[Walkthrough] Mystic Messenger: Jihyun Kim "V" (Updating)

Please be patient with the Mystic Messenger walkthroughs. There is A LOT of content to cover in the span of an entire route - including multiple [relationship] endings (good/bad/neutral/etc). Always feel free to contribute and help along the way! :3

Some tips for getting good end:

  •  Be understanding towards V and the other characters; however, be careful not to favor anyone other than V.
  • Keep a healthy distance from Saeran. Trying to be too understanding or kind towards him will influence a different ending. This means you need to be kind enough in light of his condition; however, do not get too involved.
  • Innocence is key. See a specific character trying to break the 4th wall? Ignore it and continue on as if it were real (because Mistake Messenger is real, lol). Do not make this specific character anxious of you. Things will change around Day 4 where you can be a little more wary, just don't overdo it.
  • Game Branch: A specific character will [want to] influence you with a drug - please hesitate in doing so. Do not give in and take the drug.
  • You have to be nice and understanding to Rika. Don't give in to her but also don't try to paint her as the villain and blame everything on her.
  • Don't pry into RFA's secrets like Ray wanted you to. Or try to turn RFA against V.
  • Don't treat the RFA like AIs
  • Maria has mentioned that we might need 20+ party guests for good end. So just in case, please get as many guests as possible

I'm also updating the emails walkthrough while I'm playing with the new ones

Day 1

00:00 - New Face!

Yoosung★, MC (you)

Hi, blondie AI! How are you?
Yoosung, right? Nice to meet you ^^ (no hearts)

Yes (no hearts)
↪these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Yes]
We talked about something fishy hehe
Nothing really - but it looked like he cares for me. (no hearts)
No -

I also wanna have fun with you on this app ^^ [Yoosung]
Why are you so nice to me? (no hearts)

She was beautiful, she was determined, she was so cool! (no hearts)
↪ these options only show up if you choose the above answer [She was beautiful...]
About 300 years.
For 205 days. (no hearts)
I haven't met her yet. (no hearts)
↪these options only show up if you choose the above answer [I haven't met her yet.]
I don't have to meet her to know her ^^ (no hearts)
↪these options only show up if you choose the above answer [I don't have to...]
I think you'd know her better than I do...
She's a bad person!
I know that she's a good person.
Because I was told to say that?

Let me skim through the game guidebook.
I'm afraid I can't say. I didn't see what it was like myself... (no hearts)

Is this a detective game? I thought it was romance. Guess I was tricked.
You must be frustrated, Yoosung... [Yoosung]

Pleased to meet you ^^
Thank you, my the-most-handsome-in-the-world prince... [ZEN]

Wow this game is really nifty lol
So both of you trust me, right? This will be easy to raise the love meters ^^
Tell me more about Rika and V - (no hearts)

Yes, please tell me more. (no hearts)
Can you just give me a summary?

Isn't V the head of this association? So if he's not active right now, doesn't that mean parties aren't held a lot?
So are you saying he faked her death? I think you've seen too many movies, Yoosung. Or dramas.
Don't you think V is trying to cope with his emotions where you can't see him? [V]

I would trust V. [ZEN & V]
I wouldn't trust V.

That'd be 5 million won per answer.
Sure, I'll tell you everything ^^ (no hearts)
But it's getting late. Why not take your time? (no hearts)

I'm not sure either. (no hearts)
I'm sure there was something bad... that others weren't aware of.

Yoosung, calm down and take a break - (no hearts)
I think the act of questioning isn't so bad ^^ [Yoosung]
When do I get into the romance part in this game?

That doesn't sound scientifically convincing. [Yoosung]
Yes agreed. Be an iceman! [ZEN]

Come on, I'm not a nuisance - [Yoosung]
He's right, you should stop whining and go to bed (no hearts)

You should hurry up to bed, Zen... Your skin will suffer. (no hearts)
Okay ^^ (no hearts)

02:12 - Jaehee's Doubt

Jaehee, MC (you)

I'm usually up early in the morning. (no hearts)
I couldn't sleep!

So this character called Jaehee Kang is set to work until late...
You mean you work until this hour? (no hearts)

You can ask me. (no hearts)
↪these options only show up if you choose the above answer [You can ask me.]
I'm inside your heart!
I can see the polar star out the window! (no hearts)
You're researching about me? I don't like the sound of that... Can't you just drop it?
↪these options only show up if you choose the above answer [You're researching...]
I'm not sure where I am right now, either. (no hearts)
I can't tell you. I promised I won't tell.

Someone installed it for me. Someone I know. (no hearts)
I got it from the store lol

That's a secret. (no hearts)
Somebody that created you? (no hearts)

Buddy - can you make me a card?
I know how desperate you are, but I don't have much that I know. I don't even have a card. [Jaehee]
I'll report you if you check my background info!

Please don't suspect me, and let's just be friends. T-T You're asking me too much.
I've never seen her. (no hearts)
I've met a guy of my type, but his name wasn't Rika.. So - (no hearts)

What does he want to know about me? (no hearts)
Then he could have called me lol

I want to know more about the RFA. I hope you can teach me a lot.
Then I'll analyze Mr. Han too! Lolol (no hearts)

I knew it. This game is a treasure box of secrets.
I'll work hard too. So please don't be wary of me...! [Jaehee]

I'm going to stay up some more! (no hearts)
I'm about to head to bed. Good night! (no hearts)

06:30 - The Open Sea Between 0 and 1

707, MC (you)

A sparrow!! Chirp (no hearts)
Good morning!

I wanna get some sparrows. I wanna get u too.
Good morning ^^; [707]

Your characterization is funny lol
Did you work all night because I joined? (no hearts)

I wanna have some donuts. (no hearts)
It must be hard for you... and (no hearts)

I usually don't have morning meals. (no hearts)
Not today... (no hearts)
Yes I did! (no hearts)

You're going to search about me? How bold ^^ (no hearts)
I wish I could tell you where I am... if only I knew where I am... (no hearts)

Yes, maybe...? (no hearts)
I waled into this place on my own, so it's not kidnapping. (no hearts)

Instead of glasses, what about VR headset...? (no hearts)
I wanna try on your glasses. (no hearts)
↪these options only show up if you choose the above answer [I wanna try on...]
I should get yellow glasses and paint it with a pen (no hearts)
Try me (no hearts)

it's a secret lol (no hearts)
Did I get it from the store? Don't remember... (no hearts)

It's a secret! (no hearts)
I'd like to be a hacker and hack the love meter for all character to maximum level. (no hearts)

Introduction, please. (no hearts)
Allow me to open the bag of chips for you. (no hearts)

Just a member! (no hearts)
A cute pretty magical boy!! [707]

I'm afraid there's nothing I can give you... (no hearts)
I'm MC. I'm really enjoying this... That's it I guess? (no hearts)

Why the polar bear? (no hearts)
Good job working hard. Good night ^^ (no hearts)

08:26 - Cats and Dogs

ZEN, MC (you), Jumin Han

OMG! My phone is emitting sunshine all of a sudden!! [ZEN]
Zen! Good morning.

Welcome, Jumin! (no hearts)
Hey. (no hearts)

You can leave. Jumin.c
You can leave, Zen. [Heartbreak - Zen]
Both of you can leave. I wanna be alone...

I'm in a princess's room, and my installed this app for me ^^ (no hearts)
↪these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Hello]
Sorry, I can't tell you more... It's a secret... (no hearts)
I wish I could tell you, but I can't. It's a rule... (no hearts)

I understand. But this is my first day, so can you be a bit gentler? Hehe [Jumin]
Please... interrogate me, Jumin.
Don't be scared of me and love me!

Let me gather my ki for some. Hiyaaa! (no hearts)
I don't believe in instinct lol
I'll trust your instinct, Zen ^^ (no hearts)

It must be because of difference in your personalities. Let's just put it that way - [Jumin]
I want to be friends with everyone... (no hearts)

Isn't it illegal to check my background without my consent? (no hearts)
I wish to keep my secrets.... Please understand. (no hearts)

I thin you'll be able to trust me after some time... And once you trust me, you'll start dating me!
I understand. Nobody would leave suspicion out in this situation. I'm also frustrated that I can't tell you a lot. (no hearts)

Do you know the definition of the word modesty? (no hearts)
Jumin, you rock! [Jumin]

That's right. Jaehee's free to work or not. (no hearts)
But you should think about the welfare of your co-worker. (no hearts)

See ya - (no hearts)
Good luck on your work, Mr. Han. (no hearts)

He seems weird lolol He's funny. [Jumin]
With what kind of person do you go along well, Zen? (no hearts)

I'll let you borrow my ice... (no hearts)
I think it's time for you to win the Nobel Prize in Beauty. [ZEN]

Let's chat again, Zen. (no hearts)
Goodbye, my good looking statue. (no hearts)

Receive a call from Jumin

11:49 - Importance of Meals

Jaehee Kang, MC (you), Yoosung★

I only eat twice per day.
Three regular meals each day! That's my motto! (no hearts)
I don't care how many times I eat. I''m the zealous believer in butter, chocolate, flour, and soft drink.
I can eat up to 6 meals per day. (no hearts)

What...? Why would you eat a lunch box from the convenience store? T-T You should really eat better... (no hearts)
Thar's one glamorous lunch box! (no hearts)

Welcome, Yoosung ^^ (no hearts)
She's eating lunch box from convenience store T-T Waaah (no hearts)

Is it because you're frustrated when you think about V? [Yoosung]
Is it because I joined? (no hearts)

That sounds like a waste of your tuition. (no hearts)
You must be feeling really complicated. (no hearts)

Don't you think he did love her? He's continuing the charity association founded by his lover... (no hearts)
What about Rika? Do you think she truly loved V? (no hearts)
Their relationship is their issue. Don't you think a third-party's evaluation is really meaningless?

V lost he's precious lover. He'll be going through a hard time as well. You shouldn't be so harsh on him. [V]
Perhaps V and Rika weren't that close.

What secrets?
Even if there really is a secret, he wouldn't do anything that can harm the RFA, would he? [V & Jumin]

I don;t know about Rika and V's relationship... but you should first calm down. (no hearts)
It feels unnatural that they didn't share everything with each other. They're lovers, you know? [Yoosung  - bad?]

Want me to feed you myself? (no hearts)
I think you should first calm down. (no hearts)

That was the RFA chatroom, the den of flourish of suspicions and conspiracy! [Yoosung  - bad?]
Whatever it is you have to do, you should eat first - [Jaehee]

You should hurry up and eat, Jaehee! [Jaehee]
You should get something, Yoosung. How about a cup of tea? (no hearts)

Jaehee, you should hurry up and eat too! [Jaehee]
↪these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Jaehee, you should...]
Yes, I live alone. (no hearts)
I'm a bit worried about him - (no hearts)

Enjoy your lunch, Jaehee! (no hearts)
Good-bye! (no hearts)

Receive a call from Yoosung

Receive a text from Jaehee:
I think it's a bit lonely to eat alone. (no hearts)
You can get whatever you want! [Jaehee]

14:08 - Zen's Consideration

ZEN, MC (you), Ray

Hello -
It's a pleasure to meet you. (no hearts)

Cheer up T-T (no hearts)
Did you make any mistake during your audition?

What is the musical about?
I'm sure a better role awaits you in the future! [Zen]
↪these options only show up if you choose the above answer [I'm sure a...]
Just what kind of musical is it?

Whoa... interesting! (no hearts)
Sounds a bit cliche.

You'll feel better if you upload your selfie! [CG - Zen]
That's really a shame...

How about playing a cat role? [Heartbreak - Zen]
How about playing a female role? (no hearts)
Are you ok with roles that require you to go all nude?

Could you introduce yourself? ^^ (no hearts)
I already know about you, Zen hehe

I think it's kind of embarrassing to call you Zen lol (no hearts)
Can I call you honey? (no hearts)
What's V's birth name?

...? (no hearts)

Ray? (no hearts)
Are you running a quick maintenance? (no hearts)

When are you going to drop by my room? (no hearts)
You scared me!

Yes, they seem suspicious of me a lot... But I think our relationship will improve soon! (no hearts)
I think everyone wants to find out my relationship with this person called Rika. What should I do? (no hearts)

You, Ray ^^ [Ray]
The one who suspects me.
No one in particular.
The one who trusts me.

Could you first tell me what you like? [Ray]
Anything, as long as it's meat.
I'd like vegetables or something healthy.

See you soon, Ray! (no hearts)

Tell me about it. Is it some sort of a bug? [Ray]
Perhaps the developer ran a quick server maintenance or something...

It's an ocean of mysteries and conspiracy!
Your selfie storage! [Zen]
This is the arena of communication for all!

The most important cities of the entire world will be struck by a plague of zombies infected by your beauty... [Zen]
You'll mark yourself in everyone's lips in a mere day.

Don't go, o lord of a shameless beauty... [Zen]
Uh...ok...now I gotta go.

Receive a call from Ray

Receive a text from Zen:
An actor with a statuesque look [Zen]
An okay looking actor with exception talent (Accidentally clicked too fast, didn't get exact wording)

16:33 - New Party Coordinator

Yoosung★, MC (you)

Really? Right now I'm seeing a cloudy sky.
Are you pondering on the purpose of life or something? (no hearts)
The weather is so nice today. (no hearts)

Do your eyes really get better if you look up at the sky? (no hearts)
Aren't you staring at your phone right now to chat? (no hearts)

Yes, please. I think that'd be a great help. [Yoosung]
I already heard enough. (no hearts)

Are V's works famous? [V]
I'm interested in the networking part! (no hearts)

Is that part of my task to? (no hearts)
Where are those letters now? (no hearts)

Are you sure that was a good kind of charisma?
Will I do a good job for her role? (no hearts)
I'd love to meet her myself... It's so sad that she's no longer here. (no hearts)

Did your friend text you? (no hearts)
Are you mistaking me and chatting with me for someone else? (no hearts)

I think I smell fried wings (no hearts)
He has a school assignment to share? (no hearts)

See you, Yoosung! (no hearts)
bye bye (no hearts)

Receive a text from Yoosung:
What's your dream girl like? [Yoosung]
Who do you think is the most handsome member in the RFA?

18:17 - I need healing time

707, MC (you), Jumin Han

You, 707 (no hearts)
ex-boyfriend (no hearts)
An ant...? (no hearts)

Ewwww!!! (no hearts)
ugh I almost unfriended you (no hearts)
I see. (no hearts)
Oh yummy (no hearts)

Hackers (no hearts)
Zombies (no hearts)
My one and only love? (no hearts)

So can I start my reports with you? (no hearts)
Do I have to press all of those numbers? (no hearts)
It's not 929764. (no hearts)

0.007 (no hearts)
Nope. None of my business.
Lucky 7%? [707]
You must have tons of work T-T [707]

Meow [707]

Pssssh.... (sound effect) [707]
I'd love to see your cat! (no hearts)

Why not summon me instead of Elly? [707]
I think it wouldn't be good to the cat if her environment changes. [Jumin]

That can't be true! He's so nice and persistent! [707]
You shouldn't torment animals! (no hearts)

No wonder the cat hated it so much - [Jumin]
I'll be your laser beam playmate. [707]

What about Zen? (no hearts)
You're gonna shut out your own member...? That's sad. (no hearts)

You're really obsessive about Elizabeth the 3rd (no hearts)
Sounds like a fair deal. (no hearts)

It's an emoji that shows that your lips are zip locked. (no hearts)
That's a bunny emoji.
I think he wants to play Yes or No. (no hearts)

mmmppffff (no hearts)
I don't think he's going to tell you. (no hearts)

If both of you trust V, you can just accept me for who I am, just like how V decided. (no hearts)
You seem to trust V a lot... [Jumin]

I'm not sure either why V accepted me so easily. (no hearts)
Can I unzip them? [707]

That's a great idea! (no hearts)
Come on, there's no way Jumin's interested in cosplaying... (no hearts)

I'd love to see it lol (no hearts)
But I think V would be embarrassed. [V]

You're persistent... [Jumin]
You must really love cats! [707]

Good-bye. Jumin! (no hearts)
Send my regards to Elizabeth the 3rd - (no hearts)

Looks like Jumin doesn't hate V very much. [Jumin]
It'd be a phenomenon if he really does! Don't you agree? (no hearts)
But why would you have a mint-haired wig, Seven? (no hearts)

Make sure you give me a copy of the pic if you take one! (no hearts)
so shall we get on with it? Lol [707]

Good luck 707! The defender of peace! [707]
Yes, we'll chat again, Seven. (no hearts)

Receive a call from 707

Receive a text from Jumin:
I tried it! [Jumin]
No... I don't plan to.

20:02 - Subject of Interest

ZEN, MC (you), Jaehee Kang

I'll cosplay the members of RFA.
ZEN!! [Zen]
Seven [707]

Zen is my bae too! I think I've found a buddy. [Jaehee]
Welcome Jaehee!

Are you organizing what you found about me ever since I joined the RFA? (no hearts)
Jaehee, are you in charge of the papers related to RFA as well? (no hearts)

I'm sure there's a reason to everything and everyone. It's kind of tricky to perfectly tell apart different tasks and occupations, you know? (no hearts)
I believe such aspects should gradually improve...
Cruel is the reality... But if you do your best, I'm sure you'll find happiness someday! [Jaehee]

Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help! (no hearts)
So all I have to do is invite as many people to the party and raise the scores for my meter, right? Lol

But that's the only thing I was told about too... I'm not sure what more should I tell you. (no hearts)
I understand that you can't trust me yet. Let's be friends nice and slow ^^ [Jaehee]
Your psychological settings are so complicated. Must've been shaped with great care.

But why is this place off-limits to outsiders? Seems like an ordinary chat room to me lol (no hearts)
I understand you, Jaehee... [Jaehee]

I'm a bad person. (no hearts)
I'm not a bad person! It's just that I have a whole lot to learn!

How come?
I'm being exploited...? (no hearts)

Oh, save me, my prince! I'll be waiting! (no hearts)
No one's exploiting me. I'm just here to have fun with you all!

This initial setting is a bit tricky. But that'll make the progress of the relationship more rewarding...
I hope you'd start to trust me more! (no hearts)

Your looks are already more than enough help to the entire world. Lol
Jaehee, I believe we'll be able to trust each other soon. Good luck wrapping up your work! [Jaehee]

Time for your preening, Zen! You gotta make yourself an international treasure! [Zen]

You do make sure your facial pores are open before you move on to the cleansing part, right? (no hearts)
I use soaps...

Bye, sexy. [Zen]

Receive a call from Jaehee

21:34 - Richness in Wine

Jumin Han, MC (you)

Good night. The stars are beautiful.
Welcome, Jumin. (no hearts)

Good day? How come? (no hearts)

Do you like wines?
You got your deal! Congrats! (no hearts)
You do a lot of business!

Maybe they want to have you as their model. (no hearts)
Maybe it's a paparazzi! You should call the police!
It's not a scandalous photo, is it?

I think they would offer something like this to Zen -
Congrats! Are you going to say yes?
Jumin, you've already got talents! Now you're telling me you've got looks as well? T-T [Jumin]

But aren't you delighted?
Tell me about it. Did you tell them where you live? (no hearts)

Yes, absolutely! You have this luxurious atmosphere.
I think the question is not whether you'd be a fine model, but what would be the efficiency in relation to the budget.

Looks vs business talent...? Whichever wins, I think it will return as a compliment for you.
I think the model doesn't matter when it comes to the success of your company's investment. I think the key is whether the wine itself tastes fine. (no hearts)
I'm curious, too. Could you let me know the results once they come out?

A gift isn't bad, but I think that V needs right now is a friend, not wine. [V]
I see that V likes wine too.

What if both of you model...?!
What were you two like in the past? (no hearts)

Did Rika also like wine?
I'm sure those days will come again. (no hearts)

Don't worry. I'll make sure to finish this as a happy ending.
Jumin.... (no hearts)

You two are such good friends! [V & Jumin]
I'll help too.

Maybe something's happened to her! You should hurry up and go! (no hearts)
Do you have an automatic timer installed in your head by any chance?

Receive a call from Jumin

23:25 - Intriguing Person

V, MC (you)

oh here comes the final boss [Ray]
Wow!! It's V...! I'm so thrilled to see you! [V]

Is that you and Rika...? (no hearts)
You two make a lovely couple. (no hearts)

It's all a secret. Shh! (no hearts)
I'm not sure either. I was simply told to host parties. (no hearts)

I'm just an ordinary person.
You must be curious about my world. [V]

I'll call the police if you violate my portrait rights.
Can you see anything different through your finder? [V]

They all looked so nice. [V]
They were so wary of me. (no hearts)

The purpose of my life...is my bias... (no hearts)
Is Rika that someone for you, V? [V]

This adivce sounds like the result of your own experience. (no hearts)
Are you warning me right now? (no hearts)

V? (no hearts)
What? Is this a bug?!

Let's talk again, V. (no hearts)
Goodbye. (no hearts)

Story Mode

Receive a call & text from V:
I don't really mind. There must be a reason why I can't reach someone. [V]
Kind of. I'm actually a bit of an obsessive type

Day 2

01:19 - Expectation and Uneasiness

Yoosung★, MC (you), Jaehee Kang

I'm sure he's inside the phone. Lol
He's the king of irresponsibility.
He said he'll be back soon. You could ask him then, can't you? [V]

Aren't you going to sleep, Jaehee?
Welcome, Jaehee. (no hearts)

Wow, you must be super-competent, Jaehee. (no hearts)
Do you have a hidden background story with you? You know, you're actually the CEO's daughter...

So he must have seen potential, Jaehee - [Jaehee]
Does that mean that you shouldn't chit-chat but just work?
That's a true businessman there. He makes future rather than present his priority.

A rich man and a celebrity...? They sound so otherworldly to me.
How do V's photos feel like? [V]

He said he'll drop by more often. I'm sure he will. [V]
You mean you can't log in from abroad.
How does this association work without V?

That's right! Please trust me! I'm here to have parties with the RFA.
I wish I could discuss a lot about parties. [Ray]

Why don't you investigate on that on your own? I want to know what happened too.
Isn't that a sensitive matter to V as well? [V]

That can't get any more suspicious. Do you know by any chance just what those two shared?
Their friendship is so cool... [Jumin]

What about me? I like hearing about the RFA.
Did I do something? (no hearts)

You're mean... I didn't do anything wrong.
Hmm... It does sound like you have a good situation to be wary of me. [V]

Yoosung, you tend to lose your temper whenever V is related... (no hearts)
You must feel so complicated. I doubt you can sleep.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be suspicious at all.
I agree. I doubt you can gain anything from suspecting each other. [V]

You must be a grand master in handling Yoosung.
Yoosung must have been really fond of Rika. [V]

Don't you suspect V, Jaehee?
I'm afraid that Yoosung's sorrow will urn into misunderstanding on V. [V]

Did that ever happen to you two, Jaehee?
But you can't tell people to do something about their sorrow, can you...? (no hearts)

I should go to sleep too.
Are you going to bed now? (no hearts)

Story Mode - V

Receive a call from Yoosung

Receive a text from Yoosung:
It's alright. You can be frank with me. [Yoosung]
You're still young. That can happen.

02:44 - Night of Reminiscence

Jumin Han, MC (you), V

Good evening, Jumin. (no hearts)
What are you up to at this hour?

But I hardly gained any information here.
So you're saying that I'm currently holding information superiority. [Ray]

I think you'd trust V in whatever situation, Jumin. [V]
What's so bad about questioning?

If I don't look like an extraordinary person, who do you think I am? (no hearts)
Ooooh busted. I actually came from another dimension.

That's the spell for teleporting, not shapeshifting. (no hearts)
What's that supposed to mean...?
Where is my Prince Charming waiting for me - ?

Cheer up, Jaehee...
That's one elegant sense of humor you have, Jumin. [Jumin]

Is that what you think? You're cute Jumin lololol (no hearts)
Just where did you that book...?

You mean a chat about dark magic? (no hearts)
i vote for a chat on RFA!

What? V alert!
Was that spell... for summoning V instead of shapeshifting, by any chance...? (no hearts)

What brings you here at this hour, V? (no hearts)
You're drunk, Jumin...

You two know each other so well... (no hearts)
Aww - I wish I could get a glass of wine too!

But I'm guessing that you managed to get back home safe. (no hearts)
Do you have a drunken habit, V?

Perhaps he's sleeping while chatting. (no hearts)
I think he's fallen asleep.

You can actually see that? That must be because you're his friend. (no hearts)
Don't you think your memories are too detailed, Jumin?

I-know-no-such-thing-as-sloppines boy lolololol
What was V like when he was young? [V]

Wow, you two look just like you do now. (no hearts)
So you two first met when you tho were really young.

You asked him to be your friend...? You were cute when you were you, V. lolol (no hearts)
So what did you tell him, Jumin?

So this is Jumin's drunken habit. (no hearts)
It feels like I'm having a casual chat... How do you know if he's drunk?

I think you should both go to bed.
You have to work tomorrow, but you're not sleeping yet...? (no hearts)

I heard bean sprout is good in getting rid of hangovers!
Good night, Jumin! (no hearts)

You two share a whole lot of memories. (no hearts)
Were your families close too?

But it's okay to depend on your friends. (no hearts)
It looks like Jumin trusts you a lot.

Do you think there really is something you can do in this situation? [Ray]
Could you protect me too?

I don't feel like sleeping yet. I'll hang around for a bit and then go to sleep.
I'm going to bed now too. (no hearts)

Receive a call from Jumin

07:50 - Unexpected Visit

V (Ray), MC (you)

I see you've logged in early, V. (no hearts)
V? Something's weird about the chat room.
Uh...are you Ray by any chance? (no hearts)

What? Stupid?
They keep suspecting me all the time. This is tiring and frustrating. (no hearts)
Kind of... But I'm sure we'll be able to hold parties somehow. [Ray]

I don't know what you're talking about, but I'm curious what you've got more to say. Let's continue.
Something's not right... Are you really V? [V]

You really scared me! ...That was you, Ray? (no hearts)
I already knew who you are. (no hearts)

The game was so fun, so I couldn't take my eyes off.
I slept very well. I think I like my new room. Did you have a good rest last night? [Ray]

Thank you, Ray! You're so good at cooking! [Ray]
I feel a little like a livestock being raised...

I'm so excited! I think I'll have more fun discovering all the secrets!
I'm not sure...
I really like the characters. Especially the guy called V! [V]

They're really AIs... right? They feel so real. (no hearts)
This game is complicated...

I think you're a really warmhearted man, Ray. [Ray]
How much longer do i have to play this game?

Who is that? (no hearts)
It's not V, is it? [V]

I'll be waiting. (no hearts)
I'm starving. Hurry up.

Story Mode - 707

Receive a text from Ray:
Rice! (no hearts)
I like bread!

09:37 - The Act of Hacking God

MC (you), 707, Jaehee Kang

Uh-huh and it looks like your mind's been wiped clean too. [707]
No hogging please; (no hearts)

Hit Seoul Hit Daejeon Hit Daegu Hit Busan Hit It! [Jumin]
Do you have the book titled Unknown Dark Magic or whatever? (no hearts)

That's my username. (no hearts)
Can you give me a recommendation on real estate? (no hearts)

I wonder what they keep in the Vatican's server. (no hearts)
Welcome, Jaehee. (no hearts)

Way to go, Jaehee! Hit him harder! [Jaehee]
I'm pope's fan too! Can you share them with me? [707]

So you sure the messenger server is absolutely safe? (no hearts)
Thank god it wasn't the messenger server. [Jaehee]

Can you tell me what kind of files you had in there? (no hearts)
Business, personal, and backup? You do know a thing or two, Seven. [707]
↪these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Business, personal...]
What difference is there between business server and propagation server? ;; (no hearts)

You have your old pictures?!!?!?
Give me a kitty picture, and I'll keep my mouth shut. (no hearts)
Can I get a copy of his pic? [Jumin]

You're a genius. [707]
Time to call the police. [Jaehee]

Please don't be so mean to him. I'm sure he'll do his best. [707]
But first, you should get the servers back. [Jaehee]

Oh? Did you find anything about me? (no hearts)
Do I get to hear my own characterization now? (no hearts)

The hacker goes by the name of the developer... [Ray]
I wanna know too. Is it the hacker or someone else...? (no hearts)

Good luck on recovering servers! (no hearts)
byebyebye (no hearts)

I hope nothing bad happens. [Jaehee]
Is it because of me? [V]

I think everyone's being too gracious with V. Is he really worth such a high evaluation? [Ray]
V looks like a very responsible man. [V]
I think that's because he's fallen for me ^^

If he does recover them, I hope he can share them in commendation of his success... [Jumin]
But what really matters to you is your research about me, isn't it?
I don't think his pictures are the only things in there. There could be someone else's pictures...like Zen's, for example. [Zen]

Are there really vampires in Romania? (no hearts)
Jumin told you to get a book out of print...? That's ridiculous. (no hearts)

Be careful! It could be fraud! (no hearts)
Goodbye, Jaehee! (no hearts)

Receive a call from 707

12:00 - Lots I Want To Do Together

MC (you), Ray

Perfect timing. I was about to report a bug. [Ray]
Is this maintenance time?
The user is here - (no hearts)

What's the development room?
Can I drop by for a bit?
Did you have lunch, Ray? [Ray]

If you didn't eat, then I don't want to eat, either. (no hearts)
You should have your meal, then. (no hearts)

You must be really talented. [Ray]
It's okay. I like your game.

Can I go out now?
That sounds great! (no hearts)

Actually....you did. Kind of
No, I like you more than those AIs. [Ray]

It did get kind of boring.
I'm not bored. I get to talk to you like this from time to time. [Ray]

But that sounded quite convincing for rubbish. [V]
Why is this game so full of bugs? (no hearts)

Of course. You're much more amazing than him. [Ray]
I thought you were their creator. Do you have to hate them that much?
But they sounded right...

A meeting?
Important guest? (no hearts)

Good luck on your work today Ray! (no hearts)

Story Mode - V

Receive a call from Jaehee

13:57 - V's Decision

MC (you), V

Hello, V. (no hearts)
What?! It's V! (no hearts)

That took long. What's the hold-up?
You made a choice. [V]

That's what I've been telling you from the beginning. (no hearts)
So does that mean the others won't suspect me anymore? (no hearts)
Don't tell me I've been stuck on the tutorial all this time...

You know that the other members won't be happy, but you're going to hold parties? [Ray]
You seem to have a reason why you trust me. (no hearts)

I hope you'd let me know asap.
So we'll be holding a small-scaled party. [V]

I'll decide on that eventually.
Sure. You look like a responsible person. [V]

Can't I recommend guests too?
I'm so excited to find out what party guests they'll recommend for me. [V]

I'd like to know more about you too. [V]
Can I call you in the middle of the night.

Please log in more often from now on. [V]
I wish you could at least give me recommendations.

I hope we can talk some more next time. [V]

Story Mode - V

Receive a text from V:
I think it's because everyone's so nice to me. And it's all thanks to you. [V]
It looks like my meter is rising. I feel proud.

15:24 - Recommendation of Trust

Jumin Han, MC (you), Yoosung★

Jumin, have you read what V said? (no hearts)
Welcome, Jumin! (no hearts)
hey hey CEO-in-line

Really? What is it? I'm all ears! [Jumin]
I have a bad feeling about this... (no hearts)

There's C&R right there - the No. 1 corporate of Korea! (no hearts)
Jaehee ordered them from you...? No wonder she's always buried in work. [Jaehee]

But Jaehee is the one who looks all over for them. [Jaehee]
You collect antique books? That's an elegant hobby. [Jumin]

I think you're threatening the other guests' throats. I decline.
Sounds great! We'll get to hear the secret behind his long life. [EMAIL - vampire]

Thou who art deeper than even blood, Thou who art darker than even darkness... (no hearts)
Welcome, Yoosung. (no hearts)

Jumin, you don't actually trust them, do you? (no hearts)
Really? What kind of gifts? (no hearts)

What matters isn't the background. It's the person itself. (no hearts)
That's so right. I can't deny it... (no hearts)

V looks like a trustworthy person. I trust him. [Jumin]
He feels like a dictator or something. Kind of. [Yoosung & Ray]

Recommendations, please! (no hearts)
Sure. But could you make it quick? I wanna see the ending. (no hearts)

There;s also crane - the symbol of long life! (no hearts)
They can take the cab. (no hearts)

He's right. I like seeing you bright. [Yoosung]
You can find a guest that can match a vampire! (no hearts)

Jumin, the epitome of trust. (no hearts)
You two didn't make a deal of some sort, did you? (no hearts)

Why don't you try reading like Jumin? Try focusing on your books. (no hearts)
Yoosung is a grown-up too. He'll take care of himself. (no hearts)

Just follow what your heart tells you, Yoosung. There's more option than simply losing control of your thoughts. [Yoosung]
Why don't you try trusting V too? (no hearts)

You should just go to bed.
I think it's good to direct your thoughts elsewhere! (no hearts)
What about studying? (no hearts)

Goodbye bye (no hearts)
Clear your head and come back! (no hearts)

Story Mode - Yoosung★

Receive a text from Jumin:
You should've been much harder on him.
It was good. Really good. Yoosung will understand. [Jumin]

18:26 - The Universe and the Sun

MC (you), 707, V

Hell-o Seven! [707]

Too bad. I wanted a werewolf too.
ugh I doubt that werewolf is an ordinary person
Is there actually such a creation? (no hearts)

Pluto? I don't think that's...
I'll invite it beep! [EMAIL - Pluto]

What is it, Seven? Is there something bothering you? [707]
At last!

Try me.
You can try screaming into your blanket. (no hearts)

What's that photo?
Here he is! My secret buddy! [V]

Can I get your autograph? (no hearts)
Can't expect anything from Jumin's friend...

I didn't know you sell your autographs. (no hearts)
I'm curious for how much your autograph was sold.

Let's just be honest with space. [V]
Don't be mean to him!

I can see a crevasse of difference between you and Seven, V. Seven is basically a slave for money...
That halo definitely comes from your face... [V]

Doesn't matter if you're already a Catholic. I raise your name up high!
Holy V (no hearts)

Can you count me in?
Are you going to discuss secrets again? (no hearts)

Those left behind should carry on. (no hearts)
I think that will be even harder on you...

Yes, it is. I understand why Seven's concerned.
But if that's our current situation, we should work together and prepare for the party. [V]

He's gone. (no hearts)
Don't you think he ran away?

Does V like the sun? [V]
The picture that was uploaded also had the sun blazing

Because light is crucial when taking pictures?
Maybe when the sun holds a special meaning for him. [V]

Isn't he busy? (no hearts)
Maybe he's sick...?
I wanna see my Zen TT

You're such a good boy, Seven. [707]
Go and call him now.

I don't think so
Of course! (no hearts)

Story Mode - V

Receive a call from Ray

20:13 - Party at Saturn?

Jaehee Kang, Jumin Han, MC (you)

Hello, Jaehee!
Good evening, Jumin. [Jumin]

Neither have I. (no hearts)
But it's just for a day. He'll be fine.

You two must be quiet close!
He won't hang up? I thought he would've put you on the call denial list. (no hearts)

We're not holding our party at Jupiter, are we? (no hearts)
Pluto will feel lonely by itself. So I'd like to invite Neptune and Uranus too.

When it comes to recommendations, you don't have to force her for one... (no hearts)
I understand. I don't wanna do anything once I get home.

I think it'd be one exciting party! (no hearts)
Please don't worry. I can take care of it.

You mean...the dish itself?
That's a person's name, right? (no hearts)

Sounds delicious...I mean, sounds good! [Jumin & EMAIL - Udon]
How can we have udon as our guest? That wasn't funny, Jumin...

Are V's photos that high quality? [V]
Some superior office? Who could it be?

Wow! I've never seen your selfie! [Jaehee]
You look tired...

Cheer up, Jaehee...!
Good luck, Jumin! [Jumin]

Really? I wanna see too! [Jumin]
So you're saying that your cat jumped.

I wanna see too! I wanna see her beautiful jump! [Jumin]
You're actually capable of turning your head by 52 degrees...?

Oh my...she's so cute! (no hearts)

Good night, Jumin! (no hearts)
Can I have more pictures of Elizabeth the 3rd?

I'd like to know what mysteries there are about him.
Maybe...he's an android? (no hearts)

You can watch Zen's DVD. [Zen]
You could check all the important events scheduled and go to bed.

Huh? Zen!
What took you so long, Mr. Gorgeous? [Zen]

If you were planning to be gone for the whole day, you should have told us in advance!
So did you de-stress at the spa? (no hearts)

I thought those flowers bloomed from your face. [Zen]
You basically had a hibernation lolol

Zen, do you know that we're having a party?
I'm sure you'll be a musical star! [Zen]

We can talk more tomorrow! [Zen]
You just had to hibernate today, huh?

I thought you had something important scheduled tomorrow.
I wonder what kind of recommendations I'll get. (no hearts)

Do let me know what you think of the new DVD. [Jaehee]
Goodbye, Jaehee!

Your looks will bring better things to you!
Being handsome can be a problem sometimes... (no hearts)

Let's have a nice party! (no hearts)
It was so boring without you.

Me too! I'm so excited! (no hearts)

Receive a call & text from Zen:
Did you have to go to a spa at a time like this?
Oh, dear. I didn't know a statue can get tired too ^^ [Zen]

22:38 - Congrats

MC (you), Ray

I don't think you have to know where i go. (no hearts)
I was sightseeing in the other room. I thought I could take a break. (no hearts)

Thanks, but I don't like flowers... (no hearts)
They're beautiful. Thank you so much, Ray [Ray]

You mean I'm just getting started? When will I ever see the ending? (no hearts)
I think those AIs are not very suspicious of me now. I think this will get even better! [Ray]

I too wish you were my partner. [Ray]
I'm not yours. (no hearts)
I wish you would focus on developing the game, developer.

I can see how happy you are. [Ray]
If you're so glad, why not materialize it than speak it? (no hearts)
I am hearing that often. It's getting boring.

I prefer my home. (no hearts)
I want to stay here. (no hearts)

I wanna be close to you, Ray.
Ok, but only until the party is held.
Yeah, I can't stop caring about V. [V]

...This isn't some sort of illegal pyramid scheme, is it? (no hearts)
I'm counting on you. Please take care of it fast. [Ray]

You should go now and look after the server. (no hearts)
We didn't chat much... You're leaving already? [Ray]

Receive a call from V

Receive a text from Jaehee:
You have to take care of a cat as his assistant? T^T I wish you luck! [Jaehee]
Turn your head 52 degrees to the side.

Day 3

00:31 - Under the Shimmering

ZEN, MC (you), V

I was waiting to meet you, Zen. [Zen]
I wanted to chill out more and then go to sleep.

I think your biorhythm will break living like that.
The beautiful are sleepy heads..? [Zen]

Wow, you're so humble! Such perfection!
I actually want to see V's photos! [V]
God, finally we'll have some peace and silence.

Zen, riding your bike under the moonlight... [Zen]
Are you in a motorcycle gang?
I wonder how Jumin will look riding the bike!

Share with me some photos of your driver's license, if you have some. (no hearts)
That's the thing, you can never find your driver's license when needed.

Both are so perfect! How am I to choose!? [Zen]
Wow! It's you when you were younger!
It's the same thing. just do it.

I want to chat with everyone together.
You're here to see me!! (no hearts)

Zen, you had an accident? (no hearts)
Aren't motorcycles dangerous?

What if something dangerous happens to you? [V]
When you're feeling frustrated and all, playing games are the best! o% accidents.
You feel free as a bird when you ride with the wind.

How exactly did the crash occur?
Tell me what happened back then. (no hearts)

V, you're quiet persistent. (no hearts)
It would have been serious if V didn't follow you.

V, you should take some photos of me someday as well! [V]
Trying to deny it by myself is too hard. I need some help here.

Flowers? V, were you Zen's fan? [V]
Zen, what were you like back in the days?

You still look promising.
Maybe you're in a slump.
Life is about rebounding back when you were considering quitting lol (no hearts)

Forget about everything and let time pass by.
I lie low for awhile.
Do something that brightens your mood! (no hearts)

You seem to be coming in at late hours...Are you okay? [V]
V, do you normally clock in such late hours?

Have you ever heard of alcohol-related dementia?
V, you go well with wine! (no hearts)
Zen, I hope you get to shoot a beer commercial.

Good bye!
Don't drink too much! [V]

I'm like that as well.
You have a lot to worry about. (no hearts)

I'm going to stay up late.
I think I should get going now. (no hearts)

Story Mode - V

Receive a call from Zen

02:46 - Paradox of the Survival of the Fittest

MC (you), Ray

Ray, why aren't you sleeping? (no hearts)
↪these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Ray, why aren't...]
We connected as I wanted to see you as well! [Ray]
You seem to have a lot of work to do.
I was testing the game you gave me. [Ray]

If you have something to say, come over yourself. (no hearts)
There's the modern convenience called the phone. (no hearts)

Then it'll bloom twice as much flowers! (no hearts)
Wonder why it grew two stalks. (no hearts)

It could be that one of it is like an extra giveaway, since it grew into two from one stalk. [Heartbreak - Ray]
I feel sad for the weaker stalk... (no hearts)
Wouldn't it be because only one had sunlight and the other had none? (no hearts)

There's nothing you can do, it's nature's way of survival of the fittest. (no hearts)
I want to save the weaker stalk somehow. [Ray]

Throw it out and buy a new pot. (no hearts)
Rescue both. (no hearts)
You're right. The weaker stalk was the one that sacrificed. [Ray]
But for flowers to bloom, the weaker one should be stripped.

It'll be a flower gained from the other's sacrifice.... (no hearts)
Wow...I'll look forward to it, Ray! (no hearts)

Yawn. I think the game you made is more interesting. (no hearts)
It was fun. With hidden morals and all.... [Ray]

Are you going back to work? (no hearts)
Ray, when are you going to sleep? (no hearts)

Receive a call from Ray

07:00 - Take Care of Your Health

MC (you), 707, Jumin Han, Jaehee Kang

Why don;t you lower the brightness? (no hearts)
Change your glasses into sunglasses lol (no hearts)

I'll get ready to write it down! [707]
Huh. The name's even suspicious for a start.

Can I taste it? (no hearts)
Isn't that just a bunch of powders and not a drink? (no hearts)

It's not like the stakes are some kinds of market free-giveaways.... (no hearts)
Reports to the police right now☆ (no hearts)

A match of outstanding product quality!! [707]
Send in an ingredients review document as well. (no hearts)

Seems you have an innocent spot in you, Jumin. [Jumin]
You don't even know the prices at convenience stores? You must be joking!

Throwing it out down the drain...of somethingg you made with great difficulty... T_T [707]
You're suddenly acting a bit pathetic.

Catching your breath is important as well. [707]
In other words, you're distracted.

Tell me more of this cleaning fairy. (no hearts)
You're nodding to that?;;;;;

Cleaning fairy sounds too suspicious....
awesome! Why don't we learn its secret cleaning methods at the party? [EMAIL]

Huh; It's Jaehee;;
Jaehee, good morning! (no hearts)

You are very persistent.
Too bad, you were this close to being successful in your fabrication. [707]

You just came in. Are you already leaving?
Jaehee, good luck today! [Jaehee]

Isn't it enough to have one friend like V? [Jumin]
You really have only two friends?

1011011...... [707]
Can someone translate what Seven's saying?

I thought it was funny lol (no hearts)
It wasn't too far. It was way way too far.

Stop getting distracted and get to work.
Don't forget to bring Sevenstar Drink Version 2 when you come back! (no hearts)

Receive a call from Jumin:
Oh yeah, I'm the queen of social networking!
No. But I do know how people feel by just meeting their eyes. [Jumin]

09:13 - Back in the Days

ZEN, MC (you)

Jumin's company?
Cat cafe
A morning meeting of beautiful people? [Zen]
Did you get your license renewed? (no hearts)

I'm actually tired of seeing it since I've seen it numerous times.
I'm ready to hit Save. Please show it to me!!!! [Zen]

Oh! I suppose the roads were familiar to you- (no hearts)
When did you debut? (no hearts)

And the story goes that it was your girlfriend. (no hearts)
You must be happy. (no hearts)
Ooh, celebrity!

It must have been worthwhile! [Zen]
What photo did V debut with? [V]

Zen, I invite you to the room of mirrors. (no hearts)
Oh, um, yeah. let's put it like that.
Yeah. I think its harsh to compare appearances with you, Zen! [Zen]

I wanna be - most very best - (no hearts)
The one with Pikachoo!? (no hearts)

Great! I'll catch Backpack Monsters by inviting him to the party. [EMAIL - bpmonster]
I will decline as Ninpendo might get us because of copyright infringements.

My eyes are screaming out with joy! (no hearts)
Wow lol
Oh...sweet jesus..! [Zen]

Jaehee, our professional Zen-critic, can you please explaing to us what kind of performance it was? [Jaehee]

I want to see that performance - (no hearts)
And like this, the number of photos in my folder increase one by one..... [Jaehee]

AI role....? It must have been easy for an AI to plan an AI role.
Jaehee, your Zen-intelligence is really awesome. [Jaehee]

Jaehee, have glass of cold coffee right now before you run wild.
Skin conditions are always better when you're young...
Truth is, I think I prefer V than Zen. [V]

It's a meeting with V's acquaintance, right? [V]
I want to know whom he's having the meeting with -

It's my father-in-law^^
V's dad... I wonder what kind of person he is. (no hearts)

He would have received some hardcore education. (no hearts)
Silver spoon family class....

I like V's humble attitude. [V]
They have few things in common, but they're also different -

A virtual world of their own...
I think their relationship is...too glorified.
I think they pair well together ^^ [V]

Enjoy your meal- (no hearts)
You do know that beer isn't part of brunch, right? (no hearts)

Are you worried?
Does V know about this? [V]

You have one...called being a fan-girl. it's your boyfriend and friend.
It kind of bothers me that there's a secret V keeps even from his friends.
I want to be friends with V too. [V]

Jaehee, have a great day today! [Jaehee]

Receive a text from Jaehee:
Lucky you, Jaehee ^^ [Jaehee]
How's Jumin?

12:22 - My Best Friend

Ray, MC (you)

Not yet.
I did. (no hearts)

Of course! Friends are really dear! (no hearts)
No... Humans betray someday.

You're friends with flowers ^^ [Ray]
Aren't you working indoors all the time?

What's the flower language of blue roses? (no hearts)
I like lily-of-the-valley!
What's the flower language of daffodils?

Um... I think I feel more close with the friends inside the game.
You can! Though more time would be needed. [Ray]

Who is it?
I'm jealous... (Ray)

Um, I don't know. I haven't thought about it...
I don't think you're obsessed with me. I'm just glad that you seem to care for me a lot! [Ray]
I don't feel it at all... I wish you'd be obsessed with me a bit more...

Who is this person?
Then Ray, are you working for this person? (no hearts)

When the party is held... I think I would want to leave here.
I want to be with you...! My mind will not change. [Ray]

I want to see you today, Ray! (Ray)

Receive a text from Ray
Thank you too ^^ (no hearts)
I'm getting out of here once things get boring.

14:09 - Small Cute Adorable

707, MC (you), Jaehee Kang

Oh, Savior of Justice!! Has a villain appeared? (no hearts)
Is something wrong?
Every day is a crossroad lol

What's your real job. (no hearts)
You're a person receiving a salary. (no hearts)

I secured your portrait of the deceased. Thanks. (no hearts)
What a dangerous mission...I wonder if you can return safely...?

I understand her. She must've been surprised to learn that your mission is a dangerous one...
Condolences to Jaehee's eyes... [Jaehee]

I think I'm already used to it by now-^^ Hahaha.
I pray for your successful mission.
Will a nude photo be next?

I am curious of the next theme.
Such delicate plot... This messenger is truly awesome.
Do I need to feed the fairy with compliments? [707]

3 days....?
Is 3 days enough? Won't you need a week? (no hearts)

Got it.
...Let me hear it out first. (no hearts)

I was about to recommend the first one!!
Oh! Compliment from the bottom of Jaehee's heart!
Jaehee.... you want to get out of this fast, right? [Jaehee]

Cars are dreams! Don't sell it! (no hearts)
Seven! Sell your car to me!

Since it's largely influencing the national economy....I think it'll be larger than what we imagine... (no hearts)
Maybe it's duty-free business? lol

It's inevitable because of its size difference. (no hearts)
Okay...Good bye.

What is it...?

Not really.
I pay a decent amount earnestly. Though not as much as Jumin... (no hearts)
I'm a person with a fragile wallet that gets billed with withholding tax.

V might have volored his hair...TT
Wouldn't V's mother's hair color have been mint? (no hearts)
THe father might have dyed his hair....

I wish a dragon would come to the party.... [707]
You're the son of a dragon? Whatever....

Let's make an equal world for everyone together! [707]
Wouldn't it be better if we invite those who actually attend the party?

It looks like a strong name. (no hearts)

Okay! Let's invite it! [EMAIL - darkdragon]
It's not the right time to unveil the sealing of the dragon Smug, so I therefore decline.

Wow- (no hearts)
Can the party be really held properly? T_T

How is that person related to you, Jaehee?;;
So this person has nothing to do with the pilot you first mentioned!
You've put your effort in trying to find the most ordinary person! (no hearts)

We're already too ordinary, and I don't think we need to invite this person!
We cannot decline someone like that! [Jaehee & EMAIL - normal]

What are you talking about? I'm sure you're not really flying through the sky... (no hearts)
Whoa...are you going to fall now?

I want to try that! (no hearts)
Sounds dangerous....

I don't think it's a good idea to trust all of Seven's words. I mean, we've seen him playing tricks a lot...
A genius!
I'd expect nothing less from someone V has appointed in charge of security. [V]

The party might become more interesting!
Didn't he invite the vampire and udon....? [Jaehee]

You don't think V told those two to recommend only weird guests to pretend to be holding a party, do you?
No way-They both don't look like bad people.
I'm worried that V might become baffled with this. [V]

To rest during the evening, I must work continuously work. (no hearts)
I'll start my grand afternoon...!
I should pick up and finish up the work I was doing-

Receive a call & text from 707:
A phoenix rising to the sun!
A seashell mermaid! (no hearts)

16:32 - Precious friend

V, MC (you), Jumin

V! Hi! (no hearts)
Hello. (no hearts)

I think it'll be fun! (no hearts)
Do you think the members were serious with their recommendations?

Two friends gathered in a chatroom^^ (no hearts)
Jumin, welcome. (no hearts)

Rich people helping each other out -what a great world they live in.
What kind of person is V's father? I wonder what his impression is like. (no hearts)
Did you exchange any secrets?

Is it a humiliating secret that you can't share with me?
Ah, then you two should enjoy your conversation through the phone ^^ [V]

Oh...You've become estranged. I'm a bit like that as well. [V]
Fathers are said to be close but distant as well. Especially in case of father-son relationship...!
V, you have a lot of secrets... What kind of secrets are you hiding from your father?

I think it'll be a good occasion to get together. [Jumin]
Can I go to that occasion?
It would have been better if you've told V before proceeding with it.... [V]

V...you seem very uncomfortable with your father. [V]
I think it was Jumin's way of being considerate of you-

You must have seen each other often since you both live in the same neighborhood- [V]
Do you have any stories...like secrets regarding V?
Feels like your business will be a big hit!

I want to hear memories of you two^^ (no hearts)
Church...? I don't think that type of religion can heal people.
Impressive; (no hearts)

Cute - !! [V]
Who sang better?

I think V would have won... [V]
So, who won? (no hearts)

Yes...Sometimes an emotional decision can worsen the situation.
Please don't say that, V. It's not your fault. [V]

Its going to get better little by little, V. [V]
Don't you think this sadness isn't something you can overcome?

V...don't fall into too much despair, and try to cheer up! [V]

Though he looks very cool on the outside....I think he's having a hard time. (no hearts)
I think Rika was more unfortunate.

He wouldn't think me as a replacement of Rika, would he?
Is there anything I can do for V? [V]

I'm going to think of V....Bye. [V]
I'm going to take a break now! Take care! (no hearts)

Receive a call from Jumin

18:24 - Explosion of Empotions

Yoosung★, MC (you), ZEN

Umm...I did see it, though I didn't understand quite well.
Yes, I did. (no hearts)

Yoosung, you must be in pain... [Yoosung]
Please calm down...
Doesn't it feel like everyone is hiding something?

Hello -
Welcome, Zen the Gorgeous - (no hearts)

We were talking about Jumin. [Yoosung]
Yoosung is currently exploding with emotions.

Aunt and uncle? (no hearts)
You should be nice to your relatives.

Whoa...isn't that harsh? It was their daughter's funeral.... [Yoosung]
Don't you think Rika's family affected her in a bad way?

Rika was adopted? (no hearts)
There seems to be a lot of drama.....

I didn't know since Rika had a bright image... (no hearts)
They're family. Didn't they keep contacting with Rika?

It's not easy to trust someone with secrets.
I think V's trying hard too. Why don't you leave him alone for a bit....? [V]

I think having someone next to you would help ^^; [Zen]

I don't think that's something...Yoosung needs. [Yoosung]
Yup. It is a heal-all-potion, the panacea.

Zen said that to help you...but you just shake it off....
Don't treat Yoosung like a child. he's an adult. (no hearts)

I don't think it's a good idea to enforce your method.
Zen...it might reach him later on. [Zen]

Everyone might become more light-hearted when everyone reveals the truth!
I'm glad that at least you're acting more positively.
I wonder what V's thinking.... [V]

Seven maybe has a heart made of steel?
His way of grieving might be out of this world! [707]

If you ride the motorcycle, V will get worried. [V]
Riding your motorcycle? Through the wind-
You can ride through the wind with VR game.

I hope you're not taking your motorcycle for a trip around your neighborhood!
Zen, you'll look gorgeous even when sweating. [Zen]

Receive a text from Yoosung??? (Received it on the chat previous to this)

Story Mode - Yoosung★

Receive a call from Yoosung

20:11 - Reason Behind the Curiosity

MC (you), Ray

You're on your way here? Wow... [Ray]
Why does the background look different whenever you log on?

I was about to have dinner - (no hearts)
I'm not in my room yet....
I was resting. Doing this and that.

How much do you like me?
Um....don't we need time to learn about each other? (no hearts)

I feel...a tad suffocated. [Ray]
I actually feel good.

It was more fun today as well. V turned a bit more active. [V]
I acted naturally, not trying to pry out secrets. The AIs felt really natural....

Give me a second... (no hearts)

Story Mode

21:49 - Powder of the Coordinator

707, MC (you), V

Cleaning Fairy! Have you completed all your chores? [707]

Yes-I went for a walk in the gardens. It was great.
Yes, it was great talking to V and all. [V]

Yes! (no hearts)
I don't know....

This time is an insurance scam? (no hearts)
When can I receive reimbursement?

Yes ^^ [V]
I'm holding my phone right now.

I'm embarrassed ^^;
What else did you find out apart from that?
Wow! I'm so glad! (no hearts)

And what other kinds of information did you find out?
You really didn't come in very often before lol
Wow...! (no hearts)

A tad later, please.
Sure - (no hearts)

Feels great that he's looking out for me! [V]
I don't know... Perhaps he's not sincere about it.

Can I change the channel?
V said not to advertise. [V]
Let's hear it out first.

Done with the advertisement?
I want to buy one for V. [V]
Where did the insurance ad go?
Yes, I'll order one box, please... There's someone here who needs it...

Good luck with your convenience store thing!
Bye, Mr. Advertiser. (no hearts)

23:07 - Another Level of Salvation

Jaehee Kang, MC (you), Yoosung★

Hello, Jaehee! You're up late! (no hearts)
Jaehee, you should have some of Sevenstar Drink....!

I believe Seven will be able to avoid them without a problem. [707]
Troubled times, these times...

I have a bad feeling about this..... (no hearts)
Why don't you go to a shaman? Or hire an exorcist...

Yes...I hope they stop before they create more victims. [V]
Um...Maybe it could actually save someone... That's probably why deeply religious people look very happy.

Yoosung, what have you been up to? (no hearts)
Welcome -

Was it effective? [Ray]
No...we must stop him!!! [V]

Did you fall in to the world of gaming? [Yoosung]
Are you ordering Sevenstar Drink!?

Seems like a sign. (no hearts)
Isn't that a virus...? (no hearts)

Sniff..I smell something....the smell of a spaceship burning... [707]
Weren't there any hidden information?

Star binge-gaming from now on.
I'm thankful that he's become brighter... [Jaehee]

I believe it's a problem you eventually have to return to and solve... [V]
Go back to the game.

Sounds like good words, but it's always better to do an adequate amount of good deed. (no hearts)
She's right!

I can see how dangerous it is just by hearing it; [V]
It may be happiness to those that want to be saved by force...

Why don't we, the RFA, inherit and continue that!?
Yes.. But we won't be able to do as much as before.
It might not be fancy like salvation, but I will do my best. [V]

Yoosung, it might be time for you to look for professional help. (no hearts)
Eating might help you ease that stress.

I'm a bit suspicious.
Whoa, interesting! (no hearts)

He looks too fishy. I'll decline.
Let's invite him! I wonder what his next costume will be after the leopard. [EMAIL - neuropsychiatry]

Yoosung, you're leaving in a speed of light. (no hearts)
Vent out your stress by gaming! (no hearts)

He needs a true salvation...
I think he just needs a way to vent out like that for now. [Jaehee]

If you find it, please tell me as well! [V]
I think I should get some rest too.

Receive a text from Yoosung:
Nothing like a good round of games to let off steam. [Yoosung]
I'm sure my game is much more fun.

Story Mode

Receive a call from Yoosung

Day 4

00:16 - I Keep Thinking of You

MC (you), Ray

You're back!
What brings you here at this hour? (no hearts)

That's the one we saw in the garden! [Ray]
That's the one we saw in the corridor!

I would've been glad if you really did grab me.
Umm, I think you got too excited ^^; (no hearts)

That sounds a bit creepy...
That sounds like a dream... [Ray]

I would've had a hard time playing this game if this wasn't a game that you gave me to test.
I think all members of the RFA are fabulous... [V]

I'm sure V will tell me his plan. [V]
I think they're making another secret behind my back...

I think it's a bit hypocritical...
I think it's good that I get to help those in need. [V]

No, money can't save everything. [Ray]
But that could be the gate way to salvation.

I think all members of the RFA are somewhat nervous and unstable.
But don't you think it's natural that they overcome their concerns and become better people? [V]

I think the period of unsteady anxiety is meaningful if it is for the sake of overcoming one's pain. [V]
I thin khe has an inner problem.

Can I save everyone if I see the endings? (no hearts)
I thought the purpose of this game is dating.

That is a happy ending...right? [V]
Alright! I'll play until the end.

Not really. I'm happy enough. (no hearts)
Actually...yeah, sometimes.

Sure, I'll think about it.
What's the enrollment procedure? (no hearts)

Now. (no hearts)
I'm gonna stay up for a bit.

Receive a call from Jumin

02:34 - What's Wrong?

707, MC (you), ZEN

Hello, Seven. (no hearts)
What are you doing at this hour...? (no hearts)

Another hacking? (no hearts)
Please, calm down...! (no hearts)

Past midnight...? Oh... (no hearts)
↪these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Past midnight...?]
You don't wanna know
If it happened past midnight...then that would be the developer.
What about it?

Welcome, Zen? What were you doing? (no hearts)

I think there's a bug - (no hearts)
hehe it's not a bug - I know what it is [Ray]

The only thing you do is advertising...I can see how lazy you were! (no hearts)
I'm sure it's no big deal...
I'm sorry that I crashed in T-T waaah... (no hearts)

Who's your watcher?
Please make sure that the messenger's data won't be blown away. [Zen]

Why are they not for display? I wanna see!
I can't imagine what will befall if Seven's cosplay photos are released T-T [707]
I think other pictures would be more dangerous than your pictures... Like V's pictures for example... [V]

What about me? (no hearts)
If I give you money as a tribute, what are you going to use it for? (no hearts)

The oh-so-sacred tribute money will be used to construct Zen temples and statues... [Zen]
Seven...you're going to use that money for your business, right? Great idea!
I think Jaehee should be in charge of accounting ^^ [Jaehee]

Who shall take the throne of the Seven Kingdom...? [707]
Did you also watch that show, Zen?

It suits you. (no hearts)
That's lit... (no hearts)
Ugh, my head...

You should've used Zen as the model... [Zen]
Did you make it yourself, Seven? [707]

I should wear what I should for the party [Zen & Jumin]
I'll check my avatar closet and pick the one I like lol

Is he an actor?
There's actually someone like that? (no hearts)

I want some fried wings...
Really? He's that good-looking? (no hearts)

He's actually a girl! (no hearts)
He's from a rich family!

Is he the kind of guy who's the sum of you and Jumin together? (no hearts)
Don't you think Jumin might know him?

Your voice is getting smaller...
But he sounded nice while he was talking to V. [Jumin & V]

Me too! Let's invite him! [EMAIL - chickendelivery]
Umm...I don't think that's a good idea.

I will go to bed... sooner or later...
Now, I guess? (no hearts)

To whom? (no hearts)
Are you saying good night to me? (no hearts)

Good night!
Good night, Zen. (no hearts)

You have a lot to work on T-T (no hearts)
I'm sure it's nothing big. Can't you just ignore it?

bye bye... (no hearts)chic
Tell your housemaid I said hi! (no hearts)

Receive a text from Zen:
So your clothes are the key...
You'd look fabulous no mater what you wear. [Zen]

Story Mode - 707

Receive a call from Zen

08:15 - All-Nighter

Jaehee Kang, MC (you), Yoosung★

Jaehee, have you seen Seve's picture?
Jaehee, I wanna see Zen's picture. [Zen]

I will immediately set it as my background image.
I'm not really interested.
I wanna see V's picture... [V]

I can't sleep either...
Tell me about it... Health is everything. (no hearts)

Welcome ^^ Cutie boy of the RFA! [Yoosung]

What did you do last night? (no hearts)
You didn't stay up all night thinking about Rika, did you?

Good for you...!
I'm also staying up all night for this game with a bunch of AIs...
You need a limit while you play! [Zen]

My definition of friends is someone I actually meet.
Congrats! [Yoosung]

Napping on a bus?
Did your mind slip from your body...?
You took a nap during class? (no hearts)

What kind of friends did you meet in games? (no hearts)
Didn't Jumin say that you'll make a fine intern? I knew it...

Umm...that's a bit sad... (no hearts)
I'm jealous... I wanna be rich too...
Yes...you gotta have at least some sort of pleasure in your lie.. Phew... [Jaehee]

How did you deal with your stress before getting into college, Yoosung?
How did you deal with your stress before getting into college, Jaehee? (no hearts)
↪these options only show up if you choose the above answer [How did...Jaehee?]
Were you into musicals? (no hearts)
Did you play go...?
Hiking? (no hearts)

Oh yes, please! (no hearts)
hehehe... (no hearts)

but I gotta finish what I've started!
Playing games too much us not good for your health. So you should set a limit - [Jaehee]

But you should deal with the fundamental problem... [Ray]
Let's all meet nice and happy at the party-! [V]

Shouldn't we trust in V and wait for him? [V]
But you still gotta find out what you can!

I think you're being too obsessive, Yoosung... It's time for you to let go of Rika! [Jaehee]
I think there's a good reason...why they didn't attend her funeral. (no hearts)
Umm..could you let me know if you find out what secret there is?

But you should hang on for your philosophy class! (no hearts)
From now on you should play just about right. (no hearts)
You should go to bed...

Sleep tight! (no hearts)
I hope you dream about LOLOL (no hearts)

And I think he deserves an applaud for trying to find his answers under his circumstances. [Ray]
Don't you think it's better for Yoosung to just chill out playing game?
I'm not sure if calling his aunt is a good idea... He might be shocked to his bones... [V]

Sure, I'll see you later! You can leave Yoosung to me -^^ (no hearts)
Goodbye -

Story Mode - V

10:22 - Understanding and Respect

V, MC (you), Jumin Han

Welcome, V! [V]

I think you should tell me what you're hiding before you ask what I know.
Is there anything you'd like to know about me? [V]

Of course! No matter what happens! [V]
I'll think about it, depending on what you show me.
I think I'm in trouble now... Actually, I'm locked...uh, nothing.

I don't think it's too late. [V]
Creating a lot of secrets doesn't help communication, either...

Hello, Jumin.
We're getting to know each other. [V]

Are you jealous? Lol
Just let him do what he wants, Jumin - [V]

I can't tell you anymore. There's a good reason why I can't. That's why it's even more frustrating... (no hearts)
I already told you that I can't answer that part...

Interest...? Wait, are you...?
But why would you accept me as one of the members? You haven't even figured out my location or identity. [V]

Is there something wrong? (no hearts)
Anything suspicious going on?

So he's trying to make a deal by using his son...
If that's the case, it's a bit sad... [V]

It's ok. Everyone has different history and reasons... [V]
Jumin, I think this is up to you, without and bias or prejudice.

I wish I had a stable home...
I don't think there is no good or bad family. There's only 'my family.' [Jumin]
But you're rich! Money for the win!

I think you're also a proud son, V... [V]
Your father must be energetic...
Is there a secret to your father's private life?

I think you two will be friends forever. [V]
Count me in too!

I hope my joining can help the RFA to progress in a good way. [V]
So you're saying you don't like it?

But I think you can do a good job, V. [V]
What is it?

Ciao! (no hearts)

You think so? He looks like...a cold son of a rich family.
It's a privilege of a friend! [V]

Why are you keeping so many secrets? They must be such a burden...
I agree. It feels like Jumin kind of knows what you're hiding, but he's pretending that he doesn't know. [Jumin]

I think Jumin will not be happy with that when he hears it.
Even though you might not suit him, you're quite charming on your own! [V]

Thank you, V... Have a good day. [V]
Do you think that I'll find myself in danger?

Receive a call from Jaehee

12:00 - I Really Want to See You

MC (you), Ray

Huh...? you're back. (no hearts)
Ray, you had your lunch, right? ^^

Does it hurt a lot? I'm worried...
You should go to the hospital! (no hearts)

I can take care of myself.
Yes, I'll make sure I tell you...! [Ray]

Yes, he sounded like...like you're a threat to the RFA, Ray. (no hearts)
I think they noticed that you've entered the chat room.

I don't think V is a bad person. [V]
Yes...this game could be over if I tell them, right?

Who do you think is the most favorable one among the RFA? (no hearts)
Looks like you hate all members of the RFA, Ray...

Us...? [V]
Do you want me to pursue that AI? Would that help you?

I wonder what the happy ending is like! I'll keep the secret.
I can start all over again! (no hearts)

I want to be with you if I can!
What benefits do I get if I make the contract? (no hearts)

You mean Yoosung?
707! [Ray]
Jaehee! The chief assistant!

THen you can just go ahead and destroy him, can't you?
Programmed? So you mean you're also... (no hearts)
Did you screw up?

What kind of surprise is it? (no hearts)
Doesn't that mean it's more work for you, Ray?

But I'll get to enjoy the game only when I keep a good relationship with the AIs. (no hearts)
Yes, I'd like to stay with you..and continue playing this game you make for me.

Bye now! (no hearts)
Take your pills now! I hope you get better!

I'll try. (no hearts)
Don't worry -

Story Mode - Jumin Han

14:41 - Protrait of the Youtful Days

Yoosung★, MC (you)

Are you awake now, Yoosung? (no hearts)
Hey! (no hearts)

Did you do well? Lol (no hearts)
You poor dear... (no hearts)

But it's been barely a year since you started going to college- [V]
There goes your dream campus life...

Becoming the best gamer in the country?
Holding the party to a success? [V]

I think the purpose of your application is a bit off, but I'll give you a pass... This world is a bit off in the first place... (no hearts)
You don't have to get into a big company for that dream (no hearts)

Unemployment is a serious issue... (no hearts)
That's not a simple problem... It's difficult to fix that T-T (no hearts)

Listening to you makes me wanna lie in my bed...thinking nothing in particular. (no hearts)
You've been whining a lot today, Yoosun lol (no hearts)

...I think you'll be fine with part-time internet cafe. (no hearts)
Maybe Jumin will hire you... (no hearts)

Welcome, Jumin! (no hearts)
Whoa! That's one knack of timing! (no hearts)

Whoa that was brave [Yoosung]
Couldn't you ask a bit more subtly...?

But some people get jobs because they wanna make money.
Jumin is right! [Jumin]
Could you give him a realistic advice...?

I hope social discrepancy would be gone soon. (no hearts)
Jumin, a single card you give can save a singe life here.

I think it's somewhere around the average... (no hearts)
I'm 16 years old.
I'm a genius. My IQ's like..299? (no hearts)

It's a group of people who don't believe in IQ.
It's a group of people with super-high IQ... (no hearts)

Why do you want to use him as your intern? [Yoosung]
I wanna be an intern too lol

So you want someone obedient... (no hearts)
yep I think I get what you mean [Jumin]

Jehee is so professional. She's so impressive. [Jaehee]
The smiley face of horror [Yoosung]

So Yoosung, you hate your cousin sister's fiance...but you're begging his friend for a job? (no hearts)
So you guys have a complicated relationship. (no hearts)

But Bill Gates is a drop out lol (no hearts)
Right he is.

Good idea!
I'm sure this is a bit sensitive matter, but why don't you have V as your role model? [V]

Sounds like an indirect way of self-promotion
yep you can't choose what family you're born into... (no hearts)

And he's a good man ^^ [V]
That's why I wanna find out what he's hiding...seriously.

This is your chance for purchase!
Who could it be? (no hearts)

Is it time for your class? (no hearts)

It's all thanks to the games. (no hearts)
I don't think he ever mentioned Rika for once. (no hearts)

Don't you think V needs a way to let off his steam? [V]
You really care a lot for V. [Jumin]

Good luck on your work, Jumin! (no hearts)
Goodbye -

Story Mode - 707

17:36 - An Afternoon of Anxiety

V, MC (you), 707

Me? No, nothing. Why? [V]
Is there something wrong with you, V? [Ray]

Where are you right now? [Ray]
But it looks like the messenger is working fine. (no hearts)

Welcome, Seven!!
You're popular, V- [V]

Is that a surprise? [Ray]
↪these options only show up if you choose the above answer [Is that a...]
Oh, nothing - I'm not supposed to talk about it?
Oh...just remembered what a close friend of mine told me. Don't mind me. (no hearts)
What emails?

Just where are you, V? Why would your phone be dead? [Ray]
Umm... maybe it will work a few minutes later. [V]

I hope it's nothing bad... (no hearts)
Could you send it to me too?

I hope nothing bad happens to you, Seven... [V]
What about your identity, Seven? Tell me!

I shouldn't have come here... I think I've only pressured Seven... (no hearts)
I don't think you'd be able to find this person, Seven.

Him? (no hearts)
I smell a secret...

I think you've only got what you deserve for your past.
No. (no hearts)
Yes. [Ray]

It's fun to watch him like that.
He must've been shocked to his bones... [707]
I'm feeling guilty... [V]

What are you talking about? Tell me!
That must be quite a burden you carry on your shoulders... [V]

I'm sure the other members would want to know.
Alright. Please take care of Seven. [707]

Story Mode

16:42 - Mask Made of Glass

Jaehee, MC (you)

Missed this chat

20:10 - Zen's Worrisome Looks

ZEN, MC (you)

Welcome, Zen the Beautiful. [Zen]
Welcome, Zen!

I think V took care of it. [V]
I hope he'll cheer up..
I wonder what he talked about with V...

Go to bed early. That's the best remedy. (no hearts)

You should exercise until you pass out!
I can fall asleep in 3 seconds lol
yes me too! (no hearts)

How was school? (no hearts)

Let's just focus on holding the party!
For now, I'm cheering for V... [V]

Yoosung is still young lol
Yeah, that's right. You need to take care of yourself. [Zen]

Yes, sort of - (no hearts)
Only basics.
It's annoying. Not interested.

That's so sweet...
What kind of mask was it? (no hearts)

I think you'd better take Zen's advice when it comes to skincare - [Zen]
Let's not discuss age^^
I think you're nagging again Zen

Hindow10 update T-T It's so annoying
You're so diligent when it comes to self-management. [Zen]

Let's invite him! I wanna get some masks too! [EMAIL - costume]
I decline. I think he'll play only LOLOL at the party -

I've been hearing you talk, and it all sounds like showing off
I'm all ears. [Zen]

You're off to play... (no hearts)

Zen you should concentrate on your audition tomorrow... [Zen]
But I think Yoosung's getting energetic again.

I can knock you you out and lock you up in a room. ^^
You should make a contract with a hospital... (no hearts)

Sleep tight and it'll be ok. Have faith in yourself!
I remember what Jumin said...that you need to be calm for things to work out.

Sleep tight and it'll be ok. Have faith in yourself! [Zen]
I remember what Jumin said...that you need to be calm for things to work out well.

See you - good night! (no hearts)

The chat room's dazzling! Thank you! [Zen]
Huh? I see a mole!

I want to see V's pictures too... [V]
I'm afraid gods will be angry T-T

You're so sweet Zen... Sleep tight ^^ (no hearts)
He's a secret maker. Just leave him be.

21:53 - Nice

V, MC (you)

What did you talk about with Seven? I'd really like you to tell me now.
You wanted to see me?
V...! Does your phone work now? [V]

Why would you ask that all of a sudden?
How did you know I have one? There's this important decision I have to make. [V]
Wait a minute...! Are you trying to ask me out?!

I think I got a lot of recommendations! [V]
I should try harder.

But this is really nothing but events inside a pho...uh, nothing.
I can see how much you value the RFA... Don't worry ^^ [V]

It hurts so much...to see him in pain. [V]
I think the two of you are playing secrets and ditching the rest.

You sound like something dangerous will befall on me. (no hearts)
Thank you...! (no hearts)

Yes, I like the RFA! [V]
Do I really look innocent?

Your concern is pointless.
Umm...I'll look around some more. [V]

Wow, finally!!! (no hearts)
When is it? (no hearts)

What? That's too fast! (no hearts)
Will I manage to make all the preparations until the deadline? (no hearts)

Off to a secret service?
It was nice talking to you. [V]

Story Mode

Receive a call from Ray

22:49 - What I Want to Day

Ray, MC (you)

You're here... (no hearts)
Am I going to make the contract now!

I decided to stay here with you.
I haven't made my choice yet... (no hearts)

Whose face is it?
That must be horrible... (no hearts)

Me too... I like you too, Ray.
This is sudden... (no hearts)

Those AIs...they're programs you made...right? (no hearts)
I won't betray you, I promise.

I think you should trust yourself some more rather than expect me to trust you. [V]
Yes, please trust me.

You sound a bit...sad. [V]
Of course. I'm so touched, Ray...

I'll think about it...
I'll be waiting... (no hearts)

The game branches here

Story Mode - V

Day 5

00:03 - Truth Revealed

MC (you), Ray

Did you catch V? (no hearts)
Ray, explain yourself about what happened back there!!

This confusing. I don't know whom I should trust...
I don't believe you... He looks an d sounds the same as the V I know. [V]

So this was no game from the beginning...!
Why did you lie to me? (no hearts)

Promise me you won't do anything bad to the V I just saw... [V]
Why did you bring me here?

Are you threatening me?
Alright. I'll do as you say. [Ray]

I think I need a moment to clear my thoughts.
That's easier said than done... (no hearts)

Story Mode

Receive a call & text from Ray:
Here you go again.
Is there anything between us that might offend each other?

02:00 - Data Filled with Riddles

707, MC (you), V

Oh... looks like the hacker who sent me here doesn't trust me anymore. [V]
So what did you do?

Is V safe? [V]
I'm fine now... Thank you!

Do you think it's related to me? (no hearts)
What could it be? (no hearts)
There's data even you can't read...? (no hearts)

The connection seems unstable... I'm worried about him. [V]
Umm...maybe it's not V. Maybe it's someone else.

The man I saw was you, right? Are you ok? [V]
Where are you right now?

I don't know everything for sure, but I'll tell you everything I know. That hacker is...!
May I, V? (no hearts)

Why would you hide him? (no hearts)
I thought you and that hacker know each other, V... (no hearts)

Alright... I'll keep a secret about what happens here. [V]
Okay, but it'll depend on what you do, V. [Ray]

Seven, do you invent things a lot?
Don't you give your inventions a model number? (no hearts)

I don't know what you're talking about, but it's a bit complicated...
You've encrypted them since since you can't tell right now where you are, right? [V]

Hmm.... Something's fishy. [Ray]
Did he forget the word he input by any chance? (no hearts)

Why for a week? (no hearts)
Can't you tell him your input word after a week?
Can't you just tell him where you are?

It feels like...there's some other reason why you must hide this from the other members.
V...shouldn't you get help from the rest of the RFA? [V]

So what about our party? (no hearts)
I think you're making a wrong choice, V. [Ray]

Why do we have to proceed with the party? I think we're in a crisis here. [707]
V...I really want to know what you're thinking... [Ray]

I don't think I can really trust you, V...
I understand that you're trying to do this alone... But promise me that you'll be safe, V. (no hearts)

Looks like you're getting more work. Good luck.
Seven... thank you for understanding V. [V]

I'm fine. You came to save me, didn't you?
Uh...did you get hurt by any chance? [V]

Ok... Please call me as soon as yo can. (no hearts)
Though there are a couple of things that feel fishy here... I'll see you again.

Receive a text from V:
There would've been no need for us to get concerned with this.
Please don't say that. (no hearts)

It's a secret between me and V ★ (no hearts)
Our minds are lined into one...

Story Mode

07:30 - Trust

ZEN, MC (you), Jumin Han

Good morning. I'm still alive...thank god...hehe
Good morning, Zen! I'm fine! [V]

I'll have to wait until my prince comes to the rescue.
V sent Seven his location in encrypted form. (no hearts)

I'll feel so safe if you come to the rescue too!
Welcome, Jumin! [Jumin]

Don't you think hiding details in this situation is kind of wrong?
I'm safe right now, so please don't worry. V will save me. [V}

I'm sure there's a complicated reasonig for V... I'm more worried about him, actually. [V]
Then did he tell everything to Seven so far?
He also told me not to tell you guys anything...

I'll do the best I can for the party too. [V]
You're incredible, Jumin...

Who is this candidate? (no hearts)
Is it okay to care more for my life than for the party?

Sounds interesting! Please tell him to send me an email. [Jumin & EMAIL - watchmaster]
I don't think... I can invite guests now. So I'll decline...

So you want us to trust V...! [V]
I don't think I'll be able to do that...

Umm...is that your way of putting things simple?
I see! Now I get it! [Jumin]

But even if we trust him, what should we do about this weird feeling that just won't go away?
Looks like you understand V to his depth, Jumin. [Jumin & V]

I'm not sure about that... I think there's something else other than the RFA in this.
Yes, I know very well that V values RFA so much. [V]

It's up to you whether or not to trust him.
I'm sorry I can't tell you that... (no hearts)

What are you going to prepare?
You're so thorough...! Thank you, Jumin. (no hearts)

They're very special friends, that's why. [Jumin & V]
They're not going to betray the RFA together, are they?

For now, it seems like we can only trust ourselves.
Yes, I'm going to wait too. (no hearts)

I will. Thank you for your concerns...Zen!! (no hearts)

Story Mode

Receive a call from Jumin

10:52 - V's Insecurity

V, MC (you)

I'm seeing you a lot. So you're not busy? (no hearts)
V, does your phone work now? (no hearts)

I'm fine! Are you okay? [V]
Do you know that the rest of them are frustrated with your actions?

I'm scared... It feels like something's going to happen to me soon.
I'm fine! Nothing happened yet! (no hearts)

I don't think it's really dangerous here. Actually, it's kind of comfortable.
You had no choice. I'm just glad you're safe. [V]

Yes, I'll be waiting..
No, thank you. For not abandoning me. (no hearts)
How can I trust you?

Alright. Are you sure about this?
You're telling me to sell you out! I can't do that! [V]

Don't blame yourself too much... Everything will be okay. It's partially my fault. I was too innocent. [V]
I need more than just words. Please show me something fast.

You have to come get me soon.
I'll trust you. And I'll be waiting. Please take care of yourself, V... [V]

Story Mode

Receive a text from V:
This isn't a lie, isn't it?
The sunspot? (no hearts)

12:47 - Lies and Two People

Yoosung★, MC (you), ZEN

My goodness! Where did that come from? (no hearts)
Yoosung... I know you hate V, but don't you think you've gone too far?!

First of all...I'm safe yet. So don't worry about me. [V]
There's no denying that the RFA is not functioning properly.

I'm not sure... (no hearts)

You should take a look at the image Yoosung uploaded...
Welcome, Zen... (no hearts)

Hold on... It might be somebody's mistake.
That's right! We should call the police!! (no hearts)

Is it from a ghost...?!
So this person actually came in person to put that in your mailbox? (no hearts)

Like blackmailing letter, for example... (no hearts)
Like broken pieces of a knife, for example...

Let's not suspect the members of the RFA... T-T [Zen]
I'm suspecting V...
You're not suspecting me, are you?

It's written 'LIE' on the image... This person must hate these two. (no hearts)
Don't you think someone who hates V sent it?

I agree... Just who would do this...? [V]
Their relationship might have been actually false.

I think it'd be safer to be at Jumin's house.
I'd like to go to your place too...
That's a great idea! [V]

See you... my sweet little scaredy-cat.
Watch out on your way! And be careful of the alleyways! [Yoosung]

Perhaps this person was jealous of the two?
Maybe this person is trying to throw RFA into a whirlpool of confusion? [V]

Will V really come to save me? He really means it, does't he?
My heart is breaking. It looks like V is going through nothing but misfortunes and mishaps. [V]

We're not going to see another image at your place too, right?
Please take care of Yoosung... [Yoosung]

You should run along now...
Gotcha. You don't have to worry about me! [V]

Receive a call from Zen

Receive a text from Yoosung:
What kind of relationship were they in?
Did you like Rika? (no hearts)

15:11 - Malice and Hypocrisy

Jaehee Kang, MC (you)

You didn't get the bizarre image too, did you?
Did something happen to V...? [V]
Did Zen's musical get cancelled?

Seems like it... Who could hate V that much? I hope he doesn't suffer any harm... [V]
Just what has V been up to...? Hmm...
There is a suspect... But I'm afraid I can't tell you.

I'm sure everything will be fine since we have Zen...
I'm more worried about V. There's no doubt he'll see this... [V]

Jumin, Jaehee also got a bizarre photo. (no hearts)
Jumin, don't you think the RFA security on personal identity is too weak?

You should give it to him!
Wait... Could it be...? (no hearts)

Hey, you're the one who's been absent. Why nag at Jaehee for that?
That was...an important task. (no hearts)

That's so smooth of you, Jumin.
Jumin, so is your work all done? [Jaehee]

I wish I could sleep too...
That is big!! I hope you sleep well, Elizabeth the 3rd... [Jumin]
Jaehee... Wish I could send you the SEVENSTAR DRINK.

Is this person planning on sending everyone at the RFA one of these images? [V]
You avoided that picture thanks to Elizabeth the 3rd!

Why does no one know where Seven lives? (no hearts)
I do have a highly likely suspect, but...

Shouldn't we get outside help? (no hearts)
He seems very talented, alright... But I think even worse things would happen if I let my mouth loose.

The eminence of the overtime all-nighter... (no hearts)
The eminence of...a holiday?
A cat project.

Wow... I never knew such a unit exists in C&R.
Great idea! (no hearts)

Congrats!! Wow!!! Looks like we'll have one fabulous unit! [Jumin]
Jaehee... You're sacrificing yourself for the RFA.

...I can only see a Niagara of tears before me.
I'm counting on you, Jaehee! [Jumin]

But if you create an intelligence unit now, it'd take some time to get to work. [Jumin]
Jaehee T-T Is there anything I can do to help?

You're brave. You're going to dig out what secrets V is hiding yourself...?
Is it okay to do this without telling V? [V]

You're very talented, Jumin...
But is it okay to have our party? It's going to be okay, right? [Jaehee]

We already have V's photos for auction. So I'll pass -
Good, please tell him to contact me! [EMAIL - michelangeli]

I hope V will pick up... [V]
I'll see you again, Jumin! And please make sure Elizabeth the 3rd has a good rest!

But it's a relief that Jumin is doing something.
Jaehee, now you have more work T-T [Jaehee]
I'm so excited about the C&R intelligence unit!

I think nothing will change unless V takes action...
I believe the RFA will make it through this well! [V]

I'll see you again!
Good luck, Jaehee! [Jaehee]

Story Mode V

Receive a call from Jaehee

17:59 - Seven's Plea

707, MC (you)

Seven, did you also get a weird photo? (no hearts)
hey seven

Just what in the world did V do?;; I'm starting to wonder what his past was like.
Ugh...looks like somebody really hates V... [V]

...Are you suspecting that hacker? [V]
Don't you think it's one of us who did it?

I think maybe the answer lies with V.
There's no way V is a bad person! [V]

But we can't reach him. So we'll never know.
If he did, then I bet he's heartbroken... [V]

Maybe..V is the one who put me in danger.
We've trusted him so much until now... Let's not think of bad things! [V]

Looks like he's hiding something from you.
I'm sure it's because he doesn't want to put you in danger! [V]

I wanna hear no more of that
Maybe...there was no other choice for V. [V]

He said he'll come save me. So maybe he is nearby. (no hearts)
I'm not sure if it's ok to tell you that... (no hearts)

At least we should trust Jumin.
You sound tired, Seven.. [707]

So you want V to tell you where he is, right? (no hearts)
You can leave it to fate...

Bye. (no hearts)
I hope you can decrypt this asap. (no hearts)

Story Mode

Receive a call from 707

Receive a text from V:
Now aren't you relaxed?
Ray was wearing magenta clothes. (no hearts)

19:36 - Zen's View

ZEN, MC (you), V, Yoosung★

It looks like now Seven's having a hard time too...
How's Yoosung doing? [Yoosung]

No one's coming to save me...
I'm worried we're hearing nothing from V yet... [V]

Don't you think V did something bad to that hacker in the past?
What are we going to do with V...? [V]

Heavy drinking isn't good for you. (no hearts)
Rather, I think he's heavy get-drunker Lolol

So you two were spending some meaningless time.
But are you feeling better now? (no hearts)

Maybe he's right. (no hearts)
That's impossible... (no hearts)

Are you going to take this opportunity to get close to Jumin? ^^ (no hearts)
I'd say that man has a heart of steel... He's impressive... [Jumin]

There you are...finally. [V]
V! Thank god you're logged in! Are you alright? (no hearts)
↪these options only show up if you choose the above answer [V! Thank god...]
Umm...I'm thinking about it.
Yes! [V]

What's taking you so long?
Are you really coming to get me? Don't you think it'd be dangerous? [V]

Did you see the images...? What do you think about them? [V]
I think it's reckless to do that all by yourself. (no hearts)

V... I hope the time comes soon. [V]
I'm frustrated!!!!

Don't change the subject! (no hearts)
That's right! You're a hero, Zen! (no hearts)

I'd like to trust you, V... [V]
If you're not going to tell us anything, why did you log in...?

What is this truth? (no hearts)
You're finally talking... (no hearts)

Please answer him, V... Don't try to avoid it.
Yoosung...please calm down. [V]
Hello, Yoosung.

Yoosung, what's 78+544?
Yoosung...you should first do something about that alcohol in your blood... [V]
Good question, Yoosung!

What did you have for side dish?
A human relationship isn't something you can define as one or the other... [V]

He even reached there...? He must have had a hard time..
Yoosung, I think you've gone too far... [V]

You're taking great care of Yoosung. [Zen]
But we could hear something thanks to Yoosung.

You've been hiding too many things, V. And now they all backfired.
V...I hope you'd tell us the truth someday... [V]

It'd depend on what kind of truth you're hiding...
He's right! So please think about it, V. [V]

Tell him to log in again lolol
I think you should take care of him... (no hearts)

Actually, I'm having a great time. I got to meet you and a group of new people. [V]
If that's the case, I think I'm going to hate you.

What did you think of when you saw those images?
You're still grieving a lot for Rika's death, aren't you? [V]

Getting what you want doesn't always lead to happiness... [V]
Can you swear that you've done your best to Rika?

What kind of person was Rika?
V, Rika's choice is her own. It has nothing to do with you. [V]

You're saying a deceased will come back? (no hearts)

Do you think you did? (no hearts)
'Right now' you say...? You mean at heaven? (no hearts)

V, please hang in there! [V]
You are getting ready to save me, aren't you?

Story Mode - V

Receive a call from Yoosung

21:00 - How We Take in Sadness

Yoosung★, MC (you), Jaehee Kang

Hehehehe are you sober now, Yoosung? (no hearts)
Thanks for showing me what you're like when you're drunk lol

It'd be fun if you two became roommates.
Are you feeling okay now? About your heart, I mean. [V]

I wish I could talk to V too. [V]
Whe's he gonna show up again? Probably after months...

Hello, Jaehee. [Jaehee]
Welcome, head of the intelligence unit.

Are you awake to play games by any chance? (no hearts)
The power of youth -

Zen T-T He fought bravely and fallen... [Zen]
Don't drink too much!

She's right... I hope you'd understand how V would feel... [V]
But I'm sure it's partially V's fault regarding what happened to Rika.

Yoosung, are you ill by any chance?
May I ask why? (no hearts)

That's not what I was expecting to hear... But I think V had his own reasons why he looked like that. [V]
Looks like V is hiding something.

Do you think that's what happened to V? [V]
Do V was so sad he couldn't even cry.

That's called the process of parting with your pain... (no hearts)
I don't think I've ever been so sad like that.

I hoped that'd be the case... [V]
Do you think we can finalize what will happen in the future like that...?

No on knows if he really lovs her.
I see... V still loves Rika... It hurts a bit. [V]

Don't forget to deal with your hangover!
Yes, do think about it, Yoosung! (no hearts)

No, you've done well! [Jaehee]
I'm not sure if Yoosung will agree with me...

Shouldn't we wait and see if this will end as a misunderstanding?
I agree... Let there be peace! [V]

Oh dear... Good luck, Jaehee. [V]
Please make it the best unit. You should elevate the corporate's value.

Story Mode - V

22:22 - Secrets Revealed

V, MC (you)

V, you do realize that the rest of the RFA is having a hard time, don't you? [V]
I wanted to talk too...!

I think it'll depend on what you do, V.
I trust you. [V]
I don't trust you.

You will tell us everything soon, won't you? [V]
That's so not like a leader.

You mean that the person who sent the images is this hacker? (no hearts)
That you've done something bad to that hacker in the past?

What are you investing?
But why would you try to handle this on your own? (no hearts)

But Rika is no longer alive...
So this hacker is related to Rika? (no hearts)

But this is related to Rika. You can't just hide it. (no hearts)
But why would you tell us all this now?

You can work this out with everyone before this happens, can't you!?
So you're here to tell us to not let ourselves waver if that happens, right? [V]

This is as far as you'll reveal, isn't it? Since it's a secret.
You're saying this is something you need to do alone, aren't you? [V]

I'll think about it.
Yes, I promise. [V]

I'm counting on you! [V]
You're not going to waste time and fail to show up, are you?

Story Mode - V

Receive a call from V

23:48 - Finishing Up On a Stormy

Jumin Han, MC (you), ZEN

I happen to be going through one in my heart... (no hearts)
Welcome, Jumin. (no hearts)

I think there's a grievous secret regarding Rika's death...
So V was not uninterested in Rika. [V]

You're caring for me, aren't you? Thank you ^^; (no hearts)
I understand that excessive drinking is bad! (no hearts)

What I found most shocking...was that V has been investigating on Rika's death. (no hearts)
Same here... I think this situation is really complicated. (no hearts)

I can't give you details since that hacker might see this...but it bothers me that the hacker hates V. [V]
This mystery won't go away.... T-T

Birds of a feather flock together. (no hearts)
Friend shield on!! (no hearts)

You're not thinking of something gore, are you? (no hearts)
For example? (no hearts)

Huh? Maybe!? [V]
Aw, come on...

Ahahahaha!! Good one, Jumin! [Jumin]

But if she's alive, why won't she come back to us? [V]
Caught in a tree, for example?

So Jumin, you also wish Rika were alive. [Jumin]
Tell me about it. That doesn't sound like you, Jumin.

Jumin, don't tell me you love...!! (no hearts)
Do you think that was who she truly was?
I'd like to meet her myself... (no hearts)

I their lives are completely different... (no hearts)
Didn't you say that Rika was adopted...? (no hearts)

How's Yoosung doing right now? (no hearts)
I'd like to see him in brown hair lol

Jumin, when will the intelligence unit be activated?
I think you're not getting enough sleep, Jumin... [Jumin]

Head of the strategy team?
A model? (no hearts)
A security guard? (no hearts)

Hahahahahaha my stomach!!! [Jumin]
...Jumin, that's enough, please.

You can't make Jaehee do more work when she's off-duty. I decline T-T
I feel sorry for Jaehee... but I'd like to invite him to the party. [Jumin & EMAIL - retortfoodmaster]

Good luck, Jaehee...!!
I like Jumin's personality...especially regarding his care of his friend. [V & Jumin]
I just imagined Jumin's old version.

I'm sure we have to wait and see if that'll make everyone happy.
The members would be so happy... [V]

I'm a bit ignored now, so I'll be fine! [V]
I'm feeling nervous...but I should trust V. (no hearts)

Receive a text from Ray:
I'm your friend too. (no hearts)
I was lonely like you.

Story Mode

Day 6

01:17 - 707 Cyber News

707, MC (you), Jaehee Kang

You didn't recognize me because you had too much work? T-T [707]

My head spins whenever I think about it;;
Yes... (no hearts)

Umm... how's the messenger security? [V]
You're getting your meals on time, aren't you?

I know you'll win, Seven! [707]
This hacker won't give up...

Looks like you got enough for joking around.
You need a right too! (no hearts)

Wow, no kidding! You made them for fun, but they're impressive! (no hearts)
Who made them?;;;

Blank puzzles.
707BunnygirlLoveU [707]

Should I start greeting you with binary numbers? 0101111011
Jaehee... You're still up late... [Jaehee]

You work all day and night, Jaehee T-T [Jaehee]
Why don't we ask her about the coordinates password?

The sun. [V]

Aren't you...awkward with V, Jaehee?
Don't you think it'd be something related to Rika? (no hearts)

Rainbow color?
Mint color? (no hearts)
Cobalt blue?

V has mint-colored eyes! [V]
It kind of sounds random!

I don't think Rika is the provovative type...;
My eyes are provocative too lol
Hmmm... THat sounds worth a try. (no hearts)

Do you think V's heart also has 16-fold locks? [V]
So how long does it take?

Don't you think it's better to get the coordinates after a week, like V said?
What will happen if you get the coordinates for this place faster than expected? [V]

I'll see you again... (no hearts)
Bye bye

Who is it?
That's nice of him T-T [Jaehee]

He might be a fraud mocking Christmas! I decline!
Ok... Could you ask him to send me an email? [EMAIL - mrsanta]

You tow are in a carefully calculated contract relationship... Didn't you know? Your relationship is made of
He seems to have a lot of hobbies. (no hearts)

It will! Cheer up, Jaehee. [Jaehee]
It's an order. So you must do it T-T

02:43 - V's Concern

V, MC (you)

I'm lonely...
There was something I've been working on.... (no hearts)
I can't sleep. I feel uneasy...

I heard she's really busy. Don't you think you're making her even busier?
I think he's trying to decrypt the coordinates as fast as he can. [V]

Do the mint-colored eyes mean something? [V]
You sound like you're hiding something again, V.

What is it? Can't you tell me?
I don't think getting the right coordinates is going to be easy. [V]

So there's something in this place that Luciel must not find out.
V, you shouldn't let yourself get in danger... That might be the best way for you. [V]

Yes? (no hearts)

I'm already anxious enough. And that's more that uncomfortable enough...
I'm alright... It's rather quiet here. (no hearts)
Actually, I'm a little bored since they're ignoring me.

Thanks, but I'm not really sure if you changed.
You turned a little brighter thanks to me, didn't you? ^^ [V]

I don't think this is really the time for that...
Do you think I'm attractive, V? [V]

I'm going to stay awake just a little bit more.
Yes...I should.

Receive a text from V:
My parents.
My teacher. (no hearts)

Story Mode - V

07:55 - Changes Jumin Sees

Jumin Han, MC (you), V

It's an energetic and strong morning.
It's a beautiful morning! (no hearts)

I hear a lot of metaphors. You sound rather unfamiliar.
Pictures! Let me see them! [Jumin]
So simply put... your cat stretched?

V is still looking for Rika's traces. It breaks my heart. [V]
Maybe it doesn't mean anything.

When do you go to bed, Jaehee? ;;; [Jaehee]
Jaehee! You're here so early.

She's right. You should go to work! [Jaehee]
So how's the intelligence unit going?

I think you could solve everything if you know where I am, Jumin...
And don't forget V! You can also protect him! [V]

In a bad way?
In a good way? (no hearts)
In a not-so-good way?

V is so stubborn.
I think V is slowly approaching me because my heart is wide open for him. [V]

I hope V will take courage and break his wall himself! [V]
To be honest, I feel so frustrated whenever I talk to him!

Why don't you go there yourself?
What? Why? (no hearts)

Jaehee, please make sure V doesn't see those pictures. [V]
Don't you think he might have seen them already?

Bye... (no hearts)
Aren't you going to work...?

You should copy yourself and let the clone do the job.
But you can't send anyone else to V's home T-T [V]

He'll give a new task once this one is finished, won't he? Lol
Let's take care of them one by one! [Jaehee]

Why don't you have a cup of morning coffee? [Jaehee]
That's the time when you want to just let go of everything and run away.

Long is the way of the head of the intelligence unit...
Good luck today, Jaehee! [Jaehee]

Receive a call from Jaehee

10:24 - Don't Want to be Hated

Ray, MC (you)

Ray, please let me out of here!
Ray, are you still attacking the RFA? (no hearts)

Why do you keep doing this?
Are you the one who sent those images to the RFA? [V]

It looks like nothing but a malicious delivery... [V]
So you're saying V is not trustworthy?

Actually, I think it's reckless that he's coming to save me all by himself. [V]
Right now I am a hostage...

They'll come to save me if I lose contact by force. [V]
Wouldn't it help you if I keep contacting the RFA?

Now that I listen to you... I'm not so sure.
I'll trust V. [V]

I'll think about if you show me that you're in torment.
Don't touch the RFA anymore. And please let me go. [V]
Show me that you truly repent.

Where did you learn to hack?
Please don't torment Seven too much... [707]

I hope it helps to tell them the truth.
Are you going to send something worse than images? [V]

I...like someone else. [V]
I like you too.

Are you going to make me take that drug? [V]

I don't believe you... [V]
Why do you hate V so much?

I think something bad will happen if I see her. [V]
Who is this savior?

What does she have to do with V? (no hearts)
What preparations?

You will come to see me...right?
When will you let me out of here? [V]

Receive a call from V

12:33 - Need Some Fresh Air

707, MC (you), Yoosung★

About time to play with a cat.
About time to gaze at the sun, worrying about V... [V]
About time to get hungry.

Your body rhythms turn irregular, which could cause obesity or imbalance of hormones in the future, and... [Jumin]
What should I do, God7!?

You're gonna work in secret with the intelligence unit!? (no hearts)
Is something wrong?

I wanna get some air on your car, Seven (no hearts)
Welcome, Yoosung! Are you at school?

I think you should stay under Zen's protection. [Zen]
You should. Be brave!

Me, me! Me too!
Yoosung...why would you go there...? [V]

He can take the trunk!
...Good for you, Jaehee. [707]

I think I'm reading a conversation between thieves or something...
Stop suspecting V, Yoosung T-T [V]

Pla LOLOL lol
What about Zen? [Zen]

What is that? Lolol [707]
I wonder what Zen does with that computer.

He should keep it well until he donates it to a museum... [707]
Why won't he get a new one?

I wish I could help Zen somehow...
I think I know now how precious my computer is. [707]

Ok...there's no other choice. [707 & EMAIL - earlyadapter]
I'd like to protect Zen's vintage and original aspects.

We are going to have the party! The RFA party will be held as planned! (no hearts)
I also feel like I'm sending emails just for fun.

Walkingman was made in the same era as Zen's computer... (no hearts)
I think Zen would use that to listen to music...
What's that?

I think we should first help Zen before we hold a charity party.
Zen must be so patient. [Zen]

I think this is a good time for a donation... [Zen]
Home - sweet home -

What kind of nagging does he give?
I think you should call him mom. (no hearts)

I wish LOLOL would work on phones...
You should go to an internet cafe (no hearts)

You said you're too scared to go out hehehe (no hearts)
Please be careful of kidnappers!

Story Mode - Jaehee Kang

Receive a call from 707

14:42 - Passion Red

Jaehee Kang, MC (you), ZEN

Jaehee, is the intelligence unit all set?
Jahee, are you on your way? (no hearts)

But I think V will be distressed when he sees those pictures... [V]
I think Jumin made a good choice.

He said he;s going to get some air -
Hmm...he seems to be up to something.
He's not going to sneak into V's home, is he? [V]

What is his car like?
Ask him! (no hearts)

Seven...he's so cool!
I wonder what kind of car V owns. [V]

I think Seven would make a better model.
I'd like to go on a drive with V... [V]

Here comes devastatingly handsome man. [Zen]
Hi, Zen.

Lucky you, Jaehee T-T [Jaehee]
Zen do you know how to drive?

I thought of V! [V]
Jaehee said you'll make a fabulous car model lol

It's the graceful stability that dances between speeding and slowing! [Zen]
It would feel like being carried in a giant can.

Then I'd like to try Jumin's car lol [Jumin]
I don't really like cars.
I wanna try Seven's car - it's packed with speed.

Just do it. Do it today!
No no you should first get a new computer... (no hearts)
Didn't anyone ever tell you that you'll never get to keep a lot of money if you rent a lot?

What? It looked pretty useful lol
I think you should throw it into a junk shop. (no hearts)

You should try installing LOLOL.
What can you possibly do with that computer? (no hearts)

What's your OS?
Oh no... Not the blue screen...! (no hearts)

Sniffle... I should've given yo my old laptop instead of throwing it away T-T (no hearts)
If you have a smartphone then there's no worry ^^

You do have TV, don't you?
Do you have a Walkingman? (no hearts)

Zen, you didn't get one, did you?
I wonder what kind of pictures V got. I'm starting to get worried. [V]

I wonder what V's home is like... [V]
Seven's quiet a driver, isn't he?

I'm sure he does more than Jumin does lol
I don't think he does lol (no hearts)

Rough is the life of an agent... [707]
I'm sure your're more well-build, Zen! You work out everyday!

Don't be so stressed out! Have fun! [Zen]
See you soon.

Agreed!! I can't believe he owns Hindows95 T^T
Do you think V is good with computers? [V]

Have a safe trip! Please watch Seven so that he doesn't break into V's house! (no hearts)

Story Mode

Receive a call from Ray

16:19 - Yoosung's Heaven

Yoosung★, MC (you), Jumin Han

Yoosung, how are your games going so far? [Yoosung]
Yoosung, did you have dinner yet?

Cup noodle is bad for your health! Especially for your skin!
You're at an internet cafe, so you should get a cup noodle! Lol [Yoosung]

A robot? Wow, that's future right there.
You've found peace. [Yoosung]

Welcome, Jumin.
Jumin, have you ever had a cup noodle? (no hearts)

Is it because Jaehee isn't with you right now? [Jaehee]
She still hasn't reported back to you? I thought that's something unacceptable at C&R!!

You talked about work even in chat rooms? T-T
Where did she place the document? [Jumin]

It sounds like there are other manuals too... Lol
Jaehee... I wonder when she can return home tonight... (no hearts)

Yoosung, your suspicion is endless... Can't you trust V for just a little? T-T [V]
I'm not sure if there's anything suspicious waiting... But I'm curious too.

I don't think there's anything I've done here.
Oh... Thank you for the compliment! [Yoosung]

Yes... V will come to save me. [V]
But he's still hiding something.

I hope you'd take more care action instead of blaming V! [V & Jumin]
Yoosung is suspicious because V made secrets.

Umm...you mean those scary people?
Good idea! Now that's something only you can do. [Yoosung]

Make sure you keep your voice straight.
Good luck! (no hearts)

I think this all sounds very strange to you, Jumin.
Get black bean noodles (no hearts)

A vending machine robot for cup noodles? (no hearts)
A person who's been staying there more than 20 days per month?

Let's invite him! And let's place computers at the party! [EMAIL - internetcafe]
So he must have been away from the bath for 20 days. I refuse.

Good luck! (no hearts)

How's the intelligence unit going?
Tell me about it. So I'm assuming she still hasn't reported to you. (no hearts)

What's the menu? (no hearts)
Are you leaving?

Story Mode - 707

Receive a call from Yoosung

18:23 - Heading Towards 2020

ZEN, MC (you), 707

Zen, how was your exercise? [Zen]
Are you back from rehearsal, Zen?

Yes, there's nothing like a shower after exercise! [Zen]
I wish I could take wings too lol

You're such a hard worker!That's so cool!
I want to lie down and chug potato chips until early morning...
If I see your silhouette in the mirror in the middle of our exercise session... [Zen]

We'll get to hear lots of helpful tips on a diet! Great! [EMAIL - gymleader]
I'm not really interested in weight loss or gain hehe

Yeah yeah! [707]

Zen, I think you're addicted to exercise...
She said that in the previous chat room! (no hearts)

So you get to go outside more often than stay at your desk?
Is V fit too? +_+ [V]

I think you need to have your seriousness on if you're going to advise him on computers. [707]
No! You're going to take that lovely computer away from Zen, aren't you?!

Looks awesome... [707]
Is that for Zen?

The latest model runs on Hindows 7? (no hearts)
So how much is it?

Don't you think we should get him THE latest model? (no hearts)
I don't really think it's really a good laptop.

Do you have 36 months plan with no interest?
You're not giving him a laptop you've been using, are you? If it's 5 years old, it's lifespan is almost over... [Zen]

Sniff sniff... I smell trouble... [Zen]
Wow! Seriously? That's unbelievable!

When? [Zen]
...May God7 watch over you.

I think this time he really means it!
Nothing is for free in this world. [Zen]

By the way, Seven. How did your trip to V's house go? [707]
Zen, you should say farewell to your computer.

Why not keep that computer?
He said he needs your computer to work on something. [707]

You can actually see photos with that computer?
Back up! Back them up! (no hearts)

Oh, two in a row? Who is it now? (no hearts)
We are having a party, right?

Hmm...but you don't think you need some distance from the other party?
Same here! I hate relationships with secrets! [Zen]

I think it's going to be difficult to check if he's at the party or not...
Though I'd like to know that acquaintance of your acquaintance... Alright. Let's invite him. [EMAIL - invisible]

So long...386. (no hearts)
Ok see ya!

Receive a text from 707:
Share with me! Only me!
You should make goods out of the selfies and sell them! (no hearts)

Story Mode - V

Receive a call from Zen


Jaehee Kang, MC (you), Yoosung★

I moved to somewhere else... But I'm fine. [V]
Nothing in particular. What about you?

I wouldn't mind lol
No, I would've done the same thing. (no hearts)

Does it look like V returns home often?
Was there something in V's mailbox? [V]

Did you call your aunt? (no hearts)

What was in it?
Why would the sender send such things to V? [Ray]

...Do you think V will love Rika forever? [V]
Do you think he missed Rika?

You're not suspecting V again, are you? [V]
Did you talk to your aunt?

Why would she tell you to take Rika's stuff? (no hearts)
Does Rika have lots of belongings?

And why would your aunt say that? (no hearts)
Don't you think they're too sad to admit she's dead?

It's so sad, but it looks like something is definitely wrong. [V]
Maybe Rika really is alive. They're her parents, after all.

And you think blaming V all this time with no idea about this...? [V]
Do you think what we know about Rika is what she really is?

But I think it's strange Rika never talked about her parents.
They're basically strangers, don't you think? [V]

It looks like Rika's parents don't know her very well. (no hearts)
But they're still her parents. Maybe it's true to some extent.

This isn't your fault...
I wonder what Rika was like when she was with her parents. [V]

Perhaps that's why she made such a dire choice. [V]
V didn't add to Rika's trouble, did he?

I think it's time you let go of Rika.
You shouldn't look for someone to blame. Instead you should start offering condolences to Rika with your heart. [V]

From now on let's trust V together. [V]
But whether we can trust what V discovered is a whole different question.

If you're stressed out, you might want to take a break. Don't think about anything else.
But it's good that now we know something about Rika. [V]

I met someone new, so I think I have to stay alert for awhile. [V]
I'm fine... I met someone new, so I'm a little nervous. But I'm fine! I'll tell you if there's danger.

See you again, Yoosung.
I hope you take a break! Everything will be ok! (no hearts)

Sometimes I hide my grief too...
Grief belongs to the grieving. I don't think there's a need to reveal it.
Yes, if there's anyone who needs my help, I'm willing to offer it. [V]

I think things would've been different if Rika was willing to sow what she felt.
Rika must have had a tragic past. I'm starting to feel bad for her. [V]

Alright. I was actually thinking about having some time to myself.
I'm going to wait for V to contact me. [V]

Story Mode

Receive a call from Jumin

22:02 - His Idea of Family

Jumin Han, MC (you), V

I missed this chat

Story Mode - 707

23:11 - What Happened to V!?!

V, MC (you), Yoosung★, Jaehee Kang, Jumin Han

Yoosung...please save me!
V! Are you alright? (no hearts)

Receive a text from V

Story Mode

Day 7

01:20 - Shocking Truth

ZEN, MC (you), 707, Yoosung★

V has been kidnapped! What should I do? (no hearts)
I'm with...Rika right now. (no hearts)

Rika is alive!
Seven, please explain to him... [V]

A few hours ago... [V]
Rika is alive. V is a liar!

Yes...I'm fine!
I'm alright..but V is in danger... We must save him! [V]

Rika and V are apparently not friends... (no hearts)
Now I can't tell who are my foes and friends...

Let's calm down! We need to discuss how to save V. [V]
Yoosung... Rika's alive.

But it's no wonder V kept it a secret... She's no longer the Rika you used to know. [V]
I think things backfired because V has been hiding things too much.

I think V was the bad person...
Yes... [V]

Rika isn't a hostage... She's the one who tricked and trapped V. [V]
I think Rika was only doing what she was supposed to.

I'm alright! Please take care of V! [V]
Yes, I'm safe and sound, thanks to Rika...

I think he's imprisoned... [V]
Let's leave V to Rika.

Yes...perhaps he's watching us... [V]
He's here, but I don't think you can beat him, Seven.

No, she's not. (no hearts)
It's someone else.

But Rika wouldn't hurt Yoosung.
Yoosung, just wait. You'll find out everything after some time. [V]

Do you think we can trust V in this situation?
You mean what V said to me? To not listen to Rika? [V]

Maybe V was protecting the RFA. He even destroyed all the data from 6 months ago. [V]
I think she was waiting for us...to call first.

It's V's fault... He gave Rika emotional and psychological pain.
I think this is much more serious than a simple fight... [V]

I think we need to save that hacker too... I think he's being manipulated. [Ray]
No, that's not the case.

I bet you'll be busy again, Seven...
Let's not hide anything until we save V. [V]

Ok, I'll be waiting for you.
I'm fine, so please save V. Good luck, Seven! [V]

V is the bad person.
Zen, I think Yoosung needs you... [V]

At least I'm fine. Please don't worry about me.
I think everyone's having a hard time... (no hearts)

That's alright. Please take care of the rest of the members. [V]
Ok, I'll see you.

Receive a call & text from Yoosung:
I think they're not letting me talk to you on purpose, Yoosung.
I can't imagine what you've been through all this time. (no hearts)


Jumin Han, MC (you)

Jumin...you're logged in at this hour. (no hearts)
Jumin, don't you feel betrayed by V?

Rika now hates V. [V]
V brought all of this upon himself...

I think she's doing something illegal... [V]
Rika's doing something that makes people happy.

It seemed to me...that Rika finds her current location more precious than the RFA. [V]
V is the one who made things like this.

V had this ideal that he'll protect everyone, and that's what ruined everything.
I felt that V always did his best to protect the RFA. And he always meant the things he did. [V]

V was just trying not to harm anyone... [V]
This all started from the love V forced upon Rika...

What is it? (no hearts)
Is this a secret talk?

Isn't that just another lie?
Rika did it!? [V]

V is such a weird person...
Then why won't he get his eyes treated? [V]

You'll help us save V, won't you? [V]
It's all V's fault that things turned out like this.

I'm going to stay with Rika.
I don't think I can sleep. I'm so worried about V. [V]
I should get some sleep now.

Story Mode - Jumin Han

Receive a text from Ray:
Finish it quickly and come rest with me.
You mean you're beating him up? (no hearts)

Receive a call from Jumin

06:55 - C&R Intelligence Unit

Jaehee Kang, MC (you)

I'm fine...though I can't say V is safe too.
Yes, thanks to Rika. [V]

I think Rika had a good reason.
V could be in greater danger than he was back then. [V]

I hope their friendship won't break apart. [Jumin & V]
How's the intelligence unit?

I thought you'll think V and Luciel are all in this together.
THey are working together... I can guarantee. (no hearts)

I think both of them suffered deep wounds in their hearts... [V]
I think V shouldn't have been so ambiguous.

I don't think comparison really matters now... ^^;
Gret is the God7... [707]
So that's how talented Ray is...

I hope so too... [V]
I'm sure you'd be concerned... Not to mention you have tons of jobs.

Good luck on your work! [V]
Ok...see you soon.

Story Mode - V

Receive a call from Ray

08:00 - Staying Calm

ZEN, MC (you), Yoosung★

I'm fine. What are you doing now? It's still morning.
I'm well... What are you doing, Zen? (no hearts)

I'm fine, though I can't sit still because I'm worried about V... [V]
Yes. What is it? Are you worried?

Yoosung, what are you up to? (no hearts)
Welcome, Yoosung!

Maybe Zen did some cleaning before he left. (no hearts)
It's a secret sign that tells you to clean...

Whoa, morning packed with vitamins and fibers for you! [Zen]
Doe he look like a rabbit to you, Zen?

Umm...I don't think so. (no hearts)
Well, I think I've seen a walkie-talkie...

She's not well in heart... [V]
I think she's very well.

We should be worrying about her... She's suffering a lot because of V.
We should be worrying about V! He's in danger right now...! [V]

But it's kind of strange that V refused to get treated.
I think as of now Rika wouldn't hesitate it... [V]

Rika could have planned all this since then...
That was before I actually met her. (no hearts)

Aren't you going to school, Yoosung? [Yoosung]
Zen, how's your practice going?

Please, just be safe!
I'm sure there's something we can help with, if we look for them ^^ [Zen]

........ [Yoosung]
Oh...I should do that too, Zen.

Maybe it's time you get a new internet.
That's because of the route. (no hearts)

Yes, let's do that! [EMAIL - installation]
But I think he's going to be busy jumping between roofs...

Yoosung, you can do what you can do.
You can recommend guests too, Yoosung! [Yoosung]

See you!
Good luck with that! (no hearts)

I think you'll be so good with that, Yoosung - [Yoosung]
But it's good at least Zen is on the bright side.

Yes, I will. [Yoosung]
Umm...I'm not sure if Rika would want to hear that, but ok.

Cheer up!
See you soon, Yoosung. (no hearts)

Story Mode

11:51 - Provocation

Jumin Han, MC (you), V

You didn't know? [Jumin]
Hello, Jumin.

When will we go save V? [V]
I'm just the same the way I am. Thanks for your concerns.

What is it? (no hearts)
You're telling me in person?

A cult...? Yes, it feels like a cult here! [V]
Illegal? This place is good.

If this place is really involved in illegal activities, shouldn't we rescue the victims? [V]
Don't get us wrong. This place makes people happy.

Do we really have to fight each other...?
It's Ray... I'm sure it's the hacker who sent me here! [V]

I want to get out of here before things get any worse... [V]
I'm telling you, I'm safe!

Does something change when I log in? (no hearts)
Did you come up with something?

Yes. (no hearts)
What is it?

He could've dropped it somewhere.
You mean...V's in danger? [V]

Can't we find a peaceful solution to this?
Armed!? [V]

Don't touch Rika!!!
Let's do as he says, Jumin. [V]

I don't think you need to save me...
Yes, please hurry! [V]

I'll be waiting! [V]

I hope everything works out well...though I can't help worrying. [V]
I don't know why, but I think Seven is rather...casual regarding V...

...But can't we just report to the police?
Okay! I'll be right here waiting! [V]

Yes, I'll be waiting! (no hearts)

Receive a text from 707:
Do you think I don't know? Or maybe I'm just keeping my mouth shut.
Sorry, I don't know anything.

Story Mode

Receive a text from 707

13:16 - One's Own Reasons

Jaehee Kang, MC (you)

I'm so worried about V. It's hard to keep waiting. [V]
Jaehee, you're busy, aren't you?

Maybe Rika ordered that.
How are your preparation for the party going? (no hearts)

Okay... Though I'm not sure if the party's happening, let's invite him first. [EMAIL - hairdesigner]
I'm not in the mood to make preparations...

Of what?
Because I'm with Rika? (no hearts)

Yoosung, are you saying you want to go too? Again? [Yoosung]
Do you think it's ok to send him alone?

I see you're having a difficult time, Yoosung... [Yoosung]
You could be a burden to everyone! You should really regain your senses...

Rika was so worried about you...
It's dangerous here! [V]

Seven will find out the truth for us...
Yoosung, I think you shouldn't disregard other scenarios. [Yoosung]

I think I know what you fee like... [Yoosung]
But do you have to see for yourself...? You'll make everyone else frustrated and tired.

Looks like Yoosung is having a hard time. [Yoosung]
I think Rika would meet Yoosung with arms wide open when he arrives...

Whatever Rika would say, I think what matters is for Yoosung to realize what kind of people Rika and V truly are and make a choice for himself, by himself. [V]
I think she'll very kindly tell the truth and offer him a chance to be happy together.

Don't worry. Right now what we need to do is work together to defeat this crisis. Let's focus on that! [V]
Don't worry about Rika too much -

Receive a text from Ray:
I think everyone makes mistakes. (no hearts)
I scold them.

Story Mode - V

15:38 - Miss You, I Feel Lonely

Ray, MC (you)

Ray! It's been so long since I last saw you...
I s V safe? [V]

Yes, I like staying with her! [V]
I'm worried that she'll hurt V...

I miss that place too...
Ray... You should stop being obsessed with me. [V]

Yes, he'll be here to rescue me. [707 & V]
Ok, so I'm safe, right?

You're right. Whatever you say, all that matters is our happiness!
What are you trying to do with the RFA? [V]

Yes, let's do that, Ray.
Is V safe? He's safe, right!? [V]

Welcome, Yoosung.
Yoosung... I just talked with the hacker. [V]

Did you try calling him? [707]
If it works, then who cares? Don't mind it! No biggie! ^^

Why not leave a message on the chat room? [Yoosung]
I wonder where he lives... I think this hacker knows where...

Sure, now run along. (no hearts)
Ok...though I'm not sure if that'll happen.

Story Mode - V

Receive a call from Zen

17:45 - His Heart

707, MC (you), ZEN

Yes, I'm waiting for you! Did you get a call from Yoosung? [Yoosung]
You shouldn't chat while you're driving..

Do you have to get caffeine?
How much time do you think it will take? (no hearts)

What did you get from him?
You're not driving the one that fits only 2 people, are you? (no hearts)

Welcome, Zen. [Zen]
How's Yoosung doing?

Are you a playboy? (no hearts)
Jealous... Can I have one too?

Now I'm surprised that you even have a smartphone. [707]
Whoa... You don't get to hear that number everyday haha

See you soon!
Be careful on the road! (no hearts)

I don't know... Do you really think that's good?
I really wish he would... [V]

Yes, you should change it! This is bad!
It does look somewhat simple and honest lol [Zen]

I hope you'd always stay bright too. [Zen]
Please take care of Yoosung!

A lotus flower?
A statue of Buddha? (no hearts)

Right now I don't feel like having a curry...
I'll try talking to him. For a curry party! [V & EMAIL - curryfactory]

You have lots to do once you make money... Get a house, get a car...
Massage? I wanna give it a try too...! (no hearts)

Got it! ^^ I hope you stay safe as well, Zen! Until I see you! ^^ [Zen]

19:24 - How to Cope with Risks

Jumin Han, MC (you), Yoosung★, ZEN

What are you doing now, Jumin?
I think he's coming from somewhere really far away. [707]

I think it'd take more time to actually make a landing spot. (no hearts)
I would've used it if I were him T-T

I want to try a ride on a helicopter!
Umm... I think a car and helicopter are on completely different levels. [707]

Theyre working so hard... (no hearts)
Give me a tip on what to do when I feel uneasy!

Jumin, do you have any memory you want to run away from, by any chance? [Jumin]
I think it's easy to get hurt if you have too much expectation.

You've been friends with V for so long... So I understand. [V]
You don't sound like you, Jumin.

Welcome, Yoosung...
Yoosung, are you still worried? (no hearts)

Yoosung, are you in the middle of an escape? [Yoosung]
Zen, you...called a masseuse to your place?

Zen, mind if I replace Yoosung?
Hahahaha wait a sec! I need to grab some popcorn! [Jumin]

Have a good time... Yoosung...
Nice going, Jumin... [Jumin]

I hope you enjoy your massage ^^ [Yoosung]
But Zen was trying to look out for you ^^;

Hahahahahahaha. [V]
I'll say. But I don't think I would've liked it for my personal info lol

Wow... Let's try inviting if we're actually having one for our party. [EMAIL - satellite]
We should invite people, not machines.

Ok... See you around, Jumin. (no hearts)
You're actually counting seconds...?

Story Mode

Receive a call from Jaehee

21:39 - Coming This Way!

Ray, MC (you)

What's racing?
Ray, I'm seeing you often. (no hearts)

Aren't you afraid?
So Ray, are you going to see Seven? [707]

I think you're rather sensitive about Seven.
Treatment? Are you ill? [Ray]

What is Rika going to do to V...? [V]
But you've already done so well until now.

So soon I would have to choose. (no hearts)

I... will make a choice on my own. [V]
Of course. Don't worry.

Bye... (no hearts)
See you soon, Ray...

Story Mode

23:11 - Before Charging In!

Jaehee Kang, MC (you), 707

How far did Even go?
Jaehee, what's new? [Jaehee]

I'm sure that was Ray... And yes, he's that hacker. [V]
I don't think you can deal with the hacking even if we save V.

There's a signal interruption for you? (no hearts)
Are you here?

The hacker hacked the messenger to talk to me.
Seven, for now, let's just focus on saving V! [V]

But it won't be easy.
Oh...you're professionl! [707]

What should I do when I'm in danger? [V]
What does blue mean?

I'll look forward to it! [707]
I'll be waiting.

The fate will guide us all...
I'm nervous too...
I feel a bit safer thanks to you, Jaehee. [Jaehee]

But this place has a hacker just as good.
You are already more than helpful. I wish luck for the C&R's intelligence unit! [Jaehee]

But this isn't the time to invite someone...
Oh, it's alright! Please go ahead. [Jaehee & EMAIL - ]

Ok, I hope I can see you soon... (no hearts)
I'll see you.

The game branches here

Story Mode

Day 8

00:44 - Seven's Status Report

707, MC (you), Yoosung★

But no one's here...
We saved V! And I'm with Seven too! [V]

I feel so bad for V... [V]
Let's hurry.

Yoosung! Rika...Rika met V and...!
Yoosung, V is sick! [V]

What should we do if something goes wrong with him...? This is all Rika's fault.
I think V was forced to take a dangerous drug... [V]

I think Rika created a religious cult based on her twisted belief.
I don't think she's the same Rika you used to know... [V]

Yoosung... Rika was the one who put V in danger.
All V ever did was loving Rika as best as he could. I feel so bad for him... [V]

I'm just glad V didn't have to suffer anymore... Rika is such a bad person. Seriously.
Yes, Seven saved V. Good work, Seven... [707 & V]

Seven, are you going to investigate the Mint Eye soon? [707]
Yoosung, if you actually talked to her in person, you might have been ensnared by her words.

You can talk to me, Yoosung.
Yoosung, why don't you have a nice cup of tea and calm down? (no hearts)

No more repetitions! [V]
Shouldn't you worry about V? V is the victim here!

Seven, just focus on the road!
You can count on me. (no hearts)

I'm glad we saved V from that villain.
Perhaps V made secrets because he didn't want us to see what Rika became. [V]

I don't think she'll actually come with us even if we all go there together... [V]
We should keep her away from V. It's for his sake.

You're not running away from reality, are you?
Good luck on that, Yoosung! [V]

Story Mode

01:59 - Emergency in RFA

Jumin Han, MC (you), ZEN, Jaehee Kang, 707

He's resting... But he's sweating a lot.... He seems to be in lots of pain... [V]
He's having a life or death situation because of Rika...!

No, there was this situation, so right now we're going to Seven's hideout. Sorry, but I can't give you the details. (no hearts)

I don't think it'd be safe to have him here... But I'll let you know if we need him later.
I don't think we can afford to invite him over here, but could you please tell him to contact me? I'd like to invite him to our party. [EMAIL - familydoctor]

You're so busy late through the night, Zen... [Zen]
When is Yoosung going to bed?

What...? No...!
Do you know any emergency protocol to this? (no hearts)

I think we need to make Rika have her punishment.
I don't thin...V has any intention of making Rika have her punishment. [V]

To be honest... I think both of them are very far from normal...
I think Rika is the cause of all this...
V is trying to solve this, but he's too self-sacrificing. [V]

She is the Rika you know. I can guarantee it.
I think you can check with Yoosung. (no hearts)

Yes, I'm sure your bodyguard would have been the sitter if Yoosung were with you, Jumin. [Jumin]
I think you make an interesting team with Yoosung.

Yes, how's the unit going?
You're working so hard, Jaehee. [Jaehee]

It's Ray... (no hearts)
Then what should we do?

I think we'd better tell Seven. [707
What happens if we lose the security?

This is all coming from Rika's side... She's such a villain...
I don't want to see any more of this heartbreaking war... [V]

I think they need you, Jumin.

You're working so hard, Zen.
I'll do my best in whatever I can. [V]

Good luck, Jaehee! [Jaehee]
Please make Rika pay. Please, for V's sake...

Could you recommend me a party guest...? (no hearts)
Could you distract our enemies with your beauty? (no hearts)

Seven, I think we need to make V rest more comfortably. [V]
Seven, we have a situation!

So you mean we can no longer chat? (no hearts)
When will we get the messenger back?

How long will this war last? [V]
This is sad... We can't use the messenger now?

Ok... I hope I can see you again here, though I'm not sure when I can... (no hearts)

Story Mode

07:13 - Suspicious Chat Room

MC (you), V, Unknown

Maybe this is a bug or something. (no hearts)
Tell me about it... I thought the RFA messenger is closed now. (no hearts)

No, let me do that. You should rest, V. [V]

Stop tormenting V! Rika, Ray, I hate you so much!
Rika... I miss you. (no hearts)
I hope this battle will be over without causing a lot of damage... [V]
Ray...! This is your work, isn't it?

What's wrong with the title of this room? (no hearts)

What's wrong with the messenger? (no hearts)

So Rika can access his messenger, right? [V]
So we can get back to our original messenger?

I'm trying to do something about my anger towards you and Rika...
I'm looking after V. [V]

Aggressive you...? (no hearts)

Isn't there a way all of us can get along? [V]
I don't want to see your face ever again.

I am doing my preparations. Kind of. (no hearts)
I don't think this is the right time...

...Maybe this is why I got some weird guest recommendations.
So is that why you wanted a party to happen? So this was all... (no hearts)

I don't want to have any more guests.
...For now, could you tell him to send me an email? [Ray & EMAIL - icecreamseller]

No, I like ice cream too.
Is that really important right now? (no hearts)

Ok... [Ray]

Could you please ask Rika to settle this peacefully? [V]
The RFA will not let you get away with this...!

09:27 - Conciliation Towards Seven

707, MC (you), Rika

Missed this chat

Story Mode

11:00 - How Did We End Up Like

V, MC (you)

You're not here because you have something to tell Rika, are you? You should be resting!! [V]
V, what are you doing? You should be resting!

What are you trying to tell Rika? [V]
Rika won't listen to you anymore...

So was she okay when you first met her?
What was your first encounter like? [V]

Do you think Rika actually understood your art?
Yes, why is that? [V]

So... you wanted to be a painter. [V]
Why are you talking about your past right now?

So it was Rika who helped you wake up? [V]
But I don't understand why you would be attracted to Rika.

So you wanted to prove yourself... [V]
Rika must have been so happy.

...So denying love was the same as denying yourself. [V]
I'd like to experience love like that...

I understand how Rika would've felt. [V]
I would've been happy...

I...I think it was a process of discovering who you realy are. Now you got to know what love is a little better. [V]
I feel such love is real.

But you didn't know that until now... Ignorance is no sin. [V]
I'll forgive you if you can love me like that.

You don't have to be sorry for Rika. She didn't deserve your love.
I understand how you feel, V... But I wish you wouldn't lose hope in love. [V]

Don't forget that you can start again with me if you're done with everything.
I will be with you in your path to the conclusion to all this. I'll hold you tight... [V]

I think you can soon find an answer more mature than that. [V]
Please don't say that. Your love is perfect!

Why is that? [V]
All you need to do is love me...

That is not going to happen... I want to protect you! [V]
Please love me like Rika. I'll be waiting...

Receive a text from V

Story Mode - V

Receive a call from V

13:07 - The Demon You Created

Rika, MC (you)

He's completely done with you!
I think V is looking back at himself... He must be in lots of pain. [V]

I'm sure he said that everything he told you wasn't love.
I don't think talking about your past will be of any use... [V]

You didn't deserve his love.
What did it feel like to you back then? [V]

He wants nothing to do with you anymore, that's what it is...
Perhaps he realized that it's selfish to unconditionally and blindly pour his feelings, no matter how good it is. [V]

I'm sure he hates you a lot.
I think V was being honest with his feelings... [V]

Rika...are you having difficulty accepting the truth? [V]
Yes, you sure do know what's happening right now.

Rika, if you still love V... Please let him go. Just like V is trying to. [V]
V deserves someone much better. Someone much better than you!

He will change if he's with me.
Rika... V wants to become different now. And I want to help him. [V]

V and I can be happy. If only you're gone.
Right now...all V wants to do is to protect me. [V]

The way I see it, the RFA will be in peace as long as you're gone.
Please stop trying to put us against each other, Rika... [V]

V doesn't mask himself. [V]
I don't care, as long as his mask remains in my presence...

I don't need anything from you. So don't let us ever see you again.
That is not going to happen. [V]

I don't care. Just stay away from V!
And please stop trying o captivate Seven...! [V]
Rika... You sound very far from normal.

If V really did that, I'm going to embrace him... [V]
Trying to control us with fear won't work now, Rika.

Receive a call from Ray

15:21 - I'm Worried of You

Ray, MC (you), 707

Missed chat

17:32 - It's All My Fault

V, MC (you), V

You scared me! You just disappeared! (no hearts)
Where are you right now?

I don't care, as long as you don't get hurt.
It's alright. There's really nothing we can do about this. Rika's side thinks that we're bad... [V]

Rika caused all this. You've done nothing wrong, V.
That's not true. I believe you can love! [V]

No, you can do it, V. You can be stronger. I'll help you! [V]
I'm nothing like Rika. You can try me.

I understand that you're afraid... Think about all the things you've gone through. [V]
You can start again with me, V... Things will be different with me.

Seven, are you looking for V? (no hearts)
Were you looking for me?

Don't you think you're being over protective? [V]
I wish I could be with V in your car...

I knew it... No wonder V seemed weird.
What's wrong? Is it bad for V? [V]

So when V suddenly cries, it's because of the drug, right?
Oh, no... I'll be fine. V, you can talk to me if you feel uneasy. [V]

He hates all members of the RFA.
He seemed to know you well, Seven. (no hearts)

Why did you think that you might know him? [V]
V looks like he knows something...

Is this person you're thinking of the person you asked Rika if he;s doing fine? (no hearts)
He did look like he hated you in particular...

V, you'd better come on in, or I'm going to get you. (no hearts)
V...come on in quickly. I miss you.
Seven, you know that we can't trust Rika now, right?

I hope you can forget about Rika and start again with me.
Cheer up! I'm with you! I wish you'd get better soon. [V]

What are you saying, V...? Don't be so depressed! Cheer up!
I don't think it's bad to put down your burden and take refuge in this situation... [V]

I'll bring V with me. (no hearts)
Thanks for the info, Seven.

You didn't lie to Luciel back there, did you?
For now let's think about good things, okay? [V]

Are you hiding something again?
I think there was nothing you could do about it... You were met with agony because you're too nice. (no hearts)

If there is any more secret, it's all because of RIka. Got it?
Yes, I'm sure your depression will soon go away! Let's have faith and wait just a bit more. [V]

I hope you come to me after you wrap things up.
How are you going to do that? [V]

I think you can complete it with me.
Instead of a reunion, why not 'a new start?' [V]

Don't be afraid. You're the light, V. [V]
It's okay! Of course you'd be scared in a situation like this!

Please don't be like Rika... Please.
I'm sure you can find love again. From now on try to accept your fear as well. [V]

I'm heading over.
Ok, you can talk to me right by my side. (no hearts)

Story Mode - 707

Receive a call from Rika

19:02 - Failure

Rika, MC (you)

You surely know what kind of creature you are.
Rika... Is it painful to see V changing..? [V]

Oh dear... I can't imagine what you've been through.
That's enough if you want me to pity you.
I know how difficult your environment was, but you chose to make things like this... [V]

I'm honestly scared that I'll meet someone like you.
Please, take a look around. There are people who are having a hard time because of you... [V]

Don't you think that's only temporary...? [V]
That's no happiness. That's nothing but pleasure.

Don't you think you're taking away their ability to stand alone? [V]
Then you can stay there and be happy. Please don't touch us.

He's accepted loss of love... So of course, he'd start to feel afraid. [V]
So stay away from V. You're infecting him.

That's because you harmed and ruined V!
He's not running away. He'll learn to acknowledge his fear and live in the reality. [V]

Perhaps V is afraid...because no one ever held his hand by his side. [V]
Whatever the reason is, I want V to now abandon you.

V has more than enough of such violent and self-destructive love... Now that's enough, Rika. [V]
Don't even think about it. V will become happy with me from now on.

Receive a call from 707

20:21 - Don't Wnat to be Abandoned

Ray, MC (you), Rika

That's very shameless of you, asking how I'm doing.
Not well, because of Mint Eye... [V]

You mean why she founded the Mint Eye? [V]
Yeah, but I didn't get a single word she was saying.

She'll leave you if V urges her a little bit more.
V is deeply related to the source of the trouble Rika caused... [V]

You used your talents for bad. You will be punished someday.
You are very talented, Ray... I'm sure you could do something else as well... [V]

Ray... I hope you'd use your talent for yourself. [Ray]
You're being used and manipulated! Can't you see?

I don't think any single party is at fault in this. [V]
Rika used you to harm us, and she cause much more damage than the one you suffered.

You're no fun. That place was no fun...
You've done nothing wrong. But I thought that it was dangerous to be with Rika, and I wanted to help V. [V]

You're full of darkness, Ray. Nobody will ever want to be with you.
Ray, don't you want to join the RFA...? [V]

Ray... Isn't there any way I can save you? [Ray]
Ray, you're falling for that again. You're an idiot?

V's effect was huge in the process Rika founded the Mint Eye... That I remember. [V]
Rika was so obsessive about V... It was beyond my imaginations.

How could you use a drug like that...? I'm reporting to the police.
You mean the elixir of salvation... Won't Ray grow dependent as he takes it? [Ray]

Ray is sick. Why do you force him to take the drug?
I heard that the side effect will be tremendous if you take it for long. [Ray]

I'm sorry, but that won't happen. (no hearts)

How could you do this to him?
I feel bad for Ray. Please, don't make any more victims... (no hearts)

Receive a call from Ray

22:00 - Opposition and Debacle

V, MC (you), Rika

V, how are you feeling? [V]
That's why I came after you.

What are the side effects like? (no hearts)
I think... Rika tried to achieve her goal by hook or by crook.

Can we just get through with this? This is so frustrating and tiring...!
Rika... You're back. [V]

V is now starting to change... Even you won't be able to stop him, Rika. [V]
You're the one who feels pleasure from fear. V is nothing like you!

Now there's no point in arguing who's right and wrong, Rika... [V]
There you have it. Now stay away from V.

Right now V is experiencing trials and errors called love. And he's, therefore, becoming a better person. [V]
I can handle V's love like the sun. I don't think that's strange at all.

Everyone is afraid of criticisms. [V]
V... Don't let her words get you.

Honestly, I'm sure even V didn't know that you'd do something like this, Rika. [V]
We don't get to see someone like you every day, Rika. V merely stumbled upon a wrong person.

Can't you tow forgive each other and make up? [V]
Ok, there goes acknowledgement. Happy now?

He said not anymore. [V]
Rika... It doesn't matter. It's all in the past.

I'm sure you want to believe that was love.
If that is true love, then why did you leave V? [V]

V, are you trying to leave me...?
V, you can't do that...! [V]

V, now you can't save her... [V]
I think you're better off without her.

But now...V won't love you like you want him to.
You're not trying to take away V away again, are you? You can't do that... [V]

V...I won't be like Rika.
V... Don't comply with her. You'll end up bringing others into this! [V]

Whatever it is that you want, it won't come true, Rika...V is changing. [V]
Let's stop talking.

I'm fine... It's just that my heart aches a bit... [V]
I really hope you'll get over Rika soon.

Please don't tell me that you'll leave me...
You shouldn't do that. For her sake! This is where this ill cycle ends. [V]

I respect your opinion, V. But please don't sacrifice yourself. Don't forget that your life can have a new beginning. [V]
I'm here for you... Let's run away from Rika.

Of course. I'd be glad to help. (no hearts)
Then what are you waiting for? Hurry up.

Story Mode - V

Receive a call from Rika

23:16 - Pass the Baton

Ray, MC (you), Unknown, 707

Ray, what's wrong?! [Ray]
Did you eat something bad?

I'm looking for a way to destroy your friends, Ray.
I'm fine... Ray, are you alright? [Ray]

He's not tormenting you... He's also trying to protect someone precious to him. [V]
You're the one who's torturing us.

Ray... I'm sorry. Now that things have turned like this, everything will start to change. [V]
Yes, I'll interfere. And yes, I'll destroy it...nice and neat.

I'm sure it's not your fault.. I think it's because you met the wrong person... [V]
You're being punished because you hung out with bad people.

Are you alright!? (no hearts)

Huh..? What is going on right now? (no hearts)
Am I talking to two people?

Is there something I can do for you? [Ray]
I think you need treatment.

This is the username I saw back then!
Who are you? (no hearts)

Seven, hurry! You should track him down! (no hearts)
Seven, we have a stranger here!

What do you mean maybe, maybe not...? We have to stop that no matter what!
Seven, we do have a plan, right? [Ray]

Maybe this person is easier to deal with...
I think this is a different person from Ray... [Ray]

Is V alright? [V]
Seven, what am I supposed to do?

You know Seven?
Are you....? (no hearts)

What are you going to do now?
What happened to Ray? [Ray]

You can't take me. The RFA will protect me... [V]
You...sound dangerous.

Receive a call from Unknown

Day 9

00:56 - Seduction of the Moon

Rika, MC (you)

Feels very afar... [V]
I don't want to think about that.

What are you up to now?
Something disastrous will happen if you can't control the darkness within you, Rika. [V]

I think it was a realization essential for V. It's not something that derived from fear. It's something he needed for himself. [V]
Of course. V will be with me from now on.

Whichever it is...I don't care. As long as V comes to me.
I'm not on any side. (no hearts)
That's more natural to me. [V]

I am a little afraid, but it's something that I want. [V]
I'm not afraid of anything. Because my true nature is closer to the light.
I strongly believe I should be nice because of my fear.

I...actually want to be free.
I..want to grow by agonizing and feeling those kinds of things. [V]
I want to prove that the good will prevail in the end.

Idyllic...I understand what you mean.
Sounds unrealistic to me.
It seems you're using fear but have an ideal completely opposite from it. [V]

I'll..choose the RFA. [V]
I'm confused!
Mint Eye may be right just for me...

Are you going to awaken me?
I'll...wait for the sun. [V]
Rika, you should let the sun be!

Story Mode - 707

Receive a call from Rika

02:43 - I can Make You Have More

MC (you), Unknown

You're new, aren't you?
Ray...? [Ray]

Is Ray okay? [Ray]
Sleeping? What do you mean?

Do you tend to sleep a lot? (no hearts)
Why did you wake up now?

I don't like Ray's indecisiveness as well.
Get rid of him!? [Ray]

You...seem dangerous. [V]
How are you going to do that?

Give me back Ray.
No, thanks. [V]

I'm not going back! [V]
I'm curious about you.

Please leave us and V alone... [V]
Will we be together if we start from the beginning?

There's no way that's going to happen...!
..... (no hearts)

Receive a text from Yoosung

Story Mode - 707

06:21 - Stop It

V, MC (you)

How are you feeling? [V]
Why did you come in here?

I know, right? You don't think you can do anything without me, can you?
I'm okay! You don't have to be sorry! [V]

I'm sure the others are doing well! (no hearts)
The harder it is, the better outcomes it should come to...

Merely hiding things wasn't the answer... But you can change that from now on. [V]
It must have been tough for you too, V. You can rely on me...

Wouldn't Rika feel the same guilt? Rika used to do a lot of good things before... [V]
I think you're the only one getting hurt because of Rika.

Stop trying to sacrifice yourself, V! That's not good to Rika as well. [V]
Are you planning to leave me? Don't say such a thing!

I want you to treasure yourself more, V, you're a precious person to me as well. [V]
Don't betray me...!

Then what about the people who care for you, V? Stop saying such irresponsible things and get a grip! [V]
f that makes you feel relieved...then do as you wish.
Why don't you just say it straight that you like Rika more than me?!

V...if you go I'll be disappointed...
V, please... (no hearts)

V, is there no way for you and me to be happy?
V, if you want everyone to be happy, you have to stop pampering Rika. [V]

Thinking of others is great, but you should really think about yourself, V! [V]
That boy...?
Aren't you sick and tired of living your life for someone else? The two of us can be happy!

Story Mode - V

Receive a call from 707

09:04 - Third Person Perspective

707, MC (you)

A hacker! There's a hacker here!
Seven?? (no hearts)

Are you fiddling with Seven's phone? (no hearts)
Seven!!! Vanderwood is using your phone!

What's wrong with the design of our app?
Oh...the design's liked this because it was hacked. [V]

It is a test lol Let's talk nonsense!
No. Not a test...b ut Vanderwood, the hacker can see the messages you write here. [V]

Does the camera work? (no hearts)
Say something! Anything!

In truth... I think you're good-looking. (no hearts)
It's reeking with tiredness.

Why isn't he answering them?
Who's the call from? (no hearts)

He probably thinks of his life dearly... (no hearts)
Isn't there something you wanted to say to 707? This is your chance.

Now I have no idea where this party is heading, either... [707]
It seems like a series of disasters... I joined because it was a group doing good deeds...

He was always like that. [707]
He's sacrificing to protect everyone.

He codes with his...toes? (no hearts)
Maybe he likes the RFA that much...

Why? You like it?
Hereditary, maybe...? (no hearts)

Allow me to thank you in his place ^^; V had many difficult things going on. [V]
You're very good at cleaning. I'll compliment you on that.

I thought you were avoiding us. (no hearts)
Don't you want to join our association?

...It might not be the time yet... But you never know about the future, right? [V]
I think our relationship is somewhat ambiguous...
Yes. We will soon start our relationship.

Is there something wrong with Seven?
So that's how you give a legitimate excuse for being single... (no hearts)
What are you saying?

What's wrong with Seven's impression...?
How is that job from Seven going?
But this is the exceptional situation! Exceptional! [V]

What kind of photos are you comparing? (no hearts)
I think it'll be a good idea to give up for the sake of your eyes...

What other jobs do you do other than keeping watch on him, Vanderwood? (no hearts)
Seven is safe, right?

Run run run - (no hearts)
He wouldn't be angry, would he?

Story Mode - 707

12:07 - Rika's Feelings

Rika, MC (you)

He wants to protect everyone. [V]
He's trying to do everything he can to stop you, Rika.

That's not completely wrong...
Don't belittle yourself that much... (no hearts)

Do you have to prove yourself like that? (no hearts)
The idea that someone will save me is just a fantasy.

It may be love to you. Rika, but...it might have been an obsession to V.
Rika, you have a lot of people around you. Why do you feel lonely? [V]

You two are people with completely different ideas. [V]
Then you should let go of V now...

You're only using them. (no hearts)
Then take your hand =s off the RFA and V.

Rika, will you be satisfied when you make the whole RFA fall into darkness? (no hearts)
That's even scarier....

Rika, how much do you know about the RFA? (no hearts)
They will not want to be healed.

Rika, that's really dangerous... I can see why V is trying to stop you by himself.
Even without you, Rika...they will find ways themselves. (no hearts)

Are you saying you're different? (no hearts)
At least V is a leader with a warm heart...

Rika, you're also using others to prove yourself. (no hearts)
If it slips to one side, that's called obsession. It's obsession for you as well.

Story Mode - V

Receive a call from Unknown

14:11 - Reason Trying to Stop Her

707, MC (you)

Yes. He's asleep. Seven...did you see what Rika wrote? (no hearts)
He just fell asleep. Rika and V's relationship is extremely complicated. (no hearts)

Yes, Rika is now like a bomb.
Isn't saying beyond repair s=kind of harsh...? (no hearts)

Who in the world would believe Rika's words? [V]
Then you're saying that Rika can take RFA to the Mint Eye if she wants to? [V]

I can't imagine what V would have gone through...It breaks my heart... [V]
But I think lying that she committed suicide was too much.

Since when did Rika change like this...? (no hearts)
The reason why Rika could act so violently was because V's love was too ideal...

I think he'll eventually follow Rika.
Yoosung...will be in a mental catastrophe. (no hearts)

V seems to want to go to Rika.
Yes, of course. [V]

She might have hidden her dual side very well...
You weren't interested, were you? (no hearts)

You can see that, Seven? (no hearts)
Would there be someone like that?

Is there no way to change her mind back?
That's...sad... (no hearts)

Alright... (no hearts)
See you, Seven.

Story Mode

Receive a call from Ray

16:39 - You Change Me

V, MC (you)

Why do you keep coming into the chatroom? (no hearts)
I'll hate you for the rest of your life if you disappear without a word... I'll hate you more than Rika!

We should be happy soon... Throw away your lingering feelings for Rika!
If you know I'm having a difficult time, hurry up and recover! Let's think positively! [V]

She might stop if you leave Rika dead on.
No... She'll probably keep doing what she wants. [V]

I don't mind suffering, as long as my words have reached you, V... [V]
Stop saying that, and rather, how about trying to forget Rika?

Then there's one more reason why you shouldn't go...
You know that's not the way to save Rika, don't you? (no hearts)

I'm different from Rika... You don't have to be scared.
We can fill that in together. We have time ahead of us. So don't leave. [V]

You're going to sacrifice yourself by meeting her? You know that's not the answer.
What are you going to do after meeting her? (no hearts)

...So are you really going to go? Putting everyone behind you...? (no hearts)
If you go to Rika, it means I won't be able to see you again, V...

You can start again. Even love and art.... Please listen to me. [V]
In whatever shape it is, we will be happy soon, as long as Rika is taken care of!

So, now I'm more influential to you than Rika, right?
V, your change is...entirely up to you. I told you to think of yourself first! [V]

Story Mode - 707?

Receive a call from V

18:35 - Seven's Persuasion

707, MC (you), Ray

return "jumin cat" [Jumin]
What are you doing?

Ray...! (no hearts)
Did you come to interfere us?

Ray, calm down... [Ray]
Seven, is Ray baffled because we've won?

He's right, Ray... You should rather go with Seven.
Ray...Any plans on shifting over to the RFA? (no hearts)

Ray... You should let go of us now. [V]
Why are you afraid of losing?

You have a brother? (no hearts)
Don't trust Rika too much...

Did you eat something wrong?
Are you in pain again...? [Ray]

Seven, you seem to be very interested in that hacker.
Do you think you know him, Seven? (no hearts)

I hope V can endure to the last moment... [V]
Good luck till the end!

Story Mode - 707

Receive a call from Ray

20:12 - Winner Seven!!!

707, MC (you)

Heart-beating faster? (no hearts)
Can we now get rid of the Mint Eye?

Hmm. It's still the same background as before
Hmm? Did something change?? (no hearts)

Is the security system back?
Wow!!!! (no hearts)

Why aren't the others coming in?
Are we safe now? (no hearts)

Yes! Can we now move V to a safer place? [V]
Would V want to go to the hospital?

I wonder what Ray's real identity is... [Ray]
Will Ray not attack again...?

Take him to the agency. (no hearts)
Wouldn't it be more transparent by receiving the law's orders?

Let's celebrate the recovery of our messenger!
I want to share this emotional moment with V... [V]

Can the RFA members come into the messenger now? (no hearts)
I want to see the messenger buzzing again with everyone logged on.

What is it?!

Wasn't it all recovered? (no hearts)
Then make them exit the room and add the RFA members.

If the members login, can they read the messages Rika and the hacker wrote...?

Good luck! (no hearts)
This will be the last, won't it?

21:49 - I Missed You All

Rika, MC (you)

The messenger's security system has been recovered, Rika. (no hearts)
Rika, soon you won't be able to log in anymore.

Mistake? (no hearts)

Are you planning to talk to the RFA members here? (no hearts)
What do you want?

It'd be better for them not to see.
We did. But Seven would have blocked it. (no hearts)

What kind of text? (no hearts)
Quit it if you're trying to seduce them to join the Mint Eye.

I hope everyone believes your words, Rika.
That's a lie... What trip? (no hearts)

For making V like that?
For being absent for the past 6 months? (no hearts)

You do know...that your words can confuse him, don't you? (no hearts)
You don't even plan to do that...

Are you planning to say hello to every member like this?
You know very well about V's father when you don't really talk about your own parents. (no hearts)

Rika, your attitude is very double-sided. [V]
Rika...what is it that you really want?

I don't plan to... Rika, stop being like that in front of me... [V]
Yes, the three of us should get together. I'll reveal what kind of person you are, Rika!

If it were possible, he would have... [V]
Keep away from V and the RFA! It's really sick and tiring!

The RFA won't be able to read what you've written.
It's now getting pitiful... (no hearts)

One last thing...? (no hearts)

Receive a call from Rika

The game branches here

Story Mode - 707

23:24 - V Has Been Stabbed

Ray, 707, ZEN, Yoosung★, MC (you)

I have nothing to say to you now, Ray.
Ray, we might get to see each other soon! (no hearts)

Ray? (no hearts)

Then...about the texts Rika wrote...the others can see it as well, right? (no hearts)
Wouldn't Rika and the hacker participate in our chats?

Why don't we first take V to the hospital and contact the others later? (no hearts)
Can the others come in now?

Yes, I'm innocent!
That's not what's important right now! Get V to the hospital first! [V]

V's here as well!
Zan, call the others! (no hearts)

Yes, I'll keep him awake! [V]
Should I try pinching him?

I'm okay. So is Seven. V's the only one hurt badly.
I don't feel good since V's hurt. (no hearts)

I have to look over V so it'll be difficult for me to tell you in detail. (no hearts)
It's a long story...You should go read it yourself.

Yoosung, V's been hurt badly! (no hearts)
Did you read the messages Rika left?

It was between the two of them... Some of it might be true. [V - GE]
Of course that's a lie. Rika was the one who attacked the RFA using the Mint Eye.

Everything's been done but he couldn't kick out Rika and the hacker. (no hearts)
Yes. Seven said he recovered it all.

Yoosung, you don't trust Rika anymore as well, right?
Do you want me to find proof or something? (no hearts)

Make up your mind after listening to both side of the story, after V recovers. [V]
It's frustrating that you're in denial even when the situation says it all.

Having a party when someone's life is in danger is a bit... [Zen]
Yoosung, you're trying to look after RFA in your own way...aren't you?

Don't worry. V will be okay. He's strong!
Leave V to me and you two should contact the other members! (no hearts)

I'm okay... But I'm worried about V... (no hearts)
I'm relieved as well to see the members doing fine.

Story Mode

Day 10

00:46 - I Want to Talk to You

Yoosung★, MC (you)

I'm worried about V... [V]
Seems like you couldn't sleep...

I'm not sure... (no hearts)
We'll be at the hospital in a minute. (no hearts)

I'm sure it was someone from the Mint Eye. (no hearts)
I think it's Rika.

Why don't you think about how you'll take revenge on Mint Eye?
I think it's good enough that you're worried about V... [V]

Wouldn't Jumin already know abou it? He has the intelligence unit. [Jumin]
I just hope Jumin thinks of a way to destroy the Mint Eye...

Yoosun, what did you think of that? [Yoosung]
Then you must know how bad the Mint Eye is.

Yoosung, you think differently? [V]
We must take action to stop Rika and the Mint Eye from approaching V.

V was stabbed, and you're talking nonsense.
Maybe...someone needs to listen to Rika. Then we would be able to get all the troubles behind us. [V]

She'll try to explain, but you must remember that she's in a very unstable condition. [V]
No, never! You shouldn't trust her, not even the slightest bit.

Tomorrow's the party... Do you think we can still have it? (no hearts)
Still, I think it's ironic...since I was able to join the RFA with her help... (no hearts)

Rika keeps hurting everyone. Yoosung, you should let go of her now.
Yoosung..it seems you need some time to recollect your thoughts. Leave V to me and get some rest. [V]

You should now stop thinking of Rika! You will try to stop, won't you? Yoosung?
I'm alright. It'd be more than great if you could pray for V's recovery. [V]

Story Mode - 707


Jumin Han, MC (you)

Jumin, where are you right now?
Jumin, when are you going to take care of Mint Eye!? [V]

This is all because of Rika and the Mint Eye...
Yes...he's going into surgery soon. (no hearts)

Thank you. I just wanted everyone, V, and RFA to have balance.
I hope V would take courae and find his inner strength after the surgery... [V]
Yes, that's why I'm going to take revenge on the Mint Eye...

It's because of Rika's obsession. Her obsession that if she can't have him, she'll destroy him.
Rika couldn't accept V's change... Maybe that's why she despised him...? [V]

...Let's ask the doctors for more details. (no hearts)
About this hospital you led us to... We can trust it, can't we?

So are you...momentarily holding off your habit of preparing for the worst? [V]
If something happens to V, I won't let them get away with this...!

Can't we also treat V's eyes during this surgery? [V]
What are you planning to do with Rika? She must be judged soon...

V will wake up healthy. That's what I believe! [V]
When are you coming? I'm so worried.

I think V would have wanted that. (no hearts)
Really? Are you sure?

Don't worry, Jumin...and thank you for your support. [V]
There'd be no problem as long as the Mint Eye is destroyed.

See you! (no hearts)

Story Mode - Jumin Han

Receive a text from Yoosung

06:21 - Triangle?

Yoosung★, MC (you), 707

He's having surgery. I'm waiting for him in the waiting room... [V]
I don't know. He's in surgery, and I'm really worried that something might go wrong...

But we don't have to worry about him yet, do we? [Zen]
Surprisingly, you seem very calm. [Yoosung]

I'm glad the party is being held. (no hearts)
Yoosung, you're coming to the party, aren't you? (no hearts)

Feels like it's been so long since you two chatted together. (no hearts)
Seven, how's your work going? (no hearts)

It's all because of V-whining on and on and on-
It seems like he was able to prep himself up with the info Jumin gave about the Mint Eye. [Jumin]

We were very close together. (no hearts)
Yes. (no hearts)

I think we should stop talking about Rika now...
In truth, we were ind of in a love triangle.
............. [V]

I think this isn't really the time...for us to start a relationship... T-T [V]
We were getting along so fine, but Rika kept interfering... Rika seems to be meddling with V in the past and present

I don't want to burden V because to me... To me, V's happiness is the top most priority. [V]
I fee like I've been pushed away because of Rika... It's a bit sad.

Wouldn't she have gone to V's house? (no hearts)
Didn't Rika say she was going to the apartment? (no hearts)

Tell us-I;m curious-
This association has so many secrets...
I don't know where the apartment is, but I think I can tell what it looks like inside... with my 'psychic powers!' (no hearts)

Lol just say you're going.
It's dangerous to go there. There's a bomb there. (no hearts)

Yoosung, Rika is the villain... Snap out of it!
Rika... I hope nothing bad happens with her and the RFA from now on... [V]

But the party's tomorrow! (no hearts)
Rika.... She hasn't given up yet.

Secen... You seem to be on a very tight schedule. [707]
If Mint Eye is take care of within today...we can still have the party tomorrow, right?

This is unacceptable. They intend to interrupt us until the last moment...?
Can't you win with his help? [V]

Yoosung, you must be worried a lot.
Seven. you have t get back to work, don't you? [707]

It wasn't that bad at the hideout...but I prefer being next to V here.
Thank you. Now I feel like I've finally become an official member of the RFA. [V]

I think you need to now let go of Rika.
No... You shouldn't...
I'd like to go too. I want to speak to Rika. (no hearts)

Alright. If that eases your mind... then go ahead. [V]
...Yoosung, do what you want to do. I don't want to care about her anymore.

Receive a text from 707

Story Mode

Receive a call from ZEN

08:38 - Her Thoughts

MC (you), Rika

What have you got to say? Why are you here again? (no hearts)
You're not welcome here. Leave!

Of course. Judgement is the only thing left for you.
Now everyone knows what you were trying to do. [V]

What do you really want...? [V]
What are you hiding there?

No, of course not. I'm not going to invite you, Rika. Never, ever.
Rika, you know very well what kind of situation you're on, don't you? (no hearts)

Can't you see that it's best to leave Yoosung alone?
It feels like you keep trying to seduce Yoosung... (no hearts)

...Rika, you're sick.
Don't prey on Jumin. He's already having a hard time because of you, Rika. (no hearts)

Jaehee, can't you make her leave?
Jaehee...try not to be fooled by Rika's words. [Jaehee]

Idon't think Rika's in her right mind...uploading such photos in this situation... (no hearts)
Shouldn't we send someone to the apartment?

You make your words sound so smooth...as always.
You mean by forcing salvation and using violent means. (no hearts)

That help is not a justified method outside your world, Rika. [V]
Don't try to weave your way out of this! Whatever it was, you were doing something illegal!

Don't try to smooth your way out of this! You criminal...
Rika...stop being stubborn now. [V]

Rika...you should stop now. [V]
Jaehee...you should stop talking to her.

I think talking to her anymore will only hurt us more... (no hearts)
I don't think words are getting through her...ignore her, Jaehee.

Rika, you can't even understand what's going on. You need treatment fast! [V]
Jaehee, let's leave the room if you have nothing more to say to Rika.

Not anymore, Rika. You should really try to grasp what's going on.
Jaehee.... I think it's best to leave now. (no hearts)

Rika, it was you, wasn't it?!
...Why do you ask? [V]

Story Mode - Jumin Han

Receive a call from Jaehee Kang

11:51 - Zen Worrying Over Yoosung

ZEN, MC (you), Yoosung★

Did you read what Rika wrote above? (no hearts)
Zen...how are you managing?

Why did you come into the mesenger?
I'm worried Yoosung will see that... [Yoosung]

It must be hard for Yoosung...
Did he disappear without a word? [Zen]

You're here!
Yoosung! Where are you? (no hearts)

Yoosung, have you read what Rika wrote?
Yoosung, why did you go out...? (no hearts)

Did you run away because Zen's place was no fun?
You should head to Zen's place right now! (no hearts)

Yoosung! You shouldn't do that!
Zen..Can't you tie down Yoosung to your place? [Zen]
Yoosung...it must be hard for you.

Everything's going to be okay in the end, Yoosung. (no hearts)
Take care!

Yes, I think you need to take good care of Yoosung. (no hearts)
Do you think we can have the party when everyone's having a hard time.

You should take care of yourself, at least for tonight... (no hearts)
Look what kind of mess we're having because of Rika...

He went to a university because of Rika. I can see why he wouldn't want to go to school. (no hearts)
Yes... I'm worried it'll affect his graduation.

Yes. Pray for V's surgery to be successful. [V]
Got it. Take good care of Yoosung.

14:05 - Yoosung's True Feelings

Yoosung★, MC (you)

Yoosung... I don't think it's a good idea to talk to Rika. [V]
Yoosung, stop obsessing over Rika...

There's nothing you can gain by talking to her...
Are you really going to wait until she comes? (no hearts)

Maybe Seven's blocking all the calls?
Maybe to protect you? (no hearts)
She probably doesn't have the guts to face you. Since she's sinned so much...

A mess? (no hearts)
Weren't you going to tell her to come back?

Rika...if you're here to hurt Yoosung, you should leave!
Huh? Rika just logged in... (no hearts)

This is all your fault... What are you going to do about Yoosung's wounds?
Rika, please don't say anything weird to Yoosung... [Yoosung]

Rika, do you regret your decision in leaving Yoosung? (no hearts)
Don't trust a word she says...

Don't trust her. Never trust her.
Rika...what are you trying to say? (no hearts)

I know what it is...and I don't think it's a good idea to show that to Yoosung.. [Yoosung]
Rika, your dual side...is really sickening...

Yoosung... I know it hurts, but you have to accept it...It's the truth. [V]
Someone like her will eventually betray you again... It's better not to expect anything.

Yoosung, It's time for you to learn to stand on your own and move forward... [V & Yoosung]
I don't think I can believe you...

Yoosung...the others won't accept that. [V]
Even if Rika changes, she has no right to stay in RFA!

Rika's right...
Yoosung, it's time to let Rika go. (no hearts)

That's enough. Can't you see now it's all pointless?
Yosung... Rika has already left. (no hearts)

V was also hurt because Rika acted however she wants...
It seems she has said her final words to you, Yoosung. I think it'll be a good idea to have some time to recollect your thoughts. [Yoosung]

Rika won't be able to come tomorrow. You should stop hoping for it.
Yoosung...you know that she can't come to the party anymore. (no hearts)

..... (no hearts)
That's enough!

Yoosung... I think it's time for you to stop and have some rest... (no hearts)
If you keep acting like that in the messenger, I will call Zen.

Story Mode - Yoosung★

Receive a call from Rika

16:12 - Tattered

ZEN, MC (you), 707

Zen, how is Yoosung?
I...feel sorry for Rika... [V]

You should tell Rika what you think of her, Zen!
I think Rika really meant it. (no hearts)

I hope Yoosung can get over this... [Yoosung]
You just made me feel so much better! I never want to see her on the messenger again.

How's it going with the Mint Eye??
Seven! (no hearts)

Seven, what do you think of Rika's behavior? (no hearts)
I'm also about to blow up as well... Gahhh

Do you know when Rika and the hacker will be taken care of?
Everyone already is worn out... T_T (no hearts)

Seven! You are working, aren't you?
Is there something wrong? (no hearts)

Seven, maybe your eyes are too tired from too much work.
Isn't there another way to solve the problem? (no hearts)

Plan B doesn't sound that peaceful for some reason... (no hearts)
Then let's get on with it!

Seven...is it because you don't have the guts to win later....?
You want to take the hacker to your agency? (no hearts)

I believe he'll recover in a few days. [V]
How long do you think we'll have to wait until V wakes up...?

I'm angry that it's V who gets hurt every time..!
He'll come around very soon! Don't worry. I'll keep an eye on him. [V]

I hate the Mint Eye for making V like this...!
He will...wake up. [V]

Seven...if you said that to make us laugh...I'm really disappointed.
Can you used it as an ID? (no hearts)

They just won't surrender to the end... (no hearts)
You could block Yoosung.

I'm sure Yoosung will do as he pleases. (no hearts)
I agree! It'll be a disaster if he meets Rika.

Try to cheer up with Yoosung! (no hearts)
You should get going!

We're going to win this, right?
Is there a peaceful way we can take care of this? [V]

I hope both the hacker and Rika could be taken care of in a good way... (no hearts)
Good luck, Seven!

Story Mode - V

Receive a call from Yoosung

18:00 - I Want You to Be Happy

Rika, MC (you)

Why do you keep coming to this chatroom? [V]
You keep coming in. Is this your last attempt since you won't be able to come in anymore soon?

You don't even think about the scars you've given? [V]
It's because you've been hurt a lot.

It's now evident that RFA has grown out of your grasp, isn't it?
Rika...why did you make RFA? Did you know it will turn out like this? [V]

I'm sick of you justifying yourself...
Does that mean your method has changed but not your intentions...?
The problem was that you forcefully took those who didn't want to walk. [V]

Rika...please, let's stop fighting. (no hearts)
It's time for the bad Rika to disappear...

At first...you tried to become the light. (no hearts)
Your past is not important... You've changed so much.

Is there really no way for you to become the light? [V]
So you admit yourself that you need to be isolated.

Stop meddling with V anymore.
Leave V...to me. [V]

...Thank you. [V]
I don't want to hear what you think of our relationship...

Receive a text from Rika

Receive a call from Ray

19:49 - Save Me

Jumin Han, MC (you), Rika

You did a good job at the hospital today.
When do you think V will regain consciousness..? (no hearts)

Thank you for worrying for me. I'll take care of myself. (no hearts)
V is my priority now.

How's the intelligence unit doing? (no hearts)
How's the Mint Eye?

Rika...you're here again. (no hearts)
Rika, did you hear? Mint Eye is over.

Rika...you sound different now. (no hearts)
Why say that at this point? Rika, you're really strange!

You know there is no one out there who will understand you, Rika... [V]
There' s no meaning in saying such words now!

Jumin, I think we should leave the chat room.
Now that's enough, Rika... (no hearts)

You're just being arrogant.
But Rika, you can't save them until the end. Look at the situation now. [V]

This isn;t something you can change alone, Rika... [V]
Rika, did you want to play messiah or something?

Happiness should be found by oneself. It's not something you implant in others. [V]
That's not an endless chain of happineses! It's an endless chain of pain!

If you're going to talk about your faith, I think you can stop it now... (no hearts)
But you wounded V! You demon...!

How could you do that to V?
Rika...if you really care for V, you need to stop now. (no hearts)

So you're saying it had nothing to do with Mint Eye's ideology... [V]
Rika, your words are nothing but a criminal's excuses.

Alright, don't worry, Jumin. (no hearts)

Are you going to be at the apartment? (no hearts)
Rika...what should we do with you?

Aren't you ashamed of using Ray even now? (no hearts)
Could you just leave Ray alone...!?
Take care of what?

Receive a call from Jumin

21:53 - My Defeat

Jaehee Kang, MC (you), 707, Ray

Status please, o head of the unit.
Jaehee, you must be busy with the intelligence unit. (no hearts)

Are you still trying to catch the hacker alive?
What's plan B? (no hearts)

It looks like they're veen willing to die, as this is their last battle. (no hearts)
So he really is better than you.

Then what will happen to Ray? [Ray]
Then will all of this be taken care of within today?

Jaehee, the way you proceed with everything is awesome!
Luciel the Judicator... [707]

I'm okay. I'm worried about V. [V]
Seven, but you have been fighting off the hacker. Aren't you tired?

Foe of your fingers! (no hearts)
Is Ray reading the chat logs?

He might have run away by now.
So Ray is really good at his game. (no hearts)

Hurry up and finish it off before V wakes up.
So it's all going to end soon. (no hearts)

Ray? (no hearts)
So you have been watching us.

Ray, it's all over now... [Ray]
Ray, you're really persistent.

Story Mode - V

The game branches here

23:59 - Goodbye

Rika, MC (you), V, 707

Did something happen to Ray? (no hearts)

Did Ray.... (no hearts)

Why are you in here? (no hearts)

It seems it's no use whatever you say... (no hearts)

I'll stay... (no hearts)
I'll watch a bit more...

Did something happen to Ray...? (no hearts)
We should find out what happened to Ray!

It's all over, Rika...
.... (no hearts)

Rika.... (no hearts)

Good bye, Rika... (no hearts)
It's so sad....

Rika...now we'll help you. (no hearts)

The sun is always above you, Rika... (no hearts)

Wait a bit more, Rika....
Everyone will help you... (no hearts)

...Now the end draws near.
..... (no hearts)

That won't happen. (no hearts)

I'll leave Rika to you, Seven. (no hearts)
Seven...did you force Rika out?

Story Mode - 707



10 of Hearts,1,2nd Anniversary,1,7 of Hearts,1,707,3,A Faeries Dream,1,A Love Poem to Skadi,1,A Male Harem for Xmas,1,A Wizardry Enchantment,3,A World With(out) You,1,Abracadabra,92,Accela Inc.,2,Ace of Hearts,1,Ace Spade,1,Act 2,6,Akaseka,3,Akechi Mitsuhide,1,Akedia,2,Akifusa Oki,1,Akira,1,Akira Hatakeyama,1,Akito Kakiuchi,2,Akito Kurosaki,1,Albert,3,Albert Burckhardt,1,Aldo Bardi,1,Alexey Morozoff,1,Alfonse,1,Alitia,3,All My Husbands,14,Allen Blood,1,Alph,1,Alvah,1,Alyn Crawford,2,Amasawa Kaito,1,Amnesia: Memories,1,Andrea,1,Andrea Lee,1,Android,2,Angelo de Ponte,1,Anniversary,5,Another Prince,2,Aoi,1,April Fool's Event,1,Arata Ichinose,1,Arithmetic,77,Arnest Warrior,1,Artem,1,Arthur Conan Doyle,1,Arthur Langley,1,Asagi,3,Asato x Mao,1,Asena,2,Asuka,1,Ayame,1,Ayato Kamishiro,2,Ayu,2,Azusa Kurono,3,Azusa Kuze,1,Bakumatsu Shinsengumi,3,Barnard,1,Be My Princess,7,Beauty and Her Prince,1,Beloved Nightmare,3,Benkei Musashibo,1,beta test,1,Beyond the Hot Spring Wall,1,BL,44,Blaze! Love to the Top,3,Blissful Fete,1,Blissfully Yours,1,Blood Domination,5,Book 2,3,Botan,1,Broken Clock,2,Byron Wagner,2,Caesar Raphael,1,Cai Liyue,1,Cain Langridge X Ikumi Stark,1,Carlo Mazza,1,Carter Harris,1,Casual Route,1,Celina,1,Celis Valentine,1,Cerberus,1,Cerim,1,Cheritz,6,Cherry Petals and Fortunes,1,Chester x Allis,1,Chevalier Michel,1,Chezem,1,Chiaki Kira,2,Chigaya x Natsume,1,Chihaya Koda,1,Chihaya x Takamine,1,Chisa Fukumura,1,Chou no Doku,1,Chris Armstrong,1,Chronus,1,Chronus Carlyle,1,Ciagram,3,Cinderella,1,Cinderella Phenomenon,6,Cinderella TV,4,Cindo,1,Claude,2,Clive Felix,1,Clive Lagrene,1,CloudNovel,1,Cody Gray,1,Contract Marriage +,2,Cornelius Cruz,1,Court of Darkness,16,Crowlie,1,Cybird,64,Cyril,3,D-techno,2,Daikichi Hirose,1,Dangerous Fellows,1,Darius Rosenberg,1,Date Masamune,3,Date Shigezane,1,Dead or Love,4,Dean,1,Dean F Irving,1,Dean Price,1,Dear Devere,1,DeareaD Inc,4,Deep Story,2,Destined to Love,1,Destiny Ninja,10,Destiny Ninja 2,16,Developer Terms,1,Dia Akedia,1,Dicesuki,5,DigiSky,3,Dino Bardi,1,DLC,1,Earl,1,Eden of Ikemen,5,Edgar Bright,2,Eduard,1,Edward Hyde,1,Edward Leviancois,1,Egypshka,1,Eight Sweets,1,Eiji Sengoku,3,Element Tree,2,Elias Goldstein,2,Elvin,1,Email Inbox,1,EMIQ,5,Emulate Thrill,2,En,1,Enojo,1,Enya,1,Ephemeral Dreams Eternal Love,1,Eric Etienne Charles x Kazusa Cleves,1,Estel,1,Eternal Ending,1,Ethan,2,Eugene,1,Eugene Wainwright,1,Event,21,Ever After,7,favary,3,Favary Inc,2,Fenn Luxure,2,Fenrir,3,Fenrir Godspeed,1,Feral Boyfriend,4,Ferris,1,First Lady Diaries,5,First Love Story,1,Flanelia,3,Flirt Time,3,Florin Arden,1,Fluffy Fuzzy Time,2,Forbidden Love,1,Frederick Grey,1,Fritz,2,Fujibayashi Sakuya,1,Furutsugu Akishino,1,Fuyukiku,1,Gaia Ijuin,2,Gekka Kamitani,1,Genius Inc,1,Genshin,4,Genshin Impact,5,Gentoka,1,Genya Fujibayashi,1,George Lestrade,1,Gilbert Rance,1,Giles Christophe,2,Gin Shinonome,1,Gingetsu x Kasumi,1,Glenn J. Casiraghi,1,Glenn Qing,1,Goemon Ishikawa,1,Goyo,1,Gray,1,Grayson Hotz,1,Gretel,1,Griffon,1,Grimm,1,Guard Me Sherlock!,14,Guardian Deity,3,Guo Liyao,1,Guy,1,Guy Avari,1,Guy Kurihara,1,Hades,1,Hajime,1,Haku,1,Halcyon Cafe,1,Hanayome,6,Hansel,1,Hanzo Hattori,1,Harr Silver,1,Harry,1,Haruichi Mamiya,3,Haruka Utsunomiya,1,Haruma Fujisaki,1,Haruomi,1,Haruto Kagurazaka,1,Hattori Hanzo,2,Hattori Hanzo Kazemasa,1,Hayato,1,Hayato Natsukawa,1,Hayato Sumeragi,1,Hayato Takano,1,Heartmann,1,Henrik K,1,Henry Jekyll,1,Hibiki Shiina,1,Hideyoshi Toyotomi,2,High School Otome,1,Hiiragi x Kikyo,1,Hijikata,1,Hikage,1,Hikobane,1,Hino Youta,1,Hiro,1,His Feelings,1,Hisanori Sato,1,Hisoka Hagakure,1,Honkai,6,Honkai Impact,10,Honkai Impact 3rd,11,Honkai: Star Rail,1,Hotaka,1,Hotaru Kirigakure,1,Hoyovers,1,HoYoverse,10,Hugo Peers,1,Hyosuke,1,Hyuga,1,Hyun Ryu,3,Ibuki,1,Ibuki Mitsumine,1,Ibuki Yurino,1,Ichika,1,Ichiro Sakaki,1,Idea Factory,1,Ieyasu Tokugawa,3,Ike Barnes,1,Ikemen Prince,5,Ikemen Revolution,15,Ikemen Sengoku,17,Ikemen Series,25,Ikemen Vampire,11,Illegal Romance,1,Ingrays,3,Interspace Co,1,Iori Kitami,1,iOS,3,Ira,1,Isaac,1,Isaac Newton,1,Isami Kondo,1,Isekai Darling,1,Isle of Colde,1,Isuka,2,It's Our Secret,1,Itaru Yuikawa,3,Itsuki Kanamura,1,Ivan,1,Ivan Carles,1,Ivy Attwood,1,Izayoi x Uzuki,1,J.J.,1,Jack of Hearts,1,Jack of Spades,1,Jack Stillman,1,Jacob Taylor,1,Jaehee Kang,3,James Moriarty,2,Jared,1,Jasper Lane,2,Jean,1,Jean d'Arc,1,Jeremy Cassel,1,Ji Cangming,1,Jihyun Kim,3,Joe Yazawa,1,Joel Crawford,2,John H. Watson,2,Joker,1,Joker Braze,1,Jonah,1,Jonas Klukas,1,Joshua,3,Joshua Lieben,1,Jumin Han,3,Jun,1,Kaede x Yuzuki,1,Kagura,1,Kaido Haruma,1,Kaito,2,Kakizaki Kageie,1,Kaname Todo,1,Kaname Yomoda,1,Kanata Andoh,1,Kanata Ichijima,1,Kanetsugu Naoe,1,Kaoru Kozuka,2,Kaoru Kuryu,1,Karma,2,Kasuga,1,Kasumi,1,Katakura Kojuro,1,Katy133,1,Kazuha x Yuugiri,1,Kazuki Kurashima,1,Kazumi Kagami,3,Kei Hasegawa,1,Kei x Zakuro,1,Keima Katagiri,1,Keisuke Shijo,1,Keisuke Udo,2,Keita Sakurai,1,Keith Alford,1,Keith Elliot,1,Kennyo,1,Kento Miyoshi,1,Khaim,1,Kichou,1,Kikyo,1,Kila,1,King of Hearts,1,King of Spades,1,Kinshiro,1,Kite,1,Kiyohiro Amemiya,1,Kiyosumi x Rin,1,Klaus Goldstein,3,Knight,1,Kodonomae,1,Kohei Kusunoki,1,Kojuro Katakura,1,Kotaro Fuma,1,Kotaro Kamiyama,2,Kou,1,Kunihiko Aikawa,2,Kunihiro,1,Kunio Muroi,1,Kurama Tengu,1,Kuso-no-Mikoto,1,Kusuniki Nozomi,1,Kyle,2,Kyle Ash,1,Kyle Knock,1,Kyoichiro Narukami,1,Kyoko Kuramochi,1,Laetisum Warrior,1,Lambert,1,Lance,1,Lancelot Kingsley,1,Lars,1,Lawrence,1,Leo,1,Leo Crawford,2,Leo x Satsuki,1,Leon,1,Leon Dompteur,2,Leon Poker,1,Leonardo,1,Leonardo da Vinci,1,Leonhardt,1,Leslie,1,Levi,1,Lex Caraballo,1,Li Jun,1,Liar!,13,Liars Route,4,Licht,1,Light,1,Lin Chong,1,Lionel Saito,1,Lloyd Grandier,2,Loki Genetta,1,Lost Alice,22,Lost Island +,4,Lotte's Forest,4,Lou,1,Louis Farinelli,1,Louis Howard,2,Love Complex,4,Love in a Lost World,5,Love Never Dies,4,Love Pandemonium,3,Love Tangle,16,Love365,3,Lovely Inc,3,Lovers Route,5,Luca,3,Luca Orlem,1,Luciel Choi,3,Lucious Duller,1,Lucydreams,1,Lugar,2,Luka Clemence,1,Luke,1,Luke Estheim,1,Lumiere Rousseau,1,Lust in Terror Manor,3,Lynt Akedia,1,Mad Hatter,1,Maeda Keiji,1,Maeda Toshiie,1,Magic Sword +,3,Makoto,2,Manica,1,Mardin,1,Marius,2,MARS RED,2,MARSRED,2,Masaki Igami,1,Masamune Date,4,Mashiro,1,Maxim Morozoff,1,Maximilian Warrior,1,May Akutsu,1,Maynard,2,Mei Kira,1,Mei Tarantino,1,Mel Glover,1,Melchiorre,1,Midnight Cinderella,18,Midori Kyoizumi,1,Miguel Hernandez,1,miHoyo,31,Mikah Hudson,1,Mike,1,Minami Kira,2,Minoru Yokoyama,1,Mio Takanashi,1,Mirai Kageyama,1,Mistress Contract,1,Mitsuhide Akechi,2,Mitsunari Ishida,3,Mitsuru,1,Miyabi,1,Mizuki,1,Modern Cinderella,10,Mokoto Takatoohara,2,Mononoke Kiss +,5,Moses Jackson,1,Motona,1,Moving Forward In Life & Love!,1,Munenori Yagyu,1,Musashi Miyamoto,1,My Alice Romance,3,My Boss is Too Hot and Wild!,3,My Fairy Tales +,5,My Forged Wedding,18,My Love For You Is Evermore,3,My Mystic Romance,3,My Samurai Romance,2,My Superstar Boyfriend,3,My Sweet Prince +,7,Mycroft Holmes,1,Mystery at the Movie Club,2,Mystic Messenger,8,Nagi,1,Nagi Arisugawa,1,Nagit,1,Naoki Hozumi,1,Naoki Kokonoe,1,Naoto Fuyuno,1,Napoleon Bonaparte,1,Narumi x Mizuho,1,Natsume,1,Neil Mirror,1,News,50,Nexus Code,3,Nezu Jinpachi,1,NGames,1,Nick,1,Nico Meier,2,Nicolas,1,Niflheim+,8,Nightmare Harem,1,Ninja Assassin+,9,Ninja Love +,9,Ninja Shadow,38,Nino,2,Nobunaga Oda,5,Nobuyuki Sanada,1,Noel Aijima,1,Nokto Klein,2,Nolan Zarek Jr.,1,Noritsune,1,Norton,1,Nox Noir,1,Ntt Solmare,199,NXX,8,Oboro,1,Ocean,1,Oda Nobunaga,4,Office Deception,2,Oga Baselt x Yury Beltot,1,Okita,1,Okko,3,Oliver Cowell,1,Oliver Knight,1,Oman,1,Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale,7,Oriental Bride of the Emperor,4,Orkan,1,Orlando,1,Oruteo Landorus,1,Otome,7,Otome Games,41,Otome Romance,99,Outlander Fantastic Princess,1,Owen Chester,1,Oz+,7,Pablo Sanchez,1,Paid,12,Pale Ghost,1,PARTY,64,Patrick Hughes,1,Paul Morgan,1,Philippe,1,Princess of the Moon,6,Psychixx,1,Pure Love,2,Qelsum,1,quads,1,quads Official,1,Queen of Hearts,1,Queen of Spades,1,Raffle,1,Raizo,1,Rami Zaza,1,Ran,1,Randy March,2,Rapunzel,1,Ray,1,Ray Blackwell,2,Rayvis Harneit,1,Red Huber,1,Rei Shindo,1,Reina Miyata,1,Reinhard,1,Ren,1,Ren Kosaka,1,Ren Nishimura,1,Ren Shibasaki,2,Rennoshin,1,Reverse Tale of Genji,1,Review,2,Revisiting Youth,2,Rex,1,Rika Kim,2,Rindoh,1,Rintaro Murayama,1,Rio Voleri,2,Ripple Effect Stories,1,Ritsu,1,Ritsu Igarashi,1,Ritsuka & Kazehaya,1,Robert Branche,1,Robert Moore,1,Roberto Button,1,Rod,2,Romantic Diary,2,Romantic Rail Trip,1,Rossiyskaya,3,Roy Invidia,1,Rucia,2,Rudolf,1,Rudy,1,Rui Akizuki,1,Ruka Jinguji,1,Rumpel,2,Ryan Gray,1,Ryo Iwase,1,Ryo Kurosaki,1,Ryo Tsuzuki,1,Ryoichi Hirose,2,Ryoji Kaji,1,Ryoma Sakamoto,1,Ryunosuke,1,Ryuzaburo,1,Saeki Takamasa,3,Saeran Choi,2,Saeyoung Choi,2,Saizo Kirigakure,3,Sakomoto,1,Saku Fukazawa,2,Sale,1,Samurai Love Ballad,31,Samurai Night Romance,3,Sanada Yukimura,2,Sanosuke,1,Sarutobi Sasuke,2,Sasuke Sarutobi,1,Satsuki Kitaoji,2,Scarlet Fate+,5,Scheming Socialites,2,Schwarz,1,Sealed with a Kiss,1,Sealed with a Kiss Re,4,Seanwhite,1,Season 1,1,Season 2,45,Sebastian,1,Sebastian Moran,1,Secrets in Spade,2,Secrets of the Tomb,1,Seiji,1,Seiya,1,Sengoku Love,3,Senri Hiiragi,1,Sequel,13,Seraphino,1,Serge,1,Serge x Yayoi,1,Seth Hyde,1,Seven Hotties,15,Several Shades of Sadism,12,Shall We Date?,228,Sherlock Holmes,2,Shi Jin,1,Shigure & Amagi,1,Shinnosuke Tokura,1,Shinsaku Takasugi,1,Shintaro,1,Shion,2,Shiori Kojima,1,Shiroya,1,Shizuka Kira,1,Shizuki Tojo,1,Shotaro Suzumiya,1,Shouta Aoi,1,Shun Nanakubo,2,Shunya Tsukino,1,Shuten-doji,1,Sid,1,Sid Arnault,2,Sidd Rex,1,Sigurd,1,Sigurd Curtis,1,Silvan Glanzschmidt,1,Silvio,1,Simon,1,Singing in a Twilight World with You,3,Sion,1,Sirius Oswald,1,Skeletiano,1,Sleepless Cinderella,10,Snowfallen Secrets,1,Sohma,1,Soichiro Tachibana,2,Soji,1,Soji Okita,1,Soji Shirogane,1,Solomon,1,Soma Kujou,1,Sosuke Suo,1,Sotaro Shiga,3,Sou,1,Souji Kurosawa,1,SpaceOut,3,Spin-offs,13,Spinner of Tales,1,Sports Club BF,3,Steam,1,Stellis,16,Suo,1,Suzuto x Sora,1,Taiga Kirisame,2,Takao Maruyama,3,Takeda Shingen,2,Takeru x Rui,1,Takumi Saiki,1,Takuya Momose,1,Tamaki x Mutsumi,1,Tamamomae,1,Tamao,1,Tatsuki Kanamura,1,Tatsumi x Shiki,1,Tears of Themis,25,Ted,1,Tekikare,3,Terms of Service,1,The Cinderella Contract,19,The Great Fiance Hunt,1,The Heart of Tales,1,The Mystic Land of Tales,2,Theodorous van Gogh,1,Theophilus Arkwright,1,Three Guys That Paint,1,Thumbelina,1,Timo Salminen,1,Tino Maes,1,Toa Kiffel,1,Toga Leed,1,Tokito Tsukina,1,Tokugawa,1,Tom,1,Toma Kira,1,Toru,1,Toshizo Hijikata,1,Tou,1,Toya,1,Toya Kagurazaka,1,Toya Kashi,1,Triangle / Cross,2,Tsubaki,1,Tsubasa Suo,2,Turkiye,3,Ubel,1,Uesugi Kenshin,3,Ukyo,1,Ultimate,6,Uncover the Truth,8,Under the Red Moon,4,Underdogs Inc,9,Unification End,1,Unknown,1,Updating,6,Valentin Blom,1,Valentino Maes,1,Vampire Boyfriend Plus,3,Vampire Love,3,Victor,3,Victor Trieste,1,Vincent Knight,2,Vincent van Gogh,1,VIP,1,Voltage,97,Vyn,1,Wakasa,1,Walkthrough,569,Waltz,2,Wayne Blouse,1,Wesley,1,WH,1,Wicked Wolves,8,Wilfred A. Spencer,1,Willem,1,Willem V. Rembrandt,1,William Moss,1,William Shakespeare,1,Wizardess Heart+,39,Wolf Toxic,7,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,1,Wu Yong,1,Wylder Kelly,1,Xian,1,Yahiro Kyogoku,1,Yamato Kougami,3,Yamato Mitsurugi,1,Yamato Uzuki,1,Yangzi Sun,1,Yaoi,42,Yaoi Ooku: Distorted Love,2,Yayoi,2,Yelisei,2,Yoosung Kim,3,Yoshimasa,1,Yoshitsune of Minamoto,1,Yoshiyuki,1,Yousuke Ina,2,Yuki Kamitani,2,Yukimura Sanada,2,Yukito Hayami,1,Yukiya Reizen,2,Yuma Kuga,1,Yuri,2,Yusei Sasaki,1,Yuta Kajima,2,Yuuya Touno,1,Yuzuki,1,Yuzuki Kitaoji,2,Yves Kloss,1,Zack,1,Zain,1,Zen,3,Zero,1,Zeus Brundle,1,Zion,1,
☆*:.。Blah-Bidy-Blah。.:*☆: [Walkthrough] Mystic Messenger: Jihyun Kim "V" (Updating)
[Walkthrough] Mystic Messenger: Jihyun Kim "V" (Updating)
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