The Heart of Tales,1,The Mystic Land of Tales,2,Theodorous van Gogh,1,Theophilus Arkwright,1,Three Guys That Paint,1,Thumbelina,1,Timo Salminen,1,Tino Maes,1,Toa Kiffel,1,Toga Leed,1,Tokito Tsukina,1,Tokugawa,1,Tom,1,Toma Kira,1,Toru,1,Toshizo Hijikata,1,Tou,1,Toya,1,Toya Kagurazaka,1,Toya Kashi,1,Triangle / Cross,2,Tsubaki,1,Tsubasa Suo,2,Turkiye,3,Ubel,1,Uesugi Kenshin,3,Ukyo,1,Ultimate,6,Uncover the Truth,8,Under the Red Moon,4,Underdogs Inc,9,Unification End,1,Unknown,1,Updating,6,Valentin Blom,1,Valentino Maes,1,Vampire Boyfriend Plus,3,Vampire Love,3,Victor,3,Victor Trieste,1,Vincent Knight,2,Vincent van Gogh,1,VIP,1,Voltage,97,Vyn,1,Wakasa,1,Walkthrough,569,Waltz,2,Wayne Blouse,1,Wesley,1,WH,1,Wicked Wolves,8,Wilfred A. Spencer,1,Willem,1,Willem V. Rembrandt,1,William Moss,1,William Shakespeare,1,Wizardess Heart+,39,Wolf Toxic,7,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,1,Wu Yong,1,Wylder Kelly,1,Xian,1,Yahiro Kyogoku,1,Yamato Kougami,3,Yamato Mitsurugi,1,Yamato Uzuki,1,Yangzi Sun,1,Yaoi,42,Yaoi Ooku: Distorted Love,2,Yayoi,2,Yelisei,2,Yoosung Kim,3,Yoshimasa,1,Yoshitsune of Minamoto,1,Yoshiyuki,1,Yousuke Ina,2,Yuki Kamitani,2,Yukimura Sanada,2,Yukito Hayami,1,Yukiya Reizen,2,Yuma Kuga,1,Yuri,2,Yusei Sasaki,1,Yuta Kajima,2,Yuuya Touno,1,Yuzuki,1,Yuzuki Kitaoji,2,Yves Kloss,1,Zack,1,Zain,1,Zen,3,Zero,1,Zeus Brundle,1,Zion,1,
☆*:.。Blah-Bidy-Blah。.:*☆: [Walkthrough] Mystic Messenger: 707 - Deep Story
[Walkthrough] Mystic Messenger: 707 - Deep Story
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