[Event] Liar! Scheming Socialites: Flirt Time Questions

Liars Route Walkthrough

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Flirt Time Questions


ღ A male classmate suddenly zooms in for a kiss! How do you react?
A. Wordlessly kick him in the family jewels.
B. Shout "what the hell?!" and jump back. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Smile and tell him it was delicious.

ღ A guy friend you work with remarks on how beautiful you've been looking lately.
A. "Who, lil' ol' me?"
B. "Took you long enough to notice!" ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. "Duh."

ღ A guy at a mixer keeps telling you useless trivia. He's hot, though. What do you do?
A. Shrug and look bored.
B. Laugh and act like you think he's full of it. ❧ Basic (Cool Points +10)
C. Pretend to be interested. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ A guy from another school casually compliments you.
A. Smile and thank him ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Blush and ask him out on a date
C. Laugh it off

ღ A guy starts venting to you after he fails his exam. How do you respond?
A. Encourage him to try harder next time. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Listen intently.
C. Scold him mercilessly.

ღ A guy who tries to pick you up on the streets turns out to be a classmate. Your response?
A. "Did you do last week's homework?"
B. "Haha, you sure know how to pick 'em." ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. "Do you usually pick up chicks here?"

ღ A guy you know has a friend ask you out on his behalf. You...
A. "I wish he'd talk to me in person." ❧ Basic (Cool Points +10)
B. "I don't know enough about him, sorry."
C. "Tell him thanks, I'm flattered." ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ A guy you like invites you out for snowboarding! How will you arrange the group trip?
A. Buy matching gear with him.
B. Sit next to him on the bus. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Have the girls and guys sleep in the same room.

ღ A guy you like tries to borrow the same book as you from the library, so you say...
A. "Want to read it together?"
B. "Hey! I wanted to read that!"
C. "Tell me how it was after you're finished." ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ A guy you're interested in asks you to meet him after summer practice. You say...
A. "Sorry, I'm too busy today."
B. "If you don't mind waiting, sure I guess."
C. "Sure! Just let me clean this up first, okay?" ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ A guy you're interested in is chatting with his friends in the college lounge!
A. Casually butt into the conversation. "Are you kidding?!"
B. Smile and go over to join them ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Gaze at them from a distance and smile.

ღ A VERY expensive melon is brought out to be served as a dessert. Where should you cut?
A. On the right, between the skin & fruit ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. On the left, between the skin & fruit
C. Right in the middle ❧ Basic (Cool Points +10)

ღ According to Western table manners, which side should you leave your seat from?
A. Right side
B. Left side ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Doesn't matter

ღ After finishing a Western meal, what should you do with your napkin?
A. Fold it nicely.
B. Put it under the table
C. Fold it messily. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ After you've been dating for a month, your boyfriend asks you about your ex. Your response?
A. Fish for sympathy by telling tales of how bad things were.
B. Diss your ex to make your current BF feel secure.
C. "The past is the past. I'm with you, now." ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ At a fancy restaurant, what do you do with your coat?
A. Let the host/hostess take it ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Put it on the back of your chair
C. Sit on it

ღ At a high-class restaurant, what are you allowed to put directly on the table?
A. You phone
B. A handkerchief
C. Bread ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)


ღ Bags emphasizing style and freedom are featured in which iconic Coach series?
A. Bandit series ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Dinky series
C. Rogue series


ღ Christian Louboutin collaborated with a Maya workshop to create what bag?
A. Mexkini
B. Mexicaba ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Mexiturkey


ღ Elegantly-cut silhouettes are characteristics of which brand?
A. Vivienne Westwood ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Chanel
C. Dolce & Gabbana

ღ Etiquette, ladies! Where should you NOT seat guests at your dining table?
A. To the right of the host
B. To the left of the host
C. Nearest to the kitchen ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)


ღ Finish this idiom! "A penny saved is a penny..."
A. "...spent."
B. "...kept."
C. "...earned." ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)


ღ How big is a Chloe Paddington tote bag?
A. Fits 6.9 x 9.8 in. paper ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Fits 8.3 x 11.7 in. paper
C. Fits 9.8 x 13.9 in. paper

ღ How do end a date making the guy you're with want to see you again?
A. Ask him his plans.
B. Turn around and look at him one last time.
C. Kiss him. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ How do you flirt with a super-serious, buttoned-up man?
A. Casually sit next to him
B. Casually throw glances his way
C. Casually touch his arm ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ How do you help a friend of yours confess to a guy she's liked for ages?
A. Have all three of you go out for drinks.
B. Arrange a chance for them to be alone. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Tell the guy how great your friend is.

ღ How do you let a guy know you're into him?
A. Whenever he looks at you, look away.
B. Stare at him from a distance.
C. Make eye contact and smile. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ How do you position your knife and fork to say "I'm still eating here!'
A. One the edges of your plate ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Both facing three o'clock
C. Both facing five o'clock

ღ How do you traditionally eat Indian curry?
A. With your hand ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. With a spoon
C. With two knives

ღ How should you respond when a guy friend asks you if you have any kinks?
A. "You pervert! How DARE you?!"
B. "That's only for my boyfriend to know." ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. "I want to be tied up."


ღ In French cuisine, what is an "amuse-bouche'?
A.Something to cleanse the palette
B. A kind of hors d'oevres ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. A kind of fish

ღ In what country is it acceptable to eat pasta with a spoon?
A. Italy
B. America ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. France

ღ Intricate patterns and hues are characteristics of what Japanese brand?
A. Mihara Yasuhiro
B. Comme des Garcons ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Kenzo ❧ Basic (Cool Points +10)

ღ It's an intercollegiate mixer! Someone starts talking about something R-rated, so you...
A. Blush and act embarrassed.
B. Laughingly respond. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Pull out your treasure trove of X-rated material.

ღ It's chilly on the day of your first date at the amusement park, so you...
A. Refuse to go outside.
B. Use the excuse to move in close. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Buy some hot coffee.

ღ It's winter, and the guy you like seems pretty cold... What do you do?
A. "... Winter sucks."
B. "Sure is cold!"
C. Offer him your scarf ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ It's your first date with a guy from your seminar group! What to wear?
A. Whatever you feel like. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Secretly look up his tastes and dress accordingly.
C. Dress to impress! Wear nothing that costs less than a modest family car.

ღ It's your first date with a guy you like. What's your role?
A. Plan out every detail beforehand.
B. Leave everything to him.
C. Put out ideas for places to go. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ It's your first date with a guy you like. Where should you focus your energies?
A. Fancy lingerie.
B. Making sure your skin is in top form. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. A by-the-minute date schedule.

ღ It's your first date with your hot instructor! How do you confirm his feelings for you?
A. "So why did you ask me out today?"
B. "So I guess you like me, huh?"
C. "So what exactly are we to each other?" ❧ Basic (Cool Points +10)


ღ On a date with a classmate you like, he asks you to be his girlfriend. Your response?
A. "Gosh, thanks! Sure!" ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. "Are you really sure you want to go out with the likes of me...?"
C. "YAHOO! I'm the happiest girl in the world!!!"

ღ On your first date with a guy you met at the library, he invites you to a hotel. You say...
A. "Yay! I was hoping you'd suggest that!"
B. "Ugh, are you serious?!"
C. "It's still too early for me for that..." ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ One of the Michael Kors' bags has had lasting appeal! Which bag?
A. The SELMA ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ One of the new freshmen asks you for fashion tips. What do you tell her?
A. Bold, bright patterns all over
B. Big hats, all the time
C. Simple but classy accessories ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ One of your coworkers at your part time job call you a cute nickname. How do you react?
A. Call him a nickname back ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Give him a weird look.
C. Get mad.

ღ One of your regulars at work brings you flowers for your birthday.
A. Smile & say thank you ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Take the flowers & say nothing
C. Ignore him, the creep

ღ One of your seminar group members asks you out on a first date. Where to go?
A. An empty beach where you can enjoy a quiet moment
B. A tearjerker movie
C. An amusement park packed with thrills ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ Out of the following, which is not the top 5 worldwide jewelers?
A. Cartier
B. Bulgari
C. Star Jewelry ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)


ღ Some new freshmen come to you for advice on how to be popular with guys. You...
A. Tell them to buy a new wardrobe.
B. Tell them to work on how they present themselves. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Tell them to drop twenty pounds.


ღ The boy you like sits down next to you at a party!
A. Chat, just the two of you ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Tell him a hilarious joke
C. Keep your hand on his arm the whole night

ღ The Burberry Check features caramel, black, white, and this color: 
A. Orange
B. Red ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Navy

ღ The cafeteria serving lady gives you an extra helping! Your response?
A. Smile and thank her. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Brag to all your friends.
C. Refuse out of politeness.

ღ The guy you like apparently responds well to body contact. What's the best way to test this out?
A. Jokingly slap his shoulder.
B. Sit next to him and stroke his knee.
C. Brush lint off his shoulder ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ The guy you're interning with is pretty hot. How should you go after him?
A. Ask if he has a girlfriend.
B. Question him intently.
C. Praise him casually. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ The intern just asked you for your number...
A. "... Do I have to?"
B. "Top secret. Can't tell you." ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. "I don't know my phone number."

ღ The red sole on the bottom of high heels is which designer's trademark?
A. Bottega Vaneta
B. Christian Louboutin ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Escada

ღ The son of an industrialist which designer studied to be a diplomat?
A. Ralph Lauren
B. Christian Dior ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Thierry Hermes

ღ There's a hot guy sitting in front of you during orientation. How do you start a conversation?
A. "Looking forward to seeing you around campus!" ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. "That hairstyle looks really hot on you."
C. "Want to go out for lunch after this?"

ღ There's a formal place setting before you. Which of the following is yours?
A. The bread plate on your left ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. The glass on your left
C. The for on your right

ღ This designer's clothes are refined, and perfect for a "New York City girl."
A. Balenciaga
B. Loewe
C. Micheal Kors ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ To the mountains! What's a good style for looking your best even in the great outdoors?
A. High heels
B. A sleeveless shirt ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. A long skirt


ღ What are the characteristics of Chloe line "See by Chloe"?
A. Girly
B. Casual & Young ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Luxurious

ღ What are the features of the Balenciaga city bag?
A. Many colors & sizes ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. 4 colors, 2 sizes
C. Many colors, 1 size

ღ What are the features of the tri-fold bag by Celine?
A. Three compartment ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Laptops fit
C. Eight pockets

ღ What brand birthed the term pret-a-porter?
A. Chloe ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Comme des Garcons
C. Paul & Joe

ღ What brand celebrated 100 years in 2013?
A. Louis Vuitton
B. Prada ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Fendi

ღ What brand did Picasso's daughter design for?
A. Tiffany ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Escada
C. Harry Winston

ღ What competitive swimsuit is said to shave a second off your lap time?
A. Speed Racer
B. LZR Racer ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Early Racer

ღ What country uses metal chopsticks to eat?
A. Japan
B. Korea ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. China

ღ What do you call the pickled ginger served with sushi?
A. Bara
B. Kuchizuke
C. Gari ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ What do you do if a guy you're into talks to you while you're trying to find something in the library?
A. Blush and fidget.
B. Ask him to help you look. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Ignore him and continue looking.

ღ What does 'Damier,' from the characteristic Louis Vuitton design mean?
A. Four corners
B. Scattered
C. Checkered ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ What does the fashion term pret-a-porter mean?
A. Ready-to-wear ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Limited-edition
C. Custom-made

ღ What food can you eat with your hands?
A. Onion
B. Escargot
C. Radish ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ What happens to your body when you drink too much soy sauce?
A. Hypernatremia ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Snergerbladosis
C. Nuetromadopilus

ღ What is Bottega Veneta's staple design 'intrecciato' all about?
A. Chunky cut leather
B. Glued leather cords
C. Woven leather cords ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ What is it called when meat is cooked all the way to its center?
A. Medium rare
B. Medium
C. Well done ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ What is NOT correct French soup etiquette?
A. Dip the spoon in from the side
B. Scoop soup toward you
C. Sop up the soup with bread ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ What is the correct way to add soy sauce to sushi?
A. Put soy sauce on chopsticks.
B. Put on fish directly. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Shot it & chase with sushi.

ღ What is the French culinary method that primarily uses fish?
A. Pate
B. Confit
C. Meuniere ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ What is the traditional way to sit in Japanese culture?
A. Legs crossed in front of you
B. Fold legs under and sit on heels ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Wait till a chair is presented

ღ What is the word for "Love" in Japanese?
A. Hana
B. Yume
C. Ai ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ What Japanese brand employs almost exclusively Japanese manufacturers?
A. Issey Miyake
B. Comme des Garcons ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Kenzo

ღ What label began in 2015, aimed at women aged 18-25?
A. Burberry Black Label
B. Burberry Blue Label ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Burberry Green Label

ღ What limited edition bad did Anna Sui and Coach collaborate on?
A. Madison
B. Legacy
C. Duffle ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ What makes Miu Miu shoes so popular with girly girls?
A. Cool punk designs
B. Cool trim designs
C. Cute bejeweled designs ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ What mascot is an homage to Fendi?
A. Fenirumi ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Fendigurumi
C. Fendimi

ღ What meaning did the word "tulip" originally have?
A. Turban ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Mouth
C. Vessel

ღ What popular brand makes bags from industrial grade, waterproof nylon?
A. Louis Vuitton
B. Prada ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Fendi

ღ What themes are expressed in Cartier's love bracelets?
A. Eternal bonds & passion ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Proof of burning love
C. Love & live

ღ What shapes go with the LV monogram motif in Louis Vuitton items?
A. Diamonds & sparkles
B. Flowers & stars ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Hearts & clovers

ღ What should you do if one of your boyfriend's club mates asks you out?
A. "Thanks, but I already have a boyfriend." ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. "If you don't mind sharing me, I'm into it."
C. "Let me think about it."

ღ What should you NOT do with chopsticks in Japan?
A. Put on your bowl after eating
B. Pass food from chopstick to chopstick ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Break food apart

ღ What snack should you bring for your hungry club members after practice?
A. Homemade cookies and cupcakes
B. Instant ramen
C. Sandwiches ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ What sophisticated loafers did Gucci come up with?
A. Matte loafers
B. Art loafers
C. Bit loafers ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ What sort of design does the Louis Vuitton Damier collection have?
A. Checkered canvas ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Plaid canvas
C. Monogrammed enamel

ღ What sort of leather is used in Loewe's Amazona bags?
A. Calf leather ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Kid leather
C. Pig leather

ღ What themes are expressed in Cartier's love bracelets?
A. Eternal bonds & passion ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Proof of burning love
C. Love & live

ღ What trench coat brand does Audrey Hepburn wear in Breakfast at Tiffany's?
A. Prada
B. Tiffany
C. Burberry ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ What was designer Coco Chane's real first name?
A. Raphaele
B. Gabrielle ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Michelle

ღ What was genius designer Yves Saint Laurent known as?
A. The Emperor of Fashion ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. The Messiah of Fashion
C. The Pioneer of Fashion ❧ Basic (Cool Points +10)

ღ What was the name of the hat shop that helped launch the Chanel brand?
A. Maison Chanel
B. Chanel Modes ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Chanel Time

ღ What was the original inspiration for Louis Vuitton's famous monogram?
A. Japan's family crest ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. America's west coast
C. Russia's forests

ღ What's a good makeup tip for attracting a new boyfriend on campus?
A. Use lots of mascara for big doe eyes.
B. Keep things natural. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Black lipstick for the mysterious look.

ღ What's a good plan for a summer group date?
A. A barbecue at a campsite ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. A survival game on a desert island
C. Scuba diving in the ocean

ღ What's a good thing to ask him to do for your anniversay date?
A. A fancy dinner at an expensive French place
B. A trip to an amusement park ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. An expensive brand-name purse

ღ What's considered rude in Japan... But people do anyway!
A. Phone calls on the train
B. Mixing soy sauce & wasabi ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Reading in public

ღ What's Kate Spade New York's casual sister brand called?
A. Kate Spade Saturday ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Kate Spade Monday
C. Kate Spade Sunday

ღ What's not part of the Cartier trinity ring?
A. Yellow gold for loyalty
B. Pink gold for love
C. Platinum for purity ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ What's proper etiquette when eating bread at a restaurant?
A. Cut into pieces with a knife and fork
B. Eat the bread until your full
C. Tear off pieces with your fingers ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ What's the 'bicolor' part of Celine's bicolor wallets?
A. Bicolor border ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Bicolor check
C. Bicolor stripes

ღ What's the fastest way to get a guy to look your way?
A. Show him he can talk to you about anything.
B. Stick by his side like glue.
C. Make him think you might be into him. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ What's the name of Jimmy Choo's internet-famous son?
A. Michael Choo
B. Charles Choo
C. Danny Choo ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ What's the signature accent piece on Micheal Kors' popular tote bag, Mercer?
A. Star-shaped key holder
B. Lock charm ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Heart-shaped passport holder

ღ What's the trademark Fendi zucca motif look like?
A. A single F stripe
B. A logo stripe
C. A double F monogram ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ What's your advice for a friend going to her first mixer?
A. Show off some skin.
B. Make your voice a pitch higher than usual.
C. Do your best to be friendly. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ When you've got a knife rest, how should you place your knife on it?
A. Blade facing away from the plate
B. Blade facing toward the plate ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Place knife under the rest

ღ Where does the name of popular Hermes bag 'Birkin' come from?
A. A singer/ actress ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Riding gear
C. An old quote

ღ Which 2013 Spring-Summer collection was inspired by Japonisme?
A. Nina Ricci
B. Fendi
C. Prada ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ Which brand began the world's first luggage specialist shop?
A. Guccio Gucci
B. Bottega
C. Louis Vuitton ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ Which brand came up with the look waistless 'barrel look'?
A. Issey Miyake
B. Commes des Garcons
C. Balenciaga ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ Which brand collaborated with Bridgestone to make limited edition bicycles?
A. Celine ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Cartier
C. Prada

ღ Which brand collaborated with LG to make a designer phone?
A. Chloe
B. Prada ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Fendi

ღ Which brand collaborated with NGO "Save the Children"?
A. Issey Miyake
B. Cartier
C. Bulgari ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ Which brand did Prada granddaughter Miuccia found?
A. Mui Mui ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Paul & Joe
C. Moschiro

ღ Which brand featured a designer called the 'god of fashion'?
A. Marc Jacobs
B. Hermes
C. Diory ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ Which brand featured the so-called 'king of jewelers'?
A. Cartier ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Tiffany
C. Bulgari

ღ Which brand first made the trench coats used by the British army & navy?
B. Balenciaga
C. Burberry ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ Which brand is known for cute printed designs and affordable luxury?
A. Vivienne Westwood
B. Paul & Joe ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Coach

ღ Which brand is popular for its star-studded items (literally)!
A. Bottega Veneta
B. Jimmy Choo ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Dior

ღ Which brand name actually comes from two different people's names?
A. Coco Chanel
B. Kate Spade ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Tory Burch

ღ Which brand name has its origins in the beautiful dance of ballerina?
A. Miu Miu
B. Chloe ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Anna Sui

ღ Which brand originally specialized in high class footwear for kids?
A. Chloe
B. Balenciaga
C. Celine ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ Which brand started as a leather goods shop opened by two brothers?
A. Hermes
B. Ralph Lauren
C. Prada ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ Which brand started out creating high quality horse harness?
A. Fendi
B. Ralph Lauren
C. Hermes ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ Which brand uses a lucky star motif?
A. Dior ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Nina Ricci
C. Hermes

ღ Which brand uses a royal-looking orb logo?
A. Vivienne Westwood ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Balenciaga
C. Moschino

ღ Which brand was propelled to fame in part by the Titanic?
A. Dior
B. Gucci
C. Louis Vuitton ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ Which brand was the first to use trademark initials on their merchandise?
A. Gucci ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Coach
C. Louis Vuitton

ღ Which brand's logo features a horse drawn carriage and driver?
A. Burberry
B. Ralph Lauren
C. Hermes ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ Which brand's new take on the tunic took the fashion world by storm?
A. Celine
B. Balenciaga ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Gucci

ღ Which designer came up with the A line and the tulip line?
A. Marc Jacobs
B. Coco Chanel
C. Christian Dior ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ Which designer remarked "Beggars can stay away" re: Queen Elizabeth?
A. Guccio Gucci ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Coco Chanel
C. Louis Vuitton

ღ Which designer was called an 'architect of couture'?
A. Loewe
B. Bottega Veneta
C. Balenciaga ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ Which designer was officially made Dior's successor?
A. Yves Saint Laurent ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Ralph Laurent
C. Anna Sui

ღ Which designer worked for Louis Vuitton and with Takashi Murakami
A. Isse Miyake
B. Moschino
C. Marc Jacobs ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ Which designer's stilettos have won over celebrities for being comfortable?
A. Jimmy Choo
B. Christian Louboutin
C. Micheal Kors

ღ Which famous Japanophile designer was backed by a Japanese company?
A. Domenico Dolce
B. Mihara Yasuhiro
C. Marc Jacobs ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ Which famous person did Chanel refer to as 'a clown in a hat'?
A. Pablo Picasso ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Paul Iribe
C. Ernest Hemmingway

ღ Which fashion designer also produced clothing for a punk band?
A. Vivienne Westwood
B. Dolce & Gabbana ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Chanel

ღ Which fashion designer promoted the idea that slender models are prettier?
A. Yves Saint Laurent
B. Coco Chanel ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Gaby Aghion

ღ Which fashion designer was part of the "Three Gs" in Milano?
A. Giorgio Armani ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Jimmy Choo
C. Harry Winston

ღ Which fashion trailblazer uses Asian themes in their designs?
A. Bottega ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Kenzo
C. Anna Sui

ღ Which famous person did Chanel refer to as 'a clown in a hat'?
A. Ernest Hemingway
B. Paul Iribe ❧ Basic (Cool Points +10)
C. Pablo Picasso

ღ Which Gucci bag's iconic handles were first featured in 1947?
A. Messenger bag
B. Bamboo bag ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Shoot bag

ღ Which of the following animals has the longest lifespan?
A. Sloths
B. Tortoise ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Bactrian Camel

ღ Which of the following animals sweats?
A. Pigs ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Lizards
C. Snakes

ღ Which of the following brand concepts is correct for Coach?
A. Affordable luxury ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Eccentric looks
C. Debutante style

ღ Which of the following brands holds a 'fancy but affordable' status?
A. Celine
B. Coach ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Loewe

ღ Which of the following brands is known for its Roman coin jewelry?
A. Tiffany
B. Bulgari ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Cartier

ღ Which of the following designers began as a singer in a cabaret?
A. Miuccia Prada
B. Coco Chanel ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Anna Sui

ღ Which of the following French food courses is NOT in the correct order?
A. Appetizer > Soup > Fish
B. Meat > Sorbet > Fish ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Meat > Dessert > Coffee

ღ Which of the following is a center of youth fashion in Tokyo?
A. Asakusa
B. Harajuku ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Shinagawa

ღ Which of the following is best to take up if you want to be popular?
A. Calligraphy
B. Fortunetelling
C. Hot yoga ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ Which of the following is least imp[ortant to consider in a marriage partner?
A. A steady job
B. Whether or not he cheats
C. Fashion sense ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ Which of the following is most critical to maintain?
A. A Flawless wardrobe
B. A perfect manicure
C. A healthy smile ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ Which of the following is the best way to get his attention at a group dinner?
A. Ask for a bite of his food. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Make him give you his food.
C. Mark your territory.

ღ Which of the following things shouldn't you do with your table napkin?
A. Wipe your mouth.
B. Wipe your forehead. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Wipe your fingers

ღ Which of these began as a fur shop in Rome?
A. Fendi ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Celine
C. Prada

ღ Which of these is incorrect about Mui Mui's vision?
A. Simple ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Sensual
C. Avant garde

ღ Which of these mags is on the cutting edge of high fashion?
A. Vogue ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Sarge
C. Public

ღ Which of these maisons des couture is from France?
A. Gucci
B. Dior ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Escada

ღ Which of these materials became a hit when used in Chanel's early collections?
A. 100% Cotton
B. Linen
C. Jersey ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ Which of these was a saddle bag improved for a certain princess' use?
A. Kelly ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Birkin
C. Fourre Tout

ღ Which powerhouse brand includes Kate Spade under its umbrella?
A. Coach ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Nina Ricci
C. Escada

ღ Which stylish brand is primarily known for its footwear?
A. Mihara Yasuhiro ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Issey Miyake
C. Kenzo

ღ Who appeared in the Paris burlesque show, Crazy Horse?
A. Christian Louboutin ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Giorgio Armani
C. Ralph Lauren

ღ Who came up with the trapeze line, with its gradually widening hem?
A. Yves Saint Laurent ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Martc Jacobs
C. Anna Sui

ღ Who is the founder of the internationally renowned brand, Gucci
A. Guccio Gucci ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Maccio Gucci
C. Gaccio Gucci

ღ Who's said to be the most successful Italian designer in the world?
A. Christian Louboutin
B. Gianni Versace
C. Giorgio Armani ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)


ღ You find a picture of his old girlfriend at his place. What do you do?
A. Toss it without telling him.
B. Pretend you didn't see it.
C. Tell him you want him to get rid of it. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You get a phone call from the guy you like! Your response?
A. Answer right away. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Let your voice mail take it.
C. Ignore and call back the next day.

ღ You have a big fight with your boyfriend on campus. Which these should you avoid at all costs?
A. Throwing things. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Crying.
C. Asking your friends for support.

ღ You keep making eyes with a coworker you like. What do you do?
A. So awkward! Ignore him
B. Smile at him ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Act cool

ღ You run into a guy from your internship that you hit it off with. You say...
A. "What a coinkydink!"
B. "It's great to see you again!"
C. Find a way to get his number ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You run into a guy you like in the library! What do you talk to him about?
A. "Gosh, this place sure is empty today."
B. "This book was great! You should read it!"
C. "What kinds of books are you into? ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You run into a guy you like on summer break! What do you say?
A. "You look great!" ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. "Long time no see!"
C. "What a surprise!"

ღ You run into a guy you're into on the way out of a weekend movie visit!
A. Why, what a coinkydink!
B. Could you have been seeing a movie, too?
C. Oh hey, looks like we share the same taste! ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You run into your first love on the first day of university! What do you say?
A. "Goodness, you're hot."
B. "Great to see you again!" ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. "I still have your game!"

ღ You spot a hot guy at orientation! How do you make your approach?
A. "Billy...? Oh, wait. Sorry, wrong person."
B. "Let's be friends!"
C. "Mind if I sit here?" ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You want a classmate to see you as more than a friend! How do you attract his attention?
A. Go heavy on the pink and ruffles.
B. Change it up with something fitted. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Skirts! All skirts. Every skirt.

ღ You want to make the guy you like yours at your next club drinking party! You...
A. Get wasted
B. Buy him a drink ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Haul out all of your best dad jokes

ღ You want to get closer to a classmate of yours! What's the fastest way?
A. Call him a nickname. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. "Let me give you my number."
C. Go on and on about how hot he is.

ღ Your boss at work suddenly confesses his love. What do you do?
A. Prevaricate
B. Say no if you're not into it. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Give it a whirl.

ღ Your boss pins you to the wall as a joke! What do you do?!
A. "... Gross"
B. "I hate jokes."
C. "That's scary. Stop." ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ Your boyfriend helps you up after you fall during snowboarding! How do you thank him?
A. "Wow, that was embarrassing..." ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. "I can't move. Carry me."
C. "I can stand by myself!"

ღ Your boyfriend, his ex and you are all members of the same club, and he starts seeing her again. You...
A. Warn her to stay away from him.
B. Get mad at him and his cheating heart. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Get mad at yourself for trusting him. ❧ Basic (Cool Points +10)

ღ Your boyfriend is depressed when you find a job before him. You say...
A. "Don't worry! I'll provide for you!"
B. "You still have plenty of time to find something!" ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. "Want me to give you some tips?"

ღ Your boyfriend takes you into a spooky haunted house for a date. You...
A. Cling to his arm. ❧ Basic (Cool Points +10)
B. Cling to his shirt.
C. Make him lead the way.

ღ Your boyfriend won't stop comparing you to his ex. What do you do?
A. If he won't stop, it might be time to break up. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Work hard to be worthy of him.
C. Compare him to your own ex.

ღ Your childhood friend gets rejected when he asks a girl he likes out. You tell him...
A. "That girl was just dumb."
B. "You're a great guy! Don't let one girl get you down!" ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. "Love is all about luck and timing!"

ღ Your classmate is eating a huge meal in the school cafeteria, so you say...
A. "Holy crap! You're eating all that?!"
B. "Wow, impressive!" ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. "You're still pretty thin for being such a hefty eater!"

ღ Your classmate is happy with the homemade cookies you made him, so you...
A."Make sure you eat them all today!"
B. "I made them just for you!" ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. "Awww, gosh, it was no trouble at all!"

ღ Your coworker helps you fix a mistake at work. How do you react?
A. Thank him ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. "I'm such an idiot."
C. Apologize profusely

ღ Your hot instructor asks you out but you still have feelings for another guy. What do you do?
A. T's not like you're dating anyone. Give the OK.
B. Wait to respond until you've sorted out your feelings. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. As long as it's only a physical relationship go for it.

ღ Your hot instructor lets you wear his jacket during your date together. You say...
A. "Thanks!" ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. "Nice jacket!"
C. "You're actually a pretty nice guy."

ღ Your overly flirty boss offers to drive you home. What do you do?
A. Laugh it off
B. let him take you home
C. "Thanks, but I'm okay." ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ Your smoking-hot part-time professor spots you in town one day. What do you do?
A. "I thought you were trying to pick me up!"
B. "What are you doing?"
C. "What a pleasant surprise!" ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You're alone in the club room with a guy you like, when he asks you out on a date?
A. Sure! When's good for you? ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Are you really being serious?
C. Wow! I can't believe you're asking me out! Eee!

ღ You're alone in your club's room with the senior you have the hots for! What do you do?
A. "That party was fun the other day!"
B. "You're still here?"
C. "Just the boy I was looking for..." ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You're alone with a club mate you like. How do you show him your feelings?
A. Praise him lots.
B. Open up to him about something. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Talk about a mutual friend.

ღ You're alone with a hot instructor. He suddenly asks if you have a boyfriend. Your response?
A. "So you're curious, eh?" ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. "Ew, don't ask me crazy things like that!"hara
C. "I'll leave that to your imagination."

ღ You're at a high-class restaurant with your man. Where should you put your purse?
A. Hang it off your chair
B. On the floor to your right
C. On the floor to your left ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You're at a party karaoke session with a guy you like. The first song you request is...?
A. A slow, romantic ballad
B. That one anime song you've been practicing
C. An up-tempo popular song ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You're at a party, when the senior you have a crush on gives you a hug!
A. "A girl could get ideas!"
B. "Yes. Today was fun. Yes."
C. Hug him back ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You're at a pre-opening party for a restaurant! How should you open your napkin?
A. Stuff it in your collar
B. Fold it in half ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Don't fold it

ღ You're at a standing buffet. What is NOT the correct etiquette?
A. Take food depending on how hot it is
B. Filling up your plate as much as you can ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Getting a new plate when you're done eating

ღ You're at a standing buffet with some politicians. What should you NOT do?
A. Serve only yourself
B. Start with your favorite dessert ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Chat more than you eat

ღ You're at a swanky party with international celebrities! How do you hold your wine glasses?
A. hold it by the stem with one hand
B. Hold the bowl of the glass with one hand ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Cup the bowl of the glass with both hands

ღ You're dating a coworker, but he's flirting with other girls?!
A. Glare daggers
B. Flirt with other boys
C. Tell him to stop ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You're doing research for a paper with the guy you like when he asks if you want to take a break.
A. "Want something to drink?"
B. "I was thinking the same thing." ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. "You can. I want to finish."

ღ You're eating alone in the cafeteria when one of your club friends sits across from you.
A. "Feeling sorry for me?"
B. "Yay! Thanks for eating lunch with me." ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. "I want to be alone."

ღ You're eating alone in the cafeteria when you notice you're sitting near the guy you like!
A."Care to eat together?" ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Keep stealing glances
C. Act like you don't notice

ღ You're eating lunch with a friend in the cafeteria, when a hotty sits near you! What do you do?
A. Make eye contact and smile ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Pretend to ignore him
C. Talk louder, make yourself known

ღ You're enjoying a course meal, when steak is brought out! Now what?
A. Cut it into bite-size bits as you eat ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Cut the whole steak up first
C. Cut into perfect eigths

ღ You're feeling down after failing a job interview. How do you get your boyfriend to comfort you?
A. Wordlessly rest your head on his shoulder. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Cry your eyes out.
C. Bawl and hit things.

ღ You're full while out to dinner with your mad? What do you do?
A. Ask him to stop eating
B. Ask for a to-go box ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Change the flavoring

ღ You're in a study group with a smart guy you like. How do you act around him?
A. Ask lots of questions.
B. Take every opportunity to tell ho, how smart he is.
C. Focus on the material, asking him for clarification when you need it. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You're lounging in the cafe with an upperclassman you're into. What do you say?
A. "Are you bored, too?"
B. "Mind if I sit next to you?" ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Say hi, then go sit somewhere else

ღ You’re meeting up with a big group of friends! You want to get close to the guy you like...
A. Just stand next to him
B. Greet him personally ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Start moping to get his interest

ღ You’re napping between classes when a hot classmate wakes you up!
A. Hey, let me sleep!
B. Oh, good morning ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Ngh? What time is it?

ღ You're on a date and it's time for the last train. When he asks you to stay out, you...
A. "I'll follow wherever you lead."
B. "Oh, gosh, I don't know..."
C. "Some other time, okay?" ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You're on a dinner cruise with the guy you like! What should you make sure to do?
A. Wear pants
B. Wear a bikini
C. Paint your nails a natural color ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You're on a dinner date with your man! What's the correct way to "cheers."
A. Glasses still on the table, clink them together
B. Lift glasses, make eye contact ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Lift your glasses

ღ You're on a group date during summer vacation. How will you make your move?
A. Stick by his side all day and refuse to move!
B. Watch from a distance.
C. Alternate between being close and moving away. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You're on a lunch date at a chic cafe! How do you sit in a beautiful chair?
A. Keep your back against the back of the chair
B. Keep a distance of five fists from the table
C. Sit up straight on the edge of the chair ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You're on your first date with a distinguished man's son! What should you do?
A. Wear hot-pink lipstick
B. Wear a skin-tight mini skirt
C. Keep your hair back ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You're on your way home from jobhunting with a guy you like. What do you talk about?
A. Sigh and talk about how hard jobhunting is.
B. Bring up your worries about ever finding a job.
C. "Let's go out for drinks after we're both hired!" ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You're out for drinks with a classmate, and they spend the whole time venting! You say...
A. "Hold it together, man!"
B. "I get where you're coming from, but you complain too much."
C. "I'm here for you if you want to vent!" ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You're out drinking, when a guy friend confesses his love for you in front of everyone!
A. Pretend he doesn't exist
B. Laugh awkwardly
C. Smile and say thanks ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You're out drinking with friends. How should you flirt with the guy you're interested in?
A. Serve him lots and lots of food
B. Sit next to him & touch his arm ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Watch internet videos together

ღ You're out drinking with friends, when the guy you like asks if you're interested in anyone?
A. "No!"
B. "Maybe!" ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. "I don't need love."

ღ You're the intern, but a sexy employee says he wants to work with you!
A. "I want to work with you too" ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. "Ahahahahahahaha!"
C. "Are you telling me the truth?"

ღ You're walking back from class at night, when two guys start hitting on you. What do you do?
A. Ignore them
B. "Let's grab a drink!"
C. Exchange numbers with the guy you like ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You're with the guy you like from class. He asks if you have a boyfriend...
A. "NO WAY!"
B. "No, but... There's someone I like." ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. "I need one."

ღ You're worried about life after graduation, when the boy you like asks to talk!
A. Tell him all of your problems
B. Pout and stomp your feet
C. Talk about both his and your problems ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You've been assigned a beautiful man to help you at your internship! How should you flirt?
A. Stare at him until he notices
B. Talk to him ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Keep getting closer to him until he notices

ღ You've been dating an instructor for a year. He seems indifferent towards you, so you...
A. Start getting cozy with a classmate.
B. Suddenly cut off contact.
C. Talk to him about it. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You've fallen for the hottest, most popular guy in school. Your attack plan is?
A. Join his circle of groupies.
B. Ask him out even if you're sure he'll reject you.
C. Get your friend to arrange a group date. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You've got a new sexy coworker, and he seems to be spending a lot of time with you...
A. Act normal ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Put distance between you
C. Try to spend more time with him ❧ Basic (Cool Points +10)

ღ You've got an important meeting with a client! When should you put your napkin on your lap?
A. Immediately after you sit
B. After you order ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
C. Right after the food is brought to you

ღ You've got lipstick on your glass... Now what?!
A. Gently wipe it with a finger ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. Wipe it with your napkin
C. Leave it

ღ You've got the hots for the class T.A.! What do you say to leave an impression?
A. "Let's be friends on FindFriend!"
B. "You're hot."
C. "You're such a good orator!" ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You've just had a bad break up when a classmate asks you out. You don't really like him, but...
A. He's a decent guy. Give him a shot.
B. You might end up liking him in time...
C. Wait until you've recovered to move on to the next guy! ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You've just had a bad break up when a classmate asks you out. You don't really like him, but...
A. He's a decent guy. Give him a shot.
B. You might end up liking him in time...
C. Wait until you've recovered to move on to the next guy! ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You've spilled wine on the floor at a swanky party! How should you take care of it?
A. Use a table napkin to wipe it up
B. Use your handkerchief to wipe it up ❧ Basic (Cool Points +10)
C. Call the staff to help ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You've spotted a familiar hottie in the library! How do you chat him up?
A. "Fun book, huh."
B. "We both like books!"
C. "Fancy seeing you here." ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)

ღ You've twisted your ankle, and a sexy senior lifts you into his arms! What do you say?
A. "Thank you." ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +20)
B. "Oh my, I DO declare...!"
C. "Heavens, what a strong man you are...!"

Teammate Questions

[Akari Saionji]

ღ Hey, which story's heroine do you think suits me the best?
A. Red Riding Hood
B. Snow White ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)
C. Alice in Wonderland

ღ If my friend was feeling down, I'd say this to her.

A. Don't worry about it. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)
B. That sucks! Let's get back at them together! ❧ Basic (Cool Points +30)
C. I used to have that happen to me a lot, too.

[Hayato Sumeragi]

ღ Fun Fact! I'm actually good at this.
A. Chess ❧ Basic (Cool Points +30)
B. Darts
C. Surfing ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)

ღ I reserved us a great place for our seminar group party!
A. Well yeah, I hope so.
B. Great job! I knew I could count on you. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)
C. Thanks, you're a big help

ღ It really turns me on when girls do this.
A. Hold their skirt in place while picking something up ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)
B. Stretching to reach something up high
C. Swing their hair when they turn around

[Kaname Todo]

ღ Morning karuta practice? I'm bad with mornings, though...
A. Sunlight helps wake you up fast. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)
B. You shouldn't stay up so late.
C. I am, too! Let's do our best, though! ❧ Basic (Cool Points +30)

ღ You're popular with all the guys. Why don't you have a boyfriend?
A. You're popular with the girls, yourself ❧ Basic (Cool Points +30)
B. No, I'm not! I wish someone would be my boyfriend
C. How do you feel about me, Kaname? ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)

[Kyoko Kuramochi]

ღ It's been three years since we met! Has your impression of me changed at all?
A. You're just as airheaded as ever.
B. You're actually really level-headed. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)
C. You're super trendy and fashionable.

ღ Traditional games like karuta have a rich history! What specific type does our club play?
A. Hyakunin Isshu ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)
B. Komatsufuda
C. Obake ❧ Basic (Cool Points +30)

ღ What's the guy you said you'd introduce me to soon like?
A. A hard-working rising star actor ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)
B. A party-loving charismatic college student
C. A mature, sexy CEO

[Mio Takanashi]

ღ I caught a cold, so I'm skipping class today.
A. Aww... I'll show you my notes later. ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)
B. Do you need anything? I'll go visit you later.
C. Are you okay? Rest up.

ღ This is what I do to relax. Want to try it sometime?
A. Blind boxing in the dark
B. Shopping at a luxury department store
C. Yoga in a sunny park ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)

ღ What do I look for in a boyfriend? Hmm... I guess it's...
A. Punctuality
B. Replies to my texts ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)
C. Cleanliness ❧ Basic (Cool Points +30)

[Nagi Arisugawa]

ღ Hmm... I guess this is the kind of girl I'm into.
A. A nice girl who understands how I feel ❧ Basic (Cool Points +30)
B. A pure girl who thinks only of me
C. A strong girl who says what she thinks ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)

ღ Sorry, I've got a musical performance, so I can't make it.
A. Aww, too bad! What role are you playing?
B. Of course, I'll go see you! Get me a ticket, okay? ❧ Basic (Cool Points +30)
C. Hey, want me to go see you perform? ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)

ღ You want to know what I do in my band? Try guessing.
A. Bass ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)
B. Drums
C. Lead singer

[Senri Hiiragi]

ღ Living abroad really taught me to appreciate this Japanese thing.
A. Food ❧ Basic (Cool Points +30)
B. Hot springs ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)
C. Kimono

ღ This is the kind of flower I'd send when confessing my love.
A. Red hyacinth
B. Yellow rose
C. White azalea ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)

[Shotaro Suzumiya]

ღ my favorite animal? I guess it'd have to be...

A. Cats ❧ Basic (Cool Points +30)
B. Rabbits ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)
C. Ferrets

ღ This is my first move for getting closer to a girl I like
A. Text her early and often ❧ Basic (Cool Points +30)
B. Give her presents
C. Get her contact info ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)

ღ This really gets me when my girlfriend does it on a movie date.
A. Fall asleep on my shoulder ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)
B. Puts her head on mine
C. Cries ❧ Basic (Cool Points +30)

[Shunya Tsukino]

ღ If I ever had a girlfriend, there’s something I’d like for us to do together.
A. A picture together with us making faces ❧ Basic (Cool Points +30)
B. Split a parfait
C. A date with matching outfits

ღ Which amusement park ride should we go on together?
A. Teacups ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)
B. Ferris wheel ❧ Basic (Cool Points +30)
C. Roller coaster

ღ You know what style of dancing I'm good at, right?
A. House
B. Break ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)
C. Hip Hop ❧ Basic (Cool Points +30)

[Sosuke Suo]

ღ Do you have any plans after this? How about dinner?
A. Sure! I'm in the mood for gourmet French! ❧ Basic (Cool Points +30)
B. I'd love for you to cook for me!
C. Hmmm... Depends on where you're planning on taking me!

ღ Reading's a hobby of mine. I guess I read this genre a lot.
A. History novels packed with information ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)
B. Mystery novels that keep you in suspense
C. Romance novels: medicine for the spirit ❧ Basic (Cool Points +30)

ღ When a girl at a party says this, I'm drawn to her.
A. Crosses her legs and asks, "What's next?"
B. Flips her hair and says, "Let's go somewhere alone."
C. Smiles and says "I want to see you again." ❧ Super Cool (Cool Points +50)


  1. Shoutaro: this is my first move for getting closer to a girl i like
    > Text her early and often (Basic)
    > Give her presents
    > Get her contact info

    1. Thankies Miri~ good thing i checked here or else i would have missed this

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Guys That Paint,1,Thumbelina,1,Timo Salminen,1,Tino Maes,1,Toa Kiffel,1,Toga Leed,1,Tokito Tsukina,1,Tokugawa,1,Tom,1,Toma Kira,1,Toru,1,Toshizo Hijikata,1,Tou,1,Toya,1,Toya Kagurazaka,1,Toya Kashi,1,Triangle / Cross,2,Tsubaki,1,Tsubasa Suo,2,Turkiye,3,Ubel,1,Uesugi Kenshin,3,Ukyo,1,Ultimate,6,Uncover the Truth,8,Under the Red Moon,4,Underdogs Inc,9,Unification End,1,Unknown,1,Updating,6,Valentin Blom,1,Valentino Maes,1,Vampire Boyfriend Plus,3,Vampire Love,3,Victor,3,Victor Trieste,1,Vincent Knight,2,Vincent van Gogh,1,VIP,1,Voltage,97,Vyn,1,Wakasa,1,Walkthrough,569,Waltz,2,Wayne Blouse,1,Wesley,1,WH,1,Wicked Wolves,8,Wilfred A. 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☆*:.。Blah-Bidy-Blah。.:*☆: [Event] Liar! Scheming Socialites: Flirt Time Questions
[Event] Liar! Scheming Socialites: Flirt Time Questions
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